RosterV Participation Tracking

Tracking for School Year 2022-2023
No Response Yet - All IRN Types
District or SchoolStatus
A+ Children's Academy (013232)Community School
Academy of Educational Excellence (013195)Community School
Achieve Career Preparatory Academy (011507)Community School
AchievePoint Career Academy - Cincinnati (017275)Community School
Adams County Ohio Valley Local SD (061903)Public District
Akron City SD (043489)Large Urbans
Akron Preparatory School (013254)Community School
Alliance City SD (043497)Public District
Alternative Education Academy (143396)Community School
Ansonia Local SD (046623)Public District
Apollo (050773)Joint Vocational School District
Arcadia Local SD (047415)Public District
Arcanum-Butler Local SD (046631)Public District
Arlington Local SD (047423)Public District
Arts and College Preparatory Academy (143610)Community School
Ashland City SD (043505)Public District
Ashland County Community Academy (009971)Community School
Ashtabula Area City SD (043513)Public District
Auburn (051169)Joint Vocational School District
Auglaize County ESC (045930)Educational Service Center
Austintown Local SD (048298)Public District
Autism Model School (134122)Community School
Avon Lake City SD (048124)Public District
Ayersville Local SD (046706)Public District
Bay Village City SD (043547)Public District
Beachwood City SD (043554)Public District
Beaver Local SD (046425)Public District
Bedford City SD (043562)Public District
Bella Academy of Excellence (011390)Community School
Berea City SD (043612)Public District
Bethel Local SD (048611)Public District
Bethel-Tate Local SD (046318)Public District
Big Walnut Local SD (046748)Public District
Black River Career Prep High School (142919)Community School
Blanchester Local SD (046383)Public District
Bloom-Carroll Local SD (046862)Public District
Brecksville-Broadview Heights City SD (043646)Public District
Bridges Community Academy dba Bridges Preparatory Academy (000311)Community School
Broadway Academy (012684)Community School
Brookville Local SD (048678)Public District
Brown ESC (046029)Educational Service Center
Brown Local SD (046177)Public District
Bryan City SD (043679)Public District
Buckeye (051656)Joint Vocational School District
Buckeye Central Local SD (046508)Public District
Buckeye Community School (019152)Community School
Buckeye Community School London (019441)Community School
Buckeye Community School - Marion (019442)Community School
Buckeye Local SD (047787)Public District
Bucyrus City SD (043687)Public District
Butler Technology and Career Development Schools (050880)Joint Vocational School District
Cambridge City SD (043695)Public District
Campbell City SD (043703)Public District
Canfield Local SD (048314)Public District
Canton City SD (043711)Large Urbans
Canton College Preparatory School (013255)Community School
Canton Harbor High School (000525)Community School
Capital Collegiate Preparatory Academy (017537)Community School
Career and Technology Educational Centers (051201)Joint Vocational School District
Carlisle Local SD (050419)Public District
Carrollton Exempted Village SD (045278)Public District
Cascade Career Prep High School (008063)Community School
Case Preparatory Academy (019221)Community School
Centerburg Local SD (047829)Public District
Centerville City SD (043737)Public District
Central Academy of Ohio (009164)Community School
Central Point Preparatory Academy (019199)Community School
Cesar Chavez College Preparatory School (010036)Community School
Charles School at Ohio Dominican University (007999)Community School
Chesapeake Union Exempted Village SD (045294)Public District
Cincinnati City SD (043752)Large Urbans
Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy (133512)Community School
Circleville City SD (043760)Public District
Citizens Academy Southeast (015261)Community School
Citizens Leadership Academy East (016843)Community School
Citizens of the World Charter Schools - Cincinnati (019452)Community School
Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy (007995)Community School
Cleveland College Preparatory School (012010)Community School
Cleveland Municipal (043786)Large Urbans
Cleveland Preparatory Academy (013199)Community School
Cliff Park High School (132795)Community School
Cloverleaf Local SD (048488)Public District
Clyde-Green Springs Exempted Village SD (045302)Public District
College Corner Local SD (064964)Public District
Columbiana County (050906)Joint Vocational School District
Columbiana County ESC (046417)Educational Service Center
Columbiana Exempted Village SD (045328)Public District
Columbus Arts and Technology Academy (000557)Community School
Columbus Bilingual Academy-North (011468)Community School
Columbus City SD (043802)Large Urbans
Columbus Humanities Arts and Technology Academy (000553)Community School
Columbus Performance Academy (012011)Community School
Columbus Preparatory Academy (000558)Community School
Columbus Preparatory and Fitness Academy (000952)Community School
Constellation Schools: Eastside Arts Academy (012671)Community School
Constellation Schools: Elyria Community (132969)Community School
Constellation Schools: Lorain Community Elementary (132951)Community School
Constellation Schools: Lorain Community Middle (000320)Community School
Constellation Schools: Madison Community Elementary (000319)Community School
Constellation Schools: Old Brooklyn Community Elementary (134098)Community School
Constellation Schools: Old Brooklyn Community Middle (000321)Community School
Constellation Schools Parma Community (133256)Community School
Constellation Schools: Puritas Community Elementary (143479)Community School
Constellation Schools: Puritas Community Middle (000534)Community School
Constellation Schools: Stockyard Community Elementary (143487)Community School
Constellation Schools: Stockyard Community Middle (012025)Community School
Constellation Schools: Westpark Community Elementary (132993)Community School
Constellation Schools: Westpark Community Middle (000316)Community School
Constellation Schools: Westside Community School of the Arts (009149)Community School
Copley-Fairlawn City SD (049981)Public District
Cornerstone Academy Community School (133439)Community School
Coshocton County (065227)Joint Vocational School District
Coshocton Opportunity School (000598)Community School
Covington Exempted Village SD (045336)Public District
Crestview Local SD (046433)Public District
Crestview Local SD (049429)Public District
Cuyahoga Valley Career Center (050922)Joint Vocational School District
Cypress High School (017497)Community School
Dalton Local SD (050542)Public District
Dampe Community School (017212)Community School
Danbury Local SD (048934)Public District
Danville Local SD (047837)Public District
Dawson-Bryant Local SD (047928)Public District
Dayton Business Technology High School (008283)Community School
Dayton Leadership Academies-Dayton View Campus (133454)Community School
Dayton SMART Elementary School (014149)Community School
DECA PREP (012924)Community School
Delaware Area Career Center (050989)Joint Vocational School District
Discovery Academy (014188)Community School
Dohn Community (133264)Community School
Dublin Preparatory Academy dba Northside Preparatory Academy (019227)Community School
Eagle Charter Schools of Ohio (019533)Community School
Eagle Elementary of Akron (012627)Community School
Eagle Learning Center (008289)Community School
Early College Academy (000912)Community School
East Academy (014187)Community School
East Branch Preparatory Academydba Wright Preparatory Academy (015713)Community School
East Central Ohio ESC (050260)Educational Service Center
East Cleveland City SD (043901)Public District
East Clinton Local SD (046409)Public District
East Guernsey Local SD (069682)Public District
East Liverpool City SD (043919)Public District
East Palestine City SD (043927)Public District
East Preparatory Academy (014147)Community School
Eastern Local SD (049122)Public District
Eastland Preparatory Academy (014090)Community School
Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools (051003)Joint Vocational School District
Edison Local SD (046789)Public District
Educational Academy for Boys and Girls (000779)Community School
EHOVE Career Center (051029)Joint Vocational School District
Elevated Excellence Academy (000576)Community School
Elmwood Local SD (050682)Public District
Elyria City SD (043943)Public District
ESC of Central Ohio (046938)Educational Service Center
ESC of Lake Erie West (048199)Educational Service Center
ESC of Northeast Ohio (046532)Educational Service Center
Euclid City SD (043950)Public District
Euclid Preparatory School (015712)Community School
Evergreen Local SD (047050)Public District
Explorers Academy of Science and Technology (019474)Community School
Fairborn Digital Academy (149088)Community School
Fairfield County ESC (046839)Educational Service Center
Fairlawn Local SD (049775)Public District
Fairless Local SD (049841)Public District
Fairport Harbor Exempted Village SD (045369)Public District
Field Local SD (049197)Public District
Findlay City SD (043984)Public District
Flex High School (015237)Community School
Flex High School Cleveland (019197)Community School
Focus Learning Academy of Central Columbus (019235)Community School
Focus Learning Academy of Northern Columbus (142943)Community School
Focus Learning Academy of Southeastern Columbus (142935)Community School
Focus Learning Academy of Southwest Columbus (142927)Community School
Focus North High School (012529)Community School
Fostoria City SD (043992)Public District
Foundation Academy (009192)Community School
Foxfire High School (149328)Community School
Foxfire Intermediate School (012033)Community School
Franklinton High School (019226)Community School
Franklinton Prep High School (019201)Community School
Frederick Douglass High School (012043)Community School
Fredericktown Local SD (047852)Public District
Frontier Local SD (050492)Public District
Gallia-Jackson-Vinton (062067)Joint Vocational School District
Garfield Heights City SD (044040)Public District
Gem City Career Prep High School (000813)Community School
Genoa Area Local SD (048942)Public District
George Voinovich Contemporary Career High School (012042)Community School
Gibsonburg Exempted Village SD (045385)Public District
Glass City Academy (000131)Community School
Global Ambassadors Language Academy (015737)Community School
Global Impact STEM Academy (013930)STEM
Goal Digital Academy (149047)Community School
Graham Elementary and Middle School (011972)Community School
Graham School (133421)Community School
Grandview Heights SD (044073)Public District
Great Oaks Career Campuses (051060)Joint Vocational School District
Great River Connections Academy (017233)Community School
Great Western Academy (143198)Community School
Green Inspiration Academy (134197)Community School
Green Local SD (049619)Public District
Green Local SD (050013)Public District
Greene County Vocational School District (051045)Joint Vocational School District
Greenfield Exempted Village SD (045401)Public District
Greenon Local SD (046235)Public District
Groveport Community School (008287)Community School
Groveport Madison Local SD (046979)Public District
Hamilton Cnty Math and Science (143602)Community School
Hamilton County ESC (047324)Educational Service Center
Hamilton Local SD (046953)Public District
Hancock County ESC (047407)Educational Service Center
Hardin Community School (011324)Community School
Harvard Avenue Performance Academy (008286)Community School
Heath City SD (044115)Public District
Heir Force Community School (000613)Community School
Hicksville Exempted Village SD (045419)Public District
Hillsdale Local SD (045823)Public District
Hope Academy Northcoast (142968)Community School
Hope Academy Northwest Campus (000575)Community School
Hopewell-Loudon Local SD (049700)Public District
Horizon Science Academy Columbus (133660)Community School
Horizon Science Academy Columbus Middle School (009179)Community School
Horizon Science Academy Dayton Downtown (011976)Community School
Horizon Science Academy Dayton High School (011534)Community School
Horizon Science Academy Elementary School (009990)Community School
Horizon Science Academy Lorain (011533)Community School
Horizon Science Academy Primary (017123)Community School
Horizon Science Academy-Cincinnati (000804)Community School
Horizon Science Academy-Cleveland Middle School (000858)Community School
Horizon Science Academy-Dayton (000808)Community School
Huber Heights City SD (048751)Public District
Huber Heights Preparatory Academy dba Parma Academy (017535)Community School
Huntington Local SD (049502)Public District
Huron City SD (044131)Public District
iLEAD Spring Meadows (015736)Community School
Imagine Akron Academy (011947)Community School
Imagine Columbus Primary School (014139)Community School
Imagine Environmental Science Academy (013173)Community School
Imagine Leadership Academy (014121)Community School
Independence Local SD (046565)Public District
Indian Hill Exempted Village SD (045435)Public District
Indian Valley Local SD (050286)Public District
Interactive Media and Construction IMAC (000905)Community School
Intergenerational School (133215)Community School
International Acad Of Columbus (143172)Community School
Invictus High School (133835)Community School
Ironton City SD (044149)Public District
iSTEM Geauga Early College High School (015329)STEM
Jackson Local SD (049858)Public District
Jefferson County ESC (047779)Educational Service Center
Jefferson Local SD (048256)Public District
Jefferson Township Local SD (048686)Public District
Jennings Local SD (049338)Public District
Johnstown-Monroe Local SD (047985)Public District
Joseph Badger Local SD (050179)Public District
Kalida Local SD (049346)Public District
Kelleys Island Local SD (046797)Public District
Kent City SD (044164)Public District
Kettering City SD (044180)Public District
Keystone Local SD (048165)Public District
Kids Care Elementary (016836)Community School
Kings Local SD (050435)Public District
KIPP Columbus (009997)Community School
Klepinger Community School (009957)Community School
Knox County ESC (047811)Educational Service Center
L Hollingworth School for Talented and Gifted (010205)Community School
Lake Erie College Preparatory School (013132)Community School
Lakeland Academy Community School (011511)Community School
Lakeshore Intergenerational School (014913)Community School
Lakewood City SD (044198)Public District
Lakota Local SD (046110)Public District
Lebanon City SD (044214)Public District
Leetonia Exempted Village SD (045443)Public District
Liberty Center Local SD (047589)Public District
Liberty High School (016849)Community School
Liberty Local SD (050195)Public District
Liberty Preparatory School (013962)Community School
Lincoln Park Academy (014065)Community School
Lincolnview Local SD (050369)Public District
Youngstown Preparatory Academy (019450)Community School
Logan-Hocking Local SD (044248)Public District
Lorain City SD (044263)Public District
Lorain County JVS (051227)Joint Vocational School District
Loudonville-Perrysville Exempted Village SD (045468)Public District
Louisville City SD (049874)Public District
Loveland City SD (044271)Public District
Madeira City SD (044289)Public District
Madison Avenue School of Arts (009955)Community School
Madison Local SD (046128)Public District
Madison Local SD (047886)Public District
Madison-Champaign ESC (137364)Educational Service Center
Madison-Plains Local SD (048272)Public District
Mahoning Co Career and Tech Ctr (051243)Joint Vocational School District
Mahoning Unlimited Classroom (148999)Community School
Main Preparatory Academy (014066)Community School
Manchester Local SD (000442)Public District
Mansfield City SD (044297)Public District
Maplewood Career Center District (051391)Joint Vocational School District
Maplewood Local SD (050211)Public District
Margaretta Local SD (046805)Public District
Marietta City SD (044321)Public District
Marion Preparatory Academy (017585)Community School
Maritime Academy of Toledo (000770)Community School
Marlington Local SD (049882)Public District
Marshall High School (132803)Community School
Mason City SD (050450)Public District
Massillon City SD (044354)Public District
Maumee City SD (044362)Public District
Mayfield City SD (044370)Public District
Maysville Local SD (048850)Public District
McComb Local SD (047456)Public District
Medina County ESC (048454)Educational Service Center
Meigs Local SD (048520)Public District
Menlo Park Academy (000318)Community School
Mercer County Educational Service Center (048546)Educational Service Center
Miami County ESC (048603)Educational Service Center
Miami Valley Career Tech (051284)Joint Vocational School District
Mid-Ohio ESC (123521)Educational Service Center
Middle Bass Local SD (048959)Public District
Midnimo Cross Cultural Community School (000780)Community School
Midwest Regional ESC (014777)Educational Service Center
Milford Exempted Village SD (045500)Public District
Millennium Community School (133561)Community School
Milton-Union Exempted Village SD (045518)Public District
Mogadore Local SD (050039)Public District
Monroe Local SD (139303)Public District
Monroe Preparatory Academy (008064)Community School
Monroeville Local SD (047712)Public District
Montgomery County ESC (048660)Educational Service Center
Montgomery Preparatory Academy (017259)Community School
Montpelier Exempted Village SD (045526)Public District
Mount Auburn Preparatory Academy (017274)Community School
Mount Gilead Exempted Village SD (045534)Public District
Mount Vernon City SD (044420)Public District
Near West Intergenerational School (012030)Community School
New Albany-Plain Local SD (046995)Public District
New Boston Local SD (044461)Public District
Newton Local SD (048637)Public District
Niles Preparatory Academy (019478)Community School
Noble Academy-Cleveland (008278)Community School
Noble Academy-Columbus (008280)Community School
North Bass Local SD (048967)Public District
North Central Academy (012054)Community School
North Central Ohio ESC (123257)Educational Service Center
North College Hill City SD (044511)Public District
North Columbus Preparatory Academy (017538)Community School
North Fork Local SD (048025)Public District
North Olmsted City SD (044529)Public District
North Point Educational Service Center (125690)Educational Service Center
North Ridgeville City SD (044537)Public District
North Royalton City SD (044545)Public District
North Shore High School (019220)Community School
North Woods Career Prep High School (008282)Community School
Northeast Ohio College Preparatory School (011923)Community School
Northern Local SD (049056)Public District
Northland Preparatory and Fitness Academy (000511)Community School
Northridge Local SD (048033)Public District
Northwest Local SD (049908)Public District
Northwest Ohio Classical Academy (017498)Community School
Norwalk City SD (044560)Public District
Oak Hill Union Local SD (047761)Public District
Ohio College Preparatory School (013253)Community School
Ohio Digital Learning School (017643)Community School
Ohio Hi-Point Career Center (051334)Joint Vocational School District
Ohio School For The Blind (071548)State Supported Organization
Ohio School For The Deaf (071530)State Supported Organization
Ohio Valley ESC (123281)Educational Service Center
Ohio Virtual Academy (142950)Community School
Old Brook High School (012038)Community School
Old Fort Local SD (049726)Public District
Olentangy Local SD (046763)Public District
Ontario Local SD (049478)Public District
Orchard Park Academy (016837)Community School
Oregon City SD (044602)Public District
Ottawa-Glandorf Local SD (049379)Public District
Ottoville Local SD (049387)Public District
Par Excellence Academy (000941)Community School
Pathway School of Discovery (000138)Community School
Penta Career Center - District (051359)Joint Vocational School District
Perkins Local SD (046813)Public District
Perrysburg Exempted Village SD (045583)Public District
Phoenix Community Learning Ctr (133504)Community School
Pickaway County ESC (049072)Educational Service Center
Pinnacle Academy (000543)Community School
Plain Local SD (049932)Public District
Pleasant Local SD (048421)Public District
Polaris (050948)Joint Vocational School District
Port Clinton City SD (044651)Public District
Princeton City SD (044677)Public District
Priority High School (017599)Community School
Promise Academy (000936)Community School
Putnam County ESC (049304)Educational Service Center
Quaker Digital Academy (000241)Community School
Quaker Preparatory Academy (019156)Community School
Queen City Career Prep High School (133785)Community School
Randall Park High School (151209)Community School
Ravenna City SD (044685)Public District
ReGeneration Bond Hill (017490)Community School
Regent High School (012036)Community School
Reynoldsburg City SD (047001)Public District
Richard Allen Academy (133736)Community School
Richard Allen Preparatory (133348)Community School
Rise and Shine Academy (013999)Community School
Rittman Academy (000640)Community School
River View Local SD (046482)Public District
Riverside Academy (133678)Community School
Riverside Local SD (047894)Public District
Riverside Local SD (048090)Public District
Rock Hill Local SD (047944)Public District
Rootstown Local SD (049213)Public District
Ross-Pike ESC (138222)Educational Service Center
Russia Local SD (049817)Public District
Sandusky City SD (044743)Public District
Sandy Valley Local SD (049940)Public District
Scioto Valley Local SD (049130)Public District
Seneca East Local SD (049684)Public District
Shadyside Local SD (046003)Public District
Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City SD (044768)Public District
Sidney City SD (044784)Public District
Skyway Career Prep High School (149302)Community School
SMART Academy (016812)Community School
South Central Local SD (047738)Public District
South Central Ohio ESC (125658)Educational Service Center
South Columbus Preparatory Academy at German Village (016829)Community School
South Columbus Preparatory Academy at Southfield (019200)Community School
Southeastern Local SD (046276)Public District
Southern Hills (050799)Joint Vocational School District
Southern Local SD (046441)Public District
Southern Ohio ESC (046375)Educational Service Center
Springfield Local SD (048223)Public District
Springfield Local SD (048371)Public District
Springfield-Clark County (051532)Joint Vocational School District
St Bernard-Elmwood Place City SD (044719)Public District
Stambaugh Charter Academy (000855)Community School
Stark County Area (062026)Joint Vocational School District
Stark County ESC (049825)Educational Service Center
STEAM Academy of Warren (012644)Community School
STEAM Academy of Warrensville Heights (013147)Community School
Stepstone Academy (013148)Community School
Strasburg-Franklin Local SD (050294)Public District
Streetsboro City SD (049239)Public District
Stryker Local SD (050658)Public District
Sullivant Avenue Community School (009953)Community School
Summit Academy - Toledo (000301)Community School
Summit Academy Akron Elementary School (133587)Community School
Summit Academy Akron Middle School (132779)Community School
Summit Academy Alternative Learners Warren Middle and Secondary (000616)Community School
Summit Academy Community School - Cincinnati (000306)Community School
Summit Academy Community School - Dayton (000297)Community School
Summit Academy Community School - Painesville (000629)Community School
Summit Academy Community School Alternative Learners -Xenia (132761)Community School
Summit Academy Community School Alternative Learners-Lorain (133322)Community School
Summit Academy Community School for Alternative Learn-Canton (133306)Community School
Summit Academy Community School-Columbus (000296)Community School
Summit Academy Community School-Parma (000302)Community School
Summit Academy Community School-Warren (000305)Community School
Summit Academy Middle School - Columbus (000610)Community School
Summit Academy School - Lorain (000609)Community School
Summit Academy Secondary - Akron (000298)Community School
Summit Academy Secondary - Canton (000300)Community School
Summit Academy Secondary - Youngstown (000303)Community School
Summit Academy Secondary School - Middletown (000634)Community School
Summit Academy Transition High School Dayton (000621)Community School
Summit Academy Transition High School-Cincinnati (000608)Community School
Summit Academy Transition High School-Columbus (000614)Community School
Summit Academy-Youngstown (000623)Community School
Summit Acdy Comm Schl for Alternative Learners of Middletown (132746)Community School
SunBridge Schools (013175)Community School
Switzerland of Ohio Local SD (048652)Public District
Sycamore Community City SD (044867)Public District
Symmes Valley Local SD (047969)Public District
T2 Honors Academy (014904)Community School
TCP World Academy (133330)Community School
The Brilliance School (013170)Community School
Tiffin City SD (044891)Public District
Tipp City Exempted Village SD (045617)Public District
Toledo Preparatory and Fitness Academy (000951)Community School
Toledo School For The Arts (133942)Community School
Towpath Trail High School (133868)Community School
Tri-County Career Center (051607)Joint Vocational School District
Tri-County ESC (050526)Educational Service Center
Tri-Rivers (065268)Joint Vocational School District
Tri-Valley Local SD (048876)Public District
Trotwood Preparatory & Fitness Academy (143206)Community School
Trotwood-Madison City SD (048694)Public District
U S Grant (062802)Joint Vocational School District
Union Local SD (046011)Public District
United Local SD (046458)Public District
University of Cleveland Preparatory School (012541)Community School
Upper Sandusky Exempted Village SD (045625)Public District
Dayton Athletic Vocational Academy (015714)Community School
Utica Shale Academy of Ohio (014830)Community School
Valley STEM and ME2 Academy (014943)STEM
Valley View Local SD (048744)Public District
Valor Academy Inc (019212)Community School
Vandalia-Butler City SD (044958)Public District
Vanguard-Sentinel Career and Technology Centers (051458)Joint Vocational School District
Vantage Career Center (051672)Joint Vocational School District
Versailles Exempted Village SD (045633)Public District
Village Preparatory School Cliffs (011291)Community School
Village Preparatory School Willard (015722)Community School
Village Preparatory School Woodland Hills (013034)Community School
Walnut Township Local SD (046904)Public District
Wapakoneta City SD (044982)Public District
Warren County Vocational School (051474)Joint Vocational School District
Warren Local SD (050500)Public District
Washington County Career Center District (051698)Joint Vocational School District
Washington Court House City SD (045013)Public District
Waverly City SD (049148)Public District
Wayne County JVSD (051714)Joint Vocational School District
Wayne Local SD (050468)Public District
Wayne Trace Local SD (049031)Public District
Weathersfield Local SD (050252)Public District
Wellington Exempted Village SD (045658)Public District
Wellsville Local SD (045039)Public District
West Geauga Local SD (047225)Public District
West Holmes Local SD (047696)Public District
West Liberty-Salem Local SD (046219)Public District
West Park Academy (014189)Community School
Western Brown Local SD (046060)Public District
Western Buckeye ESC (134999)Educational Service Center
Western Reserve Local SD (048397)Public District
Westfall Local SD (049106)Public District
Westwood Preparatory Academy (015741)Community School
Whitehall City SD (045070)Public District
Wickliffe City SD (045088)Public District
Wildwood Environmental Academy (000222)Community School
Wilmington City SD (045112)Public District
Wings Academy 1 (000736)Community School
Winton Woods City SD (044081)Public District
Wood County ESC (050666)Educational Service Center
Wyoming City SD (045146)Public District
Xenia Community City SD (045153)Public District
YB Columbus Community School (132985)Community School
Youngstown Academy of Excellence (007984)Community School
Youngstown City SD (045161)Large Urbans
Zanesville Community School (009148)Community School
Treca Digital Academy (143305)Community School
Gateway Online Academy of Ohio (020078)Community School
Cincinnati Classical Academy (019530)Community School
Victory Academy of Toledo (020265)Community School
Westlake Academy (020077)Community School
Unity Academy (020046)Community School
Strongsville Academy (020189)Community School
Solon Academy (020076)Community School
Legacy Academy of Excellence (020091)Community School
IDEA Greater Cincinnati Inc (020007)Community School
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