Restraint and Seclusion Non-Responding Dashboard

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Restraint and Seclusion Incident Reporting
Non-Responding IRNs

IRN Type Invitation Count Submitted
Public District 603 487
Large Urban 8 5
JVSDs 49 42
ESCs 51 41
State Supported 2 2
Community School 325 242
STEM School 7 5
Total for All IRNs 1,038 824
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All Districts with NO District Information Submitted (221 of 1,038)

District/School (IRN)IRN TypeSuperintendentSuperintendent Email
Academy for Urban Scholars Youngstown (013249)Community SchoolPamela
Academy of Educational Excellence (013195)Community SchoolSonya
Ada Exempted Village SD (045187)Public DistrictMeri
Akron Career Tech High School (019427)Community SchoolWendy
Albert Einstein Academy for Letters Arts and Sciences Ohio (013994)Community SchoolSteven
Amanda-Clearcreek Local SD (046847)Public DistrictJames
Ashland City SD (043505)Public DistrictDouglas
Ashland County Community Academy (009971)Community SchoolShannon
Barberton City SD (043539)Public DistrictJeffrey
Beachwood City SD (043554)Public DistrictRobert
Beaver Local SD (046425)Public DistrictEric
Bellaire Local SD (043570)Public DistrictDarren
Bellefontaine City SD (043588)Public DistrictBrad
Belmont-Harrison (050856)Joint Vocational School DistrictRichard
Boardman Local SD (048306)Public DistrictTimothy
Broadway Academy (012684)Community SchoolSherree
Brown Local SD (046177)Public DistrictMark
Buckeye Community School - London (019441)Community SchoolSteve
Buckeye Community School - Marion (019442)Community SchoolSteve
Buckeye Local SD (045856)Public DistrictPatrick
Buckeye Local SD (047787)Public DistrictKim
Bucyrus City SD (043687)Public DistrictMatthew
Butler Technology and Career Development Schools (050880)Joint Vocational School DistrictJon
Cambridge City SD (043695)Public DistrictDaniel
Canton City SD (043711)Large UrbansJeff
Canton College Preparatory School (013255)Community SchoolHeather
Canton Local SD (049833)Public DistrictSteve
Capital High School (012044)Community SchoolGamal
Cardington-Lincoln Local SD (048793)Public DistrictBrian
Central High School (012041)Community SchoolGamal
Central Point Preparatory Academy (019199)Community SchoolSalim
Cesar Chavez College Preparatory School (010036)Community SchoolEstella
Charles School at Ohio Dominican University (007999)Community SchoolGreg
Chillicothe City SD (043745)Public DistrictDeborah
Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy (133512)Community SchoolGuyton
Clark County ESC (046227)Educational Service CenterDaniel
Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy (007995)Community SchoolIteisha
Cleveland Preparatory Academy (013199)Community SchoolIteisha
Columbus Bilingual Academy-North (011468)Community SchoolSalim
Columbus City SD (043802)Large UrbansTalisa
Columbus Humanities Arts and Technology Academy (000553)Community SchoolSalim
Constellation Schools: Old Brooklyn Community Elementary (134098)Community SchoolRebecca
Cornerstone Academy Community School (133439)Community SchoolLuis
Dampe Community School (017212)Community SchoolLeando
Dayton Business Technology High School (008283)Community SchoolAnthony
Dayton Career Tech High School (019426)Community SchoolWendy
Dayton City SD (043844)Large UrbansElizabeth
Dayton Early College Academy Inc (009283)Community SchoolDavid
Dayton SMART Elementary School (014149)Community SchoolGenesis
DECA PREP (012924)Community SchoolDavid
Delaware City SD (043877)Public DistrictHeidi
Dohn Community (133264)Community SchoolLeando
Eagle Charter Schools of Ohio (019533)Community SchoolScott
East Academy (014187)Community SchoolHeather
East Clinton Local SD (046409)Public DistrictEric
East Palestine City SD (043927)Public DistrictChristopher
Eastern Local SD (046037)Public DistrictMichele
Edgerton Local SD (050617)Public DistrictKermit
Educational Academy for Boys and Girls (000779)Community SchoolEstella
Elevated Excellence Academy (000576)Community SchoolLeando
Elida Local SD (045773)Public DistrictJoel
ESC of Central Ohio (046938)Educational Service CenterThomas
Euclid Preparatory School (015712)Community SchoolHeather
Explorers Academy of Science and Technology (019474)Community SchoolKeith
Fairborn City SD (043968)Public DistrictGene
Fairland Local SD (047936)Public DistrictRoni
Fayetteville-Perry Local SD (046045)Public DistrictTimothy
Felicity-Franklin Local SD (046334)Public DistrictDavid
Forest Hills Local SD (047340)Public DistrictScot
Gallia County Local SD (065680)Public DistrictJude
Geneva Area City SD (044057)Public DistrictEric
Gibsonburg Exempted Village SD (045385)Public DistrictDennis
Green Local SD (049619)Public DistrictJodi
Greene County ESC (047233)Educational Service CenterTerry
Greene County Vocational School District (051045)Joint Vocational School DistrictDavid
Greenfield Exempted Village SD (045401)Public DistrictQuincey
Greenville City SD (044099)Public DistrictDouglas
Hamilton Cnty Math and Science (143602)Community SchoolDwan
Hancock County ESC (047407)Educational Service CenterLarry
Hardin Northern Local SD (047498)Public DistrictJeff
Hillsdale Local SD (045823)Public DistrictSteven
Horizon Science Academy Dayton High School (011534)Community SchoolMurat
Horizon Science Academy-Cincinnati (000804)Community SchoolMurat
Huntington Local SD (049502)Public DistrictPete
Indian Hill Exempted Village SD (045435)Public DistrictKirk
Indian Valley Local SD (050286)Public DistrictIra
Intergenerational School (133215)Community SchoolBrooke
Jefferson Area Local SD (045872)Public DistrictJohn
Jonathan Alder Local SD (048264)Public DistrictGary
Kalida Local SD (049346)Public DistrictKarl
Kelleys Island Local SD (046797)Public DistrictPhillip
Kettering City SD (044180)Public DistrictScott
Kids Care Elementary (016836)Community SchoolGenesis
Lake Erie College Preparatory School (013132)Community SchoolHeather
Lakota Local SD (046110)Public DistrictMatt
Lebanon City SD (044214)Public DistrictJohn Robert
Little Miami Local SD (050443)Public DistrictGregory
Lorain County JVS (051227)Joint Vocational School DistrictGlenn
Loveland City SD (044271)Public DistrictAmy
Mahoning County ESC (048280)Educational Service CenterTraci
Marietta City SD (044321)Public DistrictWilliam
Marlington Local SD (049882)Public DistrictMichael
Martins Ferry City SD (044347)Public DistrictJim
Maysville Local SD (048850)Public DistrictRuth
Middle Bass Local SD (048959)Public DistrictMatthew
Midnimo Cross Cultural Community School (000780)Community SchoolEstella
Milton-Union Exempted Village SD (045518)Public DistrictBrad
Montgomery County ESC (048660)Educational Service CenterShannon
Mt Healthy City SD (044412)Public DistrictValerie
New Boston Local SD (044461)Public DistrictMelinda
New Lexington City SD (044479)Public DistrictCasey
Newton Local SD (048637)Public DistrictPat
Niles Preparatory Academy (019478)Community SchoolJonathan
Noble Local SD (048900)Public DistrictDaniel
North Bass Local SD (048967)Public DistrictMatthew
North Central Ohio ESC (123257)Educational Service CenterJames
North College Hill City SD (044511)Public DistrictEugene
North Dayton School Of Science and Discovery (143529)Community SchoolVictoria
North Ridgeville City SD (044537)Public DistrictRoxann
North Shore High School (019220)Community SchoolRobert
Northridge Local SD (048736)Public DistrictDavid
Northwest Local SD (047365)Public DistrictTodd
Northwest Local SD (049908)Public DistrictDennis
Northwestern Local SD (050575)Public DistrictJeffrey
Northwestern Local SD (046268)Public DistrictJesse
Norwalk City SD (044560)Public DistrictGeorge
Oakwood City SD (044586)Public DistrictKyle
Otsego Local SD (050724)Public DistrictAdam
Ottawa-Glandorf Local SD (049379)Public DistrictDon
Paulding Exempted Village SD (045575)Public DistrictKenneth
Perrysburg Exempted Village SD (045583)Public DistrictThomas
Pleasant Local SD (048421)Public DistrictJennifer
Portsmouth City SD (044669)Public DistrictGary
Princeton City SD (044677)Public DistrictTom
Priority High School (017599)Community SchoolLeando
Putnam County ESC (049304)Educational Service CenterJan
Ravenna City SD (044685)Public DistrictDennis
Reynoldsburg City SD (047001)Public DistrictMelvin
Rittman Academy (000640)Community SchoolKent
River Valley Local SD (048447)Public DistrictAdam
Road to Success Academy (012040)Community SchoolGamal
Rock Hill Local SD (047944)Public DistrictGlenn
Ross-Pike ESC (138222)Educational Service CenterTodd
Rossford Exempted Village SD (045609)Public DistrictDaniel
Russia Local SD (049817)Public DistrictSteven
Scioto Valley Local SD (049130)Public DistrictWesley
Shadyside Local SD (046003)Public DistrictJohn
Shaker Heights City SD (044750)Public DistrictDavid
Shelby City SD (044776)Public DistrictTimothy
South Euclid-Lyndhurst City SD (044792)Public DistrictLinda
South Point Local SD (047951)Public DistrictMark
South Range Local SD (048363)Public DistrictBethany
Southern Local SD (048538)Public DistrictAnthony
Southwest Licking Local SD (048041)Public DistrictKasey
Springfield City SD (044818)Public DistrictRobert
Springfield Local SD (048223)Public DistrictMatt
STEAM Academy of Warrensville Heights (013147)Community SchoolIteisha
Stepstone Academy (013148)Community SchoolJim
Summit Academy - Toledo (000301)Community SchoolEric
Summit Academy Akron Elementary School (133587)Community SchoolEric
Summit Academy Akron Middle School (132779)Community SchoolEric
Summit Academy Alternative Learners Warren Middle and Secondary (000616)Community SchoolEric
Summit Academy Community School - Cincinnati (000306)Community SchoolEric
Summit Academy Community School - Dayton (000297)Community SchoolEric
Summit Academy Community School - Painesville (000629)Community SchoolEric
Summit Academy Community School Alternative Learners -Xenia (132761)Community SchoolEric
Summit Academy Community School Alternative Learners-Lorain (133322)Community SchoolEric
Summit Academy Community School for Alternative Learn-Canton (133306)Community SchoolEric
Summit Academy Community School-Columbus (000296)Community SchoolEric
Summit Academy Community School-Parma (000302)Community SchoolEric
Summit Academy Community School-Warren (000305)Community SchoolEric
Summit Academy Middle School - Columbus (000610)Community SchoolEric
Summit Academy School - Lorain (000609)Community SchoolEric
Summit Academy Secondary - Akron (000298)Community SchoolEric
Summit Academy Secondary - Canton (000300)Community SchoolEric
Summit Academy Secondary - Youngstown (000303)Community SchoolEric
Summit Academy Secondary School - Middletown (000634)Community SchoolEric
Summit Academy Transition High School Dayton (000621)Community SchoolEric
Summit Academy Transition High School-Cincinnati (000608)Community SchoolEric
Summit Academy Transition High School-Columbus (000614)Community SchoolEric
Summit Academy-Youngstown (000623)Community SchoolEric
Summit Acdy Comm Schl for Alternative Learners of Middletown (132746)Community SchoolEric
Sycamore Community City SD (044867)Public DistrictFrank
Tecumseh Local SD (046243)Public DistrictPaula
The Academy for Urban Scholars (012528)Community SchoolPamela
The Brilliance School (013170)Community SchoolMarshall
Tiffin City SD (044891)Public DistrictMichael
Tipp City Exempted Village SD (045617)Public DistrictMark
Tri-Rivers (065268)Joint Vocational School DistrictCharles
Tri-State STEM+M Early College High School (015344)STEMJoshua
Tri-Valley Local SD (048876)Public DistrictMark
Triway Local SD (050591)Public DistrictNathan
Troy City SD (044925)Public DistrictChris
Trumbull Career and Tech Ctr (051631)Joint Vocational School DistrictJason
Trumbull County ESC (050088)Educational Service CenterMichael
Union Local SD (046011)Public DistrictBen
United Preparatory Academy (014467)Community SchoolAndrew
Utica Shale Academy of Ohio (014830)Community SchoolBill
Valley STEM and ME2 Academy (014943)STEMMara
Wapakoneta City SD (044982)Public DistrictAaron
Warren Local SD (050500)Public DistrictKyle
Warren Township Test 2 (888899)Community SchoolChristine
Warren Township Test SD (888999)Public DistrictMelissa
Washington Court House City SD (045013)Public DistrictTom
Waterloo Local SD (049247)Public DistrictShawn
Wayne County JVSD (051714)Joint Vocational School DistrictJohn
Wellsville Local SD (045039)Public DistrictRichard
West Branch Local SD (048389)Public DistrictMary
West Clermont Local SD (046359)Public DistrictNatasha
West Holmes Local SD (047696)Public DistrictJohn
Western Brown Local SD (046060)Public DistrictRaegan
Westfall Local SD (049106)Public DistrictJeffery
Westside Academy (000875)Community SchoolHeather
Wickliffe City SD (045088)Public DistrictJoseph
Williamsburg Local SD (046367)Public DistrictMatthew
Winterfield Venture Academy (000546)Community SchoolDesiree
Winton Woods City SD (044081)Public DistrictAnthony
Wolf Creek Local SD (050518)Public DistrictDouglas
Yellow Springs Exempted Village SD (045674)Public DistrictTerri
Youngstown Preparatory Academy (019450)Community SchoolTimothy
Zanesville Community School (009148)Community SchoolJeffrey
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