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Entering ELA Student Scores via the WebApp

This provides guidance to teachers for an alternate method of entering ELA student scores in the KReady online system. Follow these steps to enter student scores using the “By Spreadsheet” method.

1. Select “Open” under the Web App area of the page. You will be required to log in again.

NOTE: The first time you log in you will be prompted to create a PIN to use each time you login.

2. Click/Tap the Early Learning Assessment and click “Next.”

3. Select “Students.”

4. Select the desired student.

5. Select “Rate” for the desired SKB you wish to score.

6. Select the score for the each item.

NOTE: You may enter comments as well as attach images and documents as evidence of the rating. A “Reason Code” is required for a rating of “N”  or “NE“when submitting scores to the data/assessment manager. You can choose to provide the reason here or keep separate documentation.