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Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised Updates – Nov 1, 2023

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Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised Updates – Nov 1, 2023

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Dear Kindergarten Assessment Data Managers,

This message contains important information about the end of the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised (KRA-R) administration window.

Assessment Window Reminders
At this time, all districts should have completed their first 20 days of instruction and finished the KRA-R administration window. The Ready for Kindergarten Online (KReady) system closes for teachers to enter data on November 1 at 11:59 p.m.  Data managers cannot add students to the KRA-R data collection after November 1. After the data entry window closes, the KReady system will remain available for data managers to initiate and approve transfer requests and update demographic information through November 9 at 11:59 p.m.

After the clean-up window closes, the Department will notify data managers when the KRA-R scale score reports are available for download to report to EMIS.

Confirm all KRA-R data has been entered in KReady for each kindergarten student who enrolled during the administration window. Please confirm that all data has been entered in KReady for each student. The most reliable way to verify that all students have complete scores is to review the data collection completion reports. Data managers and administrators can run these reports and identify if all students have scores entered for all assessment items. If any scores are missing, we encourage data managers to communicate with the teacher associated with the specific student and provide any necessary support to ensure all data is entered in the system by November 1 at 11:59 p.m.

Clean up data related to the student file, teacher information or enrollment as necessary. All first-time kindergarteners should be assessed with the KRA-R by your district’s 20th day of instruction. Late transfers or students who enroll after your district’s 20th day do not need to be assessed. Students transferring from out of state after your district’s 20th day of instruction do not need to be assessed.

Students who withdrew or transferred to another school or district cannot be removed from the KReady system. However, students can be marked inactive, which excludes the students from appearing on any district or school KRA-R score reports. To make a student inactive, make sure there are no teachers assigned to the student. If you open up the student record and click on the ‘Enrollments’ tab, this is where you can manually assign and remove teachers from a student. If there are no teacher associations with that student, then the word ‘inactive’ will appear in the status column for that student.  If you inactivate a student or accept a transfer request, the student will not show up on your scale score report.

  • Load students in KReady who enrolled in your district on or before November 1, which will initiate a transfer request if the student completed the KRA-R in another district.
  • A student record can be shared by districts and teachers, and both districts can add student scores while a transfer request is pending.
  • Initiate and approve transfer requests as needed by November 9.
  • Until the district of origin approves or declines the transfer request, your district does not have the point of authority for that student.
  • For a student who attended more than one district this school year, the district with the latest enrollment as of November 1 should report the KRA-R results in EMIS.

For additional guidance on data clean up, the KRA Closedown Webinar recording and materials are available at

Securely store and retain KRA-R kits for future administrations of the KRA
Please ensure your current KRA-R administration materials are securely stored, kept in good condition and retained for future administration of the KRA-R. Please do not destroy your current KRA-R administration materials.

For policy and implementation questions:
For more information about the KRA-R, please go to the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment website or send an email to

For KReady technical questions, please contact the Help Desk:

844-K12-OHIO (844-512-6446)