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Accessing the KRA Completion by Item Report

The Completion by Item Report is a Microsoft Excel file of all items and for student scores for each teacher. An (X) in the column indicates whether a teacher has entered a score for the student in the Ready for Kindergarten Online system. This document provides an overview and guidance information to data manager about/on accessing the report in the KReady online system.

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Accessing the KRA Completion by Item Report (1:07)

1. Select the drop-down arrow next to Create a Report and select KRA Completion by Item Report option.

2. Select a Data Collection.

  • Select a Location – this would be the building name and would provide results for each teacher in that building.
  • Select a District – this would provide results for each building and KRA students attached.
  • Select Region – provides data managers with access to all of their districts if they have multiple ones.
  • Click the blue button next the report you wish to see.
  • After a 5 second countdown, click the “X“on the top right of the report box to close it.

3. Your report will appear in the “Requested Reports” list. Click download to access the report.

Sample Report