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E-Rate Resource Library

Cybersecurity Pilot Program Intro Presentation

Introduction to the Cybersecurity Pilot Program (V.1)

Cybersecurity Pilot Order FCC-24-63A1

Full FCC Cybersecurity Order

Proposed Cybersecurity Pilot Program Application (FCC Form 484).12.7.23 (1)

Proposed FCC Form 484 as submitted to OMB for approval

FY2024 Form 471 - Schools

FY2024 Form 471 Presentation (Step-by-Step Guide for School Applicants)

FY2024 Form 471 - Libraries

FY2024 Form 471 Presentation (Step-by-Step Guide for Library Applicants)

FY2024 Form 471 RAL Corrections

How to submit corrections to your Form 471 after it has been submitted

Updated MR-81 October 2023 w CEP Base Year

Updated Ohio Data for Free and Reduced-Priced Meals w CEP Data - Base Years 2021 - 2024

School Bus WiFi Presentation

How to request WiFi on school buses.

School Bus WiFi Bid Evaluation

Sample School Bus WiFi Bid Matrix/Letter

FY2024 Form 470 Workshop

How to File the FY2024 Form 470 Step-by-Step Guide

FY2024 Form 470 Workshop - For Libraries

How to File the FY2024 Form 470 Step-by-Step Guide Libraries 

FCC Waiver Appeal Letter

Template letter to file a FCC Waiver Appeal (information to provide is highlighted in red)

Fall FY2024-25 E-Rate Workshop

Fall FY2024 E-Rate Workshop Presentation (Basics & Updates)

Fall FY2024-25 E-Rate Workshop - For Libraries

Fall FY2024 E-Rate Workshop Presentation (Basics & Updates)

FCC Waiver Appeal Instructions

Instructions to file a FCC Waiver Appeal Letter

More Resources

FY2023 Eligible Services List

Eligible Services for FY2023 Eligible Services for FY2023 

Category 2 Cost Allocations By Manufacturer

Links to manufacturer's websites or documents publishing their ineligible cost allocations 

Sample Bid Disqualifying Factors

Sample bid disqualifying factors for the Form 470 and/or RFP

Bid Evaluation

Sample Category 1 & 2 Bid Matrix/Letter

Form 500

(Funding Commitment Adjustment Request Form) Step-by-Step Guide 

Form 486

Form 486 FY2022 Step-by-Step Guide 

Form 472 BEAR Invoicing

Form 472 BEAR - EPC E-Rate Invoicing Step-by-Step Guide 

Form 498

User Guide 

Form 498

Link to Upload Voided Check

One Portal

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Setup Guide


Application Process Flow Chart from USAC


Internet Safety Curriculum Recommendations

Understanding CIPA

Internet Safety Training Presentation

Category 2

Sample Category 2 Inventory Checklist


Program Binder Guidance from USAC

Dark Fiber

Applying for Dark Fiber Overview

Dark Fiber

Sample Lit versus Dark Fiber RFP