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Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised Updates – June 21, 2024

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Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised Updates – June 21, 2024

New training available now!

KRA-R Certification Training Available in KReady

Kindergarten teachers who have never been trained on the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised (KRA-R) need to complete the initial training. This includes all new kindergarten teachers, or other educators who will be scoring the KRA-R. The training must be completed prior to assessing children and includes the administration, scoring and available reports. Teachers must have an account in the Ready for Kindergarten Online (KReady) system to complete the training.

Updates to the Ready for Kindergarten Online (KReady) System


  1. A new Professional Development (PD) platform. The PD platform within the KReady system, where teachers complete the required training and access supports and resources, has a new enhanced look. Teachers will still need a KReady account to access this platform within the system.
  2. The addition of a User Assessment Tag functionality. This change is to the data manager side of the system, which allows data managers to “tag” teachers and administrators with a designation within their account. A KReady user with the KRA assessment tag will be granted access to the KRA modules/sites within their account.

KReady User Assessment Tag


Data managers will need to make sure that teachers and administrators have the correct “tag” or designation within their KReady account to access the KRA PD site. This is a one-time designation. Data managers can either make this selection manually or via the bulk loader. The teachers template includes an additional column labeled – “assessment_tag”. In that column, data managers will designate the KRA so that the system knows which users should be granted access to the KRA modules/sites within the PD component. If a data manager opens a user profile, there is an option to designate KRA manually as well. This designation has to be made for all users who need access to the KRA modules/sites. If this is not done, then the user will not be able to access the PD component of the system when they click the green Access Professional Development and Resources button from the KReady dashboard. The Data Manager/Administrator manual in KReady includes how-to steps for this functionality.

Screen Potential Kindergarten English Learners

The OELPS for the Beginning of Kindergarten (OELPS-BK) is available May 28-June 28 for districts and schools that would like to screen potential English learners who will begin kindergarten in school year 2024-2025. Districts and schools administering the OELPS-BK in June must preidentify students in TIDE before testing. Please note the OELPS-BK is administered only to students who will begin kindergarten in the fall. Refer to the OELPS Test Coordinator Manual and the OELPS FAQ for additional information.

The OELPS for Kindergarten (OELPS-K) will remain available through June 28, 2024 for the relatively few students who may be arriving late in their 2023-2024 kindergarten year and have not yet been screened as potential English learners. Test administrators should be careful to select the appropriate test in the TA Interface because both the OELPS-BK and the OELPS-K for Kindergarten are available May 28-June 28.  Refer to the section on Select Tests and Start a Test Session on page two in the Test Administrator User Guide.

Children identified as English Learners are permitted translation and interpretation as appropriate for the individual child’s language proficiency. Review this KRA-R Translator Information for Test Coordinatorsfor further details.

Deadlines and Dates

  • June 24, 25, 26|KReady routine system maintenance with intermittent downtime. The KReady system will be fully functional and back online by 8 a.m. Thursday, June 27th
  • Now through June 28|Screen potential ELs with OELPS-BK
  • July 1| KRA-R Data Collection opens in KReady – enrollment token available to add students to teacher rosters
  • Nov. 1| KReady Data Collection closes in KReady – last day for teachers to enter scores

For more information about the KRA-R, please go to the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment website or send an email to

For KReady technical questions, please contact the Help Desk:   

844-K12-OHIO (844-512-6446),

Thank you for your continued efforts to support teaching and learning in kindergarten!