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Accessing the SKB Ratings Report

This provides guidance for data managers and building administrators that need to access the SKB report for the Early Learning Assessment. Follow these steps to access the report:

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Accessing the SKB Ratings Report (1:38 min)

1. Select the drop-down arrow next to Create a Report and select ELA SKB Ratings Report

2. Complete the following fields in the ELA SKB Ratings Report popup window:

  • Select a Data Collection – select the appropriate data collection
  • Filter by POA – is automatically checked by default. 
    • When checked, only students whose POA is with the data manager or building administrator’s location/district will show on the report
    • When unchecked, the data manager or building administrator will see all students who have been uploaded by the district, regardless of the student’s POA. This option is intended for situations where students are reported by two organizations
  • Show Observation Dates – is automatically unchecked by default. When check, the report will have an additional column to the right of each SKB showing the date the teacher inputs as the observation date for that item. 
  • Select a Start Date – select the date of the start of the data collection window
  • Select an End Date – select the date of the end of the data collection window
  • Select a Location – select a specific location (if you have multiple locations, and only want to view one)
  • Select a District – select the district (if you would like to look at the entire district)
  • Select a Region – select the appropriate region (if you have multiple districts and you would like to view all the districts in one report)

3. Your report will appear in the “Requested Reports” list. Click download to access the report

4. Once the report is opened, you can save the report to your computer.