Restraint and Seclusion

Restraint and Seclusion Incidents Report

for School Year 2016-2017


Questions about submitting these reports:

The Ohio State Board of Education created rule and policy that went into effect during the 2013-2014 school year regarding the implementation of positive behavior interventions and supports to prevent the use of restraint and/or seclusion.

In addition, Ohio Administrative Code Rule 3301-35-15 (J) requires districts to annually submit a reporting of incidents of student restraint and seclusion to the Ohio Department of Education.

It was available for school year 2016-2017 from Dec. 13, 2017 through Apr. 4, 2018. Districts that did not participate must meet their reporting requirement by alternative means. Direct questions about alternative reporting to

This online data collection closed on April 4, 2018.

Districts and Schools that participated Dec. 13, 2017 through Apr. 4, 2018

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District/SchoolSuperintendentIRN Type
A+ Arts Academy (000556)David FantCommunity School2018-02-09
A+ Children's Academy (013232)Melinda HardgrowCommunity School2018-02-02
Achieve Career Preparatory Academy (011507)Cindy WilsonCommunity School2017-12-15
Ada Ex Village SD (045187)Meri SkilliterPublic District2018-02-07
Adams County Ohio Valley Local SD (061903)Richard SeasPublic District2018-02-10
Adena Local SD (049494)John BalzerPublic District2018-02-15
Akron City SD (043489)David JamesLarge Urbans2018-02-15
Akron Digital Academy (149054)Linda DaughertyCommunity School2018-02-23
Akron Preparatory School (013254)Heather StevensCommunity School2017-12-15
Akros Middle School (012060)Faith DeCesareCommunity School2017-12-19
Albert Einstein Academy for Letters Arts and Sciences Ohio (013994)Bruce ThomasCommunity School2017-12-13
Alexander Local SD (045906)Lindy DouglasPublic District2018-02-15
Allen East Local SD (045757)Mel RentschlerPublic District2017-12-13
Alliance Academy of Cincinnati (000139)Elizabeth KingCommunity School2018-01-24
Alliance City SD (043497)Jeffery TalbertPublic District2017-12-21
Alternative Education Academy (143396)DAVID BOWLINCommunity School2018-02-02
Amanda-Clearcreek Local SD (046847)James DickPublic District2018-01-16
Amherst Exempted Village SD (045195)Steven SayersPublic District2018-02-14
Anna Local SD (049759)Andrew BixlerPublic District2017-12-13
Ansonia Local SD (046623)Jim AtchleyPublic District2018-03-23
Anthony Wayne Local SD (048207)James FritzPublic District2018-01-04
Antwerp Local SD (048991)Martin MillerPublic District2017-12-13
Apex Academy (000560)Jennifer LittlefieldCommunity School2017-12-18
Apollo (050773)Judy WellsJoint Vocational School District2018-02-02
Arcadia Local SD (047415)Bruce KidderPublic District2018-03-16
Arcanum-Butler Local SD (046631)Johnathan StephensPublic District2017-12-14
Arlington Local SD (047423)Kevin HaughtPublic District2018-02-15
Arts and College Preparatory Academy (143610)Anthony GattoCommunity School2018-02-05
Ashland County Community Academy (009971)Samuel WilsonCommunity School2017-12-21
Ashland County-West Holmes (062042)Mike ParryJoint Vocational School District2018-02-21
Ashtabula Area City SD (043513)Melissa WatsonPublic District2018-02-14
Ashtabula County ESC (045849)John RubesichEducational Service Center2018-02-12
Athens City SD (043521)Tom GibbsPublic District2017-12-15
Athens-Meigs ESC (135145)Ricky EdwardsEducational Service Center2018-02-14
Auglaize County Educational Academy (000288)Shawn BrownCommunity School2018-03-07
Aurora City SD (049171)Pat CiccantelliPublic District2018-02-02
Austintown Local SD (048298)Vincent ColalucaPublic District2018-02-13
Autism Model School (134122)Mary WaltersCommunity School2018-02-14
Avon Lake City SD (048124)Robert ScottPublic District2018-02-16
Avon Local SD (048116)Michael LaubPublic District2018-02-15
Ayersville Local SD (046706)Don DigliaPublic District2017-12-19
Barberton City SD (043539)Jeffrey RamnytzPublic District2018-02-13
Barnesville Exempted Village SD (045203)Angela HannahsPublic District2017-12-14
Batavia Local SD (046300)Keith MillardPublic District2017-12-21
Bath Local SD (045765)Rich DackinPublic District2018-02-14
Bay Village City SD (043547)Clinton KeenerPublic District2018-03-29
Beachwood City SD (043554)Robert HardisPublic District2018-02-15
Beacon Academy (015709)Wendy RydarowiczCommunity School2018-02-02
Beacon Hill Academy (012501)Bradley HermanCommunity School2018-02-08
Beaver Local SD (046425)Eric LowePublic District2018-01-16
Beavercreek City SD (047241)Paul OttenPublic District2018-03-22
Bedford City SD (043562)Andrea CelicoPublic District2018-02-09
Bella Academy of Excellence (011390)Arun DuttCommunity School2018-02-05
Bellaire Local SD (043570)Darren JenkinsPublic District2017-12-13
Bellefontaine City SD (043588)Brad HallPublic District2017-12-18
Bellevue City SD (043596)Kim SchubertPublic District2018-02-14
Belmont-Harrison (050856)Richard SchoeneJoint Vocational School District2018-01-26
Belpre City SD (043604)Dwight DunnPublic District2018-01-04
Benjamin Logan Local SD (048074)David HarmonPublic District2018-02-14
Bennett Venture Academy (000843)Nicolette WhitsonCommunity School2018-02-16
Benton Carroll Salem Local SD (048926)Guy ParmigianPublic District2018-01-09
Berea City SD (043612)Michael SheppardPublic District2018-02-15
Berkshire Local SD (047167)John StoddardPublic District2017-12-21
Berne Union Local SD (046854)Richard SpindlerPublic District2018-02-15
Berwyn East Academy (014090)Shannan JonesCommunity School2018-02-01
Bethel Local SD (048611)Virginia PotterPublic District2018-03-29
Bethel-Tate Local SD (046318)Melissa KircherPublic District2018-02-06
Bexley City SD (043620)Kimberly Pietsch MillerPublic District2018-02-15
Big Walnut Local SD (046748)Angela PollockPublic District2018-02-21
Bio-Med Science Academy STEM School (014231)Stephanie LammleinCommunity School2017-12-18
Black River Local SD (048462)Chris ClarkPublic District2018-01-04
Blanchester Local SD (046383)Dean LynchPublic District2018-01-24
Bloom-Carroll Local SD (046862)Shawn HaughnPublic District2018-03-30
Bloom-Vernon Local SD (049593)Marc KreischerPublic District2018-02-08
Bloomfield-Mespo Local SD (050096)John SheetsPublic District2018-02-05
Boardman Local SD (048306)Timothy SaxtonPublic District2017-12-14
Botkins Local SD (049767)Jeff McPheronPublic District2018-02-01
Bradford Exempted Village SD (045229)Joe HurstPublic District2018-03-31
Brecksville-Broadview Heights City SD (043646)Joelle MagyarPublic District2017-12-22
Bridge Gate Community School (015710)Wendy RydarowiczCommunity School2017-12-14
Bridgeport Exempted Village SD (045237)Zachary ShutlerPublic District2018-02-16
Bridges Community Academy (000311)Cathy SmithCommunity School2018-02-02
Bright Local SD (047613)Ted DowningPublic District2017-12-29
Bristol Local SD (050112)Christopher J. DrayPublic District2018-01-12
Broadway Academy (012684)Mark ComanducciCommunity School2018-01-25
Brookfield Local SD (050120)Velina TaylorPublic District2018-02-03
Brooklyn City SD (043653)Mark GleichaufPublic District2018-02-13
Brookville Local SD (048678)Timothy HopkinsPublic District2018-02-15
Brookwood Academy (013198)Ellen WristenCommunity School2018-03-16
Brown ESC (046029)James FrazierEducational Service Center2018-02-08
Brown Local SD (046177)Scott BowlingPublic District2017-12-27
Brunswick City SD (043661)Michael MayellPublic District2018-03-31
Bryan City SD (043679)Diana SavagePublic District2018-01-15
Buckeye (051656)Bob AlseptJoint Vocational School District2018-02-14
Buckeye Central Local SD (046508)Mark RobinsonPublic District2018-01-25
Buckeye Local SD (048470)Kent MorganPublic District2018-01-03
Buckeye On-Line School for Success (000417)Donald ThompsonCommunity School2018-02-15
Buckeye Preparatory Academy (014825)Maureen BusingerCommunity School2018-01-30
Buckeye Valley Local SD (046755)Andrew MillerPublic District2018-01-30
Bucyrus City SD (043687)Kevin KimmelPublic District2017-12-14
Butler County ESC (046086)Chris BrownEducational Service Center2018-01-29
Butler Technology and Career Development Schools (050880)Jon GraftJoint Vocational School District2018-02-15
Caldwell Exempted Village SD (045252)Kacey CottrillPublic District2017-12-20
Cambridge City SD (043695)Daniel CoffmanPublic District2018-02-14
Campbell City SD (043703)Matthew BowenPublic District2018-02-14
Canal Winchester Local SD (046946)James SotlarPublic District2017-12-20
Canfield Local SD (048314)Alex GeordanPublic District2018-02-15
Canton City SD (043711)Adrian AllisonLarge Urbans2018-02-15
Canton College Preparatory School (013255)Heather StevensCommunity School2017-12-28
Canton Harbor High School (000525)Steven NicholsCommunity School2018-02-12
Capital High School (012044)Gamal BrownCommunity School2017-12-14
Cardinal Local SD (047175)Scott HuntPublic District2017-12-16
Career and Technology Educational Centers (051201)Joyce MalainyJoint Vocational School District2018-01-31
Carey Exempted Village SD (045260)Michael WankPublic District2018-02-14
Carlisle Local SD (050419)Larry HookPublic District2018-01-04
Carrollton Exempted Village SD (045278)David QuattrochiPublic District2018-01-25
Cedar Cliff Local SD (047258)Chad MasonPublic District2018-02-06
Celina City SD (043729)Kenneth SchmiesingPublic District2017-12-27
Centerburg Local SD (047829)Michael HebenthalPublic District2018-04-02
Centerville City SD (043737)Thomas HendersonPublic District2017-12-19
Central Academy of Ohio (009164)Mohamad IssaCommunity School2018-01-29
Central High School (012041)Karen WachterCommunity School2018-02-08
Central Local SD (046714)Vicki BrunnPublic District2018-02-07
Cesar Chavez College Preparatory School (010036)Estella StephensCommunity School2018-02-16
Chagrin Falls Exempted Village SD (045286)Robert HuntPublic District2018-02-14
Champion Local SD (050138)Pamela HoodPublic District2018-02-05
Chapelside Cleveland Academy (014061)Mark ComanducciCommunity School2018-01-19
Chardon Local SD (047183)Michael HanlonPublic District2018-02-16
Charles School at Ohio Dominican University (007999)Eileen MeersCommunity School2018-03-12
Chesapeake Union Exempted Village SD (045294)Jerry McConnellPublic District2018-01-10
Chippewa Local SD (050534)Sandra SteblyPublic District2018-02-12
Cincinnati City SD (043752)Catherine MitchellLarge Urbans2018-03-20
Cincinnati Learning Schools (013967)Tyree GainesCommunity School2018-02-13
Cincinnati Technology Academy (013864)Roger ConnersCommunity School2018-03-07
Circleville City SD (043760)Jonathan DavisPublic District2018-01-10
Citizens Academy East (012852)Jennifer TaylorCommunity School2018-02-16
Citizens Academy Southeast (015261)Lachelle HarrisCommunity School2018-03-20
City Day Community School (134247)Crystal Gilbert-MosleyCommunity School2018-02-02
Clark County ESC (046227)Daniel BennettEducational Service Center2018-02-15
Clark Preparatory Academy (015236)Maureen BusingerCommunity School2018-01-29
Clark-Shawnee Local SD (046284)Gregg MorrisPublic District2018-01-16
Clay Avenue Community School (009181)Sarah BennettCommunity School2018-02-01
Clay Local SD (049601)Todd WarnockPublic District2017-12-18
Claymont City SD (043778)John RocchiPublic District2018-02-09
Clear Fork Valley Local SD (049411)Janice WyckoffPublic District2017-12-18
Clearview Local SD (048132)Jerome DavisPublic District2018-02-14
Clermont County ESC (046292)Jeffery WeirEducational Service Center2018-02-05
Clermont Northeastern Local SD (046326)Michael BrandtPublic District2018-03-16
Cleveland Academy for Scholarship Technology and Leadership (000527)Wendy RydarowiczCommunity School2017-12-15
Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy (007995)Debroah MaysCommunity School2018-02-16
Cleveland College Preparatory School (012010)Heather StevensCommunity School2018-02-05
Cleveland Entrepreneurship Preparatory School (000930)John McbrideCommunity School2018-02-16
Cleveland Municipal (043786)Eric GordonLarge Urbans2018-04-11
Cleveland Preparatory Academy (013199)Markiel PerkinsCommunity School2018-02-15
Cliff Park High School (132795)Karen WachterCommunity School2017-12-14
Clinton-Massie Local SD (046391)Matt BakerPublic District2018-03-30
Cloverleaf Local SD (048488)Daryl KubilusPublic District2018-01-22
Clyde-Green Springs Exempted Village SD (045302)Dennis HaftPublic District2018-04-03
Coldwater Exempted Village SD (045310)Jason WoodPublic District2018-02-14
Colonel Crawford Local SD (046516)William MartinPublic District2018-02-05
Colonial Prep Academy (134221)Maureen BusingerCommunity School2018-01-29
Columbia Local SD (048140)Graig BansekPublic District2017-12-13
Columbiana County (050906)Willard AdkinsJoint Vocational School District2018-02-12
Columbiana County ESC (046417)Anna VaughnEducational Service Center2018-02-15
Columbiana Exempted Village SD (045328)Donald MookPublic District2018-01-05
Columbus Arts and Technology Academy (000557)Derrick SheltonCommunity School2018-02-14
Columbus Bilingual Academy-North (011468)Paul PrestonCommunity School2018-02-02
Columbus City SD (043802)John StanfordLarge Urbans2018-02-01
Columbus Collegiate Academy (009122)Andrew BoyCommunity School2018-02-10
Columbus Collegiate Academy - West (012951)Andrew BoyCommunity School2018-01-11
Columbus Grove Local SD (049312)Nicholas VerhoffPublic District2017-12-22
Columbus Humanities Arts and Technology Academy (000553)Alexander AdamsCommunity School2018-01-09
Columbus Performance Academy (012011)William ConnickCommunity School2017-12-22
Columbus Preparatory Academy (000558)Brian CarltonCommunity School2018-02-14
Conneaut Area City SD (043810)Lori RileyPublic District2018-02-16
Conotton Valley Union Local SD (047548)Todd HermanPublic District2018-02-12
Constellation Schools: Collinwood Village Academy (012026)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2017-12-19
Constellation Schools: Eastside Arts Academy (012671)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2018-02-05
Constellation Schools: Elyria Community (132969)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2017-12-14
Constellation Schools: Lorain Community Elementary (132951)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2018-02-15
Constellation Schools: Lorain Community Middle (000320)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2018-02-15
Constellation Schools: Madison Community Elementary (000319)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2017-12-20
Constellation Schools: Old Brooklyn Community Elementary (134098)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2018-02-05
Constellation Schools: Old Brooklyn Community Middle (000321)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2018-02-05
Constellation Schools: Parma Community (133256)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2018-02-14
Constellation Schools: Puritas Community Elementary (143479)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2017-12-14
Constellation Schools: Puritas Community Middle (000534)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2017-12-14
Constellation Schools: Stockyard Community Elementary (143487)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2018-01-02
Constellation Schools: Stockyard Community Middle (012025)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2018-01-02
Constellation Schools: Westpark Community Elementary (132993)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2018-02-05
Constellation Schools: Westpark Community Middle (000316)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2017-12-14
Constellation Schools: Westside Community School of the Arts (009149)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2017-12-18
Continental Local SD (049320)Danny KissellPublic District2018-02-14
Copley-Fairlawn City SD (049981)Brian PoePublic District2018-03-29
Cornerstone Academy Community School (133439)Natalee LongCommunity School2018-02-14
Cory-Rawson Local SD (047431)Robert HlaskoPublic District2018-02-13
Coshocton City SD (043828)David HirePublic District2018-02-12
Coshocton County (065227)Rick RaachJoint Vocational School District2017-12-27
Coshocton Opportunity School (000598)Roger MooreCommunity School2017-12-13
Coventry Local SD (049999)Lisa BloughPublic District2018-01-16
Covington Exempted Village SD (045336)Gene GoodingPublic District2018-01-05
Crestline Exempted Village SD (045344)Noreen MullensPublic District2018-02-15
Crestview Local SD (046433)Matthew ManleyPublic District2018-02-08
Crestview Local SD (049429)Randy DunlapPublic District2018-02-12
Crestview Local SD (050351)Michael EstesPublic District2017-12-20
Crestwood Local SD (049189)David TothPublic District2018-02-02
Crooksville Exempted Village SD (045351)Matthew SheridanPublic District2018-02-02
Cuyahoga Falls City SD (043836)Todd NicholsPublic District2018-02-14
Cuyahoga Heights Local SD (046557)Tom EvansPublic District2018-02-14
Cuyahoga Valley Career Center (050922)David MangasJoint Vocational School District2018-02-06
Dalton Local SD (050542)James SaxerPublic District2018-02-20
Danbury Local SD (048934)Daniel ParentPublic District2017-12-13
Danville Local SD (047837)Jason SnivelyPublic District2017-12-20
Darke County ESC (046615)Mike GrayEducational Service Center2018-02-09
Dawson-Bryant Local SD (047928)Steve EasterlingPublic District2017-12-19
Dayton Business Technology High School (008283)Greg StoneCommunity School2018-02-16
Dayton City SD (043844)Elizabeth LolliLarge Urbans2018-02-14
Dayton Early College Academy Inc (009283)Judy HennesseyCommunity School2018-03-07
Dayton Leadership Academies-Dayton View Campus (133454)Tess Mitchner AsinjoCommunity School2018-02-20
Dayton Leadership Academies-Early Learning Academy (133959)Tess Mitchner AsinjoCommunity School2018-02-15
Dayton Regional STEM School (011506)Robin FisherCommunity School2018-03-06
Dayton SMART Elementary School (014149)Genesis HendersonCommunity School2018-02-14
DECA PREP (012924)Judy HennesseyCommunity School2018-03-07
Deer Park Community City SD (043851)Jay PhillipsPublic District2018-01-19
Defiance City SD (043869)Michael StrublePublic District2018-03-16
Delaware Area Career Center (050989)Mary FreemanJoint Vocational School District2018-02-14
Delaware City SD (043877)Paul CraftPublic District2018-02-13
Delphos City SD (043885)Kevin WolfePublic District2018-01-11
Discovery Academy (014188)Noah CampbellCommunity School2018-02-02
Dohn Community (133264)Leando DavenportCommunity School2018-02-02
Dover City SD (043893)Carla BirneyPublic District2018-01-31
Dublin City SD (047027)Todd HoadleyPublic District2018-02-16
Eagle Academy (143552)Julie JacobsCommunity School2017-12-18
Eagle Learning Center (008289)Dean SandwischCommunity School2017-12-14
Early College Academy (000912)Jonathan StevensCommunity School2018-02-13
East Academy (014187)Mark ComanducciCommunity School2018-01-19
East Branch Preparatory Academy (015713)Maureen BusingerCommunity School2018-01-29
East Bridge Academy of Excellence (000938)Wendy RydarowiczCommunity School2017-12-14
East Central Ohio ESC (050260)Randy LucasEducational Service Center2018-02-05
East Cleveland City SD (043901)Myrna CorleyPublic District2018-02-14
East Clinton Local SD (046409)Eric MageePublic District2018-02-16
East Guernsey Local SD (069682)Adam PittisPublic District2018-02-02
East Holmes Local SD (047688)Erik BeunPublic District2017-12-15
East Knox Local SD (047845)Stephen LarcombPublic District2018-02-20
East Liverpool City SD (043919)Randy TaylorPublic District2017-12-15
East Muskingum Local SD (048835)Jill SheridanPublic District2018-03-29
East Palestine City SD (043927)Traci HostetlerPublic District2017-12-27
East Preparatory Academy (014147)Maureen BusingerCommunity School2018-02-01
Eastern Local SD (046037)Michele FilonPublic District2018-02-15
Eastern Local SD (048512)Steve OhlingerPublic District2018-02-14
Eastland-Fairfield Career/Tech (051003)Bonnie HopkinsJoint Vocational School District2017-12-15
Eastwood Local SD (050674)William WelkerPublic District2018-03-29
Eaton Community City SD (043935)Barbara CurryPublic District2018-02-16
Edge Academy (133538)Christina BurchfieldCommunity School2017-12-19
Edgerton Local SD (050617)Kermit RiehlePublic District2018-02-15
Edgewood City SD (046094)Russ FussneckerPublic District2018-02-14
Edison Local SD (046789)Thomas RothPublic District2018-02-14
Edison Local SD (047795)George BeattiePublic District2017-12-28
Edon Northwest Local SD (050625)Anthony StevensPublic District2018-01-31
Educational Academy for Boys and Girls (000779)Estella StephensCommunity School2018-02-16
EHOVE Career Center (051029)Sharon MastroianniJoint Vocational School District2018-01-10
Electronic Classroom Of Tomorrow (133413)Brittny PiersonCommunity School2018-01-02
Elgin Local SD (048413)Bruce GastPublic District2018-02-02
Elida Local SD (045773)Joel MengerinkPublic District2018-01-03
Elmwood Local SD (050682)Tony BortonPublic District2018-01-03
Elyria City SD (043943)Thomas JamaPublic District2018-02-08
Emerson Academy (000577)Alison ForemanCommunity School2018-01-29
Entrepreneurship Preparatory School - Woodland Hills Campus (012031)John McbrideCommunity School2018-03-09
ESC of Lake Erie West (048199)Sandra FrischEducational Service Center2018-02-15
Euclid City SD (043950)Charles SmialekPublic District2018-02-16
Euclid Preparatory School (015712)Heather StevensCommunity School2018-02-14
Evergreen Local SD (047050)James WysePublic District2017-12-20
Fairbanks Local SD (050328)Robert HumblePublic District2018-02-14
Fairborn City SD (043968)Mark NorthPublic District2018-02-14
Fairborn Digital Academy (149088)Dorothy MeadeCommunity School2018-02-05
Fairfield City SD (046102)Billy SmithPublic District2017-12-15
Fairfield County ESC (046839)Marie WardEducational Service Center2018-01-23
Fairfield Local SD (047621)William GarrettPublic District2018-01-10
Fairfield Union Local SD (046870)Chad BelvillePublic District2018-02-06
Fairland Local SD (047936)Roni HayesPublic District2018-03-15
Fairlawn Local SD (049775)Jeffrey HobbsPublic District2017-12-13
Fairless Local SD (049841)Broc BidlackPublic District2018-02-15
Fairport Harbor Exempted Village SD (045369)Domenic PaoloPublic District2018-02-07
Fairview Park City SD (043976)William WagnerPublic District2018-02-06
Fayette Local SD (047068)Erik BelcherPublic District2018-02-05
Fayetteville-Perry Local SD (046045)James BradyPublic District2018-02-16
Federal Hocking Local SD (045914)George WoodPublic District2017-12-18
Field Local SD (049197)David HeflingerPublic District2018-03-20
Findlay City SD (043984)Edward KurtPublic District2018-02-14
Findlay Digital Academy (000402)Rosemary RookerCommunity School2017-12-27
Finneytown Local SD (047332)Theresa NoePublic District2018-02-12
Firelands Local SD (048157)Michael Von GuntenPublic District2018-01-31
Flex High School (015237)William ToomeyCommunity School2018-02-02
Focus Learning Academy of Northern Columbus (142943)Abdirizak FarahCommunity School2018-02-14
Focus Learning Academy of Southeastern Columbus (142935)Krisha BaxterCommunity School2017-12-18
Focus Learning Academy of Southwest Columbus (142927)Donnie MusickCommunity School2018-02-15
Focus North High School (012529)Kathy WilliamsCommunity School2017-12-20
Forest Hills Local SD (047340)Scot PreblesPublic District2018-01-28
Fort Frye Local SD (050484)Stephanie StarcherPublic District2017-12-19
Fort Loramie Local SD (049783)Daniel HollandPublic District2017-12-20
Fort Recovery Local SD (048595)Justin FirksPublic District2018-02-16
Fostoria City SD (043992)Andrew SprangPublic District2018-02-02
Foundation Academy (009192)Sandra Kimani MithiCommunity School2018-02-15
Four County Career Center (050963)Timothy MeisterJoint Vocational School District2018-02-15
Foxfire High School (149328)Todd WhitemanCommunity School2017-12-15
Foxfire Intermediate School (012033)Todd WhitemanCommunity School2018-02-14
Franklin City SD (044008)Michael SanderPublic District2017-12-22
Franklin Local Community School (148932)Jean LahnaCommunity School2017-12-15
Franklin Local SD (048843)Sharon McDermottPublic District2018-01-16
Franklin Monroe Local SD (046649)Jeffrey PatrickPublic District2018-01-05
Franklinton Preparatory Academy (013892)Martin GriffithCommunity School2018-02-15
Frederick Douglass Reclamation Academy (012043)Gamal BrownCommunity School2018-03-09
Fredericktown Local SD (047852)Matthew ChrispinPublic District2018-03-29
Fremont City SD (044016)Jon DetwilerPublic District2018-03-16
Frontier Local SD (050492)Brian RentschPublic District2017-12-19
Gahanna-Jefferson City SD (046961)Steve BarrettPublic District2018-03-31
Galion City SD (044024)James GrubbsPublic District2018-01-05
Gallia County Local SD (065680)Jude MeyersPublic District2018-04-04
Gallia-Jackson-Vinton (062067)Daniel LewisJoint Vocational School District2018-01-12
Gallia-Vinton ESC (125682)Denise ShockleyEducational Service Center2018-02-02
Gallipolis City SD (044032)Craig WrightPublic District2018-03-29
Garaway Local SD (050278)James MilletPublic District2018-02-16
Garfield Heights City SD (044040)Terrance OlszewskiPublic District2017-12-14
Geauga County Educational Service Center (047159)Jennifer FelkerEducational Service Center2018-02-05
Geneva Area City SD (044057)Eric KujalaPublic District2018-03-29
Genoa Area Local SD (048942)Michael FergusonPublic District2018-02-26
George V Voinovich Reclamation Academy (012042)Gamal BrownCommunity School2018-02-20
Georgetown Exempted Village SD (045377)Christophe BurrowsPublic District2018-04-03
Gibsonburg Exempted Village SD (045385)Tim MurrayPublic District2018-02-02
Girard City SD (044065)David CappuzzelloPublic District2018-02-02
Glass City Academy (000131)Stewart JesseCommunity School2017-12-14
Global Ambassadors Language Academy (015737)Meren RogersCommunity School2017-12-15
Global Impact STEM Academy (013930)Joshua JenningsCommunity School2018-03-06
Global Village Academy (012558)Oleh HolowatyjCommunity School2018-02-02
Goal Digital Academy (149047)Patricia JenkinsCommunity School2018-02-02
Goshen Local SD (046342)Darrell EdwardsPublic District2018-03-16
Graham Local SD (046193)Kirk KoenneckePublic District2018-03-29
Graham School (133421)Eileen MeersCommunity School2018-02-06
Grand Valley Local SD (045864)William NyePublic District2018-02-09
Grandview Heights SD (044073)Andy CulpPublic District2018-04-04
Granville Exempted Village SD (045393)Jeffrey BrownPublic District2018-03-19
Great Oaks Career Campuses (051060)Harry SnyderJoint Vocational School District2017-12-19
Great Western Academy (143198)Kathryn KountzCommunity School2018-02-02
Greater Ohio Virtual School (000282)Shawn LenneyCommunity School2017-12-19
Green Inspiration Academy (134197)April HartCommunity School2018-02-14
Green Local SD (050013)Jeffrey MillerPublic District2018-02-15
Green Local SD (050559)Dean FrankPublic District2017-12-13
Greene County ESC (047233)Terry Graves-StrieterEducational Service Center2018-02-12
Greeneview Local SD (047266)Isaac SeeversPublic District2018-02-12
Greenfield Exempted Village SD (045401)James WillsPublic District2018-02-15
Greenon Local SD (046235)Brad SilvusPublic District2018-02-08
Greenville City SD (044099)Douglas FriesPublic District2018-01-26
Groveport Community School (008287)Dair FosterCommunity School2018-02-14
Hamilton City SD (044107)Tony OrrPublic District2018-02-14
Hamilton Cnty Math and Science (143602)Dwan MooreCommunity School2018-03-16
Hamilton Local SD (046953)Mark TylerPublic District2018-03-31
Hardin Community School (011324)Wade MeltonCommunity School2018-02-01
Hardin Northern Local SD (047498)Jeff PricePublic District2018-03-29
Hardin-Houston Local SD (049791)Larry ClaypoolPublic District2018-02-07
Harrisburg Pike Community School (009954)Dreama CarrollCommunity School2018-02-14
Harrison Hills City SD (045245)Dana SniderPublic District2018-03-16
Harvard Avenue Performance Academy (008286)Jessica HurseyCommunity School2018-02-14
Heath City SD (044115)Trevor ThomasPublic District2018-02-15
Heir Force Community School (000613)Darwin LoftonCommunity School2018-02-14
Hicksville Exempted Village SD (045419)Keith CountrymanPublic District2018-02-14
Highland Local SD (048496)Catherine AukermanPublic District2018-02-15
Highland Local SD (048801)Daniel FreundPublic District2018-01-04
Hilliard City SD (047019)John MarschhausenPublic District2018-02-15
Hillsboro City SD (044123)Tim DavisPublic District2018-02-14
Hillsdale Local SD (045823)Steven DickersonPublic District2018-04-02
Holgate Local SD (047571)Kelly MeyersPublic District2018-02-07
Hope Academy Northcoast (142968)Mark ComanducciCommunity School2018-01-16
Hope Academy Northwest Campus (000575)Mark ComanducciCommunity School2018-01-16
Hope Learning Academy of Toledo (014091)Daniel LavalleyCommunity School2017-12-19
Hopewell-Loudon Local SD (049700)Dave AlvaradoPublic District2018-04-02
Horizon Science Acad Cleveland (133629)Yasar BoraCommunity School2018-03-12
Horizon Science Academy Columbus (133660)Murat EfeCommunity School2017-12-19
Horizon Science Academy Columbus Middle School (009179)Murat EfeCommunity School2018-03-06
Horizon Science Academy Dayton Downtown (011976)Murat EfeCommunity School2018-02-15
Horizon Science Academy Dayton High School (011534)Murat EfeCommunity School2018-02-16
Horizon Science Academy Denison Elementary School (010007)Yasar BoraCommunity School2018-02-15
Horizon Science Academy Elementary School (009990)Murat EfeCommunity School2017-12-18
Horizon Science Academy Lorain (011533)Yasar BoraCommunity School2017-12-15
Horizon Science Academy Toledo (000338)Yasar BoraCommunity School2017-12-15
Horizon Science Academy Youngstown (011986)Yasar BoraCommunity School2018-02-15
Horizon Science Academy-Cincinnati (000804)Murat EfeCommunity School2017-12-15
Horizon Science Academy-Cleveland Middle School (000858)Yasar BoraCommunity School2018-02-14
Horizon Science Academy-Dayton (000808)Murat EfeCommunity School2018-02-15
Horizon Science Academy-Denison Middle School (000838)Yasar BoraCommunity School2017-12-15
Howland Local SD (050161)Kevin SpicherPublic District2018-01-22
Hubbard Exempted Village SD (045427)Raymond SolomanPublic District2018-02-03
Huber Heights City SD (048751)Susan GunnellPublic District2018-02-16
Hudson City SD (050021)Phillip HermanPublic District2018-01-08
Huntington Local SD (049502)Pete RubyPublic District2018-02-15
Huron City SD (044131)Dennis MuratoriPublic District2018-04-04
Imagine Columbus Primary School (014139)Melissa HackettCommunity School2018-02-02
Imagine Hill Avenue (013173)Daphne WilliamsCommunity School2018-04-02
Imagine Leadership Academy (014121)Audrea PettawayCommunity School2018-03-07
Indian Creek Local SD (047803)T.C. ChappelearPublic District2017-12-14
Indian Hill Exempted Village SD (045435)Mark MilesPublic District2018-02-13
Indian Lake Local SD (048082)Robert UnderwoodPublic District2018-01-08
Indian Valley Local SD (050286)Ira WentworthPublic District2018-03-05
Insight School of Ohio (014081)Amanda ConleyCommunity School2018-02-02
Interactive Media and Construction IMAC (000905)Deborah FranklinCommunity School2018-02-14
International Acad Of Columbus (143172)Mouhamed TaraziCommunity School2018-02-02
Invictus High School (133835)Dean MankeCommunity School2018-01-09
Ironton City SD (044149)William NancePublic District2018-02-14
iSTEM Geauga Early College High School (015329)Tamee TuckerCommunity School2018-02-14
Jackson Center Local SD (049809)William ReichertPublic District2018-01-09
Jackson City SD (044156)Phillip HowardPublic District2018-01-23
Jackson Local SD (049858)Christopher DiloretoPublic District2018-01-05
Jackson-Milton Local SD (048322)Kirk BakerPublic District2017-12-18
James A Garfield Local SD (049205)Ted LysiakPublic District2018-04-03
Jefferson Area Local SD (045872)John MontanaroPublic District2018-02-14
Jefferson County (051128)Todd PhillipsonJoint Vocational School District2017-12-21
Jefferson County ESC (047779)Chuck KokikoEducational Service Center2018-02-05
Jefferson Local SD (048256)William MullettPublic District2018-02-08
Jefferson Township Local SD (048686)Richard GatesPublic District2018-04-03
Jennings Local SD (049338)Nicholas LanghalsPublic District2018-02-12
Johnstown-Monroe Local SD (047985)Dale DicksonPublic District2017-12-27
Jonathan Alder Local SD (048264)Gary ChapmanPublic District2018-02-16
Joseph Badger Local SD (050179)David BairPublic District2018-01-24
Kalida Local SD (049346)Karl LammersPublic District2018-01-11
Kenston Local SD (047191)Nancy SantilliPublic District2018-03-07
Kent City SD (044164)George JosephPublic District2018-01-11
Kenton City SD (044172)Jennifer PenczarskiPublic District2018-02-14
Kettering City SD (044180)Scott InskeepPublic District2018-02-15
Keystone Local SD (048165)Franco GalloPublic District2017-12-15
Kids Care Elementary (016836)Genesis HendersonCommunity School2018-02-14
King Academy Community School (000576)Andrea MartinezCommunity School2017-12-15
Kings Local SD (050435)Tim AckermannPublic District2018-01-05
KIPP Columbus (009997)Hannah PowellCommunity School2017-12-14
Kirtland Local SD (047878)Bill WadePublic District2018-01-29
Klepinger Community School (009957)Melissa McmanawayCommunity School2018-03-07
Knox County JVSD (051144)Kathy GreenichJoint Vocational School District2018-02-05
L Hollingworth School for Talented and Gifted (010205)Terrence FranklinCommunity School2018-02-02
LaBrae Local SD (050245)Anthony CalderonePublic District2017-12-19
Lake Erie College Preparatory School (013132)Heather StevensCommunity School2018-02-14
Lake Erie International High School (151183)Karen WachterCommunity School2018-02-08
Lake Local SD (049866)Kevin TobinPublic District2018-01-16
Lake Local SD (050690)James WittPublic District2018-02-15
Lakeland Academy Community School (011511)Scott BardallCommunity School2017-12-15
Lakeshore Intergenerational School (014913)Brooke KingCommunity School2018-02-15
Lakeview Local SD (050187)Robert WilsonPublic District2018-01-22
Lakewood City Academy (000942)Terrilynn Bornino-ElwellCommunity School2018-02-05
Lakewood City SD (044198)Jeffrey PattersonPublic District2018-01-05
Lakewood Local SD (047993)Mary AndrewsPublic District2018-02-15
Lakota Local SD (046110)Matt MillerPublic District2018-02-07
Lakota Local SD (049569)Chad CoffmanPublic District2018-02-14
Lancaster City SD (044206)Steven WigtonPublic District2017-12-22
Lawrence County (051185)Stephen DodgionJoint Vocational School District2018-02-14
Lawrence County ESC (047910)Jeff SaundersEducational Service Center2018-02-02
Lebanon City SD (044214)Todd YoheyPublic District2018-04-03
Leetonia Exempted Village SD (045443)Robert MehnoPublic District2018-01-30
Leipsic Local SD (049353)Greg WilliamsonPublic District2018-01-10
Lexington Local SD (049437)James ZiegelhoferPublic District2018-04-02
Liberty Center Local SD (047589)Tod HugPublic District2017-12-18
Liberty Local SD (050195)Joseph NohraPublic District2018-02-20
Liberty Union-Thurston Local SD (046888)Todd OsbornPublic District2018-03-20
Liberty-Benton Local SD (047449)Mark KowalskiPublic District2018-01-22
Licking County ESC (047977)Dale LewellenEducational Service Center2018-01-29
Licking Heights Local SD (048009)Philip WagnerPublic District2018-01-03
Licking Valley Local SD (048017)David HilePublic District2018-01-04
Life Skills Center of Columbus North (008282)Mary Ann SchneiderCommunity School2018-02-15
Life Skills Center of Columbus Southeast (000664)Mary Ann SchneiderCommunity School2018-02-15
Life Skills Center of Dayton (000813)Mary Ann SchneiderCommunity School2018-02-15
Life Skills Center of Elyria (142919)Mary Ann SchneiderCommunity School2018-02-15
Life Skills Center of North Akron (008063)Mary Ann SchneiderCommunity School2018-02-15
Life Skills Center Of Toledo (149302)Mary Ann SchneiderCommunity School2018-02-15
Life Skills Ctr Of Cincinnati (133785)Mary Ann SchneiderCommunity School2018-02-15
Life Skills Ctr Of Youngstown (133801)Mary Ann SchneiderCommunity School2018-02-15
Life Skills High School of Cleveland (013226)Mary Ann SchneiderCommunity School2018-02-15
Life Skills Of Northeast Ohio (151209)Mary Ann SchneiderCommunity School2018-02-15
Lighthouse Community Sch Inc (133389)Daniel TrujilloCommunity School2018-02-16
Lima City SD (044222)Jill AckermanPublic District2018-02-14
Lincoln Park Academy (014065)Mark ComanducciCommunity School2018-01-16
Lincoln Preparatory Academy (133819)Maureen BusingerCommunity School2018-01-29
Lincolnview Local SD (050369)Jeffrey SnyderPublic District2018-02-16
Lisbon Exempted Village SD (045450)Joe SiefkePublic District2018-02-06
Little Miami Local SD (050443)Gregory PowerPublic District2018-01-04
Lockland Local SD (044230)Ted JebensPublic District2018-01-11
Logan Elm Local SD (049080)Timothy WilliamsPublic District2018-03-16
Logan-Hocking Local SD (044248)Monte BainterPublic District2018-02-15
London City SD (044255)Lou KramerPublic District2017-12-21
Lorain City SD (044263)David HardyPublic District2018-02-16
Lorain County JVS (051227)Glenn FairclothJoint Vocational School District2018-02-15
Lorain Preparatory Academy (008000)Erik ThorsonCommunity School2018-02-21
Lordstown Local SD (050203)Terry ArmstrongPublic District2018-01-13
Loudonville-Perrysville Exempted Village SD (045468)Catherine PusterPublic District2018-01-04
Louisville City SD (049874)Michele ShafferPublic District2018-02-12
Loveland City SD (044271)Amy CrousePublic District2017-12-19
Lucas Local SD (049445)Bradley HermanPublic District2018-02-05
Lynchburg-Clay Local SD (047639)Brett JusticePublic District2017-12-19
Mad River Local SD (048702)Chad WyenPublic District2018-02-14
Madeira City SD (044289)Kenji MatsudoPublic District2018-02-02
Madison Avenue School of Arts (009955)Lindsey DayCommunity School2018-03-08
Madison Local SD (046128)Charles PhilpotPublic District2018-02-14
Madison Local SD (047886)Angela SmithPublic District2018-01-18
Madison Local SD (049452)Shelley HilderbrandPublic District2018-03-01
Madison-Champaign ESC (137364)Daniel KaffenbargerEducational Service Center2018-02-14
Madison-Plains Local SD (048272)Timothy DettwillerPublic District2018-04-13
Madisonville SMART Elementary (012513)Genesis HendersonCommunity School2018-02-16
Mahoning Co Career and Tech Ctr (051243)Ronald IarussiJoint Vocational School District2018-02-20
Mahoning County ESC (048280)Ronald IarussiEducational Service Center2018-02-14
Mahoning County High School (009996)Jennifer Whittemore MerrittCommunity School2018-02-08
Mahoning Unlimited Classroom (148999)Douglas HiscoxCommunity School2018-01-04
Main Preparatory Academy (014066)Maureen BusingerCommunity School2018-01-29
Manchester Local SD (000442)Brian RauPublic District2017-12-13
Manchester Local SD (050005)Jim RobinsonPublic District2017-12-19
Mansfield City SD (044297)Brian GarverickPublic District2018-04-11
Mansfield Elective Academy (000396)Deborah FranklinCommunity School2018-02-14
Maple Heights City SD (044305)Charles KeenanPublic District2018-01-02
Mapleton Local SD (045831)Rodney HoptonPublic District2018-01-29
Maplewood Career Center (051391)Randall GriffithJoint Vocational School District2018-02-02
Maplewood Local SD (050211)Perry NicholasPublic District2018-01-18
Margaretta Local SD (046805)Dennis MockPublic District2018-02-09
Mariemont City SD (044313)Steven EsteppPublic District2018-02-13
Marietta City SD (044321)William HamptonPublic District2018-02-16
Marion City SD (044339)Stephen FujjiPublic District2018-02-15
Marion Local SD (048553)Michael PohlmanPublic District2018-02-15
Maritime Academy of Toledo (000770)Thomas ShaferCommunity School2018-03-09
Marlington Local SD (049882)Joseph KnollPublic District2018-02-15
Marshall High School (132803)Karen WachterCommunity School2017-12-14
Martins Ferry City SD (044347)Jim FoglePublic District2017-12-19
Marysville Exempted Village SD (045476)Diane MankinsPublic District2017-12-21
Mason City SD (050450)Gail Kist-KlinePublic District2018-02-15
Mason Run High School (012037)Karen WachterCommunity School2018-02-09
Massillon City SD (044354)Richard GoodrightPublic District2018-03-31
Massillon Digital Academy Inc (149427)Richard GoodrightCommunity School2018-03-14
Mathews Local SD (050153)Lewis LoweryPublic District2017-12-15
Maumee City SD (044362)Todd CramerPublic District2018-01-05
Mayfield City SD (044370)Keith KellyPublic District2018-04-04
Maysville Local SD (048850)Ruth ZitnikPublic District2018-02-15
McComb Local SD (047456)Tony FenstermakerPublic District2017-12-13
McDonald Local SD (050229)Kevin O'ConnellPublic District2018-02-15
Mechanicsburg Exempted Village SD (045484)Danielle ProhaskaPublic District2018-03-16
Medina City SD (044388)Aaron SablePublic District2017-12-21
Medina County ESC (048454)William KoranEducational Service Center2018-02-06
Meigs Local SD (048520)Scot GheenPublic District2018-01-16
Menlo Park Academy (000318)Stacy StuhldreherCommunity School2018-03-07
Mentor Exempted Village SD (045492)William PorterPublic District2018-02-09
Metro Early College High School (012391)Meka PaceCommunity School2017-12-27
Metro Institute of Technology (014877)Meka PaceCommunity School2017-12-27
Miami County ESC (048603)Thomas DunnEducational Service Center2018-02-12
Miami East Local SD (048629)Todd RappoldPublic District2017-12-21
Miami Trace Local SD (046920)David LewisPublic District2018-01-10
Miami Valley Academies (132944)Wendy RydarowiczCommunity School2017-12-14
Miami Valley Career Tech (051284)Nicholas WeldyJoint Vocational School District2018-01-12
Miamisburg City SD (044396)David VailPublic District2018-02-13
Miamisburg Secondary Academy (000360)Gregory WhiteheadCommunity School2018-03-08
Mid-East Career and Technology Centers (051300)Richard HallJoint Vocational School District2018-02-16
Mid-Ohio ESC (123521)Linda KellerEducational Service Center2018-02-06
Middlebury Academy (134213)Maureen BusingerCommunity School2018-01-29
Middletown City SD (044404)Marlon StylesPublic District2018-02-05
Middletown Fitness and Prep Acad (143214)Bryan WagonerCommunity School2018-02-14
Midnimo Cross Cultural Community School (000780)Estella StephensCommunity School2018-02-16
Midview Local SD (048173)Bruce WillinghamPublic District2018-02-09
Midwest Regional ESC (014777)Scott HowellEducational Service Center2018-02-14
Milford Exempted Village SD (045500)Nancy HousePublic District2017-12-19
Millcreek-West Unity Local SD (050633)Larry LongPublic District2017-12-13
Millennium Community School (133561)Tijuana RussellCommunity School2018-02-13
Miller City-New Cleveland Local SD (049361)Kerry JohnsonPublic District2018-02-14
Milton-Union Exempted Village SD (045518)Brad RitcheyPublic District2018-02-02
Minerva Local SD (049890)Gary ChaddockPublic District2017-12-27
Minford Local SD (049627)Jeremy LitteralPublic District2018-02-14
Minster Local SD (045948)Brenda BoekePublic District2017-12-13
Mogadore Local SD (050039)John KnappPublic District2018-02-16
Mohawk Local SD (050740)Kenneth RatliffPublic District2018-02-14
Monroe Local SD (139303)Philip CagwinPublic District2018-01-23
Monroe Prep Academy (008064)James SinclairCommunity School2018-02-21
Monroeville Local SD (047712)Gaylord MoorePublic District2018-01-16
Montgomery County ESC (048660)Frank DePalmaEducational Service Center2018-02-14
Montpelier Exempted Village SD (045526)Jamison GrimePublic District2018-01-19
Mound Street Health Careers Academy (143131)William CoutsCommunity School2018-02-12
Mound Street IT Careers Academy (143115)William CoutsCommunity School2018-02-12
Mound Street Military Careers Academy (143123)William CoutsCommunity School2018-02-12
Mount Auburn International Academy (010180)Claudia EhrleCommunity School2018-02-16
Mount Gilead Exempted Village SD (045534)Jeffrey ThompsonPublic District2018-01-03
Mount Vernon City SD (044420)William SederPublic District2018-04-03
Mt Healthy City SD (044412)Reva CosbyPublic District2018-02-13
Mt Healthy Preparatory and Fitness Academy (000953)William ConnickCommunity School2017-12-22
Muskingum Valley ESC (125252)David BranchEducational Service Center2018-01-31
Napoleon Area City SD (044438)Stephen FogoPublic District2018-03-29
National Trail Local SD (049270)Jeff ParkerPublic District2018-02-01
Near West Intergenerational School (012030)Brooke KingCommunity School2018-02-16
Nelsonville-York City SD (044446)Charles McClellandPublic District2018-02-15
New Albany-Plain Local SD (046995)Michael SawyersPublic District2018-02-14
New Boston Local SD (044461)Melinda BurnsidePublic District2017-12-13
New Bremen Local SD (045955)Jason SchraderPublic District2018-02-07
New Day Academy Boarding and Day School (000677)Terrance WaltonCommunity School2018-02-15
New Knoxville Local SD (045963)Kimberly WatermanPublic District2017-12-15
New Lebanon Local SD (048710)Greg WilliamsPublic District2018-02-05
New Lexington City SD (044479)Casey CoffeyPublic District2018-02-15
New London Local SD (047720)Bradley RomanoPublic District2017-12-13
New Miami Local SD (046136)Rhonda ParkerPublic District2018-01-25
New Philadelphia City SD (044487)David BrandPublic District2018-02-16
New Richmond Exempted Village SD (045559)Adam BirdPublic District2017-12-14
New Riegel Local SD (049718)David RombachPublic District2017-12-13
Newark City SD (044453)Douglas UtePublic District2018-02-09
Newark Digital Academy (000162)John LutzCommunity School2017-12-14
Newbridge Math and Reading Preparatory Academy (012536)Wendy RydarowiczCommunity School2017-12-14
Newbury Local SD (047217)Michelle MrakovichPublic District2018-03-29
Newcomerstown Exempted Village SD (045542)Jeffery StaggsPublic District2018-02-15
Newton Falls Exempted Village SD (045567)Paul WoodardPublic District2018-02-14
Newton Local SD (048637)Pat McBridePublic District2018-03-29
Niles City SD (044495)Ann Marie ThigpenPublic District2018-01-29
Noble Academy-Cleveland (008278)Yasar BoraCommunity School2017-12-20
Noble Academy-Columbus (008280)Murat EfeCommunity School2017-12-15
Noble Local SD (048900)Daniel LeffingwellPublic District2018-04-04
Nordonia Hills City SD (050047)Joseph ClarkPublic District2018-01-04
North Baltimore Local SD (050708)Ryan DelaneyPublic District2018-02-05
North Bass Local SD (048967)Bart AndersonPublic District2017-12-13
North Canton City SD (044503)Jeff WendorfPublic District2018-02-05
North Central Academy (012054)Brenda LuhringCommunity School2018-02-05
North Central Local SD (050641)William HanakPublic District2018-02-06
North Central Ohio ESC (123257)James LahoskiEducational Service Center2018-02-14
North College Hill City SD (044511)Eugene BlalockPublic District2018-03-30
North Olmsted City SD (044529)Michael ZalarPublic District2018-03-29
North Ridgeville City SD (044537)James PowellPublic District2018-01-29
North Royalton City SD (044545)Gregory GurkaPublic District2018-02-07
North Union Local SD (050336)Richard BairdPublic District2017-12-17
Northeast Ohio College Preparatory School (011923)Heather StevensCommunity School2018-02-01
Northeastern Local SD (046250)John KronourPublic District2018-01-02
Northern Local SD (049056)Thomas PerkinsPublic District2017-12-13
Northmont City SD (048728)Tony ThomasPublic District2018-02-14
Northmor Local SD (048819)Chad RedmonPublic District2017-12-15
Northridge Local SD (048033)Scott SchmidtPublic District2018-02-16
Northwest Local SD (049635)Anthony JenkinsPublic District2018-02-12
Northwest Local SD (049908)Michael ShrefflerPublic District2018-02-14
Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center (124297)Kerri GearhartEducational Service Center2018-02-14
Northwestern Local SD (050575)Jeffrey LaytonPublic District2018-01-31
Northwood Local SD (050716)Gregory ClarkPublic District2018-02-14
Norton City SD (044552)Dana AddisPublic District2018-03-30
Norwalk City SD (044560)George FiskPublic District2018-02-15
Norwayne Local SD (050567)Karen O'HarePublic District2018-02-06
Norwood City SD (044578)Kathy SaboPublic District2018-02-06
Oak Hill Union Local SD (047761)Michael McCoyPublic District2018-02-16
Oak Hills Local SD (047373)Jeff BrandtPublic District2018-02-09
Oakstone Community School (000679)Heather KronewetterCommunity School2017-12-20
Oakwood City SD (044586)Kyle RameyPublic District2018-02-16
Oberlin City SD (044594)David HallPublic District2018-04-04
Ohio College Preparatory School (013253)Heather StevensCommunity School2017-12-14
Ohio Connections Academy (000236)Marie HannaCommunity School2018-02-02
Ohio Hi-Point Career Center (051334)Rick SmithJoint Vocational School District2018-02-06
Ohio Valley ESC (123281)Christopher KeylorEducational Service Center2018-02-11
Ohio Virtual Academy (142950)Kristin StewartCommunity School2018-02-01
Old Brook High School (012038)Karen WachterCommunity School2018-02-05
Old Fort Local SD (049726)Stephen AnwayPublic District2018-02-01
Olentangy Local SD (046763)Mark RaiffPublic District2018-04-02
Olmsted Falls City SD (046573)James LloydPublic District2018-02-05
Ontario Local SD (049478)Lisa CarmichaelPublic District2017-12-14
Orange City SD (046581)Joffrey JonesPublic District2018-02-15
Orion Academy (000559)Taneka SmithCommunity School2018-02-14
Orrville City SD (044610)James RitchiePublic District2018-02-16
Osnaburg Local SD (049916)Todd BoggsPublic District2018-02-14
Otsego Local SD (050724)Adam KochPublic District2018-01-31
Ottawa Hills Local SD (048215)Kevin MillerPublic District2018-01-09
Ottawa-Glandorf Local SD (049379)Don HorstmanPublic District2018-03-29
Ottoville Local SD (049387)Scott MangasPublic District2017-12-13
Painesville City Local SD (044628)Josh EnglehartPublic District2018-02-14
Paint Valley Local SD (049510)Timothy WinlandPublic District2018-02-14
Pandora-Gilboa Local SD (049395)Todd SchmutzPublic District2018-02-05
Par Excellence Academy (000941)Gisele JamesCommunity School2018-03-07
Parkway Local SD (048579)Jeanne OsterfeldPublic District2018-02-15
Parma City SD (044636)Carl HillingPublic District2018-03-30
Patrick Henry Local SD (047597)Thomas TaylorPublic District2018-02-02
Patriot Preparatory Academy (012045)Sean SmithCommunity School2018-02-05
Paulding Exempted Village SD (045575)Kenneth AmstutzPublic District2018-02-15
Penta Career Center - District (051359)Ronald MatterJoint Vocational School District2018-02-13
Perkins Local SD (046813)Jodie HausmannPublic District2018-03-29
Perry Local SD (045781)Alison Van GorderPublic District2018-02-12
Perry Local SD (047902)Jack ThompsonPublic District2018-01-30
Perry Local SD (049924)Scott BeattyPublic District2017-12-21
Perrysburg Exempted Village SD (045583)Thomas HoslerPublic District2018-02-06
Pettisville Local SD (047076)Stephen SwitzerPublic District2018-02-02
Phoenix Academy Community School (000130)Jodi JohnsCommunity School2018-02-16
Pickerington Local SD (046896)Chris BriggsPublic District2018-02-16
Pike County Area (051375)Eric MeredithJoint Vocational School District2018-02-14
Pike-Delta-York Local SD (047084)Ted HaselmanPublic District2018-01-04
Pinnacle Academy (000543)Charlena HuntCommunity School2018-01-25
Piqua City SD (044644)Dwayne ThompsonPublic District2017-12-19
Plain Local SD (049932)Brent MayPublic District2017-12-21
Pleasant Local SD (048421)Jennifer AdamsPublic District2018-03-22
Plymouth-Shiloh Local SD (049460)James MetcalfPublic District2018-02-05
Poland Local SD (048348)David JanofaPublic District2018-03-29
Polaris (050948)Robert TimmonsJoint Vocational School District2018-02-14
Polly Fox Academy Community School (000125)Jodi JohnsCommunity School2018-02-16
Port Clinton City SD (044651)Patrick AdkinsPublic District2018-04-19
Portage Lakes (063495)Ben MooreJoint Vocational School District2018-02-02
Portsmouth City SD (044669)Gary DuteyPublic District2018-02-05
Preble County ESC (049254)Mike GrayEducational Service Center2018-02-15
Preble Shawnee Local SD (049288)Matt BishopPublic District2018-02-01
Princeton City SD (044677)Thomas TuckerPublic District2018-04-03
Promise Academy (000936)Marc AdenCommunity School2018-02-16
Put-In-Bay Local SD (048975)Steven PoePublic District2018-02-01
Putnam County ESC (049304)Jan OsbornEducational Service Center2018-02-15
Pymatuning Valley Local SD (045880)Michael CandelaPublic District2018-02-15
Quaker Digital Academy (000241)Richard VarratiCommunity School2018-02-05
Ravenna City SD (044685)Dennis HonkalaPublic District2018-02-05
REACH Academy (014858)Dawn MilnerCommunity School2018-01-26
Reading Community City SD (044693)Charles LafataPublic District2018-04-02
Regent High School (012036)Karen WachterCommunity School2017-12-14
Revere Local SD (050054)Matthew MontgomeryPublic District2018-02-21
Reynoldsburg City SD (047001)Melvin BrownPublic District2018-02-15
Richard Allen Academy (133736)Michelle ThomasCommunity School2018-01-04
Richard Allen Academy II (143560)Michelle ThomasCommunity School2018-01-04
Richard Allen Academy III (143578)Michelle ThomasCommunity School2018-01-04
Richard Allen Preparatory (133348)Michelle ThomasCommunity School2018-01-04
Richmond Heights Local SD (046599)Renee WillisPublic District2018-01-16
Ridgedale Local SD (048439)Robert BrittonPublic District2018-02-14
Ridgemont Local SD (047506)Dr. Suzanne DarmerPublic District2018-02-13
Ridgewood Local SD (046474)Michael MasloskiPublic District2017-12-21
Ripley-Union-Lewis-Huntington Local SD (046078)James WilkinsPublic District2018-01-02
Rise and Shine Academy (013999)Calvin BurneyCommunity School2018-02-15
Rittman Academy (000640)Kent SmithCommunity School2017-12-18
Rittman Exempted Village SD (045591)James RitchiePublic District2018-02-16
River Gate High School (133488)Wendy RydarowiczCommunity School2017-12-14
River View Local SD (046482)Harry SummersPublic District2018-02-15
Riverdale Local SD (047514)Jeff YoungPublic District2018-02-14
Riverside Academy (133678)Mark ComanducciCommunity School2018-01-24
Road to Success Academy (012040)Gamal BrownCommunity School2018-02-02
Rocky River City SD (044701)Michael ShoafPublic District2018-02-08
Rolling Hills Local SD (047308)Ryan CaldwellPublic District2018-01-10
Rootstown Local SD (049213)Andrew HawkinsPublic District2018-03-29
Ross Local SD (046144)Scott GatesPublic District2018-02-14
Ross-Pike ESC (138222)Stephen MartinEducational Service Center2018-02-16
Rossford Exempted Village SD (045609)Daniel CrepsPublic District2018-01-10
Rushmore Academy (011444)Miles BursonCommunity School2018-02-15
Russia Local SD (049817)Steven RosePublic District2018-02-12
Sandusky City SD (044743)Eugene SandersPublic District2018-02-15
Sandy Valley Local SD (049940)David FischerPublic District2018-02-01
Schnee Learning Center (147231)Todd NicholsCommunity School2017-12-18
Scioto County Career Technical Center (051490)Stan JenningsJoint Vocational School District2018-02-15
Sciotoville (143644)Rick BowmanCommunity School2018-02-15
Sebring Local SD (048355)Antoinette ViscountePublic District2018-01-03
Seneca East Local SD (049684)Laura KagyPublic District2017-12-15
Shaker Heights City SD (044750)Gregory HutchingsPublic District2018-02-16
Shelby City SD (044776)Timothy TarvinPublic District2018-02-16
Sidney City SD (044784)John ScheuPublic District2018-02-15
Solon City SD (046607)Joseph ReganoPublic District2018-02-15
South Central Local SD (047738)Benjamin ChaffeePublic District2018-02-16
South Central Ohio ESC (125658)Sandra MersEducational Service Center2018-02-09
South Point Local SD (047951)Mark A. ChristianPublic District2018-03-01
South Range Local SD (048363)Dennis DunhamPublic District2018-02-12
South Scioto Academy (008281)William ConnickCommunity School2018-02-06
South-Western City SD (044800)William WisePublic District2018-02-15
Southeast Local SD (049221)Robert DunnPublic District2017-12-15
Southeast Local SD (050583)James RitchiePublic District2018-02-15
Southern Local SD (046441)John WilsonPublic District2018-02-04
Southern Local SD (048538)Anthony DeemPublic District2017-12-14
Southern Local SD (049064)Ralph HolbertPublic District2018-02-20
Southern Ohio ESC (046375)Beth JusticeEducational Service Center2018-02-09
Southington Local SD (050237)Rocco NeroPublic District2018-02-15
Southside Academy (012105)Wendy RydarowiczCommunity School2017-12-14
Southwest Local SD (047381)John HamstraPublic District2018-02-15
Spencerville Local SD (045807)Dennis FugePublic District2017-12-13
Springboro Community City SD (050427)Dan SchroerPublic District2018-02-16
Springfield City SD (044818)Robert HillPublic District2018-02-05
Springfield Local SD (048223)Matt GehaPublic District2018-02-07
Springfield Local SD (048371)Thomas YazvacPublic District2017-12-13
Springfield Local SD (050062)Charles SincerePublic District2018-02-14
Springfield Preparatory and Fitness Academy (000510)Bryan WagonerCommunity School2018-02-14
St Bernard-Elmwood Place City SD (044719)Mary Elean WebbPublic District2018-03-22
St Clairsville-Richland City SD (045997)Walter SkaggsPublic District2018-02-16
St Henry Consolidated Local SD (048587)Julie GarkePublic District2018-01-05
St Marys City SD (044727)Howard OvermanPublic District2017-12-20
Stambaugh Charter Academy (000855)Landon Brown IICommunity School2018-02-12
Star Academy of Toledo (009171)Jennifer JoubertCommunity School2018-02-15
Stark College and Career High School (142901)Wendy RydarowiczCommunity School2017-12-14
Stark County ESC (049825)Joe ChaddockEducational Service Center2018-02-09
STEAM Academy of Akron (012627)Nova O'CallaghanCommunity School2018-03-16
STEAM Academy of Dayton (013146)Debra JohnsonCommunity School2018-02-01
Steel Academy (014927)Stephanie EaffordCommunity School2018-02-14
Stepstone Academy (013148)Jim DombroskiCommunity School2018-02-14
Steubenville City SD (044826)Melinda YoungPublic District2018-02-21
Stonebrook Montessori (015239)Jacqueline MillerCommunity School2018-02-14
Stow-Munroe Falls City SD (044834)Tom BrattenPublic District2018-02-15
Strasburg-Franklin Local SD (050294)Cindy BrownPublic District2017-12-13
Streetsboro City SD (049239)Richard DaulbaughPublic District2018-02-06
Strongsville City SD (044842)Cameron RybaPublic District2018-02-13
Struthers City SD (044859)Peter PironePublic District2018-01-09
Sullivant Avenue Community School (009953)Jamie LamaCommunity School2018-02-09
Summit Academy - Toledo (000301)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-02-02
Summit Academy Akron Elementary School (133587)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Akron Middle School (132779)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Alternative Learners Warren Middle and Secondary (000616)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Community School - Cincinnati (000306)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Community School - Dayton (000297)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Community School - Painesville (000629)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Community School Alternative Learners -Xenia (132761)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Community School Alternative Learners-Lorain (133322)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Community School for Alternative Learn-Canton (133306)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Community School-Columbus (000296)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Community School-Parma (000302)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Community School-Warren (000305)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Middle School - Columbus (000610)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy School - Lorain (000609)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Secondary - Akron (000298)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Secondary - Canton (000300)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Secondary - Youngstown (000303)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Secondary School - Middletown (000634)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Transition High School Dayton (000621)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Transition High School-Columbus (000614)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy-Youngstown (000623)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-09
Summit Acdy Comm Schl for Alternative Learners of Middletown (132746)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-09
SunBridge Schools (013175)Aaron GrizaniukCommunity School2018-02-14
Swanton Local SD (047092)Chris LakePublic District2018-02-02
Switzerland of Ohio Local SD (048652)Jeffrey GreenleyPublic District2018-04-03
Sycamore Community City SD (044867)Frank ForsthoefelPublic District2018-01-03
Sylvania City SD (044875)Adam FineskePublic District2018-02-14
Symmes Valley Local SD (047969)Darrell HumphreysPublic District2018-02-09
T2 Honors Academy (014904)India FordCommunity School2018-02-02
Talawanda City SD (046151)Kelly SpiveyPublic District2018-01-29
Tallmadge City SD (044883)Jeffrey FergusonPublic District2017-12-14
Teays Valley Local SD (049098)Robin HalleyPublic District2018-02-02
Tecumseh Local SD (046243)Norm GlismannPublic District2018-02-12
The Autism Academy Of Learning (143297)James JonesCommunity School2018-01-19
The Capella Institute (151191)April HartCommunity School2017-12-18
The Haley School (013082)Constance WilliamsCommunity School2017-12-27
The Richland School of Academic Arts (011967)Sandra SutherlandCommunity School2018-02-06
Three Rivers Local SD (047399)Craig HockenberryPublic District2018-02-16
Tiffin City SD (044891)Gary BarberPublic District2018-01-11
Tipp City Exempted Village SD (045617)Gretta KumpfPublic District2018-02-06
Toledo City SD (044909)Romules DurantLarge Urbans2018-03-16
Toledo Preparatory and Fitness Academy (000951)Bryan WagonerCommunity School2018-02-14
Toledo School For The Arts (133942)Douglas MeadCommunity School2018-02-12
Toledo SMART Elementary School (014864)Jessica MolinaCommunity School2018-02-12
Tolles Career and Technical Center (063511)Emmy BeesonJoint Vocational School District2018-01-03
Tomorrow Center (148981)Jamie ByrneCommunity School2018-02-15
Toronto City SD (044917)Maureen TaggartPublic District2018-02-02
Townsend North Community School (012867)Peter BartkowiakCommunity School2018-02-15
Towpath Trail High School (133868)Karen WachterCommunity School2017-12-15
Treca Digital Academy (143305)Adam ClarkCommunity School2018-02-14
Tri State Early College STEM School (015344)Jayshree ShahCommunity School2017-12-18
Tri-County Career Center (051607)William WittmanJoint Vocational School District2018-01-25
Tri-County North Local SD (091397)William DerringerPublic District2018-02-06
Tri-Rivers (065268)Charles SpeelmanJoint Vocational School District2018-02-14
Tri-Valley Local SD (048876)Mark NealPublic District2017-12-19
Tri-Village Local SD (046680)Josh SagesterPublic District2018-01-29
Triad Local SD (046201)Chris PiperPublic District2018-03-16
Trimble Local SD (045922)Scott ChristmanPublic District2018-02-14
Triway Local SD (050591)Nathan SchindewolfPublic District2018-01-18
Trotwood-Madison City SD (048694)Kevin BellPublic District2018-02-06
Troy City SD (044925)Eric HermanPublic District2018-02-12
Trumbull County ESC (050088)Michael HanshawEducational Service Center2018-02-16
Tuscarawas Valley Local SD (050302)Mark MurphyPublic District2017-12-15
Tuslaw Local SD (049957)Melissa MarconiPublic District2018-01-25
Twin Valley Community Local SD (049296)Robert FischerPublic District2018-01-22
Twinsburg City SD (050070)Kathryn PowersPublic District2018-01-22
U S Grant (062802)Lisa Tuttle-HuffJoint Vocational School District2018-02-05
Union Local SD (046011)Ben PorterPublic District2018-02-14
Union-Scioto Local SD (049536)Matt ThornsberryPublic District2018-02-16
United Local SD (046458)Lance HostetlerPublic District2018-01-05
United Preparatory Academy (014467)Andrew BoyCommunity School2018-01-30
University Academy (014063)Mark ComanducciCommunity School2018-01-24
University of Cleveland Preparatory School (012541)Heather StevensCommunity School2018-02-14
Upper Arlington City SD (044933)Paul ImhoffPublic District2018-01-04
Upper Sandusky Exempted Village SD (045625)Laurie VentPublic District2018-02-12
Upper Scioto Valley Local SD (047522)Miklos KisPublic District2018-02-27
Upper Valley Career Center (062125)Nancy LuceJoint Vocational School District2017-12-15
Urban Early College Network (015714)Gamal BrownCommunity School2018-03-15
Urbana City SD (044941)Charles ThielPublic District2017-12-14
Utica Shale Academy of Ohio (014830)Mark FurdaCommunity School2018-03-13
Valley Local SD (049643)Jeffrey RolfePublic District2018-02-15
Valley STEM and ME2 Academy (014943)Mara BanfieldCommunity School2018-03-12
Van Buren Local SD (047464)Timothy MyersPublic District2018-02-16
Van Wert City SD (044966)Staci KaufmanPublic District2018-02-07
Vandalia-Butler City SD (044958)Robert O'LearyPublic District2018-01-03
Vanlue Local SD (047472)Traci ConleyPublic District2017-12-14
Vantage Career Center (051672)Rick TurnerJoint Vocational School District2018-02-12
Vermilion Local SD (046821)Philip PempinPublic District2018-03-29
Versailles Exempted Village SD (045633)Aaron MoranPublic District2018-01-16
Village Preparatory School (011291)John McBrideCommunity School2018-02-16
Village Preparatory School Willard (015722)John McBrideCommunity School2018-02-15
Village Preparatory School: Woodland Hills Campus (013034)Christopher O'BrienCommunity School2018-02-16
Vinton County Local SD (050393)Rick BrooksPublic District2017-12-20
Wadsworth City SD (044974)Andrew HillPublic District2018-02-07
Walnut Township Local SD (046904)Randall CotnerPublic District2018-02-16
Wapakoneta City SD (044982)Keith HornerPublic District2018-04-03
Warren City SD (044990)Steve ChiaroPublic District2018-02-15
Warren County ESC (050401)Tom IsaacsEducational Service Center2018-01-18
Warren County Vocational School (051474)Rick SmithJoint Vocational School District2017-12-14
Warren Local SD (050500)Kyle NewtonPublic District2018-04-02
Warrensville Heights City SD (045005)Donald JollyPublic District2018-01-16
Washington County Career Center (051698)Dennis BlattJoint Vocational School District2018-02-16
Washington Court House City SD (045013)Tom BaileyPublic District2018-02-15
Washington Local SD (048231)Susan HaywardPublic District2018-02-06
Washington Park Community School (133280)Robert HorrocksCommunity School2018-02-01
Washington-Nile Local SD (049650)Donald StricklettPublic District2018-02-14
Wauseon Exempted Village SD (045641)Larry BrownPublic District2018-01-31
Wayne Local SD (050468)Patrick DubbsPublic District2018-02-14
Wayne Trace Local SD (049031)Ben WinansPublic District2017-12-19
Waynesfield-Goshen Local SD (045971)Chris PfisterPublic District2018-01-04
Weathersfield Local SD (050252)Damon DoharPublic District2018-02-14
Wellington Exempted Village SD (045658)Edward WeberPublic District2017-12-28
Wellston City SD (045021)Karen BochPublic District2018-02-14
Wellsville Local SD (045039)Richard BereschikPublic District2018-04-03
West Branch Local SD (048389)Timothy SaxtonPublic District2018-02-15
West Carrollton City SD (045054)Andrea TownsendPublic District2017-12-18
West Central Learning Academy II (151175)Mindy SchulzCommunity School2017-12-14
West Clermont Local SD (046359)Keith KlinePublic District2018-03-16
West Geauga Local SD (047225)Richard MarkwardtPublic District2018-03-29
West Holmes Local SD (047696)William SterlingPublic District2018-02-12
West Liberty-Salem Local SD (046219)Kraig HissongPublic District2018-03-29
West Muskingum Local SD (048884)Chad ShawgerPublic District2018-03-29
West Park Academy (014189)Mark ComanducciCommunity School2018-01-16
West Preparatory Academy (143313)Maureen BusingerCommunity School2018-01-29
Western Brown Local SD (046060)Raegan WhitePublic District2018-02-14
Western Buckeye ESC (134999)Steve ArnoldEducational Service Center2018-02-05
Western Local SD (049155)Brock D. BrewsterPublic District2018-03-29
Western Reserve Local SD (047746)Rodge WilsonPublic District2018-02-02
Western Reserve Local SD (048397)Douglas McglynnPublic District2018-02-08
Westerville City SD (045047)John KelloggPublic District2018-01-23
Westfall Local SD (049106)Lynn LandisPublic District2018-02-14
Westlake City SD (045062)Scott GogginPublic District2018-03-16
Westside Academy (000875)Heather O'BannonCommunity School2018-02-02
Westwood Preparatory Academy (015741)Leigh KingCommunity School2018-02-01
Wheelersburg Local SD (049668)Mark KnappPublic District2018-01-31
Whitehall City SD (045070)Brian HamlerPublic District2018-02-01
Whitehall Preparatory and Fitness Academy (000509)Bryan WagonerCommunity School2018-02-14
Wickliffe City SD (045088)Joseph SpicciaPublic District2018-02-16
Wildwood Environmental Academy (000222)Elizabeth LewinCommunity School2018-02-14
Willard City SD (045096)Jeff RitzPublic District2018-02-15
Williamsburg Local SD (046367)Matthew EarleyPublic District2018-03-30
Wilmington City SD (045112)Melinda McCarty-StewartPublic District2018-02-14
Windham Exempted Village SD (045666)Gregory IslerPublic District2018-02-13
Wings Academy 1 (000736)DeShawn KingCommunity School2018-02-15
Wings Academy 2 (000738)DeShawn KingCommunity School2018-02-15
Winterfield Venture Academy (000546)Nathan PrestonCommunity School2017-12-27
Winton Preparatory Academy (014064)Maureen BusingerCommunity School2018-01-29
Winton Woods City SD (044081)Anthony SmithPublic District2018-02-16
Wood County ESC (050666)Kyle KanuckelEducational Service Center2018-01-17
Woodmore Local SD (049577)Tim RettigPublic District2018-04-02
Woodridge Local SD (049973)Walter DavisPublic District2018-01-17
Wooster City SD (045120)Michael TefsPublic District2018-01-30
Worthington City SD (045138)Trent BowersPublic District2018-03-20
Wynford Local SD (046524)Frederick FoxPublic District2018-02-16
Wyoming City SD (045146)Susan LangPublic District2018-02-02
Xenia Community City SD (045153)Gabriel LoftonPublic District2018-02-15
Youngstown Academy of Excellence (007984)Jennifer HuttonCommunity School2018-02-14
Youngstown City SD (045161)Joe MerantoPublic District2018-02-15
Youngstown Community School (134072)Rachael SmithCommunity School2018-01-08
Zane Trace Local SD (049544)Jerry MoweryPublic District2017-12-19
Zanesville City SD (045179)Doug BakerPublic District2018-02-02
Zanesville Community School (009148)Jeffrey MooreCommunity School2018-02-05
Zenith Academy (000725)Ashfaq TashfeenCommunity School2018-02-05
Zenith Academy East (012009)Ashfaq TashfeenCommunity School2018-02-05
Zenith Academy West (015234)Asheer TashfeenCommunity School2018-02-06

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