Network Configuration Guide​

Network Configuration Guide

This information provides guidance to District Testing and Technology Coordinators for configuring school district network filters that might identify the KReady servers as malicious and blocking “bad” requests. This is a general guide and not presented as a remedy for specific filtering software due to the wide range of products available.

Follow these steps to format the cells.

1. Be sure to explicitly allow ANY HTTPS/SSL connections, GET or otherwise, to, preferably to *.kready,org.

2. This needs to be an “allow rule” based on SSL/HTTPS certificate as the KReady IP addresses may change due to the nature of how the load-balancing and scaling works.  As a result, it cannot be guaranteed that the IP addresses will remain the same. Up-to-date browser should be able to support SNI requests and handle this properly. 

*Note  – HTTPS filtering Level may need to be set to NONE for the Kready Domain.

3. If the filtering software does not support this, attempt one of the following: 

    • Make some changes to local DNS and/or proxy settings 
    • Remove restrictions to the KReady domain altogether

4.  Use these IP addresses to create a temporary IP based access rule: 

*Note  – These IP addresses could change at any time.

Dec 2021

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