KReady Building Admin Webinar Feedback

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  • Please select the program area(s) for which you have building administrator responsibilities.
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  • My level of understanding about the KReady System prior to attending the webinar was (1:low –– 5:high)
    1 = low2345 = high
  • My level of understanding about the KReady system after attending the webinar is (1:low –– 5:high)
    1 = low2345 = high
  • I understand how to access the reports available to me as a building administrator (yes/no)
  • I have a better understanding of how to use the ELA or KRA reports available to me in the Kready system (yes/no)
  • Webinar Score

  • Thinking about your expectations and the delivered content in this session, how would you rate this webinar overall?
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  • How might this webinar be improved?
  • What additional training or support would assist you as a data manager for this program?
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