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#FutureReadyOH offers free training at OETC – Feb 12

#FutureReadyOH will offer multiple events at the Ohio Educational Technology Conference, Feb. 12-14 in Columbus, including two sessions of free training open to the public on Feb. 12 and several sessions around each gear planned for OETC conference registrants only. The target audiences for all events are district leaders, curriculum teams, principals, librarians and instructional coaches.

Registration is required for the Feb. 12 sessions. Seating will be limited:

  • Session I, 8-10 a.m., introduces the Future Ready Framework; and
  • Session II, 2-5 p.m., offers team preparation for those wanting more information about the five-step process and will be a valuable session for collaborative leadership teams.

OETC conference registrants may attend additional #FutureReadyOH events offered during the conference. Find more information about the sessions on the OETC website.

For answers to additional questions about these events or the #FutureReadyOH program, email Stephanie Meeks.

Register at the link below for February 12 sessions. Please register whether you are attending one day only or the full conference. Participation will be limited to those who have registered.

Stephanie Donofe Meeks
Center for Teaching, Leading and Learning

25 South Front Street, MS 606 | Columbus, Ohio 43215-4183
(614) 644-5926 | (877) 644-6338

AASCD Justifications for 2017-2018 Opens on Nov. 7

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires each district or community school to complete and submit a justification when it anticipates testing more than 1.0 percent of students with the Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities.

If your district anticipates testing more than 1.0 percent of your students with the alternate assessment in 2018-2019, you must complete this justification.

The Ohio Department of Education will review justifications submitted by each district or community school. The Department is required to post and make publicly available all justifications received.

To assist in the process, a template of the justification is available here. Note that this PDF template is only a tool to help you prepare your justification. All justifications must be submitted on the Ohio K12 Help Portal here.

The Department sent an email to the special education contact and/or director on record for districts and community schools in the Ohio Educational Directory System notifying them that district superintendents have received an email with the district’s secure link to the portal.

The deadline for submitting this justification is December 10, 2018.

If you have any questions about calculating participation, please contact

If you have any questions about completing the justification and other questions about the 1.0 percent participation threshold, please contact

Status of E-Rate Category 2 Funding

Per the FCC Modernization Order, each school receives a Category 2 (C2) budget that may be used to provide broadband connectivity within the school. The FCC rules state that the C2 budgets are for 5-years, based on the first year that any school in the district was committed C2 funding. However, there is also language in the Order indicating that C2 funding is only available through FY2019, after which it will sunset unless the FCC takes action.

Because of this, I strongly encourage all schools to consider their internal connections needs and utilize their C2 E-Rate budgets in Funding Year 2019, should the program in its current form not be extended. The only thing we know for certain today is, if you received C2 funding in FY2015, any remaining funds must be utilized in the upcoming 2019 funding year.

I am closely monitoring information received from the FCC, indicating their decision regarding the continuance of the Category 2 funding, and will provide updates as information is received.

If your staff would like to learn more about E-Rate, I will be conducting both face-to-face and webinar training sessions. For a list of dates/locations, go to my website at, and click on the “Events” tab located in the table at the bottom of the page.

If you have questions, or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Lorrie Germann
State E-Rate Coordinator
On behalf of the Ohio Department of Education

UPDATE: AIR and TIDE Services Up On April 19

AIR notified and assured the Ohio Department of Education that it resolved the login system issue and tested it to confirm the fix. Schools should plan to resume testing Thursday. To the extent possible, we’re encouraging schools to complete their English language arts testing within the original window. However, for those schools that are unable to do so, we’re extending the English language arts testing window statewide by two days, through May 1.

Those schools that wish to test during the additional two days should notify the Department by Wednesday, April 25. You may contact either Scott Bryant at (614) 728-7121 or or Donna Williams at (614) 728-6942 or You also may call the Office of Curriculum and Assessment at (614) 466-1317.

Again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused staff and students.

Kirk Ross
Assistant Director
Office of Assessment

25 South Front Street | Columbus, Ohio 43215-4183
(614) 995-4144 (direct) | (877) 644-6338 | (614) 466-0223
Fax (614) 387-0421

UPDATE: AIR Service Outage

Dear District Testing & District Technology Coordinators:

I apologize in advance if you have received the following message via another communication pathway, but I wanted to make sure everyone received it.

As you already know, AIR currently is experiencing a problem with the login system for accessing Ohio’s State Tests. AIR is actively working to resolve this issue.

If you have students who are in the testing system and actively testing, please have those students complete that test. Any student who is not already logged in and testing should not test today.

Further information regarding any extension of the state testing windows will be forthcoming once this issue is resolved.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to staff and students.

When the issue has been resolved, we will post an update in Ohio’s State Tests Portal and follow up via e-mail.

If you have TIDE or TDS questions, please contact the Ohio Help Desk (877-231-7809, If you have test administration questions, you can contact Scott Bryant (Grades 3-8 Operations, or Donna Williams (High School Operations,

Kirk Ross
Assistant Director
Office of Assessment

25 South Front Street | Columbus, Ohio 43215-4183
(614) 995-4144 (direct) | (877) 644-6338 | (614) 466-0223
Fax (614) 387-0421

IMPORTANT: AIR Service Outage

Dear District Testing & Technology Coordinators:

AIR is currently experiencing a problem with the login system for the accessing the assessments. We are actively working to resolve this issue. Another email notification will be sent out once this has been fixed and the assessments are available. Students actively testing are not impacted by this issue.

A notice advising of the issue and, subsequently, its resolution will be posted on the portal.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

Kirk Ross
Assistant Director
Office of Assessment

25 South Front Street | Columbus, Ohio 43215-4183
(614) 995-4144 (direct) | (877) 644-6338 | (614) 466-0223
Fax (614) 387-0421

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Completion Initiative

The Ohio Department of Education (ODHE) is pleased be able to share with school districts specific, limited information about the students that have completed the FAFSA form. We have partnered with the Management Council of the Ohio Education Computer Network (MCOECN) to provide data through a secure web portal at

Superintendents of public districts and community schools received information on accessing their student data. A required electronic data sharing agreement is available on the portal. Access to student data will be available within 5 minutes after submitting the agreement. You will receive an email confirmation. Updates to student data occur every day at 7:00 am.

Because the timely completion of a FAFSA form is an essential step for many families in obtaining financial aid to pursue a postsecondary education, the FAFSA Completion Initiative will enable school and district partners to identify those students who have not filed a FAFSA form and better target counseling, filing help and other resources to those students. These efforts can promote college access and success by ensuring that students, particularly those with a low family income, have access to financial aid to fund their education.

Jill Dannemiller
Director, Data Management and Analysis
Ohio Department of Higher Education

Mike Edwards, Office of Information Technology, Ohio Department of Education, is hosting the 2017 December Technology Coordinator Meeting on Friday, December 1, 2017 at the State Library of Ohio , 274 E 1st Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43201. Topics to be presented and discussed are per the agenda attached. We look forward to your participation!

Please register for the event using this link.

If you would like to participate via video conference please contact the Broadcast Educational Media Commission for a pretest of the equipment before the event on December 1st. The phone number for BEMC is 877-843-3640. You can also email by using .

If you have any questions, please contact Mike.
(614) 644-2653 or (877) 644-6338

Office of Information Technology
25 South Front Street | Mail stop 619 | Columbus, Ohio 43215-4183

ITC Customer Satisfaction Survey Released

Connect With Us at
The Management Council of the Ohio Education Computer Network and Ohio’s 18 Information Technology Centers (ITCs) are pleased to announce the release of the annual ITC Customer Satisfaction Survey for the 2017-2018 school year. For information on how to participate in the survey, please contact your ITC.

The survey is being administered by the Management Council, which is the association representing all ITCs. The Council provides state-level support and program management to empower ITCs to be the leading IT service providers in Ohio.

The survey, which opened on November 1 and closes November 17, consists of 23 multiple-choice questions plus a few free response opportunities for ITC customers to suggest ways to improve communications, professional development, customer support, system reliability, technical leadership, and the overall value of their ITC.

Once the survey concludes, The Management Council will provide the results to each ITC. It will be up to each individual ITC to determine how this information will be published and distributed to their customer/owners.

As owners of ITCs, this survey input is vital in helping each ITC provide the best experience for the districts, staff, and students who consume services from their ITC. Feedback on ITC customer service will help ITCs better understand district priorities and concerns; these insights will help improve services, and the aggregate data gathered may serve to inform policy statewide.

Questions regarding the annual ITC Customer Satisfaction Survey can be addressed to Jessica Madison, Director of Marketing and Communications at connectwithus[at]managementcouncil[dot]org.

First District Profile URL Data Collection Closed

Notice to District Superintendent:

As a way to highlight the many successes and achievements of Ohio’s school districts, beginning with the September 2017 Ohio School Report Cards, the Ohio Department of Education is providing an opportunity for you to add a link to a webpage of content that describes your district’s unique qualities and successes.

Between July 14 and August 15, 692 districts submitted an URL to be reviewed by the department. The next window for submitting a URL, or updating the URL, will be in early October.

As a reminder, districts have until the close of business on Sept. 1 to post content to the submitted URL. The link to this profile will be placed on the District Details page of your Ohio School Report Card, right under the district address. This is optional for all districts and community schools.

Ohio Department of Education