Roster Verification

Roster Verification
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Roster Verification 2015 has concluded.

Timeline and Scope for Roster Verification 2015
Please note: The Teacher Roster Verification period for 2015 has been extended until 11:59 p.m. on Monday, May 18, 2015. The Principal Review and Approval Period will now be from May 19 – June 5.

This year, statewide, all licensed/certified teachers planning and/or providing instruction for students in the following grades, subjects/courses will participate in roster verification.

  • Grades 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Math and English Language Arts
  • Grades 5 and 8 Science
  • Grade 6 Social Studies
  • English I for high school credit
  • Algebra I for high school credit
  • Integrated Math I for high school credit
  • Physical Science for high school credit

The Management Council (MC•OECN) provides roster verification services to any district only using the State testing regimen cited above.  Districts that are including other grades and subjects via value-added services provided by Battelle for Kids (varies by district, community school or joint vocational school) will use Battelle for Kids roster verification services.

State Guidelines for 2015 Roster Verification – as of May 7, 2015
RV 2015 Training & Resources
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  • RV Training Flyer
  • Principal Webinars Dates
  • Principal Training Dates & Locations
  • Webex Events for Teachers – coming soon!
Learning Center

Self-contained learning modules for principals and teachers that provide instruction and check for understanding.

Written Doc
  • Principal & Teacher Checklists
  • RV Alert Guidelines
  • Resource Links
  • ESC Presentation
  • Train-the-Trainer
This is a video series produced by Battelle for Kids on Linkage. They provide a background on Linkage, why it is important, the various roles and the processes for teacher verification. View the video library.

Webinar Video Replays
     1. ESC Training, March 3, 2015
     2. Train-the-Trainer, March 3, 2015
     3. Train-the-Trainer, March 11, 2015
     4. ESC Training, March 11, 2015
     5. Principals’ Webinar, March 27, 2015
     6. Principals’ Webinar, March 31, 2015
     7. Principals’ Webinar, April 2, 2015
     8. Teachers’ Webinar, April 15, 2015
     9. Teachers’ Webinar, April 23, 2015
    10. Teachers’ Webinar, April 28, 2015

Find your Roster Verification provider by typing any part of your district name below.  The window for corrections closed on Monday, June 15 at 4:30 p.m.  Data as it exists will be sent to calculate value added reports.
District NameIRNProvider
A+ Arts Academy000556BFK
A+ Childrens Academy013232MCOECN
Academy for Urban Scholars Youngstown013249MCOECN
Academy of Arts and Sciences008064MCOECN
Academy of Educational Excellence013195MCOECN
Accelerated Achievement Academy of Cincinnati012624MCOECN
Achieve Career Preparatory Academy011507MCOECN
Ada Ex Vill SD045187MCOECN
Adams County/Ohio Valley Local061903MCOECN
Adena Local SD049494MCOECN
Akron City SD043489MCOECN
Akron Digital Academy149054MCOECN
Akron Preparatory School013254MCOECN
Akros Middle School012060MCOECN
Aladdin Academy014080MCOECN
Albert Einstein Academy for Letters, Arts and Sciences013994MCOECN
Alexander Local SD045906MCOECN
Allen County ESC045740MCOECN
Allen East Local SD045757MCOECN
Alliance Academy of Cincinnati000139MCOECN
Alliance City SD043497MCOECN
Alternative Education Academy143396BFK
Amanda-Clearcreek Local SD046847MCOECN
Amherst Ex Vill SD045195MCOECN
Anna Local SD049759MCOECN
Ansonia Local SD046623MCOECN
Anthony Wayne Local SD048207MCOECN
Antwerp Local SD048991MCOECN
Apex Academy000560MCOECN
Apollo JVSD050773MCOECN
Arcadia Local SD047415MCOECN
Arcanum Butler Local SD046631MCOECN
Archbold-Area Local SD047043MCOECN
Area Cooperative Computerized Educational Service System085563MCOECN
Arlington Local SD047423MCOECN
Arts and College Preparatory Academy143610BFK
Ashland City SD043505MCOECN
Ashland County Community Academy009971MCOECN
Ashland County-West Holmes JVSD062042MCOECN
Ashtabula Area City SD043513MCOECN
Ashtabula County ESC045849MCOECN
Ashtabula County Technical and Career Center050815MCOECN
Athens City SD043521MCOECN
Athens-Meigs ESC135145MCOECN
Auburn JVSD051169MCOECN
Auglaize County Educational Academy000288MCOECN
Auglaize County ESC045930MCOECN
Aurora Academy134148MCOECN
Aurora City SD049171MCOECN
Austintown Local SD048298MCOECN
Autism Academy of Learning143297MCOECN
Autism Model School134122MCOECN
Avon Lake City SD048124MCOECN
Avon Local SD048116MCOECN
Ayersville Local SD046706MCOECN
Barberton City SD043539MCOECN
Barnesville Ex Vill SD045203MCOECN
Batavia Local SD046300BFK
Bath Local SD045765MCOECN
Bay Village City SD043547MCOECN
Beachwood City SD043554MCOECN
Beacon Hill Academy012501MCOECN
Beaver Local SD046425MCOECN
Beavercreek City SD047241MCOECN
Bedford City SD043562BFK
Bella Academy of Excellence011390MCOECN
Bellaire Local SD043570MCOECN
Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Local SD047274MCOECN
Bellefontaine City SD043588BFK
Bellevue City SD043596MCOECN
Belmont Career Center050856MCOECN
Belpre City SD043604BFK
Benjamin Logan SD048074MCOECN
Bennett Venture Academy000843MCOECN
Benton Carroll Salem Local SD048926MCOECN
Berea City SD043612MCOECN
Berkshire Local SD047167MCOECN
Berne Union Local SD046854MCOECN
Berwyn East Academy014090MCOECN
Bethel Local SD048611MCOECN
Bethel-Tate Local SD046318BFK
Bexley City SD043620BFK
Big Walnut Local SD046748BFK
Bio-Med Science Academy STEM School014231MCOECN
Black River Local SD048462MCOECN
Blanchester Local SD046383BFK
Bloom Carroll Local SD046862MCOECN
Bloom-Vernon Local SD049593BFK
Bloomfield-Mespo Local SD050096MCOECN
Bluffton Exempted Village CSD045211MCOECN
Boardman Local SD048306MCOECN
Botkins Local SD049767BFK
Bowling Green City SD043638MCOECN
Bradford Ex Vill SD045229MCOECN
Brecksville-Broadview Heights City043646MCOECN
Bridgeport Ex Vill SD045237MCOECN
Bridges Community Academy000311MCOECN
Bright Local SD047613BFK
Bristol Local SD050112MCOECN
Broadway Academy012684BFK
Brookfield Local SD050120MCOECN
Brooklyn City SD043653BFK
Brookville Local SD048678MCOECN
Brookwood Academy013198MCOECN
Brown County ESC046029MCOECN
Brown Local SD046177BFK
Brunswick City SD043661MCOECN
Bryan City SD043679MCOECN
Buckeye Central Local SD046508MCOECN
Buckeye JVSD051656MCOECN
Buckeye Local SD045856MCOECN
Buckeye Local SD047787MCOECN
Buckeye Local SD048470MCOECN
Buckeye On-Line School for Success000417MCOECN
Buckeye Preparatory Academy014825MCOECN
Buckeye United Schools (DYS)060988MCOECN
Buckeye Valley Local SD046755BFK
Bucyrus City SD043687BFK
Butler County ESC046086MCOECN
Butler Technology & Career Dev (JVSD)050880MCOECN
C.M. Grant Leadership Academy009163MCOECN
Caldwell Ex Vill SD045252MCOECN
Cambridge City SD043695MCOECN
Campbell City SD043703MCOECN
Canal Winchester Local SD046946MCOECN
Canfield Local SD048314MCOECN
Canton City SD043711MCOECN
Canton College Preparatory School013255MCOECN
Canton Harbor High School000525MCOECN
Canton Local SD049833MCOECN
Capital High School012044MCOECN
Cardinal Local SD047175BFK
Cardington-Lincoln Local SD048793BFK
Career and Technology Educational Centers of Licking051201MCOECN
Carey Ex Vill SD045260MCOECN
Carlisle Local SD050419MCOECN
Carrollton Ex Vill SD045278MCOECN
Cedar Cliff Local SD047258MCOECN
Celerity Tenacia Charter School014158MCOECN
Celina City SD043729MCOECN
Center for Student Achievement007998MCOECN
Centerburg Local SD047829BFK
Centerville City SD043737MCOECN
Central Academy of Ohio009164MCOECN
Central Local SD046714MCOECN
Cesar Chavez College Preparatory School010036MCOECN
Chagrin Falls Ex Vill SD045286MCOECN
Champion Local SD050138MCOECN
Chapelside Cleveland Academy014061BFK
Chardon Local SD047183MCOECN
Charles School at Ohio Dominican University007999BFK
Chesapeake Union Ex Vill SD045294MCOECN
Chillicothe City SD043745MCOECN
Chippewa Local SD050534MCOECN
Cincinnati City SD043752BFK
Cincinnati College Prep Academy - East012513MCOECN
Cincinnati College Prep Academy - West133512MCOECN
Cincinnati Generation Academy014932MCOECN
Cincinnati Leadership Academy009154MCOECN
Cincinnati Learning Schools013967MCOECN
Cincinnati Speech & Reading Intervention Center000781MCOECN
Cincinnati State STEM Academy013240MCOECN
Cincinnati Technology Academy013864MCOECN
Circleville City SD043760BFK
Citizens Academy133520MCOECN
Citizens Academy East012852MCOECN
Citizens Leadership Academy012029MCOECN
City Day Community School Elem134247MCOECN
City Prep Academy014633MCOECN
Clark County ESC046227MCOECN
Clark-Shawnee Local SD046284MCOECN
Clay Avenue Community School009181MCOECN
Clay Local SD049601MCOECN
Claymont City SD043778MCOECN
Clear Fork Valley Local SD049411MCOECN
Clearview Local SD048132MCOECN
Clermont County ESC046292MCOECN
Clermont-Northeastern Local SD046326MCOECN
Cleveland Academy for Scholarship Technology and Leadership000527MCOECN
Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy007995MCOECN
Cleveland College Preparatory School012010MCOECN
Cleveland Community School000946MCOECN
Cleveland Heights-University Heights City SD043794MCOECN
Cleveland Metropolitan SD043786BFK
Cliff Park High School132795MCOECN
Clinton-Massie Local SD046391MCOECN
Cloverleaf Local SD048488MCOECN
Clyde-Green Springs Ex Vill SD045302MCOECN
Coldwater Ex Vill SD045310MCOECN
College Corner Local SD064964MCOECN
Colonel Crawford Local SD046516MCOECN
Colonial Prep Academy134221MCOECN
Columbia Local SD048140BFK
Columbiana County Career Center050906MCOECN
Columbiana County ESC046417MCOECN
Columbiana Ex Vill SD045328MCOECN
Columbus Arts & Technology Academy000557MCOECN
Columbus Bilingual Academy000420MCOECN
Columbus Bilingual Academy North011468MCOECN
Columbus City SD043802MCOECN
Columbus Collegiate Academy009122MCOECN
Columbus Collegiate Academy - West012951MCOECN
Columbus Grove Local SD049312MCOECN
Columbus Humanities, Arts and Technology Academy000553MCOECN
Columbus Performance Academy012011MCOECN
Columbus Preparatory Academy000558MCOECN
Columbus Preparatory and Fitness Academy000952MCOECN
Conneaut Area City SD043810MCOECN
Conotton Valley Union Local SD047548MCOECN
Constellation: Collinwood Village Academy012026MCOECN
Constellation: Eastside Arts Academy012671MCOECN
Constellation: Elyria Community Elementary132969MCOECN
Constellation: Lorain Community Elementary132951MCOECN
Constellation: Lorain Middle School000320MCOECN
Constellation: Madison Community Elementary000319MCOECN
Constellation: Old Brooklyn Community Elementary134098MCOECN
Constellation: Old Brooklyn Middle000321MCOECN
Constellation: Outreach Academy000541MCOECN
Constellation: Parma Community High133256MCOECN
Constellation: Puritas Community Elementary143479MCOECN
Constellation: Puritas Middle School000534MCOECN
Constellation: Stockyard Community Elementary143487MCOECN
Constellation: Stockyard Community Middle012025MCOECN
Constellation: Westpark Community Elementary132993MCOECN
Constellation: Westpark Middle School000316MCOECN
Constellation: Westside School of Arts009149MCOECN
Continental Local SD049320MCOECN
Copley-Fairlawn City SD049981MCOECN
Cornerstone Academy Community133439MCOECN
Cory-Rawson Local SD047431MCOECN
Coshocton City SD043828BFK
Coshocton County JVSD065227MCOECN
Coshocton Opportunity School000598MCOECN
Coventry Local SD049999MCOECN
Covington Ex Vill SD045336MCOECN
Crestline Ex Vill SD045344MCOECN
Crestview Local SD046433MCOECN
Crestview Local SD050351MCOECN
Crestview Local SD049429MCOECN
Crestwood Local SD049189MCOECN
Crooksville Ex Vill SD045351BFK
Cruiser Academy012000BFK
Cuyahoga County ESC046532MCOECN
Cuyahoga Falls City SD043836MCOECN
Cuyahoga Heights Local SD046557MCOECN
Cuyahoga Valley Career Center050922MCOECN
Dalton Local SD050542MCOECN
Danbury Local SD048934MCOECN
Danville Local SD047837BFK
Darke County ESC046615MCOECN
Dawson-Bryant Local SD047928MCOECN
Dayton City SD043844BFK
Dayton Early College Academy009283BFK
Dayton Leadership Academies - Dayton View133454BFK
Dayton Leadership Academies-Dayton Liberty Campus133959BFK
Dayton Regional STEM School011506MCOECN
Dayton SMART Elementary School014149MCOECN
Dayton Technology Design High School008283MCOECN
Deer Park Community City SD043851MCOECN
Defiance City SD043869MCOECN
Delaware Area Career Center JVSD050989BFK
Delaware City SD043877BFK
Delphos City SD043885MCOECN
Discovery Academy014188MCOECN
Dohn Community High133264MCOECN
Dover City SD043893MCOECN
Dublin City SD047027MCOECN
Eagle Academy143552MCOECN
Eagle Learning Center008289MCOECN
Early College Academy000912MCOECN
East Academy014187BFK
East Central Ohio ESC050260MCOECN
East Cleveland City Schools043901BFK
East Clinton Local SD046409MCOECN
East Guernsey Local SD069682MCOECN
East Holmes Local SD047688MCOECN
East Knox Local SD047845BFK
East Liverpool City SD043919MCOECN
East Muskingum Local SD048835BFK
East Palestine City SD043927MCOECN
East Preparatory Academy014147MCOECN
Eastern Local SD048512MCOECN
Eastern Local SD046037MCOECN
Eastern Local SD049122BFK
Eastland-Fairfield Career / Tech051003MCOECN
Eastwood Local SD050674MCOECN
Eaton Community Schools (City SD)043935BFK
Edge Academy133538MCOECN
Edgerton Local SD050617MCOECN
Edgewood City SD046094BFK
Edison Local SD047795MCOECN
Edison Local SD046789MCOECN
Edon-Northwest Local SD050625MCOECN
Educational Academy for Boys & Girls000779MCOECN
Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow133413BFK
Elgin Local SD048413BFK
Elida Local SD045773MCOECN
Elmwood Local SD050682MCOECN
Elyria City SD043943MCOECN
Emerson Academy000577MCOECN
Entrepreneurship Preparatory School Cliffs Campus000930MCOECN
Entrepreneurship Preparatory School: Woodland Hills012031MCOECN
ESC of Central Ohio046938MCOECN
ESC of Lake Erie West048199MCOECN
Euclid City SD043950MCOECN
Everest High School011956MCOECN
Evergreen Local SD047050MCOECN
Fairbanks Local SD050328MCOECN
Fairborn City SD043968MCOECN
Fairborn Digital Academy High149088MCOECN
Fairfield City SD046102BFK
Fairfield County ESC046839MCOECN
Fairfield Local SD047621BFK
Fairfield Union Local SD046870MCOECN
Fairland Local SD047936MCOECN
Fairlawn Local SD049775BFK
Fairless Local SD049841MCOECN
Fairport Harbor Ex Vill SD045369MCOECN
Fairview Park City SD043976MCOECN
Falcon Academy of Creative Art011487MCOECN
Fayette Local SD047068MCOECN
Fayetteville-Perry Local SD046045BFK
FCI Academy000585BFK
Federal Hocking Local SD045914BFK
Felicity-Franklin Local SD046334BFK
Field Local SD049197MCOECN
Findlay City SD043984MCOECN
Findlay Digital Academy000402MCOECN
Finneytown Local SD047332BFK
Firelands Local SD048157BFK
Focus Learning Academy of Northern Columbus142943MCOECN
Focus Learning Academy of Southeast Columbus142935MCOECN
Focus Learning Academy of Southwest Columbus142927MCOECN
Focus North High School012529MCOECN
Forest Hills Local SD047340MCOECN
Fort Frye Local SD050484MCOECN
Fort Loramie Local SD049783MCOECN
Fort Recovery Local SD048595MCOECN
Fostoria City SD043992MCOECN
Foundation Academy009192MCOECN
Foundations Academy - Ellet011434MCOECN
Four County JVSD050963MCOECN
Foxfire Center for Student Success149328MCOECN
Foxfire Intermediate School012033MCOECN
Franklin City SD044008MCOECN
Franklin Local Community School148932BFK
Franklin Local SD048843BFK
Franklin-Monroe Local SD046649MCOECN
Franklinton Preparatory Academy013892MCOECN
Frederick Douglass Reclamation Academy012043MCOECN
Fredericktown Local SD047852BFK
Fremont City SD044016MCOECN
Frontier Local SD050492MCOECN
Gahanna-Jefferson City SD046961MCOECN
Galion City SD044024MCOECN
Gallia County Local SD065680MCOECN
Gallia-Jackson-Vinton JVSD062067MCOECN
Gallia-Vinton ESC125682MCOECN
Gallipolis City SD044032MCOECN
Garaway Local SD050278MCOECN
Garfield Academy012668BFK
Garfield Heights City SD044040MCOECN
Gateway Academy of Ohio000938MCOECN
Geauga County ESC047159MCOECN
Geneva Area City SD044057MCOECN
Genoa Area Local SD048942MCOECN
George V Voinovich Reclamation Academy012042MCOECN
Georgetown Ex Vill SD045377BFK
Gibsonburg Ex Vill SD045385MCOECN
Girard City SD044065MCOECN
Glass City Academy000131MCOECN
Global Impact STEM Academy013930MCOECN
Global Village Academy012558MCOECN
Goal Digital Academy149047MCOECN
Goshen Local SD046342BFK
Graham Expeditionary Middle School011972BFK
Graham Local SD046193MCOECN
Graham Primary School013030BFK
Grand Valley Local SD045864MCOECN
Grandview Heights City SD044073MCOECN
Granville Ex Vill SD045393BFK
Great Expectations Elementary School012629MCOECN
Great Oaks Inst Of Technology051060MCOECN
Great Western Academy143198MCOECN
Greater Ohio Virtual School000282MCOECN
Greater Summit County Early Learning Center011381MCOECN
Green Inspiration Academy134197MCOECN
Green Local SD049619BFK
Green Local SD050559MCOECN
Green Local SD050013MCOECN
Greene County Career Center014464MCOECN
Greene County ESC047233MCOECN
Greene County JVSD051045MCOECN
Greeneview Local SD047266MCOECN
Greenfield Ex Vill SD045401BFK
Greenon Local SD046235MCOECN
Greenville City SD044099MCOECN
Groveport Community School008287MCOECN
Groveport Madison Local SD046979BFK
Haley School013082MCOECN
Hamilton Alternative Academy000197MCOECN
Hamilton City SD044107MCOECN
Hamilton County ESC047324MCOECN
Hamilton County Math and Science143602MCOECN
Hamilton Local SD046953MCOECN
Hamilton/Clermont Cooperative Association095869MCOECN
Hancock County ESC047407MCOECN
Hardin Community School011324MCOECN
Hardin Northern Local SD047498MCOECN
Hardin-Houston Local SD049791MCOECN
Harrisburg Pike Community School009954MCOECN
Harrison Hills City SD045245MCOECN
Harvard Avenue Community School008286MCOECN
HBCU Preparatory School 1000736MCOECN
HBCU Preparatory School 2000738MCOECN
Heath City SD044115BFK
Heir Force Community School000613MCOECN
Hicksville Ex Vill SD045419MCOECN
Highland Local SD048496MCOECN
Highland Local SD048801BFK
Hilliard City SD047019MCOECN
Hillsboro City SD044123MCOECN
Hillsdale Local SD045823MCOECN
Holgate Local SD047571MCOECN
Hope Academy for Autism013170MCOECN
Hope Academy Northcoast142968BFK
Hope Academy Northwest000575BFK
Hope Learning Academy of Toledo014091MCOECN
Hopewell-Loudon Local SD049700MCOECN
Horizon Science Academy Cincinnati000804MCOECN
Horizon Science Academy Cleveland133629MCOECN
Horizon Science Academy Columbus133660MCOECN
Horizon Science Academy Columbus Elementary School009990MCOECN
Horizon Science Academy Columbus Middle School009179MCOECN
Horizon Science Academy Dayton000808MCOECN
Horizon Science Academy Dayton Downtown011976MCOECN
Horizon Science Academy Dayton High School011534MCOECN
Horizon Science Academy Denison Elementary010007MCOECN
Horizon Science Academy Denison Middle School000838MCOECN
Horizon Science Academy Lorain011533MCOECN
Horizon Science Academy Springfield000825MCOECN
Horizon Science Academy Toledo000338MCOECN
Horizon Science Academy Youngstown011986MCOECN
Horizon Science Academy-Cleveland Middle School000858MCOECN
Howland Local SD050161MCOECN
Hubbard Ex Vill SD045427MCOECN
Huber Heights City SD048751MCOECN
Hudson City Schools050021MCOECN
Huntington Local SD049502MCOECN
Huron City SD044131MCOECN
Imagine Akron Academy011947MCOECN
Imagine Cleveland Academy011948MCOECN
Imagine Columbus Primary School014139MCOECN
Imagine Hill Avenue013173MCOECN
Imagine Integrity Academy012628MCOECN
Imagine Leadership Academy014121MCOECN
Imagine on Superior012052MCOECN
Imagine Woodbury Academy012545MCOECN
Impact Academy Cincinnati012631MCOECN
Independence Local SD046565MCOECN
Indian Creek Local SD047803MCOECN
Indian Hill Ex Vill SD045435MCOECN
Indian Lake Local SD048082MCOECN
Indian Valley Local SD050286MCOECN
Insight School of Ohio014081BFK
Interactive Media and Construction000905MCOECN
Intergenerational School133215MCOECN
International Academy of Columbus143172MCOECN
Invictus High School133835MCOECN
Ironton City SD044149MCOECN
Jackson Center Local SD049809MCOECN
Jackson City SD044156MCOECN
Jackson Local SD049858MCOECN
Jackson-Milton Local SD048322MCOECN
James A Garfield Local SD049205MCOECN
Jefferson Area Local SD045872MCOECN
Jefferson County ESC047779MCOECN
Jefferson County JVSD051128MCOECN
Jefferson Local SD048256MCOECN
Jefferson Township Local SD048686MCOECN
Jennings Local SD049338MCOECN
Johnstown-Monroe Local SD047985MCOECN
Jonathan Alder Local SD048264MCOECN
Joseph Badger Local SD050179MCOECN
Kalida Local SD049346MCOECN
Kelleys Island Local SD046797MCOECN
Kenston Local SD047191MCOECN
Kent City SD044164MCOECN
Kenton City SD044172MCOECN
Kettering City SD044180MCOECN
Keystone Local SD048165MCOECN
King Academy Community School000576MCOECN
Kings Local SD050435MCOECN
KIPP Columbus009997MCOECN
Kirtland Local SD047878MCOECN
Klepinger Community School009957MCOECN
Knox County ESC047811MCOECN
Knox County JVSD051144BFK
L Hollingworth School for Talented and Gifted010205MCOECN
LaBrae Local SD050245MCOECN
Lake County ESC047860MCOECN
Lake Erie Academy143503MCOECN
Lake Erie College Preparatory School013132MCOECN
Lake Erie International High School151183MCOECN
Lake Geauga Computer Association085597MCOECN
Lake Local SD050690MCOECN
Lake Local SD049866MCOECN
Lakeland Academy Community School011511MCOECN
Lakeshore Intergenerational School014913MCOECN
Lakeview Local SD050187BFK
Lakewood City Academy000942MCOECN
Lakewood City SD044198MCOECN
Lakewood Digital Academy151233MCOECN
Lakewood Local SD047993MCOECN
Lakota Local SD049569MCOECN
Lakota Local SD046110BFK
Lancaster City SD044206MCOECN
Langston Hughes High School012038MCOECN
Lawrence County Academy014094MCOECN
Lawrence County ESC047910MCOECN
Lawrence County JVSD051185MCOECN
Lebanon City SD044214BFK
Ledgemont Local SD047209MCOECN
Leetonia Ex Vill SD045443MCOECN
Leipsic Local SD049353MCOECN
Lexington Local SD049437MCOECN
Liberty Center Local SD047589BFK
Liberty Local SD050195MCOECN
Liberty Preparatory School013962MCOECN
Liberty Union-Thurston Local S046888MCOECN
Liberty-Benton Local SD047449MCOECN
Licking Area Computer Association088971MCOECN
Licking County ESC047977MCOECN
Licking Heights Local SD048009BFK
Licking Valley Local SD048017MCOECN
Life Skills Center of Canton142901BFK
Life Skills Center of Cincinnati133785BFK
Life Skills Center of Columbus North008282BFK
Life Skills Center of Columbus SE000664BFK
Life Skills Center of Dayton000813BFK
Life Skills Center of Elyria142919BFK
Life Skills Center of North Akron008063BFK
Life Skills Center of Toledo149302BFK
Life Skills Center of Youngstown133801BFK
Life Skills High School of Cleveland013226BFK
Life Skills High School of Middletown014062BFK
Life Skills of Hamilton County143164BFK
Life Skills of Northeast Ohio151209BFK
Life Skills of Summit County151191BFK
Life Skills of Trumbull County133488BFK
LifeLinks Community School011479MCOECN
Lighthouse Community School133389MCOECN
Lima City SD044222MCOECN
Lincoln Park Academy014065BFK
Lincoln Preparatory School133819MCOECN
Lincolnview Local SD050369MCOECN
Lisbon Ex Vill SD045450MCOECN
Little Miami Local SD050443MCOECN
Lockland City SD044230MCOECN
Logan Elm Local SD049080MCOECN
Logan-Hocking Local SD044248MCOECN
London Academy151027MCOECN
London City SD044255MCOECN
Lorain City SD044263BFK
Lorain County Community College Early HS063297MCOECN
Lorain County ESC048108MCOECN
Lorain County JVSD051227MCOECN
Lorain High School Digital151142BFK
Lorain Preparatory Academy (Mansfield Preparatory Academy of Excellence)008000MCOECN
Lordstown Local SD050203MCOECN
Loudonville-Perrysville Ex Vil045468MCOECN
Louisville City SD049874MCOECN
Loveland City SD044271MCOECN
Lowellville Local SD048330MCOECN
Lucas Local SD049445MCOECN
Lynchburg-Clay Local SD047639MCOECN
Mad River Local SD048702MCOECN
Madeira City SD044289MCOECN
Madison Avenue School of Arts009955MCOECN
Madison Local SD047886MCOECN
Madison Local SD049452MCOECN
Madison Local SD046128BFK
Madison-Champaign ESC137364MCOECN
Madison-Plains Local SD048272BFK
Mahoning County051243MCOECN
Mahoning County ESC048280MCOECN
Mahoning County High School009996MCOECN
Mahoning Unlimited Classroom148999MCOECN
Mahoning Valley Opportunity008251MCOECN
Main Street Preparatory Academy014066MCOECN
Management Council of the Ohio Education Computer Network010226MCOECN
Management Council Test010226TMCOECN
Manchester Local School District000442MCOECN
Manchester Local SD050005MCOECN
Mansfield City SD044297MCOECN
Mansfield Elective Academy000396MCOECN
Mansfield Enhancement Academy000392MCOECN
Maple Heights City SD044305MCOECN
Mapleton Local SD045831MCOECN
Maplewood Career Center JVSD051391MCOECN
Maplewood Local SD050211MCOECN
Margaretta Local SD046805MCOECN
Mariemont City SD044313BFK
Marietta City SD044321BFK
Marion City Digital Academy148916BFK
Marion City SD044339BFK
Marion Local SD048553MCOECN
Maritime Academy of Toledo000770MCOECN
Marlington Local SD049882MCOECN
Marshall High School132803MCOECN
Martins Ferry City SD044347MCOECN
Marysville Ex Vill SD045476BFK
Mason City SD050450BFK
Massillon City SD044354BFK
Massillon Digital Academy149427MCOECN
Mathews Local SD050153MCOECN
Maumee City SD044362MCOECN
Mayfield City SD044370MCOECN
Maysville Local SD048850BFK
McComb Local Local SD047456MCOECN
McDonald Local SD050229MCOECN
Mechanicsburg Ex Vill SD045484BFK
Medina City SD044388MCOECN
Medina County ESC048454MCOECN
Medina County JVSD062109MCOECN
Meigs Local SD048520MCOECN
Menlo Park Academy000318MCOECN
Mentor Ex Vill SD045492MCOECN
Mercer County ESC048546MCOECN
Metro Early College High School012391BFK
Metropolitan Dayton Educational Cooperative Association082719MCOECN
Metropolitan Educational Council083931MCOECN
Miami County ESC048603MCOECN
Miami East Local SD048629BFK
Miami Trace Local SD046920BFK
Miami Valley Academies132944MCOECN
Miami Valley Career Tech051284MCOECN
Miami Valley Educational Computer Association086488MCOECN
Miamisburg City SD044396MCOECN
Miamisburg Secondary Academy000360MCOECN
Mid-East Career and Technology Centers051300BFK
Mid-Ohio ESC123521MCOECN
Middle Bass Local SD048959MCOECN
Middlebury Academy134213MCOECN
Middletown City SD044404BFK
Middletown Fitness and Preparatory Academy143214MCOECN
Midnimo Cross Cultural Community School000780MCOECN
Midview Local SD048173MCOECN
Midwest Regional ESC014777MCOECN
Milford Ex Vill SD045500MCOECN
Millcreek-West Unity Local SD050633MCOECN
Millennium Community School133561MCOECN
Miller City-New Cleveland Local Schools049361MCOECN
Milton-Union Ex Vill SD045518BFK
Minerva Local SD049890MCOECN
Minford Local SD049627BFK
Minster Local SD045948MCOECN
Mississinawa Valley Local SD046672MCOECN
Mogadore Local SD050039MCOECN
Mohawk Local SD050740BFK
Monroe Local SD139303MCOECN
Monroeville Local SD047712BFK
Montgomery County ESC048660MCOECN
Montpelier Ex Vill SD045526MCOECN
Morgan Local SD048777BFK
Mound Street Health Careers Academy143131MCOECN
Mound Street IT Careers Academy143115MCOECN
Mound Street Military Career Academy143123MCOECN
Mount Auburn International Academy010180MCOECN
Mount Gilead Schools Ex Vill S045534BFK
Mount Healthy City SD044412MCOECN
Mount Vernon City SD044420MCOECN
Mt Healthy Preparatory and Fitness Academy000953MCOECN
Muskingum Valley ESC125252MCOECN
Napoleon Area City SD044438MCOECN
National Trail Local SD049270BFK
Near West Intergenerational School012030MCOECN
Nelsonville-York City SD044446MCOECN
New Albany-Plain Local SD046995BFK
New Beginnings Academy012037MCOECN
New Boston Local SD044461BFK
New Bremen Local SD045955MCOECN
New Bridge Academy012536BFK
New Day Academy Boarding and Day School000677MCOECN
New Knoxville Local SD045963MCOECN
New Lebanon Local SD048710BFK
New Lexington City SD044479BFK
New London Local SD047720MCOECN
New Miami Local SD046136BFK
New Philadelphia City SD044487MCOECN
New Richmond Ex Vill SD045559MCOECN
New Riegel Local SD049718MCOECN
Newark City SD044453MCOECN
Newark Digital Academy000162MCOECN
Newbury Local SD047217MCOECN
Newcomerstown Ex Vill SD045542MCOECN
Newton Falls Ex Vill SD045567MCOECN
Newton Local SD048637MCOECN
Next Frontier Academy014130MCOECN
Nexus Academy of Cleveland013199MCOECN
Nexus Academy of Columbus013201MCOECN
Nexus Academy of Toledo013200MCOECN
Niles City SD044495MCOECN
Noble Academy Cleveland008278MCOECN
Noble Academy Columbus008280MCOECN
Noble Local SD048900BFK
Nordonia Hills City SD050047MCOECN
North Baltimore Local SD050708MCOECN
North Bass Local SD048967MCOECN
North Canton City SD044503BFK
North Central Academy012054MCOECN
North Central Local SD050641MCOECN
North Central Ohio Computer Cooperative088161MCOECN
North Central Ohio ESC123257MCOECN
North Coast Council095893MCOECN
North College Hill City SD044511MCOECN
North Dayton School of Science and Discovery143529MCOECN
North Fork Local SD048025MCOECN
North Olmsted City SD044529MCOECN
North Point ESC125690MCOECN
North Ridgeville City SD044537MCOECN
North Royalton City SD044545MCOECN
North Union Local SD050336BFK
Northeast Ohio College Preparatory School011923MCOECN
Northeast Ohio Management Information Network085613MCOECN
Northeast Ohio Network For Educational Technology095885MCOECN
Northeastern Local SD046722MCOECN
Northeastern Local SD046250MCOECN
Northern Local SD049056MCOECN
Northern Ohio Educational Computer Association085621MCOECN
Northland Preparatory and Fitness Academy000511MCOECN
Northmont City SD048728MCOECN
Northmont Secondary Academy014051MCOECN
Northmor Local SD048819MCOECN
Northpointe Academy009147BFK
Northridge Local SD048033MCOECN
Northridge Local SD048736MCOECN
Northwest Local SD047365BFK
Northwest Local SD049908MCOECN
Northwest Local SD049635MCOECN
Northwest Ohio Area Computer Services Cooperative085639MCOECN
Northwest Ohio Computer Association086496MCOECN
Northwest Ohio ESC124297MCOECN
Northwestern Local SD046268MCOECN
Northwestern Local SD050575MCOECN
Northwood Local SD050716MCOECN
Norton City SD044552BFK
Norwalk City SD044560MCOECN
Norwayne Local SD050567BFK
Norwood City SD044578MCOECN
Norwood Conversion Community School014912MCOECN
Oak Hill Union Local SD047761BFK
Oak Hills Local SD047373MCOECN
OAK Leadership Institute012626MCOECN
Oakstone Community School000679MCOECN
Oakwood City SD044586MCOECN
Oberlin City SD044594BFK
Ohio Collegiate Preparatory013253MCOECN
Ohio Connections Academy000236MCOECN
Ohio Construction Academy014067MCOECN
Ohio Hi-Point JVSD051334MCOECN
Ohio Mid-Eastern Regional Education Service Agency082743MCOECN
Ohio School for the Deaf071530MCOECN
Ohio State School For The Blind071548MCOECN
Ohio Valley ESC123281MCOECN
Ohio Virtual Academy142950MCOECN
Old Fort Local SD049726BFK
Olentangy Local SD046763BFK
Olmsted Falls City SD046573MCOECN
Ontario Local SD049478MCOECN
Orange City SD046581MCOECN
Oregon City SD044602BFK
Orion Academy000559MCOECN
Orrville City SD044610MCOECN
Osnaburg Local SD049916MCOECN
Otsego Local SD050724MCOECN
Ottawa Hills Local SD048215MCOECN
Ottawa-Glandorf Local SD049379MCOECN
Ottoville Local SD049387MCOECN
Painesville City Local SD044628MCOECN
Paint Valley Local SD049510MCOECN
Pandora-Gilboa Local SD049395MCOECN
Par Excellence Academy Elementary000941MCOECN
Parkway Local SD048579MCOECN
Parma City SD044636MCOECN
Pathway School of Discovery000138MCOECN
Patrick Henry Local SD047597MCOECN
Patriot Preparatory Academy012045MCOECN
Paulding Ex Vill SD045575BFK
Pearl Academy012556BFK
Penta JVSD051359MCOECN
Performance Academy Eastland010182MCOECN
Perkins Local SD046813MCOECN
Perry Local SD049924MCOECN
Perry Local SD047902MCOECN
Perry Local SD045781MCOECN
Perrysburg Ex Vill SD045583MCOECN
Pettisville Local SD047076MCOECN
Phoenix Academy Community School000130MCOECN
Phoenix Community Learning Center133504MCOECN
Pickaway County ESC049072MCOECN
Pickaway-Ross County JVSD051433MCOECN
Pickerington Community School012497MCOECN
Pickerington Local SD046896BFK
Pike County Area JVSD051375MCOECN
Pike-Delta-York Local SD047084MCOECN
Pinnacle Academy000543MCOECN
Pioneer Career & Technology051417MCOECN
Piqua City SD044644BFK
Plain Local SD049932BFK
Pleasant Community Digital151035BFK
Pleasant Education Academy011436BFK
Pleasant Local SD048421BFK
Plymouth-Shiloh Local SD049460MCOECN
Poland Local SD048348MCOECN
Polaris JVSD050948MCOECN
Polly Fox Academy Community School000125MCOECN
Port Clinton City SD044651MCOECN
Portage County ESC049163MCOECN
Portage Lakes JVSD063495MCOECN
Portsmouth City SD044669MCOECN
Preble County ESC049254MCOECN
Preble-Shawnee Local SD049288BFK
Princeton City SD044677BFK
Promise Academy000936MCOECN
Provost Academy Ohio014148MCOECN
Put-in-Bay Local SD048975MCOECN
Putnam County ESC049304MCOECN
Pymatuning Valley Local SD045880MCOECN
Quaker Digital Academy High000241MCOECN
Quest Community School012078MCOECN
Ravenna City SD044685MCOECN
REACH Academy014858MCOECN
Reading Community City SD044693BFK
Renaissance Academy011439MCOECN
Revere Local SD050054MCOECN
Reynoldsburg City SD047001BFK
Richard Allen Academy133736BFK
Richard Allen Academy II143560BFK
Richard Allen Academy III143578BFK
Richard Allen Preparatory133348MCOECN
Richland Academy School of Excellence011967MCOECN
Richmond Heights Local SD046599MCOECN
Ridgedale Community School151167BFK
Ridgedale Local SD048439BFK
Ridgemont Local SD047506MCOECN
Ridgewood Local SD046474MCOECN
Ripley-Union-Lewis Local SD046078MCOECN
Rise and Shine Academy013999MCOECN
Rittman Academy000640MCOECN
Rittman Ex Vill SD045591MCOECN
River Valley Local SD048447BFK
River View Local SD046482BFK
Riverdale Local SD047514MCOECN
Riverside Academy133678BFK
Riverside Local SD047894MCOECN
Riverside Local SD048090MCOECN
Road to Success Academy012040MCOECN
Rock Hill Local SD047944MCOECN
Rocky River City SD044701MCOECN
Rolling Hills Local SD047308BFK
Rootstown Local SD049213MCOECN
Ross Local SD046144BFK
Ross-Pike ESC138222MCOECN
Rossford Ex Vill SD045609MCOECN
Rushmore Academy High011444BFK
Russia Local SD049817MCOECN
Salem City SD044735MCOECN
Sandusky City SD044743BFK
Sandy Valley Local SD049940MCOECN
Schnee Learning Center147231MCOECN
Scioto County JVSD051490MCOECN
Scioto Valley Local SD049130MCOECN
Sciotoville Elementary Academy009964BFK
Sciotoville High143644BFK
Sebring Local SD048355BFK
Seneca East Local SD049684BFK
Shadyside Local SD046003MCOECN
Shaker Heights City SD044750MCOECN
Shawnee Local SD045799MCOECN
Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City044768MCOECN
Shelby City SD044776BFK
Sidney City SD044784MCOECN
SIS Test Community School085639UMCOECN
Solon City SD046607MCOECN
South Central Local SD047738MCOECN
South Central Ohio Computer Association082727MCOECN
South Central Ohio ESC125658MCOECN
South Euclid-Lyndhurst City SD044792MCOECN
South Point Local SD047951MCOECN
South Range Local SD048363MCOECN
South Scioto Academy008281MCOECN
South-Western City Schools044800MCOECN
Southeast Local SD050583MCOECN
Southeast Local SD049221MCOECN
Southeastern Local SD049528MCOECN
Southeastern Local SD046276MCOECN
Southeastern Ohio Voluntary Education Cooperative082735MCOECN
Southern Hills JVSD050799MCOECN
Southern Local SD048538MCOECN
Southern Local SD049064BFK
Southern Local SD046441BFK
Southern Ohio Academy013233MCOECN
Southern Ohio ESC046375MCOECN
Southington Local SD050237MCOECN
Southside Academy012105BFK
Southwest Licking Digital Academy149336MCOECN
Southwest Licking Local SD048041MCOECN
Southwest Local SD047381BFK
Southwest Ohio Computer Association Council of Governments085571MCOECN
Spencerville Local SD045807MCOECN
Springboro Community City SD050427MCOECN
Springfield Academy of Excellence132787MCOECN
Springfield City SD044818MCOECN
Springfield Local SD048223MCOECN
Springfield Local SD050062MCOECN
Springfield Local SD048371MCOECN
Springfield Preparatory and Fitness Academy000510MCOECN
Springfield-Clark County051532MCOECN
St Clairsville-Richland City S045997MCOECN
St Henry Consolidated Local SD048587MCOECN
St Marys City SD044727MCOECN
St. Bernard-Elmwood Place City SD Hamilton044719BFK
Stambaugh Charter Academy000855MCOECN
Star Academy of Toledo009171MCOECN
Stark County Area JVSD062026MCOECN
Stark County ESC049825MCOECN
Stark-Portage Area Computer Consortium095877MCOECN
STEAM Academy of Cincinnati014132MCOECN
STEAM Academy of Akron012627MCOECN
STEAM Academy of Dayton013146MCOECN
STEAM Academy of Warren012644MCOECN
STEAM Academy of Warrensville Heights013147MCOECN
Steel Academy014927MCOECN
Stepstone Academy013148MCOECN
Steubenville City SD044826MCOECN
Stow-Munroe Falls City SD044834MCOECN
Strasburg-Franklin Local SD050294MCOECN
Streetsboro City SD049239MCOECN
Strongsville City SD044842MCOECN
Struthers City SD044859MCOECN
Stryker Local SD050658MCOECN
Sullivant Avenue Community School009953BFK
Summit Academy - Youngstown000623MCOECN
Summit Academy Akron Elementary School133587MCOECN
Summit Academy Akron Middle School132779MCOECN
Summit Academy Community School - Cincinnati000306MCOECN
Summit Academy Community School - Columbus000296MCOECN
Summit Academy Community School - Dayton000297MCOECN
Summit Academy Community School - Painesville000629MCOECN
Summit Academy Community School - Parma000302MCOECN
Summit Academy Community School - Toledo000304MCOECN
Summit Academy Community School - Warren000305MCOECN
Summit Academy CS for Alt Learners - Canton133306MCOECN
Summit Academy CS for Alt Learners - Lorain133322MCOECN
Summit Academy CS for Alt Learners - Middletown132746MCOECN
Summit Academy CS for Alt Learners - Warren000616MCOECN
Summit Academy CS for Alt Learners - Xenia132761MCOECN
Summit Academy Middle School - Columbus000610MCOECN
Summit Academy Middle School - Lorain000609MCOECN
Summit Academy Secondary School - Akron000298MCOECN
Summit Academy Secondary School - Canton000300MCOECN
Summit Academy Secondary School - Middletown000634MCOECN
Summit Academy Secondary School - Toledo000633MCOECN
Summit Academy Secondary School - Youngstown000303MCOECN
Summit Academy Secondary School Lorain000301MCOECN
Summit Academy Transition High School - Cincinnati000608MCOECN
Summit Academy Transition High School - Columbus000614MCOECN
Summit Academy Transition High School - Dayton000621MCOECN
Summit County ESC049965MCOECN
SunBridge Schools013175MCOECN
Swanton Local SD047092MCOECN
Switzerland of Ohio Local SD048652MCOECN
Sycamore Community City SD044867MCOECN
Sylvania City SD044875MCOECN
Symmes Valley Local SD047969MCOECN
T2 Honors Academy014904MCOECN
Talawanda City SD046151MCOECN
Tallmadge City SD044883MCOECN
TCP World Academy133330MCOECN
Teays Valley Local SD049098MCOECN
Tecumseh Local SD046243MCOECN
The Academy for Urban Scholars012528MCOECN
The Arch Academy012041MCOECN
The Graham School133421BFK
Theodore Roosevelt Public Community School011985MCOECN
Three Rivers Local SD047399MCOECN
Thurgood Marshall High School012036MCOECN
Tiffin City SD044891MCOECN
Tipp City Ex Vill SD045617MCOECN
Toledo City SD044909MCOECN
Toledo Preparatory and Fitness Academy000951MCOECN
Toledo School For The Arts High133942MCOECN
Toledo SMART Elementary School014864MCOECN
Tolles Career & Technical Center063511MCOECN
Tomorrow Center High148981BFK
Toronto City SD044917MCOECN
Townsend North Community School012867MCOECN
Towpath Trail High School133868MCOECN
TRECA Digital Academy143305BFK
Tri-County Computer Services Association086504MCOECN
Tri-County ESC050526MCOECN
Tri-County JVSD051607MCOECN
Tri-County North Local SD091397BFK
Tri-Rivers Educational Computer Association085647BFK
Tri-Rivers JVSD065268BFK
Tri-Valley Local SD048876MCOECN
Tri-Village Local SD046680BFK
Triad Local SD046201MCOECN
Trimble Local SD045922MCOECN
Triway Local SD050591MCOECN
Trotwood Fitness and Preparatory Academy143206MCOECN
Trotwood-Madison City SD048694MCOECN
Troy City SD044925MCOECN
Trumbull Career and Technical Center051631MCOECN
Trumbull County ESC050088MCOECN
Tuscarawas Valley Local SD050302MCOECN
Tuslaw Local SD049957MCOECN
Twin Valley Community Local SD049296BFK
Twinsburg City SD050070MCOECN
U S Grant Career Center062802MCOECN
Union Local SD046011MCOECN
Union-Scioto Local SD049536MCOECN
United Local SD046458MCOECN
United Preparatory Academy014467MCOECN
University Academy014063BFK
University of Cleveland Preparatory School012541MCOECN
Upper Arlington City SD044933BFK
Upper Sandusky Ex Vill SD045625BFK
Upper Scioto Valley Local SD047522MCOECN
Upper Valley JVSD062125MCOECN
Urbana City SD044941MCOECN
Urbana Community School149062MCOECN
Utica Shale Academy of Ohio014830MCOECN
Valley Local SD049643BFK
Valley View Local SD048744MCOECN
Van Buren Local SD047464MCOECN
Van Wert City SD044966BFK
Vandalia-Butler City SD044958BFK
Vanlue Local SD047472MCOECN
Vantage Career Center051672MCOECN
Vermilion Local SD046821BFK
Versailles Ex Vill SD045633MCOECN
Village Preparatory School Cliffs Campus011291MCOECN
Village Preparatory School: Woodland Hills013034MCOECN
Villaview Community School000949MCOECN
Vinton County Local SD050393MCOECN
Virtual Community School of Ohio143537MCOECN
Virtual Schoolhouse000564MCOECN
Wadsworth City SD044974MCOECN
Walnut Township Local SD046904MCOECN
Wapakoneta City SD044982MCOECN
Warren City SD044990MCOECN
Warren County ESC050401MCOECN
Warren County JVSD051474MCOECN
Warren Local SD050500BFK
Warren Township (Test 2)888899MCOECN
Warren Township (Test)888999MCOECN
Warrensville Heights City SD045005MCOECN
Washington County JVSD051698MCOECN
Washington Court House City SD045013BFK
Washington Local SD048231MCOECN
Washington Park Community133280MCOECN
Washington-Nile Local SD049650MCOECN
Waterloo Local SD049247MCOECN
Watkins Academy014194MCOECN
Wauseon Ex Vill SD045641MCOECN
Waverly City SD049148MCOECN
Wayne County JVSD051714MCOECN
Wayne Local SD050468MCOECN
Wayne Trace Local SD049031MCOECN
Waynesfield-Goshen Local SD045971MCOECN
Weathersfield Local SD050252MCOECN
Wellington Ex Vill SD045658BFK
Wellston City SD045021MCOECN
Wellsville Local SD045039MCOECN
West Branch Local SD048389MCOECN
West Carrollton City SD045054MCOECN
West Carrollton Secondary Academy013059MCOECN
West Central Learning Academy151175MCOECN
West Clermont Local SD046359BFK
West Geauga Local SD047225MCOECN
West Holmes Local SD047696MCOECN
West Liberty-Salem Local SD046219MCOECN
West Muskingum Local SD048884BFK
West Park Academy014189BFK
West Preparatory Academy143313MCOECN
Western Brown Local SD046060BFK
Western Buckeye ESC134999MCOECN
Western Local SD049155MCOECN
Western Ohio Computer Organization085654MCOECN
Western Reserve Local SD047746MCOECN
Western Reserve Local SD048397MCOECN
Westerville City SD045047BFK
Westfall Local SD049106BFK
Westlake City SD045062MCOECN
Westside Academy000875MCOECN
Wheelersburg Local SD049668BFK
Whitehall City SD045070BFK
Whitehall Preparatory and Fitness Academy000509MCOECN
Wickliffe City SD045088MCOECN
Wildwood Environmental Academy000222MCOECN
Willard City SD045096MCOECN
Williamsburg Local SD046367MCOECN
Willoughby-Eastlake City SD045104MCOECN
Wilmington City SD045112MCOECN
Windham Ex Vill SD045666MCOECN
Winterfield Venture Academy000546MCOECN
Winton Preparatory Academy014064MCOECN
Winton Woods City SD044081MCOECN
Wolf Creek Local SD050518BFK
Wood County ESC050666MCOECN
Woodland Academy012557BFK
Woodmore Local SD049577MCOECN
Woodridge Local SD049973MCOECN
Wooster City SD045120BFK
Worthington City SD045138MCOECN
Wynford Local SD046524MCOECN
Wyoming City SD045146MCOECN
Xenia Community City SD045153MCOECN
Yellow Springs Ex Vill SD045674MCOECN
Young Scholars Preparatory School013174MCOECN
Youngstown Academy of Excellence007984MCOECN
Youngstown City SD045161MCOECN
Youngstown Community School El134072MCOECN
Youthbuild Columbus Community132985MCOECN
Zane Trace Local SD049544MCOECN
Zanesville City SD045179BFK
Zanesville Community School009148BFK
Zenith Academy000725BFK
Zenith Academy East012009BFK

Support for statewide K12 education programs.