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Subsidy Application Opens: Oct 5, 2018
Subsidy Application Closes: Nov 8, 2018 (CLOSED)

Ohio K12 Network Subsidy Program

The network subsidy opportunity is available for public districts, JVSDs, ESCs, community schools, nonpublic schools, and Ohio Schools for the Blind and the Deaf.

FY2019 K12 Network Subsidy Program Eligibility
To qualify, a district or school must have filed E-Rate with an ITC listed as your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Each building submitted must be instructing kindergarten through grade 12 students (any grade span); reported ADM to the department in school year 2018; and have a building connection to the Internet that meets a minimum bandwidth. Eligible buildings will receive $1,800 subsidy in two payments (one in the fall and the other in the spring).

The subsidy application period is Oct. 5, 2018 through Nov. 8, 2018. Email invitations will be sent to the district technology coordinators. Districts and schools applying for subsidy are required to complete the Building Technology Data Collection.

The Ohio K12 Network Subsidy Program applications for FY2019 are closed.

Ohio K12 Network Subsidy FAQ

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AwardsPaymentsSubsidy payments are made in two parts: first half in Oct/Nov and second half in Mar/Apr.
AwardsPaymentsFind your district payment status: Ohio Department of Education payment lookup.
AwardsUSAS Fund CodeAccount for this funding using USAS Fund 451, Receipt Code 3210 with a unique Special Cost Center.
EligibilityNonpublic, SubmissionQ: Will a consultant be able to fill out the form for the school, like we do for E-Rate forms?

A: The email sent to the district staff includes a secure link for accessing your subsidy application. The data collection steps requirel confirmation of names and emails for key school personnel and building technology resources. The process is expected to be completed by district or school staff.
EligibilityErate, 471Districts are required to file an on-time Erate 471 application for Internet Access (IA) with a qualified Ohio K12 Network ISP (typically, one of the ITCs). Erate applications are filed in the spring before the fall subsidy application period. If you are a new district or school, you will not be eligible in your first year because it is not likely you filed for Erate. There is no waiver for this requirement.
EligibilityErate 471, Missing, Not on FileAn Erate 471 may be missing because it was filed by an entity other than the district, such as a consortia. Erate 471 data is imported into the subsidy system from USAC during the summer and is matched to district by their Billing Entity Number (BEN). If your district was included in a Erate consortia filing, you will need to provide the BEN for the consortia and the 471 application number that included your district.
EligibilityBuildingA building is eligible if:

  • it has an ODE-issued IRN

  • it is Open for school (OEDS status)

  • is instructing K through 12 students (preK-only IRN not eligible)

  • reported ADM/headcount in the prior school year

EligibilityClosed BuildingClosed Building: The building IRN must be “Open” in OEDS (see: http://webapp2.ode.state.oh.us/oeds-r/query/default.asp). OEDS data is used to reconcile building status in Cherwell on a regular basis. Even if the "Closed" building is still connected to your network, it is not eligible for subsidy.
EligibilityGrade SpanGrade Span: A building IRN must be instructing students in the K through 12 grade span. Preschool-only building IRNs and adult education buildings are not eligible.
EligibilityADM, Head count, Student CountStudent Headcount: Your district must have reported ADM or headcount for the building IRN in the previous school year. Headcount data is received from ODE and imported into Cherwell on a periodic basis.
FundsNonpublic, FundingQ: If a non-public school uses auxiliary funding to pay for their internet service, how does this subsidy apply?

A: If the school has filed for E-Rate for Internet Access with an ITC as their provider and has students who are within the Kindergarten through grade 12, they are eligible to apply for the subsidy.
FundsNonpublic, PaymentsQ: Will the payments be electronic or paper check?

A: Districts and schools receive funds electronically from data in the OAKS system. Alternative payments must be setup with OAKS.
FundsNonpublic, PaymentsQ: It says, "Please account for this funding using It USAS Fund 451, Receipt Code 3210 with a unique Special Cost Center. When is this due?"

A: Funds received for the Ohio K12 Network Subsidy must be encumbered on or before June 30. All funds must be spent on or before September 30.
FundsExpendituresQ: Where can I find the allowable expenditures for this subsidy?

A: The allowable expenditures are explained at http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Finance-and-Funding/Programs/Educational-Technology/Ohio-K-12-Network/Spending-Guidelines.
ConnectivityConnectivity, Connection SpeedMinimum Connectivity: The minimum connection speed is 1.56mbs. Cable and DSL connections are not subsidized (typically). The requirement for minimum connection speed is determined by ODE in cooperation with the Ohio K12 Network Advisory Committee.
DataNonpublic, ContactsQ: Is there a way to determine our IRN Treasurer name and email address are stored?

A: To confirm contacts for your school, please send an email to support@www.ohio-k12.help. Include the names and emails for the administrator, treasurer (fiscal agent), technology coordinator, and test coordinator. The Ohio K12 Help Team will compare them to your IRN record and update as necessary.
DataNonpublic, Contacts, CommunicationsQ: The invitation went to our principal. Can it be sent to the technology coordinator?

A: The Ohio K12 Network Subsidy communications are emailed to the administrator, treasurer, and technology coordinator in the fall.
DataBuilding, Add, UpdateAll changes to building data (status, address, headcount, etc.) are made by the Ohio K12 Help Team. District technology coordinators are not permitted to make changes. IRN data is used by multiple programs and services, not just the subsidy system.
DataTechnology Coordinator, Superintendent, TreasurerAll changes to district contact name and email (technology coordinator, superintendent, treasurer, test coordinator, et. al.) are made by the Ohio K12 Help Team. District technology coordinators are not permitted to make these updates. District contact email addresses are used by multiple programs and services, not just the subsidy system.

Ohio K-12 Network Subsidy Resources

Ohio K-12 Network Subsidy Introduction
Why are nonpublics eligible? (3:25 minutes)

Explanation by Ed Weisenbach, Statewide Technology Coordinator, Ohio Department of Education on April 17, 2018.

FY 2019 Program Overview (15.24 minutes)

Explanation of the FY 2019 Ohio K12 Network Subsidy Program by Melissa Balbaugh, Program Manager, The Management Council on April 17, 2018.

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