Ohio’s Learning Standards

Ohio’s Learning Standards-Extended Survey
Social Studies and Science

Ohio’s Learning Standards Extended


To ensure proper grade level content and progressions with standards for all students, the offices of Curriculum and Assessment and Exceptional Children at the Ohio Department of Education have expanded the extended standards to grade level that include grades 3-8 and high school that will provide a strong foundation for learning. Grades K-2 will still be available by grade band. The Ohio’s Learning Standards-Extended are designed to assist teachers in providing access to the general education curriculum for students with significant cognitive disabilities and differentiation of instruction.

These Extensions are not meant to replace the Ohio’s Learning Standards, but to serve as a complement to them. The Extensions will be the first resource teachers should use when designing instruction for students with significant cognitive disabilities. The Extensions have been written and designed to provide a continuum of entry points related to the Social Studies and Science Standards.

These surveys will be available until 9:00 pm on March 12, 2018.

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