Restraint and Seclusion District Information

Submitted for School Year 2017-2018

Districts and Schools that participated October through December 2018

This list only shows the districts and schools that submitted; it does not provide access to the reports. Start typing your district or superintendent name in the search box.

District/SchoolIRN TypeSuperintendent
A Arts Academy (000556)Community SchoolDavid Fant2018-11-09
A Children's Academy (013232)Community SchoolRuth Teeters2018-11-05
Academy for Urban Scholars Youngstown (013249)Community SchoolPamela Duckett2018-11-15
Academy of Educational Excellence (013195)Community SchoolDessa Harris2018-11-30
Academy of Junior Scholars (017212)Community SchoolWendy Rydarowicz2018-11-09
Achieve Career Preparatory Academy (011507)Community SchoolJulieta Flowers2018-11-14
AchievePoint Career Academy - Cincinnati (017275)Community SchoolReginald Underwood2018-10-15
AchievePoint Career Academy - Columbus (017280)Community SchoolReginald Underwood2018-10-15
Ada Ex Village SD (045187)Public DistrictMeri Skilliter2018-10-10
Adams County Ohio Valley Local SD (061903)Public DistrictRichard Seas2018-11-16
Adena Local SD (049494)Public DistrictJohn Balzer2018-10-18
Akron City SD (043489)Large UrbansDavid James2018-10-18
Akron Preparatory School (013254)Community SchoolHeather Stevens2018-11-07
Akros Middle School (012060)Community SchoolFaith DeCesare2018-10-02
Albert Einstein Academy for Letters Arts and Sciences Ohio (013994)Community SchoolBruce Thomas2018-10-01
Alexander Local SD (045906)Public DistrictLindy Douglas2018-11-06
Allen County ESC (045740)Educational Service CenterCraig Kupferberg2018-10-08
Allen East Local SD (045757)Public DistrictMel Rentschler2018-10-02
Alliance Academy of Cincinnati (000139)Community SchoolElizabeth King2018-11-06
Alliance City SD (043497)Public DistrictJeffery Talbert2018-10-19
Alternative Education Academy (143396)Community SchoolDavid Bowlin2018-10-03
Amanda-Clearcreek Local SD (046847)Public DistrictJames Dick2018-11-30
Amherst Exempted Village SD (045195)Public DistrictSteven Sayers2018-11-02
Anna Local SD (049759)Public DistrictAndrew Bixler2018-10-03
Ansonia Local SD (046623)Public DistrictJim Atchley2018-11-05
Anthony Wayne Local SD (048207)Public DistrictJames Fritz2018-11-05
Antwerp Local SD (048991)Public DistrictMartin Miller2018-10-05
Apex Academy (000560)Community SchoolJennifer Littlefield2018-10-02
Apollo (050773)Joint Vocational School DistrictKeith Horner2018-10-02
Arcadia Local SD (047415)Public DistrictBruce Kidder2018-10-03
Arcanum-Butler Local SD (046631)Public DistrictJohnathan Stephens2018-10-08
Archbold-Area Local SD (047043)Public DistrictMarc Robinson2018-11-05
Arlington Local SD (047423)Public DistrictKevin Haught2018-10-02
Arts and College Preparatory Academy (143610)Community SchoolAnthony Gatto2018-10-23
Ashland City SD (043505)Public DistrictDouglas Marrah2018-10-02
Ashland County Community Academy (009971)Community SchoolSamuel Wilson2018-10-02
Ashland County-West Holmes (062042)Joint Vocational School DistrictRodney Cheyney2018-11-05
Ashtabula Area City SD (043513)Public DistrictMark Potts2018-11-28
Ashtabula County ESC (045849)Educational Service CenterJohn Rubesich2018-11-09
Ashtabula County Technical and Career Center (050815)Joint Vocational School DistrictJerome Brockway2018-11-05
Athens City SD (043521)Public DistrictTom Gibbs2018-10-23
Athens-Meigs ESC (135145)Educational Service CenterRicky Edwards2018-11-05
Auburn (051169)Joint Vocational School DistrictBrian Bontempo2018-11-15
Auglaize County Educational Academy (000288)Community SchoolJennifer Korte2018-10-03
Auglaize County ESC (045930)Educational Service CenterShawn Brown2018-10-22
Aurora Academy (134148)Community SchoolKristy Sprague2018-11-14
Aurora City SD (049171)Public DistrictPat Ciccantelli2018-10-03
Austintown Local SD (048298)Public DistrictVincent Colaluca2018-11-07
Autism Model School (134122)Community SchoolMary Walters2018-11-05
Avon Lake City SD (048124)Public DistrictRobert Scott2018-11-08
Avon Local SD (048116)Public DistrictMichael Laub2018-10-10
Ayersville Local SD (046706)Public DistrictDon Diglia2018-10-10
Barberton City SD (043539)Public DistrictJeffrey Ramnytz2018-10-19
Barnesville Exempted Village SD (045203)Public DistrictAngela Hannahs2018-10-04
Batavia Local SD (046300)Public DistrictKeith Millard2018-10-04
Bath Local SD (045765)Public DistrictRich Dackin2018-10-15
Bay Village City SD (043547)Public DistrictJodie Hausmann2018-10-02
Beachwood City SD (043554)Public DistrictRobert Hardis2018-11-09
Beacon Academy (015709)Community SchoolWendy Rydarowicz2018-10-01
Beacon Hill Academy (012501)Community SchoolBradley Herman2018-11-08
Beaver Local SD (046425)Public DistrictEric Lowe2018-10-08
Beavercreek City SD (047241)Public DistrictPaul Otten2018-11-06
Bedford City SD (043562)Public DistrictAndrea Celico2018-11-09
Bella Academy of Excellence (011390)Community SchoolArun Dutt2018-11-08
Bellaire Local SD (043570)Public DistrictDarren Jenkins2018-11-05
Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Local SD (047274)Public DistrictDoug Cozad2018-11-05
Bellefontaine City SD (043588)Public DistrictBrad Hall2018-11-16
Bellevue City SD (043596)Public DistrictKim Schubert2018-11-01
Belmont-Harrison (050856)Joint Vocational School DistrictRichard Schoene2018-11-09
Belpre City SD (043604)Public DistrictDwight Dunn2018-10-02
Benjamin Logan Local SD (048074)Public DistrictDavid Harmon2018-11-16
Bennett Venture Academy (000843)Community SchoolNicolette Whitson2018-11-16
Benton Carroll Salem Local SD (048926)Public DistrictGuy Parmigian2018-10-02
Berea City SD (043612)Public DistrictMichael Sheppard2018-11-06
Berkshire Local SD (047167)Public DistrictJohn Stoddard2018-11-09
Berne Union Local SD (046854)Public DistrictRichard Spindler2018-11-09
Bethel Local SD (048611)Public DistrictVirginia Potter2018-10-18
Bethel-Tate Local SD (046318)Public DistrictMelissa Kircher2018-10-02
Bexley City SD (043620)Public DistrictKimberly Pietsch Miller2018-11-02
Big Walnut Local SD (046748)Public DistrictAngela Pollock2018-11-09
Bio-Med Science Academy STEM School (014231)STEMStephanie Lammlein2018-10-02
Black River Local SD (048462)Public DistrictChris Clark2018-10-18
Blanchester Local SD (046383)Public DistrictDean Lynch2018-10-04
Bloom-Carroll Local SD (046862)Public DistrictShawn Haughn2018-10-02
Bloom-Vernon Local SD (049593)Public DistrictMarc Kreischer2018-11-09
Bloomfield-Mespo Local SD (050096)Public DistrictJohn Sheets2018-10-09
Bluffton Exempted Village SD (045211)Public DistrictGregory Denecker2018-10-04
Boardman Local SD (048306)Public DistrictTimothy Saxton2018-10-26
Botkins Local SD (049767)Public DistrictJeff McPheron2018-11-05
Bowling Green City SD (043638)Public DistrictFrancis Scruci2018-10-10
Bradford Exempted Village SD (045229)Public DistrictJoe Hurst2018-10-22
Brecksville-Broadview Heights City SD (043646)Public DistrictJoelle Magyar2018-11-13
Bridge Gate Community School (015710)Community SchoolWendy Rydarowicz2018-10-01
Bridgeport Exempted Village SD (045237)Public DistrictZachary Shutler2018-11-09
Bridges Community Academy (000311)Community SchoolCathy Smith2018-10-02
Bright Local SD (047613)Public DistrictTed Downing2018-11-05
Bristol Local SD (050112)Public DistrictChristopher J. Dray2018-10-03
Broadway Academy (012684)Community SchoolMark Comanducci2018-10-04
Brookfield Local SD (050120)Public DistrictVelina Taylor2018-10-09
Brooklyn City SD (043653)Public DistrictMark Gleichauf2018-10-29
Brookville Local SD (048678)Public DistrictTimothy Hopkins2018-11-08
Brookwood Academy (013198)Community SchoolEllen Wristen2018-11-16
Brown ESC (046029)Educational Service CenterJames Frazier2018-11-09
Brown Local SD (046177)Public DistrictScott Bowling2018-10-11
Brunswick City SD (043661)Public DistrictMichael Mayell2018-11-06
Bryan City SD (043679)Public DistrictDiana Savage2018-10-05
Buckeye (051656)Joint Vocational School DistrictBob Alsept2018-11-06
Buckeye Central Local SD (046508)Public DistrictMark Robinson2018-11-04
Buckeye Local SD (045856)Public DistrictPatrick Colucci2018-12-05
Buckeye Local SD (047787)Public DistrictKim Leonard2018-11-14
Buckeye Local SD (048470)Public DistrictKent Morgan2018-10-02
Buckeye On-Line School for Success (000417)Community SchoolDonald Thompson2018-10-02
Buckeye Preparatory Academy (014825)Community SchoolMark Commanducci2018-10-24
Buckeye Valley Local SD (046755)Public DistrictAndrew Miller2018-11-09
Bucyrus City SD (043687)Public DistrictKevin Kimmel2018-10-09
Butler County ESC (046086)Educational Service CenterChris Brown2018-10-03
Butler Technology and Career Development Schools (050880)Joint Vocational School DistrictJon Graft2018-10-09
Caldwell Exempted Village SD (045252)Public DistrictKacey Cottrill2018-10-04
Cambridge City SD (043695)Public DistrictDaniel Coffman2018-11-08
Campbell City SD (043703)Public DistrictMatthew Bowen2018-11-05
Canal Winchester Local SD (046946)Public DistrictJames Sotlar2018-10-12
Canfield Local SD (048314)Public DistrictAlex Geordan2018-10-02
Canton City SD (043711)Large UrbansAdrian Allison2018-11-07
Canton College Preparatory School (013255)Community SchoolHeather Stevens2018-10-23
Canton Harbor High School (000525)Community SchoolSteven Nichols2018-10-02
Canton Local SD (049833)Public DistrictSteve Milano2018-10-16
Capital High School (012044)Community SchoolGamal Brown2018-11-14
Cardinal Local SD (047175)Public DistrictScott Hunt2018-11-05
Cardington-Lincoln Local SD (048793)Public DistrictBrian Petrie2018-10-30
Career and Technology Educational Centers (051201)Joint Vocational School DistrictJoyce Malainy2018-10-23
Carey Exempted Village SD (045260)Public DistrictMichael Wank2018-11-05
Carlisle Local SD (050419)Public DistrictLarry Hook2018-11-09
Carrollton Exempted Village SD (045278)Public DistrictDavid Quattrochi2018-10-22
Cedar Cliff Local SD (047258)Public DistrictChad Mason2018-10-04
Celina City SD (043729)Public DistrictKenneth Schmiesing2018-10-15
Centerburg Local SD (047829)Public DistrictMichael Hebenthal2018-10-02
Centerville City SD (043737)Public DistrictThomas Henderson2018-11-05
Central Academy of Ohio (009164)Community SchoolMohamad Issa2018-11-08
Central High School (012041)Community SchoolKaren Wachter2018-10-15
Central Local SD (046714)Public DistrictSteve Arnold2018-10-19
Cesar Chavez College Preparatory School (010036)Community SchoolEstella Stephens2018-10-02
Chagrin Falls Exempted Village SD (045286)Public DistrictRobert Hunt2018-11-01
Champion Local SD (050138)Public DistrictPamela Hood2018-11-05
Chapelside Cleveland Academy (014061)Community SchoolMark Comanducci2018-10-31
Chardon Local SD (047183)Public DistrictMichael Hanlon2018-10-25
Charles School at Ohio Dominican University (007999)Community SchoolGreg Brown2018-11-19
Chesapeake Union Exempted Village SD (045294)Public DistrictJerry McConnell2018-10-09
Chillicothe City SD (043745)Public DistrictDeborah Swinehart2018-11-27
Chippewa Local SD (050534)Public DistrictTodd Osborn2018-10-23
Cincinnati City SD (043752)Large UrbansCatherine Mitchell2018-11-29
Cincinnati Technology Academy (013864)Community SchoolRoger Conners2018-10-02
Circleville City SD (043760)Public DistrictJonathan Davis2018-10-26
Citizens Academy (133520)Community SchoolKim Peterlin2018-11-08
Citizens Academy East (012852)Community SchoolJennifer Taylor2018-11-09
Citizens Academy Southeast (015261)Community SchoolJohn Monteleone2018-11-08
Citizens Leadership Academy (012029)Community SchoolShelly Saltzman2018-10-03
City Day Community School (134247)Community SchoolCrystal Gilbert-Mosley2018-10-03
Clark County ESC (046227)Educational Service CenterDaniel Bennett2018-10-25
Clark Preparatory Academy (015236)Community SchoolMaureen Businger2018-10-05
Clark-Shawnee Local SD (046284)Public DistrictBrian Kuhn2018-10-29
Clay Avenue Community School (009181)Community SchoolSarah Bennett2018-11-06
Clay Local SD (049601)Public DistrictTodd Warnock2018-10-23
Claymont City SD (043778)Public DistrictScott Golec2018-11-30
Clear Fork Valley Local SD (049411)Public DistrictJanice Wyckoff2018-11-07
Clearview Local SD (048132)Public DistrictJerome Davis2018-11-09
Clermont County ESC (046292)Educational Service CenterJeffery Weir2018-10-08
Clermont Northeastern Local SD (046326)Public DistrictMichael Brandt2018-11-15
Cleveland Academy for Scholarship Technology and Leadership (000527)Community SchoolWendy Rydarowicz2018-10-01
Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy (007995)Community SchoolKamal Chapman2018-10-05
Cleveland College Preparatory School (012010)Community SchoolHeather Stevens2018-10-23
Cleveland Entrepreneurship Preparatory School (000930)Community SchoolJohn Mcbride2018-11-09
Cleveland Heights-University Heights City SD (043794)Public DistrictTalisa Dixon2018-11-07
Cleveland Municipal (043786)Large UrbansEric Gordon2018-10-10
Cleveland Preparatory Academy (013199)Community SchoolKamal Chatman2018-10-04
Cliff Park High School (132795)Community SchoolKaren Wachter2018-10-16
Clinton-Massie Local SD (046391)Public DistrictMatt Baker2018-10-04
Cloverleaf Local SD (048488)Public DistrictDaryl Kubilus2018-10-24
Clyde-Green Springs Exempted Village SD (045302)Public DistrictDennis Haft2018-11-19
Coldwater Exempted Village SD (045310)Public DistrictJason Wood2018-10-04
College Corner Local SD (064964)Public DistrictChristopher Winchell2018-10-05
Colonel Crawford Local SD (046516)Public DistrictWilliam Martin2018-10-02
Columbia Local SD (048140)Public DistrictGraig Bansek2018-11-06
Columbiana County (050906)Joint Vocational School DistrictWillard Adkins2018-10-09
Columbiana County ESC (046417)Educational Service CenterAnna Vaughn2018-10-11
Columbiana Exempted Village SD (045328)Public DistrictDonald Mook2018-10-03
Columbus Arts and Technology Academy (000557)Community SchoolDerrick Shelton2018-11-16
Columbus Bilingual Academy-North (011468)Community SchoolPaul Preston2018-11-20
Columbus City SD (043802)Large UrbansJohn Stanford2018-10-15
Columbus Collegiate Academy - West (012951)Community SchoolAndrew Boy2018-11-09
Columbus Collegiate Academy (009122)Community SchoolAndrew Boy2018-11-07
Columbus Grove Local SD (049312)Public DistrictNicholas Verhoff2018-10-03
Columbus Humanities Arts and Technology Academy (000553)Community SchoolAlexander Adams2018-10-02
Columbus Performance Academy (012011)Community SchoolBryan Wagoner2018-11-02
Columbus Preparatory Academy (000558)Community SchoolErin Johnson2018-10-18
Columbus Preparatory and Fitness Academy (000952)Community SchoolBryan Wagoner2018-10-31
Conneaut Area City SD (043810)Public DistrictLori Riley2018-10-30
Conotton Valley Union Local SD (047548)Public DistrictTodd Herman2018-11-05
Constellation Schools: Eastside Arts Academy (012671)Community SchoolRebecca Keeney2018-10-29
Constellation Schools: Elyria Community (132969)Community SchoolRebecca Keeney2018-10-29
Constellation Schools: Lorain Community Elementary (132951)Community SchoolRebecca Keeney2018-10-30
Constellation Schools: Lorain Community Middle (000320)Community SchoolRebecca Keeney2018-10-30
Constellation Schools: Madison Community Elementary (000319)Community SchoolRebecca Keeney2018-10-24
Constellation Schools: Old Brooklyn Community Elementary (134098)Community SchoolRebecca Keeney2018-10-29
Constellation Schools: Old Brooklyn Community Middle (000321)Community SchoolRebecca Keeney2018-10-29
Constellation Schools: Parma Community (133256)Community SchoolRebecca Keeney2018-10-31
Constellation Schools: Puritas Community Elementary (143479)Community SchoolRebecca Keeney2018-10-19
Constellation Schools: Puritas Community Middle (000534)Community SchoolRebecca Keeney2018-10-19
Constellation Schools: Stockyard Community Elementary (143487)Community SchoolRebecca Keeney2018-10-31
Constellation Schools: Stockyard Community Middle (012025)Community SchoolRebecca Keeney2018-10-31
Constellation Schools: Westpark Community Elementary (132993)Community SchoolRebecca Keeney2018-10-19
Constellation Schools: Westpark Community Middle (000316)Community SchoolRebecca Keeney2018-10-31
Constellation Schools: Westside Community School of the Arts (009149)Community SchoolRebecca Keeney2018-10-22
Continental Local SD (049320)Public DistrictDanny Kissell2018-11-08
Copley-Fairlawn City SD (049981)Public DistrictBrian Poe2018-11-14
Cornerstone Academy Community School (133439)Community SchoolLuis Leon2018-11-09
Cory-Rawson Local SD (047431)Public DistrictRobert Hlasko2018-11-05
Coshocton City SD (043828)Public DistrictDavid Hire2018-10-30
Coshocton County (065227)Joint Vocational School DistrictRick Raach2018-10-03
Coshocton Opportunity School (000598)Community SchoolRoger Moore2018-10-24
Coventry Local SD (049999)Public DistrictLisa Blough2018-10-11
Covington Exempted Village SD (045336)Public DistrictGene Gooding2018-10-26
Crestline Exempted Village SD (045344)Public DistrictNoreen Mullens2018-10-15
Crestview Local SD (046433)Public DistrictMatthew Manley2018-11-27
Crestview Local SD (049429)Public DistrictRandy Dunlap2018-11-05
Crestview Local SD (050351)Public DistrictKathleen Mollenkopf2018-10-18
Crestwood Local SD (049189)Public DistrictDavid Toth2018-10-04
Crooksville Exempted Village SD (045351)Public DistrictMatthew Sheridan2018-10-04
Cuyahoga Falls City SD (043836)Public DistrictTodd Nichols2018-11-01
Cuyahoga Heights Local SD (046557)Public DistrictTom Evans2018-10-29
Cuyahoga Valley Career Center (050922)Joint Vocational School DistrictDavid Mangas2018-10-02
Dalton Local SD (050542)Public DistrictJames Saxer2018-11-08
Danbury Local SD (048934)Public DistrictCari Buehler2018-10-09
Danville Local SD (047837)Public DistrictJason Snively2018-10-04
Dawson-Bryant Local SD (047928)Public DistrictSteve Easterling2018-10-11
Dayton Business Technology High School (008283)Community SchoolAnthony Fisher2018-11-15
Dayton City SD (043844)Large UrbansElizabeth Lolli2018-11-09
Dayton Early College Academy Inc (009283)Community SchoolJudy Hennessey2018-11-09
Dayton Leadership Academies-Dayton View Campus (133454)Community SchoolTess Mitchner Asinjo2018-11-09
Dayton Regional STEM School (011506)STEMRobin Fisher2018-11-09
Dayton SMART Elementary School (014149)Community SchoolGenesis Henderson2018-11-08
DECA PREP (012924)Community SchoolJudy Hennessey2018-11-19
Deer Park Community City SD (043851)Public DistrictJay Phillips2018-10-18
Defiance City SD (043869)Public DistrictMichael Struble2018-11-06
Delaware Area Career Center (050989)Joint Vocational School DistrictMary Freeman2018-10-03
Delaware City SD (043877)Public DistrictPaul Craft2018-10-30
Delphos City SD (043885)Public DistrictJoel Hatfield2018-11-13
Discovery Academy (014188)Community SchoolNoah Campbell2018-10-02
Dohn Community (133264)Community SchoolLeando Davenport2018-10-02
Dover City SD (043893)Public DistrictCarla Birney2018-10-08
Dublin City SD (047027)Public DistrictTodd Hoadley2018-10-30
Eagle Learning Center (008289)Community SchoolDoug Dippman2018-11-09
Early College Academy (000912)Community SchoolJonathan Stevens2018-11-07
East Academy (014187)Community SchoolMark Comanducci2018-10-23
East Branch Preparatory Academy (015713)Community SchoolMark Commanducci2018-10-31
East Bridge Academy of Excellence (000938)Community SchoolWendy Rydarowicz2018-10-02
East Central Ohio ESC (050260)Educational Service CenterRandy Lucas2018-10-09
East Cleveland City SD (043901)Public DistrictMyrna Corley2018-11-08
East Clinton Local SD (046409)Public DistrictEric Magee2018-11-09
East Guernsey Local SD (069682)Public DistrictAdam Pittis2018-11-06
East Holmes Local SD (047688)Public DistrictErik Beun2018-11-08
East Knox Local SD (047845)Public DistrictStephen Larcomb2018-10-04
East Liverpool City SD (043919)Public DistrictRandy Taylor2018-11-05
East Muskingum Local SD (048835)Public DistrictDavid Adams2018-11-05
East Palestine City SD (043927)Public DistrictChristopher Neifer2018-11-08
East Preparatory Academy (014147)Community SchoolPaulette Hare2018-10-02
Eastern Local SD (046037)Public DistrictMichele Filon2018-10-08
Eastern Local SD (048512)Public DistrictSteve Ohlinger2018-10-02
Eastern Local SD (049122)Public DistrictNeil Leist2018-11-13
Eastland Preparatory Academy (014090)Community SchoolShannan Enoch2018-11-08
Eastland-Fairfield Career/Tech (051003)Joint Vocational School DistrictBonnie Hopkins2018-11-09
Eastwood Local SD (050674)Public DistrictWilliam Welker2018-10-30
Eaton Community City SD (043935)Public DistrictJeff Parker2018-10-13
Edge Academy (133538)Community SchoolFaith DeCesare2018-10-02
Edgerton Local SD (050617)Public DistrictKermit Riehle2018-11-02
Edgewood City SD (046094)Public DistrictRuss Fussnecker2018-11-13
Edison Local SD (046789)Public DistrictThomas Roth2018-10-31
Edison Local SD (047795)Public DistrictGeorge Beattie2018-10-15
Edon Northwest Local SD (050625)Public DistrictAnthony Stevens2018-11-08
Educational Academy for Boys and Girls (000779)Community SchoolEstella Stephens2018-10-02
EHOVE Career Center (051029)Joint Vocational School DistrictSharon Mastroianni2018-11-07
Elgin Local SD (048413)Public DistrictBruce Gast2018-10-02
Elida Local SD (045773)Public DistrictJoel Mengerink2018-10-03
Elmwood Local SD (050682)Public DistrictTony Borton2018-10-08
Elyria City SD (043943)Public DistrictThomas Jama2018-11-05
Emerson Academy (000577)Community SchoolLandon Brown2018-11-07
Entrepreneurship Preparatory School - Woodland Hills Campus (012031)Community SchoolLynesha Richardson2018-11-08
ESC of Central Ohio (046938)Educational Service CenterThomas Goodney2018-10-30
ESC of Lake Erie West (048199)Educational Service CenterSandra Frisch2018-11-06
ESC of Northeast Ohio (046532)Educational Service CenterRobert Mengerink2018-10-17
Euclid City SD (043950)Public DistrictMarvin Jones2018-10-31
Euclid Preparatory School (015712)Community SchoolHeather Stevens2018-10-26
Everest High School (011956)Community SchoolJames Fullen2018-10-02
Evergreen Local SD (047050)Public DistrictEric Smola2018-11-05
Fairbanks Local SD (050328)Public DistrictDavid Baits2018-10-30
Fairborn City SD (043968)Public DistrictGene Lolli2018-10-25
Fairborn Digital Academy (149088)Community SchoolErik Tritsch2018-10-08
Fairfield City SD (046102)Public DistrictBilly Smith2018-10-04
Fairfield County ESC (046839)Educational Service CenterMarie Ward2018-11-30
Fairfield Local SD (047621)Public DistrictTim Dettwiller2018-11-01
Fairfield Union Local SD (046870)Public DistrictChad Belville2018-10-16
Fairland Local SD (047936)Public DistrictRoni Hayes2018-10-02
Fairlawn Local SD (049775)Public DistrictJeffrey Hobbs2018-11-27
Fairless Local SD (049841)Public DistrictBroc Bidlack2018-10-02
Fairport Harbor Exempted Village SD (045369)Public DistrictDomenic Paolo2018-11-13
Fairview Park City SD (043976)Public DistrictWilliam Wagner2018-10-16
Fayette Local SD (047068)Public DistrictErik Belcher2018-11-05
Fayetteville-Perry Local SD (046045)Public DistrictJames Brady2018-11-05
Federal Hocking Local SD (045914)Public DistrictGeorge Wood2018-10-03
Felicity-Franklin Local SD (046334)Public DistrictDavid Gibson2018-11-09
Field Local SD (049197)Public DistrictDavid Heflinger2018-10-11
Findlay City SD (043984)Public DistrictEdward Kurt2018-10-24
Findlay Digital Academy (000402)Community SchoolRosemary Rooker2018-10-03
Finneytown Local SD (047332)Public DistrictTheresa Noe2018-10-29
Firelands Local SD (048157)Public DistrictMichael Von Gunten2018-11-05
Flex High School (015237)Community SchoolAlicia Henry2018-11-07
Focus Learning Academy of Northern Columbus (142943)Community SchoolAbdirizak Farah2018-12-06
Focus Learning Academy of Southeastern Columbus (142935)Community SchoolKrisha Baxter2018-10-08
Focus Learning Academy of Southwest Columbus (142927)Community SchoolDonnie Musick2018-10-08
Focus North High School (012529)Community SchoolKathy Williams2018-10-08
Forest Hills Local SD (047340)Public DistrictScot Prebles2018-11-26
Fort Frye Local SD (050484)Public DistrictStephanie Starcher2018-10-08
Fort Loramie Local SD (049783)Public DistrictDaniel Holland2018-10-02
Fort Recovery Local SD (048595)Public DistrictJustin Firks2018-10-04
Fostoria City SD (043992)Public DistrictAndrew Sprang2018-10-02
Foundation Academy (009192)Community SchoolSandra Kimani Mithi2018-10-02
Four County Career Center (050963)Joint Vocational School DistrictTimothy Meister2018-11-06
Foxfire High School (149328)Community SchoolTodd Whiteman2018-10-15
Foxfire Intermediate School (012033)Community SchoolTodd Whiteman2018-10-15
Franklin City SD (044008)Public DistrictMichael Sander2018-10-02
Franklin Local Community School (148932)Community SchoolDustan Henderson2018-10-03
Franklin Local SD (048843)Public DistrictSharon McDermott2018-10-03
Franklin Monroe Local SD (046649)Public DistrictJeremy Pequignot2018-10-08
Franklinton Preparatory Academy (013892)Community SchoolMartin Griffith2018-11-19
Frederick Douglass Reclamation Academy (012043)Community SchoolGamal Brown2018-10-15
Fredericktown Local SD (047852)Public DistrictMatthew Chrispin2018-10-04
Fremont City SD (044016)Public DistrictJon Detwiler2018-10-11
Frontier Local SD (050492)Public DistrictBrian Rentsch2018-10-18
Gahanna-Jefferson City SD (046961)Public DistrictSteve Barrett2018-10-03
Galion City SD (044024)Public DistrictJames Grubbs2018-10-23
Gallia County Local SD (065680)Public DistrictJude Meyers2018-11-02
Gallia-Jackson-Vinton (062067)Joint Vocational School DistrictJamie Nash2018-11-06
Gallia-Vinton ESC (125682)Educational Service CenterDenise Shockley2018-11-06
Gallipolis City SD (044032)Public DistrictCraig Wright2018-10-29
Garaway Local SD (050278)Public DistrictJames Millet2018-10-23
Garfield Heights City SD (044040)Public DistrictTerrance Olszewski2018-10-02
Geauga County Educational Service Center (047159)Educational Service CenterJennifer Felker2018-11-08
Geneva Area City SD (044057)Public DistrictEric Kujala2018-10-31
Genoa Area Local SD (048942)Public DistrictMichael Ferguson2018-11-01
George V Voinovich Reclamation Academy (012042)Community SchoolGamal Brown2018-10-15
Georgetown Exempted Village SD (045377)Public DistrictChristophe Burrows2018-10-02
Gibsonburg Exempted Village SD (045385)Public DistrictTim Murray2018-11-05
Girard City SD (044065)Public DistrictDavid Cappuzzello2018-10-17
Glass City Academy (000131)Community SchoolStewart Jesse2018-10-03
Global Ambassadors Language Academy (015737)Community SchoolMeran Rogers2018-10-30
Global Impact STEM Academy (013930)STEMJoshua Jennings2018-10-02
Global Village Academy (012558)Community SchoolOleh Holowatyj2018-11-10
Goal Digital Academy (149047)Community SchoolPatricia Jenkins2018-10-02
Goshen Local SD (046342)Public DistrictDarrell Edwards2018-10-08
Graham Elementary and Middle School (011972)Community SchoolGreg Brown2018-11-19
Graham Local SD (046193)Public DistrictKirk Koennecke2018-11-08
Graham School (133421)Community SchoolGreg Brown2018-11-16
Grand Valley Local SD (045864)Public DistrictWilliam Nye2018-11-02
Grandview Heights SD (044073)Public DistrictAndy Culp2018-11-15
Granville Exempted Village SD (045393)Public DistrictJeffrey Brown2018-10-23
Great Oaks Career Campuses (051060)Joint Vocational School DistrictHarry Snyder2018-10-24
Great Western Academy (143198)Community SchoolKathryn Kountz2018-11-06
Greater Ohio Virtual School (000282)Community SchoolShawn Lenney2018-10-05
Greater Summit County Early Learning Center (011381)Community SchoolTeresa Graves2018-10-02
Green Inspiration Academy (134197)Community SchoolApril Hart2018-11-27
Green Local SD (049619)Public DistrictJodi Armstrong2018-11-06
Green Local SD (050013)Public DistrictJeffrey Miller2018-11-08
Green Local SD (050559)Public DistrictDean Frank2018-10-09
Greene County ESC (047233)Educational Service CenterTerry Graves-Strieter2018-11-06
Greene County Vocational School District (051045)Joint Vocational School DistrictDavid Deskins2018-11-06
Greeneview Local SD (047266)Public DistrictIsaac Seevers2018-11-05
Greenfield Exempted Village SD (045401)Public DistrictJames Wills2018-11-06
Greenon Local SD (046235)Public DistrictBrad Silvus2018-10-09
Greenville City SD (044099)Public DistrictDouglas Fries2018-11-09
Groveport Community School (008287)Community SchoolDair Foster2018-10-02
Groveport Madison Local SD (046979)Public DistrictGarilee Ogden2018-10-11
Hamilton City SD (044107)Public DistrictLarry Knapp2018-10-09
Hamilton Cnty Math and Science (143602)Community SchoolDwan Moore2018-11-09
Hamilton County ESC (047324)Educational Service CenterDave Distel2018-10-08
Hamilton Local SD (046953)Public DistrictMark Tyler2018-10-15
Hancock County ESC (047407)Educational Service CenterLarry Busdeker2018-10-31
Hardin Community School (011324)Community SchoolWade Melton2018-11-05
Hardin Northern Local SD (047498)Public DistrictJeff Price2018-11-27
Hardin-Houston Local SD (049791)Public DistrictLarry Claypool2018-11-05
Harrisburg Pike Community School (009954)Community SchoolDreama Carroll2018-10-03
Harrison Hills City SD (045245)Public DistrictDana Snider2018-11-09
Harvard Avenue Performance Academy (008286)Community SchoolStephanie Widner2018-10-29
Heath City SD (044115)Public DistrictTrevor Thomas2018-11-15
Heir Force Community School (000613)Community SchoolWillie Heggins2018-10-02
Hicksville Exempted Village SD (045419)Public DistrictKeith Countryman2018-12-04
Highland Local SD (048496)Public DistrictCatherine Aukerman2018-11-06
Highland Local SD (048801)Public DistrictDaniel Freund2018-11-06
Hilliard City SD (047019)Public DistrictJohn Marschhausen2018-10-22
Hillsboro City SD (044123)Public DistrictTim Davis2018-11-05
Hillsdale Local SD (045823)Public DistrictSteven Dickerson2018-11-09
Holgate Local SD (047571)Public DistrictKelly Meyers2018-10-23
Hope Academy for Autism (013170)Community SchoolKimberly Clinkscale2018-11-20
Hope Academy Northcoast (142968)Community SchoolMark Comanducci2018-10-23
Hope Academy Northwest Campus (000575)Community SchoolMark Comanducci2018-10-23
Hope Learning Academy of Toledo (014091)Community SchoolDaniel Lavalley2018-11-05
Hopewell-Loudon Local SD (049700)Public DistrictJeff Holbrook2018-11-07
Horizon Science Acad Cleveland (133629)Community SchoolYasar Bora2018-11-07
Horizon Science Academy Columbus (133660)Community SchoolMurat Efe2018-11-16
Horizon Science Academy Columbus Middle School (009179)Community SchoolMurat Efe2018-11-05
Horizon Science Academy Dayton Downtown (011976)Community SchoolMurat Efe2018-10-30
Horizon Science Academy Dayton High School (011534)Community SchoolMurat Efe2018-10-19
Horizon Science Academy Elementary School (009990)Community SchoolMurat Efe2018-10-09
Horizon Science Academy Lorain (011533)Community SchoolYasar Bora2018-10-23
Horizon Science Academy Toledo (000338)Community SchoolYasar Bora2018-11-07
Horizon Science Academy Youngstown (011986)Community SchoolYasar Bora2018-10-12
Horizon Science Academy-Cincinnati (000804)Community SchoolMurat Efe2018-10-09
Horizon Science Academy-Cleveland Middle School (000858)Community SchoolYasar Bora2018-10-03
Horizon Science Academy-Dayton (000808)Community SchoolMurat Efe2018-11-08
Horizon Science Academy-Denison Middle School (000838)Community SchoolYasar Bora2018-10-18
Horizon Science Academy-Springfield (000825)Community SchoolYasar Bora2018-11-15
Howland Local SD (050161)Public DistrictKevin Spicher2018-12-05
Hubbard Exempted Village SD (045427)Public DistrictRaymond Soloman2018-10-30
Huber Heights City SD (048751)Public DistrictSusan Gunnell2018-10-23
Hudson City SD (050021)Public DistrictPhillip Herman2018-11-05
Huntington Local SD (049502)Public DistrictPete Ruby2018-11-08
Huron City SD (044131)Public DistrictDennis Muratori2018-10-15
iLEAD Spring Meadows (015736)Community SchoolSarah Hawley2018-10-11
Imagine Akron Academy (011947)Community SchoolWalter Thompson2018-11-09
Imagine Columbus Primary School (014139)Community SchoolSelethia Benn2018-11-09
Imagine Hill Avenue (013173)Community SchoolDaphne Williams2018-10-01
Imagine Leadership Academy (014121)Community SchoolWalter Thompson2018-11-09
Independence Local SD (046565)Public DistrictBen Hegedish2018-10-30
Indian Creek Local SD (047803)Public DistrictT.C. Chappelear2018-10-16
Indian Hill Exempted Village SD (045435)Public DistrictMark Miles2018-11-05
Indian Lake Local SD (048082)Public DistrictRobert Underwood2018-10-02
Indian Valley Local SD (050286)Public DistrictIra Wentworth2018-10-25
Interactive Media and Construction IMAC (000905)Community SchoolDeborah Franklin2018-10-02
Intergenerational School (133215)Community SchoolBrooke King2018-11-06
International Acad Of Columbus (143172)Community SchoolMouhamed Tarazi2018-11-16
Invictus High School (133835)Community SchoolChauncey Jackson2018-10-11
Ironton City SD (044149)Public DistrictJoe Geletka2018-11-16
iSTEM Geauga Early College High School (015329)STEMTamee Tucker2018-10-01
Jackson Center Local SD (049809)Public DistrictWilliam Reichert2018-10-03
Jackson City SD (044156)Public DistrictPhillip Howard2018-11-05
Jackson Local SD (049858)Public DistrictChristopher Diloreto2018-10-29
Jackson-Milton Local SD (048322)Public DistrictKirk Baker2018-11-06
James A Garfield Local SD (049205)Public DistrictTed Lysiak2018-10-31
Jefferson Area Local SD (045872)Public DistrictJohn Montanaro2018-11-08
Jefferson County (051128)Joint Vocational School DistrictTodd Phillipson2018-11-08
Jefferson County ESC (047779)Educational Service CenterChuck Kokiko2018-11-09
Jefferson Local SD (048256)Public DistrictWilliam Mullett2018-10-30
Jefferson Township Local SD (048686)Public DistrictRichard Gates2018-11-08
Jennings Local SD (049338)Public DistrictNicholas Langhals2018-10-09
Johnstown-Monroe Local SD (047985)Public DistrictDale Dickson2018-10-17
Jonathan Alder Local SD (048264)Public DistrictGary Chapman2018-11-07
Joseph Badger Local SD (050179)Public DistrictEdwin Baldwin2018-10-09
Kalida Local SD (049346)Public DistrictKarl Lammers2018-11-06
Kelleys Island Local SD (046797)Public DistrictPhillip Thiede2018-10-01
Kenston Local SD (047191)Public DistrictNancy Santilli2018-11-08
Kent City SD (044164)Public DistrictGeorge Joseph2018-10-15
Kenton City SD (044172)Public DistrictJennifer Penczarski2018-10-12
Kettering City SD (044180)Public DistrictScott Inskeep2018-11-16
Keystone Local SD (048165)Public DistrictDaniel White2018-11-07
Kids Care Elementary (016836)Community SchoolGenesis Henderson2018-11-08
King Academy Community School (000576)Community SchoolAndrea Martinez2018-11-06
Kings Local SD (050435)Public DistrictTim Ackermann2018-10-26
KIPP Columbus (009997)Community SchoolHannah Powell2018-10-26
Kirtland Local SD (047878)Public DistrictBill Wade2018-10-22
Klepinger Community School (009957)Community SchoolMelissa Mcmanaway2018-11-06
Knox County ESC (047811)Educational Service CenterTimm Mackley2018-11-09
Knox County JVSD (051144)Joint Vocational School DistrictKathy Greenich2018-10-08
L Hollingworth School for Talented and Gifted (010205)Community SchoolTerrence Franklin2018-11-05
LaBrae Local SD (050245)Public DistrictAnthony Calderone2018-10-15
Lake County ESC (047860)Educational Service CenterBrian Bontempo2018-11-14
Lake Erie College Preparatory School (013132)Community SchoolHeather Stevens2018-10-23
Lake Erie International High School (151183)Community SchoolWendy Rydarowicz2018-10-05
Lake Local SD (049866)Public DistrictKevin Tobin2018-10-05
Lake Local SD (050690)Public DistrictJames Witt2018-10-26
Lakeland Academy Community School (011511)Community SchoolScott Bardall2018-10-03
Lakeshore Intergenerational School (014913)Community SchoolBrooke King2018-11-13
Lakeview Local SD (050187)Public DistrictRobert Wilson2018-11-05
Lakewood City Academy (000942)Community SchoolTerrilynn Bornino-Elwell2018-11-05
Lakewood City SD (044198)Public DistrictMichael Barnes2018-10-23
Lakewood Local SD (047993)Public DistrictMary Andrews2018-10-09
Lakota Local SD (046110)Public DistrictMatt Miller2018-11-05
Lakota Local SD (049569)Public DistrictChad Coffman2018-10-09
Lancaster City SD (044206)Public DistrictSteven Wigton2018-10-18
Lawrence County (051185)Joint Vocational School DistrictStephen Dodgion2018-11-14
Lawrence County ESC (047910)Educational Service CenterJeff Saunders2018-10-04
Lebanon City SD (044214)Public DistrictTodd Yohey2018-10-25
Leetonia Exempted Village SD (045443)Public DistrictRobert Mehno2018-10-05
Leipsic Local SD (049353)Public DistrictGreg Williamson2018-10-16
Lexington Local SD (049437)Public DistrictJames Ziegelhofer2018-10-10
Liberty Center Local SD (047589)Public DistrictTod Hug2018-10-10
Liberty High School (016849)Community SchoolKaren Wachter2018-10-16
Liberty Local SD (050195)Public DistrictJoseph Nohra2018-11-08
Liberty Preparatory School (013962)Community SchoolBrian Hessey2018-11-09
Liberty Union-Thurston Local SD (046888)Public DistrictMichael Johnson2018-10-10
Liberty-Benton Local SD (047449)Public DistrictMark Kowalski2018-10-11
Licking County ESC (047977)Educational Service CenterDale Lewellen2018-11-05
Licking Heights Local SD (048009)Public DistrictPhilip Wagner2018-10-02
Licking Valley Local SD (048017)Public DistrictDavid Hile2018-10-05
Life Skills Center of Columbus North (008282)Community SchoolMary Ann Schneider2018-11-09
Life Skills Center of Columbus Southeast (000664)Community SchoolMary Ann Schneider2018-10-08
Life Skills Center of Dayton (000813)Community SchoolMary Ann Schneider2018-10-08
Life Skills Center of Elyria (142919)Community SchoolMary Ann Schneider2018-10-08
Life Skills Center of North Akron (008063)Community SchoolMary Ann Schneider2018-10-08
Life Skills Center Of Toledo (149302)Community SchoolMary Ann Schneider2018-10-08
Life Skills Ctr Of Cincinnati (133785)Community SchoolMary Ann Schneider2018-11-20
Lighthouse Community Sch Inc (133389)Community SchoolDaniel Trujillo2018-11-09
Lima City SD (044222)Public DistrictJill Ackerman2018-10-19
Lincoln Park Academy (014065)Community SchoolMark Comanducci2018-10-23
Lincolnview Local SD (050369)Public DistrictJeffrey Snyder2018-11-08
Lisbon Exempted Village SD (045450)Public DistrictJoe Siefke2018-10-10
Little Miami Local SD (050443)Public DistrictGregory Power2018-10-29
Lockland Local SD (044230)Public DistrictTed Jebens2018-11-06
Logan Elm Local SD (049080)Public DistrictTimothy Williams2018-11-05
Logan-Hocking Local SD (044248)Public DistrictMonte Bainter2018-10-19
London City SD (044255)Public DistrictLou Kramer2018-10-08
Lorain Bilingual Preparatory Academy (017270)Community SchoolRaul Saez2018-10-03
Lorain City SD (044263)Public DistrictDavid Hardy2018-10-31
Lorain County ESC (048108)Educational Service CenterFranco Gallo2018-10-09
Lorain County JVS (051227)Joint Vocational School DistrictGlenn Faircloth2018-11-14
Lorain Preparatory Academy (008000)Community SchoolJames Sinclair2018-11-19
Lordstown Local SD (050203)Public DistrictTerry Armstrong2018-11-08
Loudonville-Perrysville Exempted Village SD (045468)Public DistrictCatherine Puster2018-10-12
Louisville City SD (049874)Public DistrictMichele Shaffer2018-11-01
Loveland City SD (044271)Public DistrictAmy Crouse2018-10-02
Lowellville Local SD (048330)Public DistrictEugene Thomas2018-11-09
Lucas Local SD (049445)Public DistrictBradley Herman2018-10-09
Lynchburg-Clay Local SD (047639)Public DistrictBrett Justice2018-11-07
Mad River Local SD (048702)Public DistrictChad Wyen2018-10-23
Madeira City SD (044289)Public DistrictKenji Matsudo2018-10-05
Madison Avenue School of Arts (009955)Community SchoolLindsey Day2018-11-08
Madison Local SD (046128)Public DistrictLisa Tuttle-Huff2018-10-04
Madison Local SD (047886)Public DistrictAngela Smith2018-11-07
Madison Local SD (049452)Public DistrictLee Kaple2018-10-11
Madison-Champaign ESC (137364)Educational Service CenterDaniel Kaffenbarger2018-11-27
Madison-Plains Local SD (048272)Public DistrictChad Eisler2018-11-05
Madisonville SMART Elementary (012513)Community SchoolGenesis Henderson2018-11-08
Mahoning Co Career and Tech Ctr (051243)Joint Vocational School DistrictJohn Zehentbauer2018-10-02
Mahoning County ESC (048280)Educational Service CenterTraci Hostetler2018-11-07
Mahoning County High School (009996)Community SchoolJennifer Whittemore Merritt2018-10-25
Mahoning Unlimited Classroom (148999)Community SchoolDouglas Hiscox2018-11-09
Main Preparatory Academy (014066)Community SchoolPaulette Hare2018-11-08
Manchester Local SD (000442)Public DistrictBrian Rau2018-10-04
Manchester Local SD (050005)Public DistrictJim Robinson2018-10-02
Mansfield City SD (044297)Public DistrictBrian Garverick2018-11-09
Maple Heights City SD (044305)Public DistrictCharles Keenan2018-10-08
Mapleton Local SD (045831)Public DistrictRonald Scott Smith2018-10-10
Maplewood Career Center (051391)Joint Vocational School DistrictRandall Griffith2018-10-08
Maplewood Local SD (050211)Public DistrictPerry Nicholas2018-11-05
Margaretta Local SD (046805)Public DistrictDennis Mock2018-10-04
Mariemont City SD (044313)Public DistrictSteven Estepp2018-11-16
Marietta City SD (044321)Public DistrictWilliam Hampton2018-11-09
Marion City SD (044339)Public DistrictRonald Iarussi2018-11-06
Marion Local SD (048553)Public DistrictMichael Pohlman2018-10-03
Maritime Academy of Toledo (000770)Community SchoolThomas Shafer2018-11-05
Marlington Local SD (049882)Public DistrictJoseph Knoll2018-10-12
Marshall High School (132803)Community SchoolKaren Wachter2018-10-16
Martins Ferry City SD (044347)Public DistrictJim Fogle2018-10-02
Marysville Exempted Village SD (045476)Public DistrictDiane Mankins2018-10-10
Mason City SD (050450)Public DistrictJonathan Cooper2018-11-06
Mason Run High School (012037)Community SchoolKaren Wachter2018-10-16
Massillon City SD (044354)Public DistrictPaul Salvino2018-10-29
Massillon Digital Academy Inc (149427)Community SchoolAmy Hollingsworth2018-10-02
Mathews Local SD (050153)Public DistrictRussell McQuaide2018-10-31
Maumee City SD (044362)Public DistrictTodd Cramer2018-10-24
Mayfield City SD (044370)Public DistrictKeith Kelly2018-11-07
Maysville Local SD (048850)Public DistrictRuth Zitnik2018-10-29
McComb Local SD (047456)Public DistrictTony Fenstermaker2018-11-05
McDonald Local SD (050229)Public DistrictKevin O'Connell2018-11-05
Mechanicsburg Exempted Village SD (045484)Public DistrictDanielle Prohaska2018-11-05
Medina City SD (044388)Public DistrictAaron Sable2018-11-09
Medina County ESC (048454)Educational Service CenterWilliam Koran2018-10-02
Medina County Joint Vocational School District (062109)Joint Vocational School DistrictSteve Chrisman2018-11-14
Meigs Local SD (048520)Public DistrictScot Gheen2018-11-02
Menlo Park Academy (000318)Community SchoolStacy Stuhldreher2018-10-01
Mentor Exempted Village SD (045492)Public DistrictWilliam Porter2018-10-03
Mercer County ESC (048546)Educational Service CenterShelly Vaughn2018-10-22
Metro Early College High School (012391)STEMMeka Pace2018-11-09
Miami County ESC (048603)Educational Service CenterDavid Larson2018-11-05
Miami East Local SD (048629)Public DistrictTodd Rappold2018-10-03
Miami Trace Local SD (046920)Public DistrictDavid Lewis2018-10-17
Miami Valley Academies (132944)Community SchoolWendy Rydarowicz2018-10-03
Miami Valley Career Tech (051284)Joint Vocational School DistrictNicholas Weldy2018-10-03
Miamisburg City SD (044396)Public DistrictDavid Vail2018-10-31
Mid-East Career and Technology Centers (051300)Joint Vocational School DistrictRichard Hall2018-11-14
Middle Bass Local SD (048959)Public DistrictMatthew Markling2018-11-06
Middlebury Academy (134213)Community SchoolPaulette Hare2018-10-02
Middletown City SD (044404)Public DistrictMarlon Styles2018-10-17
Middletown PreparatoryCommunity SchoolBryan Wagoner2018-11-02
Midnimo Cross Cultural Community School (000780)Community SchoolEstella Stephens2018-10-02
Midview Local SD (048173)Public DistrictBruce Willingham2018-10-02
Midwest Regional ESC (014777)Educational Service CenterScott Howell2018-10-02
Milford Exempted Village SD (045500)Public DistrictNancy House2018-11-06
Millcreek-West Unity Local SD (050633)Public DistrictJim Wyse2018-10-02
Millennium Community School (133561)Community SchoolTijuana Russell2018-10-30
Miller City-New Cleveland Local SD (049361)Public DistrictKerry Johnson2018-10-02
Milton-Union Exempted Village SD (045518)Public DistrictBrad Ritchey2018-10-09
Minerva Local SD (049890)Public DistrictGary Chaddock2018-11-05
Minford Local SD (049627)Public DistrictJeremy Litteral2018-10-02
Minster Local SD (045948)Public DistrictBrenda Boeke2018-10-02
Mississinawa Valley Local SD (046672)Public DistrictDoug Dunham2018-11-05
Mogadore Local SD (050039)Public DistrictJohn Knapp2018-11-14
Mohawk Local SD (050740)Public DistrictKenneth Ratliff2018-11-27
Monroe Local SD (139303)Public DistrictKatherine Demers2018-11-02
Monroe Preparatory Academy (008064)Community SchoolErik Thorson2018-11-19
Monroeville Local SD (047712)Public DistrictGaylord Moore2018-10-03
Montgomery County ESC (048660)Educational Service CenterFrank DePalma2018-10-24
Montgomery Preparatory Academy (017259)Community SchoolEmory Wyckoff2018-11-09
Montpelier Exempted Village SD (045526)Public DistrictJamison Grime2018-11-02
Morgan Local SD (048777)Public DistrictLori Snyder-Lowe2018-11-09
Mound Street Academies (143123)Community SchoolAnne Beane2018-11-05
Mount Auburn Preparatory Academy (017274)Community SchoolDerrick Shelton2018-11-16
Mount Gilead Exempted Village SD (045534)Public DistrictJeffrey Thompson2018-10-11
Mount Vernon City SD (044420)Public DistrictWilliam Seder2018-11-01
Mt Healthy City SD (044412)Public DistrictReva Cosby2018-12-05
Mt Healthy Preparatory and Fitness Academy (000953)Community SchoolBryan Wagoner2018-11-02
Muskingum Valley ESC (125252)Educational Service CenterDavid Branch2018-10-31
Napoleon Area City SD (044438)Public DistrictStephen Fogo2018-10-02
National Trail Local SD (049270)Public DistrictRobert Fischer2018-10-30
Near West Intergenerational School (012030)Community SchoolBrooke King2018-11-05
Nelsonville-York City SD (044446)Public DistrictCharles McClelland2018-11-13
New Albany-Plain Local SD (046995)Public DistrictMichael Sawyers2018-10-02
New Boston Local SD (044461)Public DistrictMelinda Burnside2018-10-22
New Bremen Local SD (045955)Public DistrictJason Schrader2018-10-05
New Day Academy Boarding and Day School (000677)Community SchoolTerrance Walton2018-11-20
New Knoxville Local SD (045963)Public DistrictKimberly Waterman2018-10-02
New Lebanon Local SD (048710)Public DistrictGreg Williams2018-10-10
New Lexington City SD (044479)Public DistrictCasey Coffey2018-11-16
New London Local SD (047720)Public DistrictBradley Romano2018-10-02
New Miami Local SD (046136)Public DistrictRhonda Parker2018-10-02
New Philadelphia City SD (044487)Public DistrictDavid Brand2018-10-15
New Richmond Exempted Village SD (045559)Public DistrictAdam Bird2018-10-12
New Riegel Local SD (049718)Public DistrictDavid Rombach2018-10-05
Newark City SD (044453)Public DistrictDouglas Ute2018-10-29
Newark Digital Academy (000162)Community SchoolJohn Lutz2018-11-05
Newbury Local SD (047217)Public DistrictJacqueline Hoynes2018-11-05
Newcomerstown Exempted Village SD (045542)Public DistrictJeffery Staggs2018-10-10
Newton Falls Exempted Village SD (045567)Public DistrictPaul Woodard2018-11-05
Newton Local SD (048637)Public DistrictPat McBride2018-11-10
Niles City SD (044495)Public DistrictAnn Marie Thigpen2018-10-08
Noble Academy-Cleveland (008278)Community SchoolYasar Bora2018-10-29
Noble Academy-Columbus (008280)Community SchoolMurat Efe2018-11-13
Noble Local SD (048900)Public DistrictDaniel Leffingwell2018-11-08
Nordonia Hills City SD (050047)Public DistrictJoseph Clark2018-10-18
North Baltimore Local SD (050708)Public DistrictRyan Delaney2018-10-02
North Bass Local SD (048967)Public DistrictMatthew Markling2018-10-11
North Canton City SD (044503)Public DistrictJeff Wendorf2018-10-05
North Central Academy (012054)Community SchoolBrenda Luhring2018-11-09
North Central Local SD (050641)Public DistrictWilliam Hanak2018-10-12
North Central Ohio ESC (123257)Educational Service CenterJames Lahoski2018-10-31
North College Hill City SD (044511)Public DistrictEugene Blalock2018-11-14
North Dayton School Of Science and Discovery (143529)Community SchoolGloria McDaniel Hall2018-11-05
North Fork Local SD (048025)Public DistrictScott Hartley2018-11-06
North Olmsted City SD (044529)Public DistrictMichael Zalar2018-10-23
North Point Educational Service Center (125690)Educational Service CenterDouglas Crooks2018-11-09
North Ridgeville City SD (044537)Public DistrictRoxann Ramsey-Caserio2018-10-16
North Royalton City SD (044545)Public DistrictGregory Gurka2018-10-26
North Union Local SD (050336)Public DistrictRichard Baird2018-10-02
Northeast Ohio College Preparatory School (011923)Community SchoolHeather Stevens2018-10-23
Northeastern Local SD (046250)Public DistrictJohn Kronour2018-10-10
Northeastern Local SD (046722)Public DistrictJames Roach2018-11-14
Northern Local SD (049056)Public DistrictThomas Perkins2018-10-04
Northland Preparatory and Fitness Academy (000511)Community SchoolBryan Wagoner2018-10-31
Northmont City SD (048728)Public DistrictTony Thomas2018-10-15
Northmor Local SD (048819)Public DistrictChad Redmon2018-10-04
Northridge Local SD (048033)Public DistrictScott Schmidt2018-10-02
Northridge Local SD (048736)Public DistrictDavid Jackson2018-11-15
Northwest Local SD (047365)Public DistrictTodd Bowling2018-11-09
Northwest Local SD (049635)Public DistrictAnthony Jenkins2018-10-11
Northwest Local SD (049908)Public DistrictMichael Shreffler2018-11-09
Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center (124297)Educational Service CenterKerri Gearhart2018-10-15
Northwestern Local SD (046268)Public DistrictJesse Steiner2018-10-18
Northwestern Local SD (050575)Public DistrictJeffrey Layton2018-10-17
Northwood Local SD (050716)Public DistrictJason Kozina2018-10-29
Norton City SD (044552)Public DistrictDana Addis2018-11-02
Norwalk City SD (044560)Public DistrictGeorge Fisk2018-11-08
Norwayne Local SD (050567)Public DistrictKaren O'Hare2018-10-09
Norwood City SD (044578)Public DistrictKathy Sabo2018-11-05
Oak Hill Union Local SD (047761)Public DistrictMichael McCoy2018-10-02
Oak Hills Local SD (047373)Public DistrictJeff Brandt2018-11-01
Oakstone Community School (000679)Community SchoolHeather Kronewetter2018-10-11
Oakwood City SD (044586)Public DistrictKyle Ramey2018-11-08
Oberlin City SD (044594)Public DistrictDavid Hall2018-11-09
Ohio College Preparatory School (013253)Community SchoolHeather Stevens2018-10-23
Ohio Connections Academy (000236)Community SchoolMarie Hanna2018-10-02
Ohio Construction Academy (014067)Community SchoolWendy Rydarowicz2018-10-03
Ohio Hi-Point Career Center (051334)Joint Vocational School DistrictRick Smith2018-10-02
Ohio School For The Blind (071548)State Supported OrganizationLoujeania Lee Maynus2018-11-27
Ohio School For The Deaf (071530)State Supported OrganizationLoujeania Lee Maynus2018-11-13
Ohio Valley ESC (123281)Educational Service CenterChristopher Keylor2018-10-15
Ohio Virtual Academy (142950)Community SchoolKristin Stewart2018-10-23
Old Brook High School (012038)Community SchoolKaren Wachter2018-10-16
Old Fort Local SD (049726)Public DistrictStephen Anway2018-11-05
Olentangy Local SD (046763)Public DistrictMark Raiff2018-10-17
Olmsted Falls City SD (046573)Public DistrictJames Lloyd2018-10-03
Ontario Local SD (049478)Public DistrictLisa Carmichael2018-11-09
Orange City SD (046581)Public DistrictWendell Campbell2018-10-30
Orchard Park Academy (016837)Community SchoolPaulette Hare2018-10-03
Oregon City SD (044602)Public DistrictHal Gregory2018-11-09
Orion Academy (000559)Community SchoolTaneka Smith2018-11-07
Orrville City SD (044610)Public DistrictJames Ritchie2018-10-08
Osnaburg Local SD (049916)Public DistrictKevin Finefrock2018-10-12
Otsego Local SD (050724)Public DistrictAdam Koch2018-10-31
Ottawa Hills Local SD (048215)Public DistrictKevin Miller2018-11-08
Ottawa-Glandorf Local SD (049379)Public DistrictDon Horstman2018-11-13
Ottoville Local SD (049387)Public DistrictScott Mangas2018-10-02
Painesville City Local SD (044628)Public DistrictJosh Englehart2018-10-26
Paint Valley Local SD (049510)Public DistrictTimothy Winland2018-11-05
Pandora-Gilboa Local SD (049395)Public DistrictTodd Schmutz2018-10-02
Par Excellence Academy (000941)Community SchoolGisele James2018-11-19
Parkway Local SD (048579)Public DistrictJeanne Osterfeld2018-10-04
Parma City SD (044636)Public DistrictCharles Smialek2018-11-29
Pathway School of Discovery (000138)Community SchoolKeith Colbert2018-10-09
Patrick Henry Local SD (047597)Public DistrictJosh Biederstedt2018-10-02
Patriot Preparatory Academy (012045)Community SchoolSean Smith2018-10-02
Paulding Exempted Village SD (045575)Public DistrictKenneth Amstutz2018-10-18
Penta Career Center - District (051359)Joint Vocational School DistrictRonald Matter2018-10-24
Performance Academy Eastland (010182)Community SchoolBryan Wagoner2018-11-02
Perkins Local SD (046813)Public DistrictTodd Boggs2018-10-02
Perry Local SD (045781)Public DistrictAlison Van Gorder2018-11-07
Perry Local SD (047902)Public DistrictJack Thompson2018-10-19
Perry Local SD (049924)Public DistrictScott Beatty2018-10-15
Perrysburg Exempted Village SD (045583)Public DistrictThomas Hosler2018-10-23
Pettisville Local SD (047076)Public DistrictStephen Switzer2018-11-05
Phoenix Community Learning Ctr (133504)Community SchoolGlenda Brown2018-11-18
Pickaway County ESC (049072)Educational Service CenterTy Ankrom2018-11-09
Pickaway-Ross County JVSD (051433)Joint Vocational School DistrictDennis Franks2018-11-15
Pickerington Local SD (046896)Public DistrictChris Briggs2018-10-23
Pike County Area (051375)Joint Vocational School DistrictEric Meredith2018-10-02
Pike-Delta-York Local SD (047084)Public DistrictTed Haselman2018-10-02
Pinnacle Academy (000543)Community SchoolCharlena Hunt2018-10-30
Pioneer Career and Technology (051417)Joint Vocational School DistrictGregory Nickoli2018-11-13
Piqua City SD (044644)Public DistrictDwayne Thompson2018-10-30
Plain Local SD (049932)Public DistrictBrent May2018-11-05
Pleasant Community Digital (151035)Community SchoolShelly Dason2018-11-13
Pleasant Local SD (048421)Public DistrictJennifer Adams2018-11-13
Plymouth-Shiloh Local SD (049460)Public DistrictJames Metcalf2018-10-05
Poland Local SD (048348)Public DistrictDavid Janofa2018-11-01
Polaris (050948)Joint Vocational School DistrictRobert Timmons2018-10-19
Port Clinton City SD (044651)Public DistrictPatrick Adkins2018-11-15
Portage Lakes (063495)Joint Vocational School DistrictKim Redmond2018-10-10
Portsmouth City SD (044669)Public DistrictGary Dutey2018-11-06
Preble County ESC (049254)Educational Service CenterMike Gray2018-10-29
Preble Shawnee Local SD (049288)Public DistrictMatt Bishop2018-10-10
Princeton City SD (044677)Public DistrictTom Burton2018-11-06
Promise Academy (000936)Community SchoolRobert Palmer2018-11-16
Put-In-Bay Local SD (048975)Public DistrictSteven Poe2018-10-10
Putnam County ESC (049304)Educational Service CenterJan Osborn2018-11-05
Pymatuning Valley Local SD (045880)Public DistrictMichael Candela2018-11-07
Quaker Digital Academy (000241)Community SchoolRichard Varrati2018-10-02
Ravenna City SD (044685)Public DistrictDennis Honkala2018-10-22
REACH Academy (014858)Community SchoolDawn Milner2018-11-05
Reading Community City SD (044693)Public DistrictCharles Lafata2018-11-05
Regent High School (012036)Community SchoolKaren Wachter2018-11-09
Renaissance Academy (011439)Community SchoolMichelle Fragier2018-11-14
Revere Local SD (050054)Public DistrictMatthew Montgomery2018-11-08
Reynoldsburg City SD (047001)Public DistrictMelvin Brown2018-10-03
Richard Allen Academy (133736)Community SchoolMichelle Thomas2018-10-03
Richard Allen Preparatory (133348)Community SchoolMichelle Thomas2018-11-20
Richmond Heights Local SD (046599)Public DistrictRenee Willis2018-11-08
Ridgedale Local SD (048439)Public DistrictRobert Britton2018-11-02
Ridgemont Local SD (047506)Public DistrictSally Henrick2018-10-19
Ridgewood Local SD (046474)Public DistrictMichael Masloski2018-10-11
Ripley-Union-Lewis-Huntington Local SD (046078)Public DistrictJames Wilkins2018-10-16
Rise and Shine Academy (013999)Community SchoolCalvin Burney2018-11-07
Rittman Academy (000640)Community SchoolKent Smith2018-10-08
Rittman Exempted Village SD (045591)Public DistrictJames Ritchie2018-10-05
River Gate High School (133488)Community SchoolWendy Rydarowicz2018-10-03
River Valley Local SD (048447)Public DistrictJames Peterson2018-11-09
River View Local SD (046482)Public DistrictHarry Summers2018-11-05
Riverdale Local SD (047514)Public DistrictJeff Young2018-10-05
Riverside Academy (133678)Community SchoolMark Comanducci2018-11-05
Riverside Local SD (047894)Public DistrictJames Kalis2018-11-07
Riverside Local SD (048090)Public DistrictScott Mann2018-11-13
Road to Success Academy (012040)Community SchoolGamal Brown2018-10-02
Rock Hill Local SD (047944)Public DistrictGlenn Hopper2018-12-05
Rocky River City SD (044701)Public DistrictMichael Shoaf2018-10-02
Rolling Hills Local SD (047308)Public DistrictRyan Caldwell2018-10-31
Rootstown Local SD (049213)Public DistrictAndrew Hawkins2018-11-05
Ross Local SD (046144)Public DistrictScott Gates2018-10-11
Ross-Pike ESC (138222)Educational Service CenterStephen Martin2018-11-07
Rossford Exempted Village SD (045609)Public DistrictDaniel Creps2018-10-26
Russia Local SD (049817)Public DistrictSteven Rose2018-10-29
Salem City SD (044735)Public DistrictJoe Shivers2018-11-01
Sandusky City SD (044743)Public DistrictEugene Sanders2018-10-31
Sandy Valley Local SD (049940)Public DistrictDavid Fischer2018-10-11
Schnee Learning Center (147231)Community SchoolAnthony Pallija2018-10-31
Scioto County Career Technical Center (051490)Joint Vocational School DistrictStan Jennings2018-11-07
Scioto Valley Local SD (049130)Public DistrictTodd Burkitt2018-12-06
Sciotoville (143644)Community SchoolRick Bowman2018-11-06
Sebring Local SD (048355)Public DistrictAntoinette Viscounte2018-10-17
Seneca East Local SD (049684)Public DistrictLaura Kagy2018-10-18
Shadyside Local SD (046003)Public DistrictJohn Haswell2018-11-08
Shaker Heights City SD (044750)Public DistrictStephen Wilkins2018-10-30
Shawnee Local SD (045799)Public DistrictJames Kanable2018-11-15
Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City SD (044768)Public DistrictMichael Cook2018-10-26
Shelby City SD (044776)Public DistrictTimothy Tarvin2018-11-07
Sidney City SD (044784)Public DistrictRobert Humble2018-10-03
SMART Academy (016812)Community SchoolRobert Aitken2018-11-05
Solon City SD (046607)Public DistrictJoseph Regano2018-10-02
South Central Local SD (047738)Public DistrictBenjamin Chaffee2018-11-02
South Central Ohio ESC (125658)Educational Service CenterSandra Mers2018-11-06
South Columbus Preparatory Academy (016829)Community SchoolKyle Glispie2018-11-05
South Euclid-Lyndhurst City SD (044792)Public DistrictLinda Reid2018-11-05
South Point Local SD (047951)Public DistrictMark A. Christian2018-11-02
South Range Local SD (048363)Public DistrictDennis Dunham2018-10-30
South Scioto Academy (008281)Community SchoolBryan Wagoner2018-11-02
South-Western City SD (044800)Public DistrictWilliam Wise2018-11-08
Southeast Local SD (049221)Public DistrictRobert Dunn2018-10-30
Southeast Local SD (050583)Public DistrictJames Ritchie2018-10-08
Southeastern Local SD (046276)Public DistrictDavid Shea2018-10-23
Southeastern Local SD (049528)Public DistrictBrian Justice2018-10-02
Southern Local SD (046441)Public DistrictThomas Cunningham2018-10-24
Southern Local SD (048538)Public DistrictAnthony Deem2018-10-02
Southern Local SD (049064)Public DistrictScott Christman2018-10-10
Southern Ohio ESC (046375)Educational Service CenterBeth Justice2018-11-05
Southington Local SD (050237)Public DistrictRocco Nero2018-10-24
Southside Academy (012105)Community SchoolWendy Rydarowicz2018-10-05
Southwest Licking Local SD (048041)Public DistrictRobert Jennell2018-10-19
Southwest Local SD (047381)Public DistrictJohn Hamstra2018-10-24
Spencerville Local SD (045807)Public DistrictDennis Fuge2018-10-25
Springboro Community City SD (050427)Public DistrictDan Schroer2018-10-23
Springfield City SD (044818)Public DistrictRobert Hill2018-10-04
Springfield Local SD (048223)Public DistrictMatt Geha2018-11-07
Springfield Local SD (048371)Public DistrictThomas Yazvac2018-10-04
Springfield Local SD (050062)Public DistrictCharles Sincere2018-10-30
Springfield Preparatory and Fitness Academy (000510)Community SchoolBryan Wagoner2018-10-29
St Bernard-Elmwood Place City SD (044719)Public DistrictMary Elean Webb2018-10-23
St Clairsville-Richland City SD (045997)Public DistrictWalter Skaggs2018-11-15
St Henry Consolidated Local SD (048587)Public DistrictJulie Garke2018-10-04
St Marys City SD (044727)Public DistrictGeorge Ruane2018-11-16
Stambaugh Charter Academy (000855)Community SchoolLandon Brown II2018-10-11
Star Academy of Toledo (009171)Community SchoolAmy Printy2018-10-08
Stark College and Career High School (142901)Community SchoolWendy Rydarowicz2018-10-03
Stark County Area (062026)Joint Vocational School DistrictDaniel Murphy2018-10-03
Stark County ESC (049825)Educational Service CenterJoe Chaddock2018-11-02
STEAM Academy of Akron (012627)Community SchoolNova O'Callaghan2018-11-26
STEAM Academy of Warren (012644)Community SchoolJonathan Natko2018-10-16
STEAM Academy of Warrensville Heights (013147)Community SchoolKamal Chatman2018-11-14
Steel Academy (014927)Community SchoolWendy Rydarowicz2018-10-03
Stepstone Academy (013148)Community SchoolJim Dombrowski2018-11-13
Steubenville City SD (044826)Public DistrictMelinda Young2018-10-08
Stonebrook Montessori (015239)Community SchoolJacqueline Miller2018-11-16
Stow-Munroe Falls City SD (044834)Public DistrictTom Bratten2018-11-05
Strasburg-Franklin Local SD (050294)Public DistrictCindy Brown2018-11-05
Streetsboro City SD (049239)Public DistrictRichard Daulbaugh2018-10-24
Strongsville City SD (044842)Public DistrictCameron Ryba2018-10-10
Struthers City SD (044859)Public DistrictPeter Pirone2018-10-05
Stryker Local SD (050658)Public DistrictNate Johnson2018-11-14
Sullivant Avenue Community School (009953)Community SchoolJamie Lama2018-10-23
Summit Academy - Toledo (000301)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-04
Summit Academy Akron Elementary School (133587)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-22
Summit Academy Akron Middle School (132779)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-22
Summit Academy Alternative Learners Warren Middle and Secondary (000616)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-22
Summit Academy Community School - Cincinnati (000306)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-17
Summit Academy Community School - Dayton (000297)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-17
Summit Academy Community School - Painesville (000629)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-17
Summit Academy Community School Alternative Learners -Xenia (132761)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-17
Summit Academy Community School Alternative Learners-Lorain (133322)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-17
Summit Academy Community School for Alternative Learn-Canton (133306)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-17
Summit Academy Community School-Columbus (000296)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-16
Summit Academy Community School-Parma (000302)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-16
Summit Academy Community School-Warren (000305)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-16
Summit Academy Middle School - Columbus (000610)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-16
Summit Academy School - Lorain (000609)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-16
Summit Academy Secondary - Akron (000298)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-16
Summit Academy Secondary - Canton (000300)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-08
Summit Academy Secondary - Youngstown (000303)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-08
Summit Academy Secondary School - Middletown (000634)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-08
Summit Academy Transition High School Dayton (000621)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-08
Summit Academy Transition High School-Cincinnati (000608)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-08
Summit Academy Transition High School-Columbus (000614)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-08
Summit Academy-Youngstown (000623)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-08
Summit Acdy Comm Schl for Alternative Learners of Middletown (132746)Community SchoolDebra Skul2018-10-08
Summit County ESC (049965)Educational Service CenterJoseph Iacano2018-11-09
SunBridge Schools (013175)Community SchoolJoe Cordella2018-10-24
Swanton Local SD (047092)Public DistrictChris Lake2018-10-05
Switzerland of Ohio Local SD (048652)Public DistrictJeffrey Greenley2018-11-05
Sycamore Community City SD (044867)Public DistrictFrank Forsthoefel2018-11-08
Sylvania City SD (044875)Public DistrictAdam Fineske2018-11-05
Symmes Valley Local SD (047969)Public DistrictDarrell Humphreys2018-10-25
T2 Honors Academy (014904)Community SchoolIndia Ford2018-10-01
Talawanda City SD (046151)Public DistrictEdward Theroux2018-10-02
Tallmadge City SD (044883)Public DistrictJeffrey Ferguson2018-11-02
TCP World Academy (133330)Community SchoolKaren French2018-11-16
Teays Valley Local SD (049098)Public DistrictRobin Halley2018-10-08
Tecumseh Local SD (046243)Public DistrictPaula Crew2018-10-21
The Academy for Urban Scholars (012528)Community SchoolPamela Duckett2018-11-15
The Autism Academy Of Learning (143297)Community SchoolJames Jones2018-10-29
The Richland School of Academic Arts (011967)Community SchoolSandra Sutherland2018-10-11
Three Rivers Local SD (047399)Public DistrictCraig Hockenberry2018-10-25
Tiffin City SD (044891)Public DistrictGary Barber2018-10-26
Tipp City Exempted Village SD (045617)Public DistrictGretta Kumpf2018-11-06
Toledo City SD (044909)Large UrbansRomules Durant2018-11-26
Toledo Preparatory and Fitness Academy (000951)Community SchoolStephanie Widner2018-10-29
Toledo School For The Arts (133942)Community SchoolDouglas Mead2018-10-02
Toledo SMART Elementary School (014864)Community SchoolJessica Molina2018-11-08
Tolles Career and Technical Center (063511)Joint Vocational School DistrictEmmy Beeson2018-11-09
Tomorrow Center (148981)Community SchoolJamie Byrne2018-10-12
Toronto City SD (044917)Public DistrictMaureen Taggart2018-10-02
Townsend North Community School (012867)Community SchoolPeter Bartkowiak2018-11-07
Towpath Trail High School (133868)Community SchoolKaren Wachter2018-10-16
Treca Digital Academy (143305)Community SchoolAdam Clark2018-11-01
Tri-County Career Center (051607)Joint Vocational School DistrictConnie Altier2018-11-02
Tri-County North Local SD (091397)Public DistrictWilliam Derringer2018-10-16
Tri-Rivers (065268)Joint Vocational School DistrictCharles Speelman2018-10-01
Tri-State STEM M Early College High School (015344)STEMShelby Davidson2018-12-03
Tri-Valley Local SD (048876)Public DistrictMark Neal2018-11-05
Tri-Village Local SD (046680)Public DistrictJosh Sagester2018-10-03
Triad Local SD (046201)Public DistrictVickie Hoffman2018-10-22
Trimble Local SD (045922)Public DistrictJohn Hurd2018-10-18
Triway Local SD (050591)Public DistrictNathan Schindewolf2018-10-02
Trotwood Fitness and Prep Acad (143206)Community SchoolBryan Wagoner2018-10-30
Trotwood-Madison City SD (048694)Public DistrictTyrone Olverson2018-11-05
Troy City SD (044925)Public DistrictChris Piper2018-10-04
Trumbull Career and Tech Ctr (051631)Joint Vocational School DistrictJason Gray2018-11-13
Trumbull County ESC (050088)Educational Service CenterMichael Hanshaw2018-11-07
Tuscarawas Valley Local SD (050302)Public DistrictMark Murphy2018-10-03
Tuslaw Local SD (049957)Public DistrictMelissa Marconi2018-10-18
Twin Valley Community Local SD (049296)Public DistrictWarren Scholler2018-11-27
Twinsburg City SD (050070)Public DistrictKathryn Powers2018-10-02
U S Grant (062802)Joint Vocational School DistrictMike Parry2018-10-19
Union Local SD (046011)Public DistrictBen Porter2018-11-05
Union-Scioto Local SD (049536)Public DistrictMatt Thornsberry2018-11-06
United Local SD (046458)Public DistrictLance Hostetler2018-11-08
United Preparatory Academy (014467)Community SchoolAndrew Boy2018-11-07
United Preparatory Academy East (016858)Community SchoolAndrew Boy2018-11-07
University Academy (014063)Community SchoolMark Comanducci2018-10-31
University of Cleveland Preparatory School (012541)Community SchoolDebroah Mays2018-11-07
Upper Arlington City SD (044933)Public DistrictPaul Imhoff2018-10-25
Upper Sandusky Exempted Village SD (045625)Public DistrictLaurie Vent2018-10-23
Upper Scioto Valley Local SD (047522)Public DistrictMiklos Kis2018-10-09
Upper Valley Career Center (062125)Joint Vocational School DistrictNancy Luce2018-10-02
Urban Early College Network (015714)Community SchoolWendy Rydarowicz2018-10-03
Urbana City SD (044941)Public DistrictCharles Thiel2018-11-05
Utica Shale Academy of Ohio (014830)Community SchoolMark Furda2018-11-13
Valley Local SD (049643)Public DistrictJeffrey Rolfe2018-11-08
Valley STEM and ME2 Academy (014943)STEMMara Banfield2018-10-02
Valley View Local SD (048744)Public DistrictBenjamin Richards2018-11-05
Van Buren Local SD (047464)Public DistrictTimothy Myers2018-11-27
Van Wert City SD (044966)Public DistrictVicki Brunn2018-10-10
Vandalia-Butler City SD (044958)Public DistrictRobert O'Leary2018-10-19
Vanguard-Sentinel Career and Technology Centers (051458)Joint Vocational School DistrictGregory Edinger2018-11-15
Vanlue Local SD (047472)Public DistrictTraci Conley2018-10-02
Vantage Career Center (051672)Joint Vocational School DistrictRick Turner2018-11-09
Vermilion Local SD (046821)Public DistrictPhilip Pempin2018-10-08
Versailles Exempted Village SD (045633)Public DistrictAaron Moran2018-10-02
Village Preparatory School (011291)Community SchoolJohn McBride2018-11-06
Village Preparatory School Willard (015722)Community SchoolJohn McBride2018-11-08
Village Preparatory School: Woodland Hills Campus (013034)Community SchoolChristopher O'Brien2018-11-05
Vinton County Local SD (050393)Public DistrictRick Brooks2018-10-12
Wadsworth City SD (044974)Public DistrictAndrew Hill2018-10-02
Walnut Township Local SD (046904)Public DistrictRandall Cotner2018-11-15
Wapakoneta City SD (044982)Public DistrictAaron Rex2018-10-30
Warren City SD (044990)Public DistrictSteve Chiaro2018-11-01
Warren County ESC (050401)Educational Service CenterTom Isaacs2018-11-05
Warren County Vocational School (051474)Joint Vocational School DistrictRick Smith2018-11-05
Warren Local SD (050500)Public DistrictKyle Newton2018-10-29
Warrensville Heights City SD (045005)Public DistrictDonald Jolly2018-10-25
Washington County Career Center (051698)Joint Vocational School DistrictDennis Blatt2018-11-05
Washington Court House City SD (045013)Public DistrictTom Bailey2018-11-06
Washington Local SD (048231)Public DistrictSusan Hayward2018-10-10
Washington Park Community School (133280)Community SchoolBeth Hargreaves2018-11-09
Washington-Nile Local SD (049650)Public DistrictAnthony Bazler2018-10-11
Waterloo Local SD (049247)Public DistrictShawn Braman2018-11-08
Wauseon Exempted Village SD (045641)Public DistrictLarry Brown2018-10-10
Waverly City SD (049148)Public DistrictEdward Dickens2018-11-15
Wayne County JVSD (051714)Joint Vocational School DistrictJohn Crain2018-11-06
Wayne Local SD (050468)Public DistrictPatrick Dubbs2018-11-06
Wayne Trace Local SD (049031)Public DistrictBen Winans2018-10-02
Waynesfield-Goshen Local SD (045971)Public DistrictChris Pfister2018-10-12
Weathersfield Local SD (050252)Public DistrictDamon Dohar2018-11-10
Wellington Exempted Village SD (045658)Public DistrictEdward Weber2018-10-01
Wellston City SD (045021)Public DistrictKaren Boch2018-11-05
Wellsville Local SD (045039)Public DistrictRichard Bereschik2018-11-08
West Branch Local SD (048389)Public DistrictTimothy Saxton2018-10-25
West Carrollton City SD (045054)Public DistrictAndrea Townsend2018-10-02
West Central Learning Academy II (151175)Community SchoolMindy Schulz2018-10-08
West Clermont Local SD (046359)Public DistrictNatasha Adams2018-11-07
West Geauga Local SD (047225)Public DistrictRichard Markwardt2018-10-14
West Holmes Local SD (047696)Public DistrictWilliam Sterling2018-10-15
West Liberty-Salem Local SD (046219)Public DistrictKraig Hissong2018-11-09
West Muskingum Local SD (048884)Public DistrictChad Shawger2018-11-07
West Park Academy (014189)Community SchoolMark Comanducci2018-10-23
West Preparatory Academy (143313)Community SchoolWendy Rydarowicz2018-10-03
Western Brown Local SD (046060)Public DistrictRaegan White2018-11-02
Western Local SD (049155)Public DistrictBrock D. Brewster2018-11-05
Western Reserve Local SD (047746)Public DistrictRodge Wilson2018-10-02
Western Reserve Local SD (048397)Public DistrictDouglas Mcglynn2018-10-09
Westerville City SD (045047)Public DistrictJohn Kellogg2018-10-23
Westfall Local SD (049106)Public DistrictLynn Landis2018-10-04
Westlake City SD (045062)Public DistrictScott Goggin2018-11-05
Westside Academy (000875)Community SchoolHeather O'Bannon2018-11-09
Westwood Preparatory Academy (015741)Community SchoolLeigh Ann King2018-11-09
Wheelersburg Local SD (049668)Public DistrictMark Knapp2018-10-19
Whitehall City SD (045070)Public DistrictBrian Hamler2018-10-24
Whitehall Preparatory and Fitness Academy (000509)Community SchoolDonnell Drake2018-11-02
Wickliffe City SD (045088)Public DistrictJoseph Spiccia2018-11-06
Wildwood Environmental Academy (000222)Community SchoolElizabeth Lewin2018-11-07
Willard City SD (045096)Public DistrictJeff Ritz2018-10-15
Williamsburg Local SD (046367)Public DistrictMatthew Earley2018-11-07
Willoughby-Eastlake City SD (045104)Public DistrictStephen Thompson2018-11-13
Wilmington City SD (045112)Public DistrictMelinda McCarty-Stewart2018-11-09
Windham Exempted Village SD (045666)Public DistrictGregory Isler2018-10-09
Wings Academy 1 (000736)Community SchoolTimothy Roberts2018-11-06
Wings Academy 2 (000738)Community SchoolTimothy Roberts2018-11-09
Winterfield Venture Academy (000546)Community SchoolNathan Preston2018-10-05
Winton Preparatory Academy (014064)Community SchoolMark Commanducci2018-10-30
Winton Woods City SD (044081)Public DistrictAnthony Smith2018-11-05
Wolf Creek Local SD (050518)Public DistrictDouglas Baldwin2018-11-08
Wood County ESC (050666)Educational Service CenterMark North2018-11-05
Woodmore Local SD (049577)Public DistrictTim Rettig2018-11-14
Woodridge Local SD (049973)Public DistrictWalter Davis2018-11-09
Wooster City SD (045120)Public DistrictMichael Tefs2018-11-04
Worthington City SD (045138)Public DistrictTrent Bowers2018-10-09
Wynford Local SD (046524)Public DistrictFrederick Fox2018-11-09
Wyoming City SD (045146)Public DistrictSusan Lang2018-10-02
Xenia Community City SD (045153)Public DistrictGabriel Lofton2018-11-19
Yellow Springs Exempted Village SD (045674)Public DistrictMario Basora2018-10-04
Youngstown Academy of Excellence (007984)Community SchoolJennifer Hutton2018-10-02
Youngstown City SD (045161)Public DistrictJoe Meranto2018-11-05
Youngstown Community School (134072)Community SchoolRachael Smith2018-10-08
Youthbuild Columbus Community (132985)Community SchoolLeigh Ann King2018-11-09
Zane Trace Local SD (049544)Public DistrictJerry Mowery2018-10-02
Zanesville City SD (045179)Public DistrictDoug Baker2018-11-07
Zanesville Community School (009148)Community SchoolJeffrey Moore2018-10-02
Zenith Academy (000725)Community SchoolAshfaq Tashfeen2018-11-06
Zenith Academy East (012009)Community SchoolAshfaq Tashfeen2018-11-06
Zenith Academy West (015234)Community SchoolAsheer Tashfeen2018-11-05