Public Feedback Survey

Ohio’s Learning Standards

Fine Arts Learning Standards Surveys

The draft of the 2020 Fine Arts Learning Standards has a new design that allows for easier understanding of the progression of the standards from kindergarten through high school. This new format was guided by the feedback we received on the 2012 Fine Arts Learning Standards. The survey will have you look at one standard at a time, however you will see the entire progression of that standard. Some standards do not begin in kindergarten while others may drop off prior to high school.

Please be thorough with your feedback and as specific as possible. The Advisory Group for each content area will read all feedback and determine which comments and suggestions will be sent to the Working Group for editing of the draft.

Based on the feedback received on the 2012 Learning Standards, the decision was made to have a separate set of standards for ensemble work in music. Those newly created standards are part of the music standards survey and appear after the general music content standards.

These surveys will be available from September 9 through October 9, 2019.