District/School Name (IRN)Springboro Community City SD (050427)

District or School


Carrie Hester

Has your district school board adopted written policies and procedures concerning the use of restraint, seclusion, and positive behavior interventions and supports?


1. Did your district or school administer a School Climate Survey in school year 2018-2019?

Yes, we administered an existing survey from a third-party provider.

1a. For your existing survey, please provide the name of the survey and the third-party provider.

Battelle for Kids; district developed survey

2. What dimensions of school climate were covered by the survey(s) administered in school year 2018-2019?
  • Rules and norms of behavior
  • Personal security
  • Social-emotional security
  • Supportive instruction
  • Social and civic learning
  • Respect for diversity
  • Supportive adults
  • Supportive peers
  • School engagement
  • Connectedness and belonging
  • Physical surroundings
  • Social media
  • School safety
  • Challenged
3. Who filled out School Climate Surveys in school year 2018-2019?
  • Students, any grade level K-2
  • Students, any grade level 3-5
  • Students, any grade level 6-8
  • Students, any grade level 9-12
  • Parents and caregivers
4. How were results of School Climate Surveys used in school year 2018-2019?
  • As general information for administrators
  • Discussing school climate needs with staff
  • Informing PBIS practices
  • As a needs assessment input for continuous improvement
  • Identifying strategies to address specific climate needs
  • Setting goals and measuring changes in school climate
  • Reporting to the school board
  • Direct reporting to parents or broader community
5. Did you analyze School Climate Survey results in relationship to other data?


5a. What other data relationships did you analyze?
  • Disciplinary rates
  • Attendance
  • Absenteeism
  • Academic achievement
  • Academic improvement
6. Will you be administering the same School Climate Survey(s) this school year?


7. When did your district start administering School Climate Surveys?

2 to 4 years ago

Confirming Superintendent or Superintendent Designee

Emily Hill


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