Affordable Connectivity Program Data

Affordable Connectivity Program Data

As of Aug-15-2022

Data Source: Cherwell CSM – RemotEDx Connectivity Champions 
Category: Affordable Connectivity Program

Record Count Maps provides two displays of total engagements. The first is a County view that contains data for the counties with entires as well as participant data in the tooltip.  This map also provides filters for viewing the records by Sub Category and Resolution Type. Additionally, this dataset provides a view of records by zip code with filters for Sub Category.  

Program Participants list those records associated with P-EBT Transfers and Lifeline Participants. Lifeline Participant is filtered to also show % of P-EBT participants.

Sub Category Counts displays the breakdown of data records by sub category and by weeks.

Data page developed for internal use only. 
Contact Edward Hill for questions. 


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