Restraint and Seclusion District Information

Submitted for School Year 2016-2017

Districts and Schools that participated December 2017 through April 2018

This list only shows the districts and schools that submitted; it does not provide access to the reports. Start typing your district or superintendent name in the search box.

District/SchoolSuperintendentIRN Type
A+ Arts Academy (000556)David FantCommunity School2018-02-09
A+ Children's Academy (013232)Melinda HardgrowCommunity School2018-02-02
Achieve Career Preparatory Academy (011507)Cindy WilsonCommunity School2017-12-15
Ada Ex Village SD (045187)Meri SkilliterPublic District2018-02-07
Adams County Ohio Valley Local SD (061903)Richard SeasPublic District2018-02-10
Adena Local SD (049494)John BalzerPublic District2018-02-15
Akron City SD (043489)David JamesLarge Urbans2018-02-15
Akron Digital Academy (149054)Linda DaughertyCommunity School2018-02-23
Akron Preparatory School (013254)Heather StevensCommunity School2017-12-15
Akros Middle School (012060)Faith DeCesareCommunity School2017-12-19
Albert Einstein Academy for Letters Arts and Sciences Ohio (013994)Bruce ThomasCommunity School2017-12-13
Alexander Local SD (045906)Lindy DouglasPublic District2018-02-15
Allen East Local SD (045757)Mel RentschlerPublic District2017-12-13
Alliance Academy of Cincinnati (000139)Elizabeth KingCommunity School2018-01-24
Alliance City SD (043497)Jeffery TalbertPublic District2017-12-21
Alternative Education Academy (143396)DAVID BOWLINCommunity School2018-02-02
Amanda-Clearcreek Local SD (046847)James DickPublic District2018-01-16
Amherst Exempted Village SD (045195)Steven SayersPublic District2018-02-14
Anna Local SD (049759)Andrew BixlerPublic District2017-12-13
Ansonia Local SD (046623)Jim AtchleyPublic District2018-03-23
Anthony Wayne Local SD (048207)James FritzPublic District2018-01-04
Antwerp Local SD (048991)Martin MillerPublic District2017-12-13
Apex Academy (000560)Jennifer LittlefieldCommunity School2017-12-18
Apollo (050773)Judy WellsJoint Vocational School District2018-02-02
Arcadia Local SD (047415)Bruce KidderPublic District2018-03-16
Arcanum-Butler Local SD (046631)Johnathan StephensPublic District2017-12-14
Arlington Local SD (047423)Kevin HaughtPublic District2018-02-15
Arts and College Preparatory Academy (143610)Anthony GattoCommunity School2018-02-05
Ashland County Community Academy (009971)Samuel WilsonCommunity School2017-12-21
Ashland County-West Holmes (062042)Mike ParryJoint Vocational School District2018-02-21
Ashtabula Area City SD (043513)Melissa WatsonPublic District2018-02-14
Ashtabula County ESC (045849)John RubesichEducational Service Center2018-02-12
Athens City SD (043521)Tom GibbsPublic District2017-12-15
Athens-Meigs ESC (135145)Ricky EdwardsEducational Service Center2018-02-14
Auglaize County Educational Academy (000288)Shawn BrownCommunity School2018-03-07
Aurora City SD (049171)Pat CiccantelliPublic District2018-02-02
Austintown Local SD (048298)Vincent ColalucaPublic District2018-02-13
Autism Model School (134122)Mary WaltersCommunity School2018-02-14
Avon Lake City SD (048124)Robert ScottPublic District2018-02-16
Avon Local SD (048116)Michael LaubPublic District2018-02-15
Ayersville Local SD (046706)Don DigliaPublic District2017-12-19
Barberton City SD (043539)Jeffrey RamnytzPublic District2018-02-13
Barnesville Exempted Village SD (045203)Angela HannahsPublic District2017-12-14
Batavia Local SD (046300)Keith MillardPublic District2017-12-21
Bath Local SD (045765)Rich DackinPublic District2018-02-14
Bay Village City SD (043547)Clinton KeenerPublic District2018-03-29
Beachwood City SD (043554)Robert HardisPublic District2018-02-15
Beacon Academy (015709)Wendy RydarowiczCommunity School2018-02-02
Beacon Hill Academy (012501)Bradley HermanCommunity School2018-02-08
Beaver Local SD (046425)Eric LowePublic District2018-01-16
Beavercreek City SD (047241)Paul OttenPublic District2018-03-22
Bedford City SD (043562)Andrea CelicoPublic District2018-02-09
Bella Academy of Excellence (011390)Arun DuttCommunity School2018-02-05
Bellaire Local SD (043570)Darren JenkinsPublic District2017-12-13
Bellefontaine City SD (043588)Brad HallPublic District2017-12-18
Bellevue City SD (043596)Kim SchubertPublic District2018-02-14
Belmont-Harrison (050856)Richard SchoeneJoint Vocational School District2018-01-26
Belpre City SD (043604)Dwight DunnPublic District2018-01-04
Benjamin Logan Local SD (048074)David HarmonPublic District2018-02-14
Bennett Venture Academy (000843)Nicolette WhitsonCommunity School2018-02-16
Benton Carroll Salem Local SD (048926)Guy ParmigianPublic District2018-01-09
Berea City SD (043612)Michael SheppardPublic District2018-02-15
Berkshire Local SD (047167)John StoddardPublic District2017-12-21
Berne Union Local SD (046854)Richard SpindlerPublic District2018-02-15
Berwyn East Academy (014090)Shannan JonesCommunity School2018-02-01
Bethel Local SD (048611)Virginia PotterPublic District2018-03-29
Bethel-Tate Local SD (046318)Melissa KircherPublic District2018-02-06
Bexley City SD (043620)Kimberly Pietsch MillerPublic District2018-02-15
Big Walnut Local SD (046748)Angela PollockPublic District2018-02-21
Bio-Med Science Academy STEM School (014231)Stephanie LammleinCommunity School2017-12-18
Black River Local SD (048462)Chris ClarkPublic District2018-01-04
Blanchester Local SD (046383)Dean LynchPublic District2018-01-24
Bloom-Carroll Local SD (046862)Shawn HaughnPublic District2018-03-30
Bloom-Vernon Local SD (049593)Marc KreischerPublic District2018-02-08
Bloomfield-Mespo Local SD (050096)John SheetsPublic District2018-02-05
Boardman Local SD (048306)Timothy SaxtonPublic District2017-12-14
Botkins Local SD (049767)Jeff McPheronPublic District2018-02-01
Bradford Exempted Village SD (045229)Joe HurstPublic District2018-03-31
Brecksville-Broadview Heights City SD (043646)Joelle MagyarPublic District2017-12-22
Bridge Gate Community School (015710)Wendy RydarowiczCommunity School2017-12-14
Bridgeport Exempted Village SD (045237)Zachary ShutlerPublic District2018-02-16
Bridges Community Academy (000311)Cathy SmithCommunity School2018-02-02
Bright Local SD (047613)Ted DowningPublic District2017-12-29
Bristol Local SD (050112)Christopher J. DrayPublic District2018-01-12
Broadway Academy (012684)Mark ComanducciCommunity School2018-01-25
Brookfield Local SD (050120)Velina TaylorPublic District2018-02-03
Brooklyn City SD (043653)Mark GleichaufPublic District2018-02-13
Brookville Local SD (048678)Timothy HopkinsPublic District2018-02-15
Brookwood Academy (013198)Ellen WristenCommunity School2018-03-16
Brown ESC (046029)James FrazierEducational Service Center2018-02-08
Brown Local SD (046177)Scott BowlingPublic District2017-12-27
Brunswick City SD (043661)Michael MayellPublic District2018-03-31
Bryan City SD (043679)Diana SavagePublic District2018-01-15
Buckeye (051656)Bob AlseptJoint Vocational School District2018-02-14
Buckeye Central Local SD (046508)Mark RobinsonPublic District2018-01-25
Buckeye Local SD (048470)Kent MorganPublic District2018-01-03
Buckeye On-Line School for Success (000417)Donald ThompsonCommunity School2018-02-15
Buckeye Preparatory Academy (014825)Maureen BusingerCommunity School2018-01-30
Buckeye Valley Local SD (046755)Andrew MillerPublic District2018-01-30
Bucyrus City SD (043687)Kevin KimmelPublic District2017-12-14
Butler County ESC (046086)Chris BrownEducational Service Center2018-01-29
Butler Technology and Career Development Schools (050880)Jon GraftJoint Vocational School District2018-02-15
Caldwell Exempted Village SD (045252)Kacey CottrillPublic District2017-12-20
Cambridge City SD (043695)Daniel CoffmanPublic District2018-02-14
Campbell City SD (043703)Matthew BowenPublic District2018-02-14
Canal Winchester Local SD (046946)James SotlarPublic District2017-12-20
Canfield Local SD (048314)Alex GeordanPublic District2018-02-15
Canton City SD (043711)Adrian AllisonLarge Urbans2018-02-15
Canton College Preparatory School (013255)Heather StevensCommunity School2017-12-28
Canton Harbor High School (000525)Steven NicholsCommunity School2018-02-12
Capital High School (012044)Gamal BrownCommunity School2017-12-14
Cardinal Local SD (047175)Scott HuntPublic District2017-12-16
Career and Technology Educational Centers (051201)Joyce MalainyJoint Vocational School District2018-01-31
Carey Exempted Village SD (045260)Michael WankPublic District2018-02-14
Carlisle Local SD (050419)Larry HookPublic District2018-01-04
Carrollton Exempted Village SD (045278)David QuattrochiPublic District2018-01-25
Cedar Cliff Local SD (047258)Chad MasonPublic District2018-02-06
Celina City SD (043729)Kenneth SchmiesingPublic District2017-12-27
Centerburg Local SD (047829)Michael HebenthalPublic District2018-04-02
Centerville City SD (043737)Thomas HendersonPublic District2017-12-19
Central Academy of Ohio (009164)Mohamad IssaCommunity School2018-01-29
Central High School (012041)Karen WachterCommunity School2018-02-08
Central Local SD (046714)Vicki BrunnPublic District2018-02-07
Cesar Chavez College Preparatory School (010036)Estella StephensCommunity School2018-02-16
Chagrin Falls Exempted Village SD (045286)Robert HuntPublic District2018-02-14
Champion Local SD (050138)Pamela HoodPublic District2018-02-05
Chapelside Cleveland Academy (014061)Mark ComanducciCommunity School2018-01-19
Chardon Local SD (047183)Michael HanlonPublic District2018-02-16
Charles School at Ohio Dominican University (007999)Eileen MeersCommunity School2018-03-12
Chesapeake Union Exempted Village SD (045294)Jerry McConnellPublic District2018-01-10
Chippewa Local SD (050534)Sandra SteblyPublic District2018-02-12
Cincinnati City SD (043752)Catherine MitchellLarge Urbans2018-03-20
Cincinnati Learning Schools (013967)Tyree GainesCommunity School2018-02-13
Cincinnati Technology Academy (013864)Roger ConnersCommunity School2018-03-07
Circleville City SD (043760)Jonathan DavisPublic District2018-01-10
Citizens Academy East (012852)Jennifer TaylorCommunity School2018-02-16
Citizens Academy Southeast (015261)Lachelle HarrisCommunity School2018-03-20
City Day Community School (134247)Crystal Gilbert-MosleyCommunity School2018-02-02
Clark County ESC (046227)Daniel BennettEducational Service Center2018-02-15
Clark Preparatory Academy (015236)Maureen BusingerCommunity School2018-01-29
Clark-Shawnee Local SD (046284)Gregg MorrisPublic District2018-01-16
Clay Avenue Community School (009181)Sarah BennettCommunity School2018-02-01
Clay Local SD (049601)Todd WarnockPublic District2017-12-18
Claymont City SD (043778)John RocchiPublic District2018-02-09
Clear Fork Valley Local SD (049411)Janice WyckoffPublic District2017-12-18
Clearview Local SD (048132)Jerome DavisPublic District2018-02-14
Clermont County ESC (046292)Jeffery WeirEducational Service Center2018-02-05
Clermont Northeastern Local SD (046326)Michael BrandtPublic District2018-03-16
Cleveland Academy for Scholarship Technology and Leadership (000527)Wendy RydarowiczCommunity School2017-12-15
Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy (007995)Debroah MaysCommunity School2018-02-16
Cleveland College Preparatory School (012010)Heather StevensCommunity School2018-02-05
Cleveland Entrepreneurship Preparatory School (000930)John McbrideCommunity School2018-02-16
Cleveland Municipal (043786)Eric GordonLarge Urbans2018-04-11
Cleveland Preparatory Academy (013199)Markiel PerkinsCommunity School2018-02-15
Cliff Park High School (132795)Karen WachterCommunity School2017-12-14
Clinton-Massie Local SD (046391)Matt BakerPublic District2018-03-30
Cloverleaf Local SD (048488)Daryl KubilusPublic District2018-01-22
Clyde-Green Springs Exempted Village SD (045302)Dennis HaftPublic District2018-04-03
Coldwater Exempted Village SD (045310)Jason WoodPublic District2018-02-14
Colonel Crawford Local SD (046516)William MartinPublic District2018-02-05
Colonial Prep Academy (134221)Maureen BusingerCommunity School2018-01-29
Columbia Local SD (048140)Graig BansekPublic District2017-12-13
Columbiana County (050906)Willard AdkinsJoint Vocational School District2018-02-12
Columbiana County ESC (046417)Anna VaughnEducational Service Center2018-02-15
Columbiana Exempted Village SD (045328)Donald MookPublic District2018-01-05
Columbus Arts and Technology Academy (000557)Derrick SheltonCommunity School2018-02-14
Columbus Bilingual Academy-North (011468)Paul PrestonCommunity School2018-02-02
Columbus City SD (043802)John StanfordLarge Urbans2018-02-01
Columbus Collegiate Academy - West (012951)Andrew BoyCommunity School2018-01-11
Columbus Collegiate Academy (009122)Andrew BoyCommunity School2018-02-10
Columbus Grove Local SD (049312)Nicholas VerhoffPublic District2017-12-22
Columbus Humanities Arts and Technology Academy (000553)Alexander AdamsCommunity School2018-01-09
Columbus Performance Academy (012011)William ConnickCommunity School2017-12-22
Columbus Preparatory Academy (000558)Brian CarltonCommunity School2018-02-14
Conneaut Area City SD (043810)Lori RileyPublic District2018-02-16
Conotton Valley Union Local SD (047548)Todd HermanPublic District2018-02-12
Constellation Schools: Collinwood Village Academy (012026)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2017-12-19
Constellation Schools: Eastside Arts Academy (012671)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2018-02-05
Constellation Schools: Elyria Community (132969)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2017-12-14
Constellation Schools: Lorain Community Elementary (132951)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2018-02-15
Constellation Schools: Lorain Community Middle (000320)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2018-02-15
Constellation Schools: Madison Community Elementary (000319)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2017-12-20
Constellation Schools: Old Brooklyn Community Elementary (134098)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2018-02-05
Constellation Schools: Old Brooklyn Community Middle (000321)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2018-02-05
Constellation Schools: Parma Community (133256)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2018-02-14
Constellation Schools: Puritas Community Elementary (143479)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2017-12-14
Constellation Schools: Puritas Community Middle (000534)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2017-12-14
Constellation Schools: Stockyard Community Elementary (143487)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2018-01-02
Constellation Schools: Stockyard Community Middle (012025)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2018-01-02
Constellation Schools: Westpark Community Elementary (132993)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2018-02-05
Constellation Schools: Westpark Community Middle (000316)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2017-12-14
Constellation Schools: Westside Community School of the Arts (009149)Rebecca KeeneyCommunity School2017-12-18
Continental Local SD (049320)Danny KissellPublic District2018-02-14
Copley-Fairlawn City SD (049981)Brian PoePublic District2018-03-29
Cornerstone Academy Community School (133439)Natalee LongCommunity School2018-02-14
Cory-Rawson Local SD (047431)Robert HlaskoPublic District2018-02-13
Coshocton City SD (043828)David HirePublic District2018-02-12
Coshocton County (065227)Rick RaachJoint Vocational School District2017-12-27
Coshocton Opportunity School (000598)Roger MooreCommunity School2017-12-13
Coventry Local SD (049999)Lisa BloughPublic District2018-01-16
Covington Exempted Village SD (045336)Gene GoodingPublic District2018-01-05
Crestline Exempted Village SD (045344)Noreen MullensPublic District2018-02-15
Crestview Local SD (046433)Matthew ManleyPublic District2018-02-08
Crestview Local SD (049429)Randy DunlapPublic District2018-02-12
Crestview Local SD (050351)Michael EstesPublic District2017-12-20
Crestwood Local SD (049189)David TothPublic District2018-02-02
Crooksville Exempted Village SD (045351)Matthew SheridanPublic District2018-02-02
Cuyahoga Falls City SD (043836)Todd NicholsPublic District2018-02-14
Cuyahoga Heights Local SD (046557)Tom EvansPublic District2018-02-14
Cuyahoga Valley Career Center (050922)David MangasJoint Vocational School District2018-02-06
Dalton Local SD (050542)James SaxerPublic District2018-02-20
Danbury Local SD (048934)Daniel ParentPublic District2017-12-13
Danville Local SD (047837)Jason SnivelyPublic District2017-12-20
Darke County ESC (046615)Mike GrayEducational Service Center2018-02-09
Dawson-Bryant Local SD (047928)Steve EasterlingPublic District2017-12-19
Dayton Business Technology High School (008283)Greg StoneCommunity School2018-02-16
Dayton City SD (043844)Elizabeth LolliLarge Urbans2018-02-14
Dayton Early College Academy Inc (009283)Judy HennesseyCommunity School2018-03-07
Dayton Leadership Academies-Dayton View Campus (133454)Tess Mitchner AsinjoCommunity School2018-02-20
Dayton Leadership Academies-Early Learning Academy (133959)Tess Mitchner AsinjoCommunity School2018-02-15
Dayton Regional STEM School (011506)Robin FisherCommunity School2018-03-06
Dayton SMART Elementary School (014149)Genesis HendersonCommunity School2018-02-14
DECA PREP (012924)Judy HennesseyCommunity School2018-03-07
Deer Park Community City SD (043851)Jay PhillipsPublic District2018-01-19
Defiance City SD (043869)Michael StrublePublic District2018-03-16
Delaware Area Career Center (050989)Mary FreemanJoint Vocational School District2018-02-14
Delaware City SD (043877)Paul CraftPublic District2018-02-13
Delphos City SD (043885)Kevin WolfePublic District2018-01-11
Discovery Academy (014188)Noah CampbellCommunity School2018-02-02
Dohn Community (133264)Leando DavenportCommunity School2018-02-02
Dover City SD (043893)Carla BirneyPublic District2018-01-31
Dublin City SD (047027)Todd HoadleyPublic District2018-02-16
Eagle Academy (143552)Julie JacobsCommunity School2017-12-18
Eagle Learning Center (008289)Dean SandwischCommunity School2017-12-14
Early College Academy (000912)Jonathan StevensCommunity School2018-02-13
East Academy (014187)Mark ComanducciCommunity School2018-01-19
East Branch Preparatory Academy (015713)Maureen BusingerCommunity School2018-01-29
East Bridge Academy of Excellence (000938)Wendy RydarowiczCommunity School2017-12-14
East Central Ohio ESC (050260)Randy LucasEducational Service Center2018-02-05
East Cleveland City SD (043901)Myrna CorleyPublic District2018-02-14
East Clinton Local SD (046409)Eric MageePublic District2018-02-16
East Guernsey Local SD (069682)Adam PittisPublic District2018-02-02
East Holmes Local SD (047688)Erik BeunPublic District2017-12-15
East Knox Local SD (047845)Stephen LarcombPublic District2018-02-20
East Liverpool City SD (043919)Randy TaylorPublic District2017-12-15
East Muskingum Local SD (048835)Jill SheridanPublic District2018-03-29
East Palestine City SD (043927)Traci HostetlerPublic District2017-12-27
East Preparatory Academy (014147)Maureen BusingerCommunity School2018-02-01
Eastern Local SD (046037)Michele FilonPublic District2018-02-15
Eastern Local SD (048512)Steve OhlingerPublic District2018-02-14
Eastland-Fairfield Career/Tech (051003)Bonnie HopkinsJoint Vocational School District2017-12-15
Eastwood Local SD (050674)William WelkerPublic District2018-03-29
Eaton Community City SD (043935)Barbara CurryPublic District2018-02-16
Edge Academy (133538)Christina BurchfieldCommunity School2017-12-19
Edgerton Local SD (050617)Kermit RiehlePublic District2018-02-15
Edgewood City SD (046094)Russ FussneckerPublic District2018-02-14
Edison Local SD (046789)Thomas RothPublic District2018-02-14
Edison Local SD (047795)George BeattiePublic District2017-12-28
Edon Northwest Local SD (050625)Anthony StevensPublic District2018-01-31
Educational Academy for Boys and Girls (000779)Estella StephensCommunity School2018-02-16
EHOVE Career Center (051029)Sharon MastroianniJoint Vocational School District2018-01-10
Electronic Classroom Of Tomorrow (133413)Brittny PiersonCommunity School2018-01-02
Elgin Local SD (048413)Bruce GastPublic District2018-02-02
Elida Local SD (045773)Joel MengerinkPublic District2018-01-03
Elmwood Local SD (050682)Tony BortonPublic District2018-01-03
Elyria City SD (043943)Thomas JamaPublic District2018-02-08
Emerson Academy (000577)Alison ForemanCommunity School2018-01-29
Entrepreneurship Preparatory School - Woodland Hills Campus (012031)John McbrideCommunity School2018-03-09
ESC of Lake Erie West (048199)Sandra FrischEducational Service Center2018-02-15
Euclid City SD (043950)Charles SmialekPublic District2018-02-16
Euclid Preparatory School (015712)Heather StevensCommunity School2018-02-14
Evergreen Local SD (047050)James WysePublic District2017-12-20
Fairbanks Local SD (050328)Robert HumblePublic District2018-02-14
Fairborn City SD (043968)Mark NorthPublic District2018-02-14
Fairborn Digital Academy (149088)Dorothy MeadeCommunity School2018-02-05
Fairfield City SD (046102)Billy SmithPublic District2017-12-15
Fairfield County ESC (046839)Marie WardEducational Service Center2018-01-23
Fairfield Local SD (047621)William GarrettPublic District2018-01-10
Fairfield Union Local SD (046870)Chad BelvillePublic District2018-02-06
Fairland Local SD (047936)Roni HayesPublic District2018-03-15
Fairlawn Local SD (049775)Jeffrey HobbsPublic District2017-12-13
Fairless Local SD (049841)Broc BidlackPublic District2018-02-15
Fairport Harbor Exempted Village SD (045369)Domenic PaoloPublic District2018-02-07
Fairview Park City SD (043976)William WagnerPublic District2018-02-06
Fayette Local SD (047068)Erik BelcherPublic District2018-02-05
Fayetteville-Perry Local SD (046045)James BradyPublic District2018-02-16
Federal Hocking Local SD (045914)George WoodPublic District2017-12-18
Field Local SD (049197)David HeflingerPublic District2018-03-20
Findlay City SD (043984)Edward KurtPublic District2018-02-14
Findlay Digital Academy (000402)Rosemary RookerCommunity School2017-12-27
Finneytown Local SD (047332)Theresa NoePublic District2018-02-12
Firelands Local SD (048157)Michael Von GuntenPublic District2018-01-31
Flex High School (015237)William ToomeyCommunity School2018-02-02
Focus Learning Academy of Northern Columbus (142943)Abdirizak FarahCommunity School2018-02-14
Focus Learning Academy of Southeastern Columbus (142935)Krisha BaxterCommunity School2017-12-18
Focus Learning Academy of Southwest Columbus (142927)Donnie MusickCommunity School2018-02-15
Focus North High School (012529)Kathy WilliamsCommunity School2017-12-20
Forest Hills Local SD (047340)Scot PreblesPublic District2018-01-28
Fort Frye Local SD (050484)Stephanie StarcherPublic District2017-12-19
Fort Loramie Local SD (049783)Daniel HollandPublic District2017-12-20
Fort Recovery Local SD (048595)Justin FirksPublic District2018-02-16
Fostoria City SD (043992)Andrew SprangPublic District2018-02-02
Foundation Academy (009192)Sandra Kimani MithiCommunity School2018-02-15
Four County Career Center (050963)Timothy MeisterJoint Vocational School District2018-02-15
Foxfire High School (149328)Todd WhitemanCommunity School2017-12-15
Foxfire Intermediate School (012033)Todd WhitemanCommunity School2018-02-14
Franklin City SD (044008)Michael SanderPublic District2017-12-22
Franklin Local Community School (148932)Jean LahnaCommunity School2017-12-15
Franklin Local SD (048843)Sharon McDermottPublic District2018-01-16
Franklin Monroe Local SD (046649)Jeffrey PatrickPublic District2018-01-05
Franklinton Preparatory Academy (013892)Martin GriffithCommunity School2018-02-15
Frederick Douglass Reclamation Academy (012043)Gamal BrownCommunity School2018-03-09
Fredericktown Local SD (047852)Matthew ChrispinPublic District2018-03-29
Fremont City SD (044016)Jon DetwilerPublic District2018-03-16
Frontier Local SD (050492)Brian RentschPublic District2017-12-19
Gahanna-Jefferson City SD (046961)Steve BarrettPublic District2018-03-31
Galion City SD (044024)James GrubbsPublic District2018-01-05
Gallia County Local SD (065680)Jude MeyersPublic District2018-04-04
Gallia-Jackson-Vinton (062067)Daniel LewisJoint Vocational School District2018-01-12
Gallia-Vinton ESC (125682)Denise ShockleyEducational Service Center2018-02-02
Gallipolis City SD (044032)Craig WrightPublic District2018-03-29
Garaway Local SD (050278)James MilletPublic District2018-02-16
Garfield Heights City SD (044040)Terrance OlszewskiPublic District2017-12-14
Geauga County Educational Service Center (047159)Jennifer FelkerEducational Service Center2018-02-05
Geneva Area City SD (044057)Eric KujalaPublic District2018-03-29
Genoa Area Local SD (048942)Michael FergusonPublic District2018-02-26
George V Voinovich Reclamation Academy (012042)Gamal BrownCommunity School2018-02-20
Georgetown Exempted Village SD (045377)Christophe BurrowsPublic District2018-04-03
Gibsonburg Exempted Village SD (045385)Tim MurrayPublic District2018-02-02
Girard City SD (044065)David CappuzzelloPublic District2018-02-02
Glass City Academy (000131)Stewart JesseCommunity School2017-12-14
Global Ambassadors Language Academy (015737)Meren RogersCommunity School2017-12-15
Global Impact STEM Academy (013930)Joshua JenningsCommunity School2018-03-06
Global Village Academy (012558)Oleh HolowatyjCommunity School2018-02-02
Goal Digital Academy (149047)Patricia JenkinsCommunity School2018-02-02
Goshen Local SD (046342)Darrell EdwardsPublic District2018-03-16
Graham Local SD (046193)Kirk KoenneckePublic District2018-03-29
Graham School (133421)Eileen MeersCommunity School2018-02-06
Grand Valley Local SD (045864)William NyePublic District2018-02-09
Grandview Heights SD (044073)Andy CulpPublic District2018-04-04
Granville Exempted Village SD (045393)Jeffrey BrownPublic District2018-03-19
Great Oaks Career Campuses (051060)Harry SnyderJoint Vocational School District2017-12-19
Great Western Academy (143198)Kathryn KountzCommunity School2018-02-02
Greater Ohio Virtual School (000282)Shawn LenneyCommunity School2017-12-19
Green Inspiration Academy (134197)April HartCommunity School2018-02-14
Green Local SD (050013)Jeffrey MillerPublic District2018-02-15
Green Local SD (050559)Dean FrankPublic District2017-12-13
Greene County ESC (047233)Terry Graves-StrieterEducational Service Center2018-02-12
Greeneview Local SD (047266)Isaac SeeversPublic District2018-02-12
Greenfield Exempted Village SD (045401)James WillsPublic District2018-02-15
Greenon Local SD (046235)Brad SilvusPublic District2018-02-08
Greenville City SD (044099)Douglas FriesPublic District2018-01-26
Groveport Community School (008287)Dair FosterCommunity School2018-02-14
Hamilton City SD (044107)Tony OrrPublic District2018-02-14
Hamilton Cnty Math and Science (143602)Dwan MooreCommunity School2018-03-16
Hamilton Local SD (046953)Mark TylerPublic District2018-03-31
Hardin Community School (011324)Wade MeltonCommunity School2018-02-01
Hardin Northern Local SD (047498)Jeff PricePublic District2018-03-29
Hardin-Houston Local SD (049791)Larry ClaypoolPublic District2018-02-07
Harrisburg Pike Community School (009954)Dreama CarrollCommunity School2018-02-14
Harrison Hills City SD (045245)Dana SniderPublic District2018-03-16
Harvard Avenue Performance Academy (008286)Jessica HurseyCommunity School2018-02-14
Heath City SD (044115)Trevor ThomasPublic District2018-02-15
Heir Force Community School (000613)Darwin LoftonCommunity School2018-02-14
Hicksville Exempted Village SD (045419)Keith CountrymanPublic District2018-02-14
Highland Local SD (048496)Catherine AukermanPublic District2018-02-15
Highland Local SD (048801)Daniel FreundPublic District2018-01-04
Hilliard City SD (047019)John MarschhausenPublic District2018-02-15
Hillsboro City SD (044123)Tim DavisPublic District2018-02-14
Hillsdale Local SD (045823)Steven DickersonPublic District2018-04-02
Holgate Local SD (047571)Kelly MeyersPublic District2018-02-07
Hope Academy Northcoast (142968)Mark ComanducciCommunity School2018-01-16
Hope Academy Northwest Campus (000575)Mark ComanducciCommunity School2018-01-16
Hope Learning Academy of Toledo (014091)Daniel LavalleyCommunity School2017-12-19
Hopewell-Loudon Local SD (049700)Dave AlvaradoPublic District2018-04-02
Horizon Science Acad Cleveland (133629)Yasar BoraCommunity School2018-03-12
Horizon Science Academy Columbus (133660)Murat EfeCommunity School2017-12-19
Horizon Science Academy Columbus Middle School (009179)Murat EfeCommunity School2018-03-06
Horizon Science Academy Dayton Downtown (011976)Murat EfeCommunity School2018-02-15
Horizon Science Academy Dayton High School (011534)Murat EfeCommunity School2018-02-16
Horizon Science Academy Denison Elementary School (010007)Yasar BoraCommunity School2018-02-15
Horizon Science Academy Elementary School (009990)Murat EfeCommunity School2017-12-18
Horizon Science Academy Lorain (011533)Yasar BoraCommunity School2017-12-15
Horizon Science Academy Toledo (000338)Yasar BoraCommunity School2017-12-15
Horizon Science Academy Youngstown (011986)Yasar BoraCommunity School2018-02-15
Horizon Science Academy-Cincinnati (000804)Murat EfeCommunity School2017-12-15
Horizon Science Academy-Cleveland Middle School (000858)Yasar BoraCommunity School2018-02-14
Horizon Science Academy-Dayton (000808)Murat EfeCommunity School2018-02-15
Horizon Science Academy-Denison Middle School (000838)Yasar BoraCommunity School2017-12-15
Howland Local SD (050161)Kevin SpicherPublic District2018-01-22
Hubbard Exempted Village SD (045427)Raymond SolomanPublic District2018-02-03
Huber Heights City SD (048751)Susan GunnellPublic District2018-02-16
Hudson City SD (050021)Phillip HermanPublic District2018-01-08
Huntington Local SD (049502)Pete RubyPublic District2018-02-15
Huron City SD (044131)Dennis MuratoriPublic District2018-04-04
Imagine Columbus Primary School (014139)Melissa HackettCommunity School2018-02-02
Imagine Hill Avenue (013173)Daphne WilliamsCommunity School2018-04-02
Imagine Leadership Academy (014121)Audrea PettawayCommunity School2018-03-07
Indian Creek Local SD (047803)T.C. ChappelearPublic District2017-12-14
Indian Hill Exempted Village SD (045435)Mark MilesPublic District2018-02-13
Indian Lake Local SD (048082)Robert UnderwoodPublic District2018-01-08
Indian Valley Local SD (050286)Ira WentworthPublic District2018-03-05
Insight School of Ohio (014081)Amanda ConleyCommunity School2018-02-02
Interactive Media and Construction IMAC (000905)Deborah FranklinCommunity School2018-02-14
International Acad Of Columbus (143172)Mouhamed TaraziCommunity School2018-02-02
Invictus High School (133835)Dean MankeCommunity School2018-01-09
Ironton City SD (044149)William NancePublic District2018-02-14
iSTEM Geauga Early College High School (015329)Tamee TuckerCommunity School2018-02-14
Jackson Center Local SD (049809)William ReichertPublic District2018-01-09
Jackson City SD (044156)Phillip HowardPublic District2018-01-23
Jackson Local SD (049858)Christopher DiloretoPublic District2018-01-05
Jackson-Milton Local SD (048322)Kirk BakerPublic District2017-12-18
James A Garfield Local SD (049205)Ted LysiakPublic District2018-04-03
Jefferson Area Local SD (045872)John MontanaroPublic District2018-02-14
Jefferson County (051128)Todd PhillipsonJoint Vocational School District2017-12-21
Jefferson County ESC (047779)Chuck KokikoEducational Service Center2018-02-05
Jefferson Local SD (048256)William MullettPublic District2018-02-08
Jefferson Township Local SD (048686)Richard GatesPublic District2018-04-03
Jennings Local SD (049338)Nicholas LanghalsPublic District2018-02-12
Johnstown-Monroe Local SD (047985)Dale DicksonPublic District2017-12-27
Jonathan Alder Local SD (048264)Gary ChapmanPublic District2018-02-16
Joseph Badger Local SD (050179)David BairPublic District2018-01-24
Kalida Local SD (049346)Karl LammersPublic District2018-01-11
Kenston Local SD (047191)Nancy SantilliPublic District2018-03-07
Kent City SD (044164)George JosephPublic District2018-01-11
Kenton City SD (044172)Jennifer PenczarskiPublic District2018-02-14
Kettering City SD (044180)Scott InskeepPublic District2018-02-15
Keystone Local SD (048165)Franco GalloPublic District2017-12-15
Kids Care Elementary (016836)Genesis HendersonCommunity School2018-02-14
King Academy Community School (000576)Andrea MartinezCommunity School2017-12-15
Kings Local SD (050435)Tim AckermannPublic District2018-01-05
KIPP Columbus (009997)Hannah PowellCommunity School2017-12-14
Kirtland Local SD (047878)Bill WadePublic District2018-01-29
Klepinger Community School (009957)Melissa McmanawayCommunity School2018-03-07
Knox County JVSD (051144)Kathy GreenichJoint Vocational School District2018-02-05
L Hollingworth School for Talented and Gifted (010205)Terrence FranklinCommunity School2018-02-02
LaBrae Local SD (050245)Anthony CalderonePublic District2017-12-19
Lake Erie College Preparatory School (013132)Heather StevensCommunity School2018-02-14
Lake Erie International High School (151183)Karen WachterCommunity School2018-02-08
Lake Local SD (049866)Kevin TobinPublic District2018-01-16
Lake Local SD (050690)James WittPublic District2018-02-15
Lakeland Academy Community School (011511)Scott BardallCommunity School2017-12-15
Lakeshore Intergenerational School (014913)Brooke KingCommunity School2018-02-15
Lakeview Local SD (050187)Robert WilsonPublic District2018-01-22
Lakewood City Academy (000942)Terrilynn Bornino-ElwellCommunity School2018-02-05
Lakewood City SD (044198)Jeffrey PattersonPublic District2018-01-05
Lakewood Local SD (047993)Mary AndrewsPublic District2018-02-15
Lakota Local SD (046110)Matt MillerPublic District2018-02-07
Lakota Local SD (049569)Chad CoffmanPublic District2018-02-14
Lancaster City SD (044206)Steven WigtonPublic District2017-12-22
Lawrence County (051185)Stephen DodgionJoint Vocational School District2018-02-14
Lawrence County ESC (047910)Jeff SaundersEducational Service Center2018-02-02
Lebanon City SD (044214)Todd YoheyPublic District2018-04-03
Leetonia Exempted Village SD (045443)Robert MehnoPublic District2018-01-30
Leipsic Local SD (049353)Greg WilliamsonPublic District2018-01-10
Lexington Local SD (049437)James ZiegelhoferPublic District2018-04-02
Liberty Center Local SD (047589)Tod HugPublic District2017-12-18
Liberty Local SD (050195)Joseph NohraPublic District2018-02-20
Liberty Union-Thurston Local SD (046888)Todd OsbornPublic District2018-03-20
Liberty-Benton Local SD (047449)Mark KowalskiPublic District2018-01-22
Licking County ESC (047977)Dale LewellenEducational Service Center2018-01-29
Licking Heights Local SD (048009)Philip WagnerPublic District2018-01-03
Licking Valley Local SD (048017)David HilePublic District2018-01-04
Life Skills Center of Columbus North (008282)Mary Ann SchneiderCommunity School2018-02-15
Life Skills Center of Columbus Southeast (000664)Mary Ann SchneiderCommunity School2018-02-15
Life Skills Center of Dayton (000813)Mary Ann SchneiderCommunity School2018-02-15
Life Skills Center of Elyria (142919)Mary Ann SchneiderCommunity School2018-02-15
Life Skills Center of North Akron (008063)Mary Ann SchneiderCommunity School2018-02-15
Life Skills Center Of Toledo (149302)Mary Ann SchneiderCommunity School2018-02-15
Life Skills Ctr Of Cincinnati (133785)Mary Ann SchneiderCommunity School2018-02-15
Life Skills Ctr Of Youngstown (133801)Mary Ann SchneiderCommunity School2018-02-15
Life Skills High School of Cleveland (013226)Mary Ann SchneiderCommunity School2018-02-15
Life Skills Of Northeast Ohio (151209)Mary Ann SchneiderCommunity School2018-02-15
Lighthouse Community Sch Inc (133389)Daniel TrujilloCommunity School2018-02-16
Lima City SD (044222)Jill AckermanPublic District2018-02-14
Lincoln Park Academy (014065)Mark ComanducciCommunity School2018-01-16
Lincoln Preparatory Academy (133819)Maureen BusingerCommunity School2018-01-29
Lincolnview Local SD (050369)Jeffrey SnyderPublic District2018-02-16
Lisbon Exempted Village SD (045450)Joe SiefkePublic District2018-02-06
Little Miami Local SD (050443)Gregory PowerPublic District2018-01-04
Lockland Local SD (044230)Ted JebensPublic District2018-01-11
Logan Elm Local SD (049080)Timothy WilliamsPublic District2018-03-16
Logan-Hocking Local SD (044248)Monte BainterPublic District2018-02-15
London City SD (044255)Lou KramerPublic District2017-12-21
Lorain City SD (044263)David HardyPublic District2018-02-16
Lorain County JVS (051227)Glenn FairclothJoint Vocational School District2018-02-15
Lorain Preparatory Academy (008000)Erik ThorsonCommunity School2018-02-21
Lordstown Local SD (050203)Terry ArmstrongPublic District2018-01-13
Loudonville-Perrysville Exempted Village SD (045468)Catherine PusterPublic District2018-01-04
Louisville City SD (049874)Michele ShafferPublic District2018-02-12
Loveland City SD (044271)Amy CrousePublic District2017-12-19
Lucas Local SD (049445)Bradley HermanPublic District2018-02-05
Lynchburg-Clay Local SD (047639)Brett JusticePublic District2017-12-19
Mad River Local SD (048702)Chad WyenPublic District2018-02-14
Madeira City SD (044289)Kenji MatsudoPublic District2018-02-02
Madison Avenue School of Arts (009955)Lindsey DayCommunity School2018-03-08
Madison Local SD (046128)Charles PhilpotPublic District2018-02-14
Madison Local SD (047886)Angela SmithPublic District2018-01-18
Madison Local SD (049452)Shelley HilderbrandPublic District2018-03-01
Madison-Champaign ESC (137364)Daniel KaffenbargerEducational Service Center2018-02-14
Madison-Plains Local SD (048272)Timothy DettwillerPublic District2018-04-13
Madisonville SMART Elementary (012513)Genesis HendersonCommunity School2018-02-16
Mahoning Co Career and Tech Ctr (051243)Ronald IarussiJoint Vocational School District2018-02-20
Mahoning County ESC (048280)Ronald IarussiEducational Service Center2018-02-14
Mahoning County High School (009996)Jennifer Whittemore MerrittCommunity School2018-02-08
Mahoning Unlimited Classroom (148999)Douglas HiscoxCommunity School2018-01-04
Main Preparatory Academy (014066)Maureen BusingerCommunity School2018-01-29
Manchester Local SD (000442)Brian RauPublic District2017-12-13
Manchester Local SD (050005)Jim RobinsonPublic District2017-12-19
Mansfield City SD (044297)Brian GarverickPublic District2018-04-11
Mansfield Elective Academy (000396)Deborah FranklinCommunity School2018-02-14
Maple Heights City SD (044305)Charles KeenanPublic District2018-01-02
Mapleton Local SD (045831)Rodney HoptonPublic District2018-01-29
Maplewood Career Center (051391)Randall GriffithJoint Vocational School District2018-02-02
Maplewood Local SD (050211)Perry NicholasPublic District2018-01-18
Margaretta Local SD (046805)Dennis MockPublic District2018-02-09
Mariemont City SD (044313)Steven EsteppPublic District2018-02-13
Marietta City SD (044321)William HamptonPublic District2018-02-16
Marion City SD (044339)Stephen FujjiPublic District2018-02-15
Marion Local SD (048553)Michael PohlmanPublic District2018-02-15
Maritime Academy of Toledo (000770)Thomas ShaferCommunity School2018-03-09
Marlington Local SD (049882)Joseph KnollPublic District2018-02-15
Marshall High School (132803)Karen WachterCommunity School2017-12-14
Martins Ferry City SD (044347)Jim FoglePublic District2017-12-19
Marysville Exempted Village SD (045476)Diane MankinsPublic District2017-12-21
Mason City SD (050450)Gail Kist-KlinePublic District2018-02-15
Mason Run High School (012037)Karen WachterCommunity School2018-02-09
Massillon City SD (044354)Richard GoodrightPublic District2018-03-31
Massillon Digital Academy Inc (149427)Richard GoodrightCommunity School2018-03-14
Mathews Local SD (050153)Lewis LoweryPublic District2017-12-15
Maumee City SD (044362)Todd CramerPublic District2018-01-05
Mayfield City SD (044370)Keith KellyPublic District2018-04-04
Maysville Local SD (048850)Ruth ZitnikPublic District2018-02-15
McComb Local SD (047456)Tony FenstermakerPublic District2017-12-13
McDonald Local SD (050229)Kevin O'ConnellPublic District2018-02-15
Mechanicsburg Exempted Village SD (045484)Danielle ProhaskaPublic District2018-03-16
Medina City SD (044388)Aaron SablePublic District2017-12-21
Medina County ESC (048454)William KoranEducational Service Center2018-02-06
Meigs Local SD (048520)Scot GheenPublic District2018-01-16
Menlo Park Academy (000318)Stacy StuhldreherCommunity School2018-03-07
Mentor Exempted Village SD (045492)William PorterPublic District2018-02-09
Metro Early College High School (012391)Meka PaceCommunity School2017-12-27
Metro Institute of Technology (014877)Meka PaceCommunity School2017-12-27
Miami County ESC (048603)Thomas DunnEducational Service Center2018-02-12
Miami East Local SD (048629)Todd RappoldPublic District2017-12-21
Miami Trace Local SD (046920)David LewisPublic District2018-01-10
Miami Valley Academies (132944)Wendy RydarowiczCommunity School2017-12-14
Miami Valley Career Tech (051284)Nicholas WeldyJoint Vocational School District2018-01-12
Miamisburg City SD (044396)David VailPublic District2018-02-13
Miamisburg Secondary Academy (000360)Gregory WhiteheadCommunity School2018-03-08
Mid-East Career and Technology Centers (051300)Richard HallJoint Vocational School District2018-02-16
Mid-Ohio ESC (123521)Linda KellerEducational Service Center2018-02-06
Middlebury Academy (134213)Maureen BusingerCommunity School2018-01-29
Middletown City SD (044404)Marlon StylesPublic District2018-02-05
Middletown Fitness and Prep Acad (143214)Bryan WagonerCommunity School2018-02-14
Midnimo Cross Cultural Community School (000780)Estella StephensCommunity School2018-02-16
Midview Local SD (048173)Bruce WillinghamPublic District2018-02-09
Midwest Regional ESC (014777)Scott HowellEducational Service Center2018-02-14
Milford Exempted Village SD (045500)Nancy HousePublic District2017-12-19
Millcreek-West Unity Local SD (050633)Larry LongPublic District2017-12-13
Millennium Community School (133561)Tijuana RussellCommunity School2018-02-13
Miller City-New Cleveland Local SD (049361)Kerry JohnsonPublic District2018-02-14
Milton-Union Exempted Village SD (045518)Brad RitcheyPublic District2018-02-02
Minerva Local SD (049890)Gary ChaddockPublic District2017-12-27
Minford Local SD (049627)Jeremy LitteralPublic District2018-02-14
Minster Local SD (045948)Brenda BoekePublic District2017-12-13
Mogadore Local SD (050039)John KnappPublic District2018-02-16
Mohawk Local SD (050740)Kenneth RatliffPublic District2018-02-14
Monroe Local SD (139303)Philip CagwinPublic District2018-01-23
Monroe Prep Academy (008064)James SinclairCommunity School2018-02-21
Monroeville Local SD (047712)Gaylord MoorePublic District2018-01-16
Montgomery County ESC (048660)Frank DePalmaEducational Service Center2018-02-14
Montpelier Exempted Village SD (045526)Jamison GrimePublic District2018-01-19
Mound Street Health Careers Academy (143131)William CoutsCommunity School2018-02-12
Mound Street IT Careers Academy (143115)William CoutsCommunity School2018-02-12
Mound Street Military Careers Academy (143123)William CoutsCommunity School2018-02-12
Mount Auburn International Academy (010180)Claudia EhrleCommunity School2018-02-16
Mount Gilead Exempted Village SD (045534)Jeffrey ThompsonPublic District2018-01-03
Mount Vernon City SD (044420)William SederPublic District2018-04-03
Mt Healthy City SD (044412)Reva CosbyPublic District2018-02-13
Mt Healthy Preparatory and Fitness Academy (000953)William ConnickCommunity School2017-12-22
Muskingum Valley ESC (125252)David BranchEducational Service Center2018-01-31
Napoleon Area City SD (044438)Stephen FogoPublic District2018-03-29
National Trail Local SD (049270)Jeff ParkerPublic District2018-02-01
Near West Intergenerational School (012030)Brooke KingCommunity School2018-02-16
Nelsonville-York City SD (044446)Charles McClellandPublic District2018-02-15
New Albany-Plain Local SD (046995)Michael SawyersPublic District2018-02-14
New Boston Local SD (044461)Melinda BurnsidePublic District2017-12-13
New Bremen Local SD (045955)Jason SchraderPublic District2018-02-07
New Day Academy Boarding and Day School (000677)Terrance WaltonCommunity School2018-02-15
New Knoxville Local SD (045963)Kimberly WatermanPublic District2017-12-15
New Lebanon Local SD (048710)Greg WilliamsPublic District2018-02-05
New Lexington City SD (044479)Casey CoffeyPublic District2018-02-15
New London Local SD (047720)Bradley RomanoPublic District2017-12-13
New Miami Local SD (046136)Rhonda ParkerPublic District2018-01-25
New Philadelphia City SD (044487)David BrandPublic District2018-02-16
New Richmond Exempted Village SD (045559)Adam BirdPublic District2017-12-14
New Riegel Local SD (049718)David RombachPublic District2017-12-13
Newark City SD (044453)Douglas UtePublic District2018-02-09
Newark Digital Academy (000162)John LutzCommunity School2017-12-14
Newbridge Math and Reading Preparatory Academy (012536)Wendy RydarowiczCommunity School2017-12-14
Newbury Local SD (047217)Michelle MrakovichPublic District2018-03-29
Newcomerstown Exempted Village SD (045542)Jeffery StaggsPublic District2018-02-15
Newton Falls Exempted Village SD (045567)Paul WoodardPublic District2018-02-14
Newton Local SD (048637)Pat McBridePublic District2018-03-29
Niles City SD (044495)Ann Marie ThigpenPublic District2018-01-29
Noble Academy-Cleveland (008278)Yasar BoraCommunity School2017-12-20
Noble Academy-Columbus (008280)Murat EfeCommunity School2017-12-15
Noble Local SD (048900)Daniel LeffingwellPublic District2018-04-04
Nordonia Hills City SD (050047)Joseph ClarkPublic District2018-01-04
North Baltimore Local SD (050708)Ryan DelaneyPublic District2018-02-05
North Bass Local SD (048967)Bart AndersonPublic District2017-12-13
North Canton City SD (044503)Jeff WendorfPublic District2018-02-05
North Central Academy (012054)Brenda LuhringCommunity School2018-02-05
North Central Local SD (050641)William HanakPublic District2018-02-06
North Central Ohio ESC (123257)James LahoskiEducational Service Center2018-02-14
North College Hill City SD (044511)Eugene BlalockPublic District2018-03-30
North Olmsted City SD (044529)Michael ZalarPublic District2018-03-29
North Ridgeville City SD (044537)James PowellPublic District2018-01-29
North Royalton City SD (044545)Gregory GurkaPublic District2018-02-07
North Union Local SD (050336)Richard BairdPublic District2017-12-17
Northeast Ohio College Preparatory School (011923)Heather StevensCommunity School2018-02-01
Northeastern Local SD (046250)John KronourPublic District2018-01-02
Northern Local SD (049056)Thomas PerkinsPublic District2017-12-13
Northmont City SD (048728)Tony ThomasPublic District2018-02-14
Northmor Local SD (048819)Chad RedmonPublic District2017-12-15
Northridge Local SD (048033)Scott SchmidtPublic District2018-02-16
Northwest Local SD (049635)Anthony JenkinsPublic District2018-02-12
Northwest Local SD (049908)Michael ShrefflerPublic District2018-02-14
Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center (124297)Kerri GearhartEducational Service Center2018-02-14
Northwestern Local SD (050575)Jeffrey LaytonPublic District2018-01-31
Northwood Local SD (050716)Gregory ClarkPublic District2018-02-14
Norton City SD (044552)Dana AddisPublic District2018-03-30
Norwalk City SD (044560)George FiskPublic District2018-02-15
Norwayne Local SD (050567)Karen O'HarePublic District2018-02-06
Norwood City SD (044578)Kathy SaboPublic District2018-02-06
Oak Hill Union Local SD (047761)Michael McCoyPublic District2018-02-16
Oak Hills Local SD (047373)Jeff BrandtPublic District2018-02-09
Oakstone Community School (000679)Heather KronewetterCommunity School2017-12-20
Oakwood City SD (044586)Kyle RameyPublic District2018-02-16
Oberlin City SD (044594)David HallPublic District2018-04-04
Ohio College Preparatory School (013253)Heather StevensCommunity School2017-12-14
Ohio Connections Academy (000236)Marie HannaCommunity School2018-02-02
Ohio Hi-Point Career Center (051334)Rick SmithJoint Vocational School District2018-02-06
Ohio Valley ESC (123281)Christopher KeylorEducational Service Center2018-02-11
Ohio Virtual Academy (142950)Kristin StewartCommunity School2018-02-01
Old Brook High School (012038)Karen WachterCommunity School2018-02-05
Old Fort Local SD (049726)Stephen AnwayPublic District2018-02-01
Olentangy Local SD (046763)Mark RaiffPublic District2018-04-02
Olmsted Falls City SD (046573)James LloydPublic District2018-02-05
Ontario Local SD (049478)Lisa CarmichaelPublic District2017-12-14
Orange City SD (046581)Joffrey JonesPublic District2018-02-15
Orion Academy (000559)Taneka SmithCommunity School2018-02-14
Orrville City SD (044610)James RitchiePublic District2018-02-16
Osnaburg Local SD (049916)Todd BoggsPublic District2018-02-14
Otsego Local SD (050724)Adam KochPublic District2018-01-31
Ottawa Hills Local SD (048215)Kevin MillerPublic District2018-01-09
Ottawa-Glandorf Local SD (049379)Don HorstmanPublic District2018-03-29
Ottoville Local SD (049387)Scott MangasPublic District2017-12-13
Painesville City Local SD (044628)Josh EnglehartPublic District2018-02-14
Paint Valley Local SD (049510)Timothy WinlandPublic District2018-02-14
Pandora-Gilboa Local SD (049395)Todd SchmutzPublic District2018-02-05
Par Excellence Academy (000941)Gisele JamesCommunity School2018-03-07
Parkway Local SD (048579)Jeanne OsterfeldPublic District2018-02-15
Parma City SD (044636)Carl HillingPublic District2018-03-30
Patrick Henry Local SD (047597)Thomas TaylorPublic District2018-02-02
Patriot Preparatory Academy (012045)Sean SmithCommunity School2018-02-05
Paulding Exempted Village SD (045575)Kenneth AmstutzPublic District2018-02-15
Penta Career Center - District (051359)Ronald MatterJoint Vocational School District2018-02-13
Perkins Local SD (046813)Jodie HausmannPublic District2018-03-29
Perry Local SD (045781)Alison Van GorderPublic District2018-02-12
Perry Local SD (047902)Jack ThompsonPublic District2018-01-30
Perry Local SD (049924)Scott BeattyPublic District2017-12-21
Perrysburg Exempted Village SD (045583)Thomas HoslerPublic District2018-02-06
Pettisville Local SD (047076)Stephen SwitzerPublic District2018-02-02
Phoenix Academy Community School (000130)Jodi JohnsCommunity School2018-02-16
Pickerington Local SD (046896)Chris BriggsPublic District2018-02-16
Pike County Area (051375)Eric MeredithJoint Vocational School District2018-02-14
Pike-Delta-York Local SD (047084)Ted HaselmanPublic District2018-01-04
Pinnacle Academy (000543)Charlena HuntCommunity School2018-01-25
Piqua City SD (044644)Dwayne ThompsonPublic District2017-12-19
Plain Local SD (049932)Brent MayPublic District2017-12-21
Pleasant Local SD (048421)Jennifer AdamsPublic District2018-03-22
Plymouth-Shiloh Local SD (049460)James MetcalfPublic District2018-02-05
Poland Local SD (048348)David JanofaPublic District2018-03-29
Polaris (050948)Robert TimmonsJoint Vocational School District2018-02-14
Polly Fox Academy Community School (000125)Jodi JohnsCommunity School2018-02-16
Port Clinton City SD (044651)Patrick AdkinsPublic District2018-04-19
Portage Lakes (063495)Ben MooreJoint Vocational School District2018-02-02
Portsmouth City SD (044669)Gary DuteyPublic District2018-02-05
Preble County ESC (049254)Mike GrayEducational Service Center2018-02-15
Preble Shawnee Local SD (049288)Matt BishopPublic District2018-02-01
Princeton City SD (044677)Thomas TuckerPublic District2018-04-03
Promise Academy (000936)Marc AdenCommunity School2018-02-16
Put-In-Bay Local SD (048975)Steven PoePublic District2018-02-01
Putnam County ESC (049304)Jan OsbornEducational Service Center2018-02-15
Pymatuning Valley Local SD (045880)Michael CandelaPublic District2018-02-15
Quaker Digital Academy (000241)Richard VarratiCommunity School2018-02-05
Ravenna City SD (044685)Dennis HonkalaPublic District2018-02-05
REACH Academy (014858)Dawn MilnerCommunity School2018-01-26
Reading Community City SD (044693)Charles LafataPublic District2018-04-02
Regent High School (012036)Karen WachterCommunity School2017-12-14
Revere Local SD (050054)Matthew MontgomeryPublic District2018-02-21
Reynoldsburg City SD (047001)Melvin BrownPublic District2018-02-15
Richard Allen Academy (133736)Michelle ThomasCommunity School2018-01-04
Richard Allen Academy II (143560)Michelle ThomasCommunity School2018-01-04
Richard Allen Academy III (143578)Michelle ThomasCommunity School2018-01-04
Richard Allen Preparatory (133348)Michelle ThomasCommunity School2018-01-04
Richmond Heights Local SD (046599)Renee WillisPublic District2018-01-16
Ridgedale Local SD (048439)Robert BrittonPublic District2018-02-14
Ridgemont Local SD (047506)Dr. Suzanne DarmerPublic District2018-02-13
Ridgewood Local SD (046474)Michael MasloskiPublic District2017-12-21
Ripley-Union-Lewis-Huntington Local SD (046078)James WilkinsPublic District2018-01-02
Rise and Shine Academy (013999)Calvin BurneyCommunity School2018-02-15
Rittman Academy (000640)Kent SmithCommunity School2017-12-18
Rittman Exempted Village SD (045591)James RitchiePublic District2018-02-16
River Gate High School (133488)Wendy RydarowiczCommunity School2017-12-14
River View Local SD (046482)Harry SummersPublic District2018-02-15
Riverdale Local SD (047514)Jeff YoungPublic District2018-02-14
Riverside Academy (133678)Mark ComanducciCommunity School2018-01-24
Road to Success Academy (012040)Gamal BrownCommunity School2018-02-02
Rocky River City SD (044701)Michael ShoafPublic District2018-02-08
Rolling Hills Local SD (047308)Ryan CaldwellPublic District2018-01-10
Rootstown Local SD (049213)Andrew HawkinsPublic District2018-03-29
Ross Local SD (046144)Scott GatesPublic District2018-02-14
Ross-Pike ESC (138222)Stephen MartinEducational Service Center2018-02-16
Rossford Exempted Village SD (045609)Daniel CrepsPublic District2018-01-10
Rushmore Academy (011444)Miles BursonCommunity School2018-02-15
Russia Local SD (049817)Steven RosePublic District2018-02-12
Sandusky City SD (044743)Eugene SandersPublic District2018-02-15
Sandy Valley Local SD (049940)David FischerPublic District2018-02-01
Schnee Learning Center (147231)Todd NicholsCommunity School2017-12-18
Scioto County Career Technical Center (051490)Stan JenningsJoint Vocational School District2018-02-15
Sciotoville (143644)Rick BowmanCommunity School2018-02-15
Sebring Local SD (048355)Antoinette ViscountePublic District2018-01-03
Seneca East Local SD (049684)Laura KagyPublic District2017-12-15
Shaker Heights City SD (044750)Gregory HutchingsPublic District2018-02-16
Shelby City SD (044776)Timothy TarvinPublic District2018-02-16
Sidney City SD (044784)John ScheuPublic District2018-02-15
Solon City SD (046607)Joseph ReganoPublic District2018-02-15
South Central Local SD (047738)Benjamin ChaffeePublic District2018-02-16
South Central Ohio ESC (125658)Sandra MersEducational Service Center2018-02-09
South Point Local SD (047951)Mark A. ChristianPublic District2018-03-01
South Range Local SD (048363)Dennis DunhamPublic District2018-02-12
South Scioto Academy (008281)William ConnickCommunity School2018-02-06
South-Western City SD (044800)William WisePublic District2018-02-15
Southeast Local SD (049221)Robert DunnPublic District2017-12-15
Southeast Local SD (050583)James RitchiePublic District2018-02-15
Southern Local SD (046441)John WilsonPublic District2018-02-04
Southern Local SD (048538)Anthony DeemPublic District2017-12-14
Southern Local SD (049064)Ralph HolbertPublic District2018-02-20
Southern Ohio ESC (046375)Beth JusticeEducational Service Center2018-02-09
Southington Local SD (050237)Rocco NeroPublic District2018-02-15
Southside Academy (012105)Wendy RydarowiczCommunity School2017-12-14
Southwest Local SD (047381)John HamstraPublic District2018-02-15
Spencerville Local SD (045807)Dennis FugePublic District2017-12-13
Springboro Community City SD (050427)Dan SchroerPublic District2018-02-16
Springfield City SD (044818)Robert HillPublic District2018-02-05
Springfield Local SD (048223)Matt GehaPublic District2018-02-07
Springfield Local SD (048371)Thomas YazvacPublic District2017-12-13
Springfield Local SD (050062)Charles SincerePublic District2018-02-14
Springfield Preparatory and Fitness Academy (000510)Bryan WagonerCommunity School2018-02-14
St Bernard-Elmwood Place City SD (044719)Mary Elean WebbPublic District2018-03-22
St Clairsville-Richland City SD (045997)Walter SkaggsPublic District2018-02-16
St Henry Consolidated Local SD (048587)Julie GarkePublic District2018-01-05
St Marys City SD (044727)Howard OvermanPublic District2017-12-20
Stambaugh Charter Academy (000855)Landon Brown IICommunity School2018-02-12
Star Academy of Toledo (009171)Jennifer JoubertCommunity School2018-02-15
Stark College and Career High School (142901)Wendy RydarowiczCommunity School2017-12-14
Stark County ESC (049825)Joe ChaddockEducational Service Center2018-02-09
STEAM Academy of Akron (012627)Nova O'CallaghanCommunity School2018-03-16
STEAM Academy of Dayton (013146)Debra JohnsonCommunity School2018-02-01
Steel Academy (014927)Stephanie EaffordCommunity School2018-02-14
Stepstone Academy (013148)Jim DombroskiCommunity School2018-02-14
Steubenville City SD (044826)Melinda YoungPublic District2018-02-21
Stonebrook Montessori (015239)Jacqueline MillerCommunity School2018-02-14
Stow-Munroe Falls City SD (044834)Tom BrattenPublic District2018-02-15
Strasburg-Franklin Local SD (050294)Cindy BrownPublic District2017-12-13
Streetsboro City SD (049239)Richard DaulbaughPublic District2018-02-06
Strongsville City SD (044842)Cameron RybaPublic District2018-02-13
Struthers City SD (044859)Peter PironePublic District2018-01-09
Sullivant Avenue Community School (009953)Jamie LamaCommunity School2018-02-09
Summit Academy - Toledo (000301)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-02-02
Summit Academy Akron Elementary School (133587)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Akron Middle School (132779)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Alternative Learners Warren Middle and Secondary (000616)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Community School - Cincinnati (000306)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Community School - Dayton (000297)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Community School - Painesville (000629)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Community School Alternative Learners -Xenia (132761)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Community School Alternative Learners-Lorain (133322)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Community School for Alternative Learn-Canton (133306)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Community School-Columbus (000296)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Community School-Parma (000302)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Community School-Warren (000305)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Middle School - Columbus (000610)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy School - Lorain (000609)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Secondary - Akron (000298)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Secondary - Canton (000300)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Secondary - Youngstown (000303)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Secondary School - Middletown (000634)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Transition High School Dayton (000621)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy Transition High School-Columbus (000614)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-10
Summit Academy-Youngstown (000623)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-09
Summit Acdy Comm Schl for Alternative Learners of Middletown (132746)Debra SkulCommunity School2018-01-09
SunBridge Schools (013175)Aaron GrizaniukCommunity School2018-02-14
Swanton Local SD (047092)Chris LakePublic District2018-02-02
Switzerland of Ohio Local SD (048652)Jeffrey GreenleyPublic District2018-04-03
Sycamore Community City SD (044867)Frank ForsthoefelPublic District2018-01-03
Sylvania City SD (044875)Adam FineskePublic District2018-02-14
Symmes Valley Local SD (047969)Darrell HumphreysPublic District2018-02-09
T2 Honors Academy (014904)India FordCommunity School2018-02-02
Talawanda City SD (046151)Kelly SpiveyPublic District2018-01-29
Tallmadge City SD (044883)Jeffrey FergusonPublic District2017-12-14
Teays Valley Local SD (049098)Robin HalleyPublic District2018-02-02
Tecumseh Local SD (046243)Norm GlismannPublic District2018-02-12
The Autism Academy Of Learning (143297)James JonesCommunity School2018-01-19
The Capella Institute (151191)April HartCommunity School2017-12-18
The Haley School (013082)Constance WilliamsCommunity School2017-12-27
The Richland School of Academic Arts (011967)Sandra SutherlandCommunity School2018-02-06
Three Rivers Local SD (047399)Craig HockenberryPublic District2018-02-16
Tiffin City SD (044891)Gary BarberPublic District2018-01-11
Tipp City Exempted Village SD (045617)Gretta KumpfPublic District2018-02-06
Toledo City SD (044909)Romules DurantLarge Urbans2018-03-16
Toledo Preparatory and Fitness Academy (000951)Bryan WagonerCommunity School2018-02-14
Toledo School For The Arts (133942)Douglas MeadCommunity School2018-02-12
Toledo SMART Elementary School (014864)Jessica MolinaCommunity School2018-02-12
Tolles Career and Technical Center (063511)Emmy BeesonJoint Vocational School District2018-01-03
Tomorrow Center (148981)Jamie ByrneCommunity School2018-02-15
Toronto City SD (044917)Maureen TaggartPublic District2018-02-02
Townsend North Community School (012867)Peter BartkowiakCommunity School2018-02-15
Towpath Trail High School (133868)Karen WachterCommunity School2017-12-15
Treca Digital Academy (143305)Adam ClarkCommunity School2018-02-14
Tri State Early College STEM School (015344)Jayshree ShahCommunity School2017-12-18
Tri-County Career Center (051607)William WittmanJoint Vocational School District2018-01-25
Tri-County North Local SD (091397)William DerringerPublic District2018-02-06
Tri-Rivers (065268)Charles SpeelmanJoint Vocational School District2018-02-14
Tri-Valley Local SD (048876)Mark NealPublic District2017-12-19
Tri-Village Local SD (046680)Josh SagesterPublic District2018-01-29
Triad Local SD (046201)Chris PiperPublic District2018-03-16
Trimble Local SD (045922)Scott ChristmanPublic District2018-02-14
Triway Local SD (050591)Nathan SchindewolfPublic District2018-01-18
Trotwood-Madison City SD (048694)Kevin BellPublic District2018-02-06
Troy City SD (044925)Eric HermanPublic District2018-02-12
Trumbull County ESC (050088)Michael HanshawEducational Service Center2018-02-16
Tuscarawas Valley Local SD (050302)Mark MurphyPublic District2017-12-15
Tuslaw Local SD (049957)Melissa MarconiPublic District2018-01-25
Twin Valley Community Local SD (049296)Robert FischerPublic District2018-01-22
Twinsburg City SD (050070)Kathryn PowersPublic District2018-01-22
U S Grant (062802)Lisa Tuttle-HuffJoint Vocational School District2018-02-05
Union Local SD (046011)Ben PorterPublic District2018-02-14
Union-Scioto Local SD (049536)Matt ThornsberryPublic District2018-02-16
United Local SD (046458)Lance HostetlerPublic District2018-01-05
United Preparatory Academy (014467)Andrew BoyCommunity School2018-01-30
University Academy (014063)Mark ComanducciCommunity School2018-01-24
University of Cleveland Preparatory School (012541)Heather StevensCommunity School2018-02-14
Upper Arlington City SD (044933)Paul ImhoffPublic District2018-01-04
Upper Sandusky Exempted Village SD (045625)Laurie VentPublic District2018-02-12
Upper Scioto Valley Local SD (047522)Miklos KisPublic District2018-02-27
Upper Valley Career Center (062125)Nancy LuceJoint Vocational School District2017-12-15
Urban Early College Network (015714)Gamal BrownCommunity School2018-03-15
Urbana City SD (044941)Charles ThielPublic District2017-12-14
Utica Shale Academy of Ohio (014830)Mark FurdaCommunity School2018-03-13
Valley Local SD (049643)Jeffrey RolfePublic District2018-02-15
Valley STEM and ME2 Academy (014943)Mara BanfieldCommunity School2018-03-12
Van Buren Local SD (047464)Timothy MyersPublic District2018-02-16
Van Wert City SD (044966)Staci KaufmanPublic District2018-02-07
Vandalia-Butler City SD (044958)Robert O'LearyPublic District2018-01-03
Vanlue Local SD (047472)Traci ConleyPublic District2017-12-14
Vantage Career Center (051672)Rick TurnerJoint Vocational School District2018-02-12
Vermilion Local SD (046821)Philip PempinPublic District2018-03-29
Versailles Exempted Village SD (045633)Aaron MoranPublic District2018-01-16
Village Preparatory School (011291)John McBrideCommunity School2018-02-16
Village Preparatory School Willard (015722)John McBrideCommunity School2018-02-15
Village Preparatory School: Woodland Hills Campus (013034)Christopher O'BrienCommunity School2018-02-16
Vinton County Local SD (050393)Rick BrooksPublic District2017-12-20
Wadsworth City SD (044974)Andrew HillPublic District2018-02-07
Walnut Township Local SD (046904)Randall CotnerPublic District2018-02-16
Wapakoneta City SD (044982)Keith HornerPublic District2018-04-03
Warren City SD (044990)Steve ChiaroPublic District2018-02-15
Warren County ESC (050401)Tom IsaacsEducational Service Center2018-01-18
Warren County Vocational School (051474)Rick SmithJoint Vocational School District2017-12-14
Warren Local SD (050500)Kyle NewtonPublic District2018-04-02
Warrensville Heights City SD (045005)Donald JollyPublic District2018-01-16
Washington County Career Center (051698)Dennis BlattJoint Vocational School District2018-02-16
Washington Court House City SD (045013)Tom BaileyPublic District2018-02-15
Washington Local SD (048231)Susan HaywardPublic District2018-02-06
Washington Park Community School (133280)Robert HorrocksCommunity School2018-02-01
Washington-Nile Local SD (049650)Donald StricklettPublic District2018-02-14
Wauseon Exempted Village SD (045641)Larry BrownPublic District2018-01-31
Wayne Local SD (050468)Patrick DubbsPublic District2018-02-14
Wayne Trace Local SD (049031)Ben WinansPublic District2017-12-19
Waynesfield-Goshen Local SD (045971)Chris PfisterPublic District2018-01-04
Weathersfield Local SD (050252)Damon DoharPublic District2018-02-14
Wellington Exempted Village SD (045658)Edward WeberPublic District2017-12-28
Wellston City SD (045021)Karen BochPublic District2018-02-14
Wellsville Local SD (045039)Richard BereschikPublic District2018-04-03
West Branch Local SD (048389)Timothy SaxtonPublic District2018-02-15
West Carrollton City SD (045054)Andrea TownsendPublic District2017-12-18
West Central Learning Academy II (151175)Mindy SchulzCommunity School2017-12-14
West Clermont Local SD (046359)Keith KlinePublic District2018-03-16
West Geauga Local SD (047225)Richard MarkwardtPublic District2018-03-29
West Holmes Local SD (047696)William SterlingPublic District2018-02-12
West Liberty-Salem Local SD (046219)Kraig HissongPublic District2018-03-29
West Muskingum Local SD (048884)Chad ShawgerPublic District2018-03-29
West Park Academy (014189)Mark ComanducciCommunity School2018-01-16
West Preparatory Academy (143313)Maureen BusingerCommunity School2018-01-29
Western Brown Local SD (046060)Raegan WhitePublic District2018-02-14
Western Buckeye ESC (134999)Steve ArnoldEducational Service Center2018-02-05
Western Local SD (049155)Brock D. BrewsterPublic District2018-03-29
Western Reserve Local SD (047746)Rodge WilsonPublic District2018-02-02
Western Reserve Local SD (048397)Douglas McglynnPublic District2018-02-08
Westerville City SD (045047)John KelloggPublic District2018-01-23
Westfall Local SD (049106)Lynn LandisPublic District2018-02-14
Westlake City SD (045062)Scott GogginPublic District2018-03-16
Westside Academy (000875)Heather O'BannonCommunity School2018-02-02
Westwood Preparatory Academy (015741)Leigh KingCommunity School2018-02-01
Wheelersburg Local SD (049668)Mark KnappPublic District2018-01-31
Whitehall City SD (045070)Brian HamlerPublic District2018-02-01
Whitehall Preparatory and Fitness Academy (000509)Bryan WagonerCommunity School2018-02-14
Wickliffe City SD (045088)Joseph SpicciaPublic District2018-02-16
Wildwood Environmental Academy (000222)Elizabeth LewinCommunity School2018-02-14
Willard City SD (045096)Jeff RitzPublic District2018-02-15
Williamsburg Local SD (046367)Matthew EarleyPublic District2018-03-30
Wilmington City SD (045112)Melinda McCarty-StewartPublic District2018-02-14
Windham Exempted Village SD (045666)Gregory IslerPublic District2018-02-13
Wings Academy 1 (000736)DeShawn KingCommunity School2018-02-15
Wings Academy 2 (000738)DeShawn KingCommunity School2018-02-15
Winterfield Venture Academy (000546)Nathan PrestonCommunity School2017-12-27
Winton Preparatory Academy (014064)Maureen BusingerCommunity School2018-01-29
Winton Woods City SD (044081)Anthony SmithPublic District2018-02-16
Wood County ESC (050666)Kyle KanuckelEducational Service Center2018-01-17
Woodmore Local SD (049577)Tim RettigPublic District2018-04-02
Woodridge Local SD (049973)Walter DavisPublic District2018-01-17
Wooster City SD (045120)Michael TefsPublic District2018-01-30
Worthington City SD (045138)Trent BowersPublic District2018-03-20
Wynford Local SD (046524)Frederick FoxPublic District2018-02-16
Wyoming City SD (045146)Susan LangPublic District2018-02-02
Xenia Community City SD (045153)Gabriel LoftonPublic District2018-02-15
Youngstown Academy of Excellence (007984)Jennifer HuttonCommunity School2018-02-14
Youngstown City SD (045161)Joe MerantoPublic District2018-02-15
Youngstown Community School (134072)Rachael SmithCommunity School2018-01-08
Zane Trace Local SD (049544)Jerry MoweryPublic District2017-12-19
Zanesville City SD (045179)Doug BakerPublic District2018-02-02
Zanesville Community School (009148)Jeffrey MooreCommunity School2018-02-05
Zenith Academy (000725)Ashfaq TashfeenCommunity School2018-02-05
Zenith Academy East (012009)Ashfaq TashfeenCommunity School2018-02-05
Zenith Academy West (015234)Asheer TashfeenCommunity School2018-02-06