RosterV Participation Tracking

Tracking for School Year 2020-2021
No Response Yet - All IRN Types
District or SchoolStatusLast Year
Pathway School of Discovery (000138)Community SchoolDeclined
Alliance Academy of Cincinnati (000139)Community SchoolDeclined
Wildwood Environmental Academy (000222)Community SchoolNo Response
A+ Arts Academy (000556)Community SchoolNo Response
Apex Academy (000560)Community SchoolDeclined
Hope Academy Northwest Campus (000575)Community SchoolParticipating
Coshocton Opportunity School (000598)Community SchoolDeclined
Stambaugh Charter Academy (000855)Community SchoolDeclined
Westside Academy (000875)Community SchoolNo Response
Early College Academy (000912)Community SchoolNo Response
Noble Academy-Columbus (008280)Community SchoolParticipating
Dayton Business Technology High School (008283)Community SchoolDeclined
Columbus Collegiate Academy (009122)Community SchoolParticipating
Horizon Science Academy Columbus Middle School (009179)Community SchoolParticipating
Star Academy of Toledo (009171)Community SchoolNo Response
Clay Avenue Community School (009181)Community SchoolParticipating
Dayton Early College Academy Inc (009283)Community SchoolNo Response
Sullivant Avenue Community School (009953)Community SchoolNo Response
Harrisburg Pike Community School (009954)Community SchoolNo Response
Klepinger Community School (009957)Community SchoolNo Response
Horizon Science Academy Elementary School (009990)Community SchoolParticipating
L Hollingworth School for Talented and Gifted (010205)Community SchoolNo Response
Columbus Bilingual Academy-North (011468)Community SchoolNo Response
Horizon Science Academy Lorain (011533)Community SchoolParticipating
Imagine Akron Academy (011947)Community SchoolNo Response
Everest High School (011956)Community SchoolParticipating
The Richland School of Academic Arts (011967)Community SchoolNo Response
Horizon Science Academy Dayton Downtown (011976)Community SchoolParticipating
North Central Academy (012054)Community SchoolNo Response
The Academy for Urban Scholars (012528)Community SchoolNo Response
Global Village Academy (012558)Community SchoolDeclined
Citizens Academy East (012852)Community SchoolParticipating
DECA PREP (012924)Community SchoolNo Response
Columbus Collegiate Academy - West (012951)Community SchoolParticipating
Stepstone Academy (013148)Community SchoolNo Response
The Brilliance School (013170)Community SchoolNo Response
Academy of Educational Excellence (013195)Community SchoolParticipating
SunBridge Schools (013175)Community SchoolNo Response
Academy for Urban Scholars Youngstown (013249)Community SchoolNo Response
Franklinton Preparatory Academy (013892)Community SchoolNo Response
Cincinnati Technology Academy (013864)Community SchoolNo Response
Global Impact STEM Academy (013930)STEMParticipating
Liberty Preparatory School (013962)Community SchoolDeclined
Chapelside Cleveland Academy (014061)Community SchoolParticipating
University Academy (014063)Community SchoolParticipating
Winton Preparatory Academy (014064)Community SchoolParticipating
Main Preparatory Academy (014066)Community SchoolParticipating
Eastland Preparatory Academy (014090)Community SchoolNo Response
Imagine Leadership Academy (014121)Community SchoolNo Response
United Preparatory Academy (014467)Community SchoolParticipating
Utica Shale Academy of Ohio (014830)Community SchoolNo Response
Flex High School (015237)Community SchoolDeclined
Stonebrook Montessori (015239)Community SchoolNo Response
Inspire Charter School - Elementary (016811)Community SchoolNo Response
United Preparatory Academy East (016858)Community SchoolDeclined
Horizon Science Academy Primary (017123)Community SchoolParticipating
Darke County ESC (046615)Educational Service CenterDeclined
Kelleys Island Local SD (046797)Public DistrictDeclined
Geauga County Educational Service Center (047159)Educational Service CenterDeclined
Newbury Local SD (047217)Public DistrictParticipating
Greene County ESC (047233)Educational Service CenterDeclined
Hamilton County ESC (047324)Educational Service CenterDeclined
Medina County ESC (048454)Educational Service CenterDeclined
Middle Bass Local SD (048959)Public DistrictDeclined
North Bass Local SD (048967)Public DistrictDeclined
Auburn (051169)Joint Vocational School DistrictDeclined
Lorain County JVS (051227)Joint Vocational School DistrictParticipating
Springfield-Clark County (051532)Joint Vocational School DistrictParticipating
Tri-County Career Center (051607)Joint Vocational School DistrictParticipating
South Central Ohio ESC (125658)Educational Service CenterDeclined
TCP World Academy (133330)Community SchoolNo Response
Lighthouse Community Sch Inc (133389)Community SchoolParticipating
Dayton Leadership Academies-Dayton View Campus (133454)Community SchoolNo Response
Autism Model School (134122)Community SchoolDeclined
Green Inspiration Academy (134197)Community SchoolNo Response
Middlebury Academy (134213)Community SchoolParticipating
Madison-Champaign ESC (137364)Educational Service CenterParticipating
Ross-Pike ESC (138222)Educational Service CenterDeclined
Focus Learning Academy of Northern Columbus (142943)Community SchoolNo Response
Hope Academy Northcoast (142968)Community SchoolParticipating
Mound Street Academies (143123)Community SchoolParticipating
Great Western Academy (143198)Community SchoolNo Response
International Acad Of Columbus (143172)Community SchoolNo Response
Goal Digital Academy (149047)Community SchoolDeclined
Northwest Ohio Classical Academy (017498)Community SchoolParticipating
Warren Township Test 2 (888899)Community SchoolDeclined
Buckeye Community School (019152)Community School
Case Preparatory Academy (019221)Community School
Central Point Preparatory Academy (019199)Community School
Valor Academy Inc (019212)Community School
South Columbus Preparatory Academy at Southfield (019200)Community School
Flex High School Cleveland (019197)Community School
Focus Learning Academy of Central Columbus (019235)Community School
Franklinton High School (019226)Community School
George V Voinovich High School (012042)Community School
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