Roster Verification 2018

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RosterV Support for Principals ended on May 24th at 4:00pm.

Support requests after that time will not receive a response prior to the close of the Principal Review and Approval Window at 11:59pm tonight. If you are a principal, contact your district coordinator.

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Approved Roster Verification Trainers

Large Urbans and Independents Webinar on Mar 2 (Click to download PowerPoint)

Roster Verification Training Webinars (Click to learn how to register)
Online training is available for building-level leaders, educational service center staff, teachers and those who provide professional development. The Online 2018 Roster Verification Training document describes training opportunities and how to register.

ESC Webinars
March 13 (Click for replay)
March 21 (Click for replay)

Webinars for RV 2018 Trainers
March 14 (Click for replay)
March 20 (Click for replay)

Principals’ Webinars (Click to download PowerPoint)
April 2 (Click for replay)
April 3 (Click for replay)
April 6 (Click for replay)
April 11 (Click for replay)

Teachers’ Webinars (Click to download PowerPoint)
April 18
April 24
April 26

Materials for training (Powerpoint slides) will be available at the beginning of a webinar. Webinars will be recorded and replays will be available 2 days after the webinar.


BFK•Link® Learning Center (View the Learning Modules)
Learning modules for principals and teachers with activities that focus on the use of BFK•Link® used in Roster Verification. Each module takes about an hour to complete and ends with a certificate that may be used for continuing education credits.

BFK•Link® Video Series (View the Video Library)
A video series produced by Battelle for Kids that provides background on roster verification. The videos explain the importance of roster verification and the various roles and processes involved. Videos are provided with permission from Battelle for Kids.

Value-Added Student Growth Measures (ODE Web Site)
Ohio uses a value-added measure that provides educators with information on how they can use data to focus instruction. To find out how to login to EVASS to access teacher reports, use the Value-Added Student Growth Measure resource page.

Support for Ohio K12 education programs.