District Resolution for Grade 3 Testing

Ohio Department of Education
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District Choice for Third-Grade Testing

Senate Bill 216, 132nd General Assembly, effective November 2, 2018, allows districts the option of paper or online test administration only for the third-grade state assessments, beginning in the 2019-2020 school year.

The election to use paper tests must be made by a district board of education or governing body. Please advise your district board of education or governing body to take action if paper test administration is desired.

  1. Click here for full text and summary PDF’s of Senate Bill 216, 132nd General Assembly.
  2. To be eligible to administer third-grade paper tests, districts must complete the data collection part of the process and upload their certified board/governing body resolutions into the Ohio K12 Help Desk system by July 1, 2020.
    1. This process does not replace the previously established exceptions to online testing. The exceptions still exist for districts meeting the eligibility criteria and have received approval from the Department to use paper tests.
  3. Board/Governing body resolutions should avoid using language like “all third-grade tests,” if possible, when communicating which paper tests the district plans to administer.
    1. It would be most efficient if the tests were identified as follows:
      1. Grade 3 OST English language arts
      2. Grade 3 OST Mathematics
      3. Grade 3 AASCD English language arts
      4. Grade 3 AASCD Mathematics
    2. If more information is necessary to accurately document a district’s third-grade paper testing plans, Department staff will make contact.
  4. The third-grade paper test form choice documented and confirmed during the process applies to all state testing windows for the 2020-2021 school year.
  5. After a district’s third-grade paper test choice has been confirmed, it would be helpful if the information was shared with all district staff assisting with third-grade state testing.
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