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ELA Teacher Registration

Early Learning Assessment provider list. Enter the zip code for your organization. After locating the organization click on the Register button to submit your information for your Ready for Kindergarten account. If you are with ODJFS, please search for ODJFS.
BIRNSCHOOLNAMEAddressZipSupport Button
000117Adamsville Elementary7950 East St43802 Register
000124Oak Hill Elementary401 Evans St45656 Register
000163Hampton Bennett150 E 6th St45005 Register
000190Buckeye West Elementary243 N Mill St43901 Register
000231Unioto Elementary138 Sandusky Blvd45601 Register
000242North Union Elementary420 Grove St43344 Register
000274Clear Fork Valley Preschool92 Hines Ave44813 Register
000336Sands Montessori940 Poplar St45214 Register
000345Elmwood Elementary7650 Jerry City Rd44817 Register
000350Granger Elementary3940 Ridge Rd44256 Register
000352McKinley Elementary925 Chatfield Rd43302 Register
000356Genoa Elementary2820 N Genoa Clay Center Rd43430 Register
000382Crestwood Primary Elementary11256 Bowen Rd44255 Register
000384Chieftain Elementary28296 Chieftain Dr43138 Register
000385Hocking Hills Elementary19197 State Route 664 S43138 Register
000387Central Elementary445 N Market St43138 Register
000389Lakeshore Primary Elementary755 Chestnut St44030 Register
000398(Wiseman) Allen Elementary174 Plyleys Ln45601 Register
000398(Good) Allen Elementary174 Plyleys Ln45601 Register
000400Mapleton Elementary2 Mountie Dr44805 Register
000406Allen Elementary1326 Sherrick Rd SE44707 Register
000429Jackson Westview Elementary16349 Beaver Pike45640 Register
000451Manchester Elementary130 Wayne Frye Dr45144 Register
000455West Elementary57710 US Highway 5045651 Register
000471Sharpsburg Primary Elementary4321 Forest Ave45212 Register
000489Almira Elementary3575 W 130th St44111 Register
000505Alton Hall Elementary1000 Alton Rd43119 Register
000526Mad River Early Childhood Cent Elementary801 Harshman Rd45431 Register
000547Amanda Elementary1300 Oxford State Rd45044 Register
000547Amanda Elementary1300 Oxford State Rd45044 Register
000596Amelia Elementary5 E Main St45102 Register
000620Amesville Elementary23 Main Street45711 Register
000653Amity Elementary4320 E Galbraith Rd45236 Register
000683ACC4255 Northfield Rd44128 Register
000711Pymatuning Valley Primary Elementary5571 U.S. Route 644003 Register
000711Pymatuning Valley Primary Elementary5571 U.S. Route 644003 Register
000828Anton Grdina2955 E 71st St44104 Register
000836Antwerp Local Elementary303 S. Harrmann Rd45813 Register
000878Slate Ridge Elementary10466 Taylor Rd SW43068 Register
000885Arcadia Elementary19033 State Route 1244804 Register
000927Archbold Elementary500 Lafayette St43502 Register
001008Arlington Park Elementary2400 Mock Rd43219 Register
001057Arthur Road Elementary33425 Arthur Rd44139 Register
001073Asbury Elementary5127 Harbor Blvd43125 Register
001107Buckeye Valley East Elementary522 E High Street43003 Register
001230Timmons Elementary9595 E Washington St44023 Register
001255Oakwood Elementary309 N First Street45873 Register
001271Augusta Elementary3117 Aurora Rd NE44615 Register
001321Austinburg Elementary3030 State Route 30744010 Register
001412Ayersville Elementary28046 Watson Rd43512 Register
001438Babeck Elementary100 Maple Ave45067 Register
001537Barber CLC Elementary665 Garry Rd44305 Register
001594Barnesville Elementary210 W Church St43713 Register
001669Bascom Elementary1015 N Leavitt Rd44430 Register
001685Bataan Primary Elementary575 W 6th St43452 Register
001693Batavia Elementary215 Broadway St45103 Register
001735Bath Elementary1246 N Cleveland Massillon Rd44333 Register
001875Beallsville Elementary43824 St Rt 55643716 Register
001875Beallsville Elementary43824 St Rt 55643716 Register
002055WW Primary North Elementary73 Junefield Ave45218 Register
002352Gearity School Elementary2323 Wrenford Rd44118 Register
002394Bennett Intermediate Elementary625 S Main St45356 Register
002493Berne Union Elementary506 N Main St43155 Register
002527Berwick Alternative2655 Scottwood Rd43209 Register
002600Bettes Elementary1333 Betana Ave44310 Register
002857Intermediate Elementary200 S Market Street43136 Register
002980E J Blott Elementary4115 Shady Rd44505 Register
003590Buckeye North Elementary1004 3rd St43913 Register
003848Brookview Elementary14105 Snow Rd44142 Register
004200Pugliese Elementary435 John Scott Hwy Connector43952 Register
004267Paul C Bunn Elementary1825 Sequoya Dr44514 Register
004341Burroughs Elementary School551 S Richardson Ave43204 Register
004424Butternut Elementary26669 Butternut Ridge Rd44070 Register
004432Byesville Elementary212 Main St43723 Register
004630Camden Elementary120 Bloomfield St45311 Register
004838East Palestine Elementary195 W Grant St44413 Register
004879Cardington-Lincoln Elementary121 Nichols St43315 Register
004929Alden R Brown Elementary310 Jamaica Rd45005 Register
005025Dater Montessori Elementary2840 Boudinot Ave45238 Register
005074Case Elementary1393 Westvale Ave44313 Register
005181Cedarwood Alternative3550 S Champion Ave43207 Register
005439ElementaryPK-3 ElementaryOne Flashes Avenue44890 Register
005439Willard ElementaryOne Flashes Avenue44890 Register
005504Davey Elementary196 N Prospect St44240 Register
005678Xenia Preschool Elementary425 Edison Blvd45385 Register
005868Chapelfield Elementary280 Chapelfield Rd43230 Register
006080Cherry Valley Elementary1040 W Main St43055 Register
006577Clearcreek Elementary750 S Main St45066 Register
006775North College Hill Elementary6955 Grace Ave45239 Register
007096Columbus Grove Elementary201 W Cross St45830 Register
007187Conesville Elementary199 State St43811 Register
007245Conotton Valley HS High School7205 Cumberland Rd SW44695 Register
007260Contintental Local Elementary5211 State Route 63445831 Register
007286Coventry High School3089 Manchester Rd44319 Register
007302Coolville Elementary26461 Main Street45723 Register
007609Creekview Elementary4800 Timber Trail Dr45044 Register
007757Cridersville Elementary501 Reichelderfer Road45806 Register
007757Cridersville Elementary501 Reichelderfer Road45806 Register
007773Crim Elementary1020 Scott Hamilton Ave43402 Register
007823Crooksville High School4075 Ceramic Way43731 Register
007823Crooksville High School4075 Ceramic Way43731 Register
007864Crouse CLC1000 Diagonal Rd44320 Register
007948Cuyahoga Hts Elementary4880 E 71st St44125 Register
007981Early Learning Preschool19543 Lunn Rd44149 Register
008284Dawson-Bryant Elementary4503 State Route 24345638 Register
008334Delta Preschool1099 Panther Pride Drive43515 Register
008375Demmitt Elementary1010 E National Rd45377 Register
008474Devonshire Alternative6286 Ambleside Dr43229 Register
008540Joshua Dixon Elementary333 N Middle St44408 Register
008649Dorr Street Elementary1205 King Rd43617 Register
008649Dorr Elemetnary1205 King Rd43617 Register
008805Dueber Elementary815 Dueber Ave SW44706 Register
008839Duncan Falls Elementary397 Oak Street43734 Register
008839Duncan Falls Elementary397 Oak Street43734 Register
008920E A Powell Elementary500 N Main St45872 Register
008933Rosa Parks Elementary1210 S Verity Pkwy45044 Register
008953East Canton Elementary310 Browning Ct N44730 Register
009027East End Elementary769 Rombach Ave45177 Register
009030Abraham Lincoln School6009 Dunham Rd44137 Register
009108Lincoln PK-8 School2253 Atlantic St NE44483 Register
009109Willard Avenue PK-8 School Elementary2020 Willard Ave SE44484 Register
009112Jefferson PK-8 School1543 Tod Ave SW44485 Register
009113McGuffey PK-8 School3465 Tod Ave NW44485 Register
009118Jesse Beer Elementary103 Bahl Ave44905 Register
009119Hayes Elementary16401 Delaware Ave44107 Register
009120Harrison Elemetnary2080 Quail St44107 Register
009128Ridgewood Elementary School Elementary225 W Union Ave43845 Register
009160Jackson Northview Elementary11507 Chillicothe Pike45640 Register
009220Centerville Primary South Elementary8388 Paragon Rd45458 Register
009221Toni Wofford Morrison Elementary1830 40th St44052 Register
009241East Elementary470 Fair Ave NE44663 Register
009407Waverly Primary Elementary7 Tiger Drive45690 Register
009423East Elementary630 Washington Ave43078 Register
009484Coshocton Christian School23891 Airport Rd43604 Register
009487Miami Trace Elementary School Elementary3836 State Route 41 NW43160 Register
009488Fairless Elementary School Elementary12000 Navarre Rd SW44662 Register
009494Chillicothe Preschool101 University Drive45601 Register
009496Hilliard City Preschool Elementary2874 Alton Darby Creek Rd43026 Register
009613Easthaven2360 Garnet Pl43232 Register
009738Eastwood Elementary198 E College St44074 Register
009886Edgerton Elementary111 E River St43517 Register
009968Sandy Valley Elementary5018 State Route 183 NE44643 Register
009986Northside Preschool Elementary215 N 3rd St44621 Register
010002Shawnee Elementary710 Cleveland Rd E Suite A44839 Register
010108Edon Preschool802 W Indiana St43518 Register
010158Spanish Immersion Elementary240 Euclid Ave44903 Register
010174Ansonia Pre-School Methodist600 E Canal St45303 Register
010199Elida High School401 E North St45807 Register
010206Little Panthers ELC300 S State St43764 Register
010236Galion City Schools Preschool478 Portland Way N44833 Register
010238Bryan City Schools Preschool120 S Beech St43506 Register
010238Bryan City Schools Preschool Elementary120 S Beech St43506 Register
010241Houston ES Early Childhood Ctr Elementary3310 Compton Rd45251 Register
010255BCESC Early Learning Center1516 1st Ave45044 Register
010261Red Raider Preschool350 Cedarbrook Dr44077 Register
010263Mississinawa Valley Preschool1469 State Route 47 E45390 Register
010296Centerburg119 S Preston St43011 Register
010365Maddux-Lang Primary School Elementary4010 Crains Run Rd45342 Register
010447Elmwood Place Elementary400 Maple St45216 Register
010728Essex ELP#N/A43604 Register
010781Lorain Co Early Learning Ctr12079 Lagrange Rd44050 Register
010832New Hope11700 Upper Gilchrist Rd43050 Register
010832New Hope Early Ed Center11700 Upper Gilchrist Rd43050 Register
010843Evendale Elementary3940 Glendale Milford Rd45241 Register
010890Kings Highway3805 Kings Hwy45406 Register
010893Perrysburg Center28744 Simmons Rd43551 Register
010909OUC Early Childhood Center101 University Dr45601 Register
011023South Central Elementary3291 Greenwich Angling Rd44837 Register
011106Fairland Preschool10732 State Route 745669 Register
011205Fairmount Early Childhood Center24601 Fairmount Blvd44122 Register
011293Hamilton Local Preschool775 Rathmell Rd43207 Register
011319Northrop Elementary950 East Reagan Parkway44256 Register
011351Honey Locust3299 Prange Dr44223 Register
011387Easter Seals Preschool3830 Trueman Ct43026 Register
011395Valley View Intermediate Elementary64 Comstock St45327 Register
011452Fayetteville-Perry Elementary601 S Apple St45118 Register
011482Fairwood Elementary281 Fair Avenue45011 Register
011483Linden Elementary801 Hoadley Ave45015 Register
011484Ridgeway Elementary267 Wasserman Rd45013 Register
011485Bridgeport Elementary2171 Bridgeport Drive45013 Register
011494Felicity-Franklin Elementary415 Washington Street45120 Register
011577Fields-Sweet Elementary8540 Root Rd44039 Register
011608Cornerstone Christian Academy4255 Ashland Avenue45224 Register
011710Olmsted Falls Early Childhood Elementary7105 Fitch Rd44138 Register
011711Clark Center Elementary1500 W Jefferson St45506 Register
011732Bucyrus Elementary School Elementary245 Woodlawn Ave44820 Register
011748Wapakoneta Elementary900 N Blackhoof St45895 Register
011876Village of Plymouth48 W Broadway St44865 Register
011921Lawrence County EC Academy-Ironton305 N 7th St45638 Register
012096Adena Elementary3367 County Road 55045628 Register
012103GRE Elementary301 S. Miller Drive43074 Register
012245Franklin Elementary1237 16th St SE44646 Register
012340Alice Cogswell Center500 Morse Rd43214 Register
012348Harrison East Elementary410 Normal St43976 Register
012394John Dewey Elementary23401 Emery Rd44128 Register
012419Frazeysburg Elementary120 East 3rd Street43822 Register
012431BCESC Grant Early Learning Center415 Campbell Dr45011 Register
012434Old CNE Primary463 South Broadway45160 Register
012512Smithville Church of God147 N Milton St44677 Register
012518French Run Elementary1200 Epworth Ave43068 Register
012518French Run Elementary1200 Epworth Ave43068 Register
012521Early Learning Elementary936 Eastwind Dr Ste 20043081 Register
012569Glenview Center for Childcare28727 Wolf Rd44140 Register
012584Starlight ECE1330 Newark Rd43701 Register
012617Ft. Jennings Elementary#1 Musketeer Drive45844 Register
012633Fort Loramie Elementary35 Elm Street45845 Register
012637Fairhaven school420 Lincoln Way44446 Register
012647Miller Elementary - PS646 S Chillicothe Rd44202 Register
012648Bradbury - PS39105 Bradbury Rd45760 Register
012648Bradbury Preschool39105 Bradbury Rd45760 Register
012649Defiance Preschool801 S Clinton St43512 Register
012688Kennedy Early Learning Center Preschool34050 Glen Dr44095 Register
012708Evergreen Elementary14844 County Road 643540 Register
012757Furry Elementary310 Douglas Dr44870 Register
012835Dahlberg Gibson Learning Center1915 E Cooke Rd43224 Register
012905VWECC Elementary1120 Buckeye Drive45891 Register
012946David Bacon PS181 Strecker Dr44278 Register
012950RH Studebaker Elementary5950 Longford Rd45424 Register
012963Garfield Elementary200 W 31st St44055 Register
012971Garfield Elementary1600 Lincoln Ave43968 Register
013024Anthony Wayne EC Center4932 Childrens Home Bradford Rd45331 Register
013066Beacon School801 W Union St45701 Register
013074Wynn Center5224 Bayshore Rd43616 Register
013099Riverside of Miami County1625 Troy Sidney Rd45373 Register
013126Early Childhood Learning Ctr Elementary1100 National Rd45315 Register
013166Hills and Dales8919 US Highway 5045133 Register
013192Hopewell School23720 Airport Rd43812 Register
013229Good Samaritan School195 Island Park Ave43512 Register
013230Simon Kenton School705 N Ida St43326 Register
013323DeVilbiss3301 Upton Ave43613 Register
013334Georgian Heights Alternative784 Georgian Drive43228 Register
013387School of Hope1001 Castalia St43420 Register
013425James J Hilfiker Elementary301 S Sunset Ave43431 Register
013572Maysville O TAGS3715 Panther Dr43701 Register
013607Glendale Primary Elementary400 W Glendale St44146 Register
013642Carroll Hills School2167 Kensington Rd NE44615 Register
013643Angeline School11028 County Highway 4443351 Register
013698Glenwood Elementary8950 Avenue Rd43551 Register
013720Dale Roy Early Childhood Cente1256 Center St44805 Register
013721Gallia Co Early Childhood77 Mill Creek Rd45631 Register
013740Chauncey Early-Learning Center21 Birge Drive45719 Register
013797Goldwood Primary Elementary21600 Center Ridge Rd44116 Register
013832Harrison Co Board of DD Presch82480 Cadiz Jewett Rd43907 Register
013862Fayette Elementary400 E Gamble Rd43521 Register
013874Happy Hearts School2505 S Ridge Rd E44004 Register
013875Olney School512 Lemoyne Rd43619 Register
013900Cheryl Ann School4980 Mud Pike Rd45822 Register
014001Walter Kidder Elementary3650 Grafton Rd44212 Register
014011Newberry Elementary2800 13th St44223 Register
014035Graham Elementary9464 US Highway 3643072 Register
014045School of Bright Promise256 John Scott Hwy43952 Register
014046Marie English Early Childhood2387 Harding Hwy E43302 Register
014076Otsego Elementary18505 Tontogany Creek Road43565 Register
014260Washington1100 Broad Ave45840 Register
014324Green Elementary13495 Maysville Williams Rd43138 Register
014332Green Elementary113 Centenary Church Rd45631 Register
014373Green High School4057 Gallia Pike45629 Register
014514Greenfield Elementary200 N 5th St45123 Register
014563Greenmont Elementary1 E Wren Cir45420 Register
014642New London Local LPDC#N/A45331 Register
014654Greenwood Elementary1755 Town Park Boulevard44685 Register
014662Grill Elementary6125 Kungle Rd44216 Register
014720Grover Hill Elementary101 Monroe Street P.O. Box 12545849 Register
014728First Step Preschool and Dayca7700 Malibu Dr44130 Register
014787Gurney Elementary1155 Bell Rd44022 Register
014878South Elementary38234 State Route 9345634 Register
014886Hamersville Elementary1950 St Rt 12545130 Register
014907Summit County Preschool930 W Nimisila Rd44319 Register
014908WSOS Bowling Green Center812 N College Dr43402 Register
015038Rosa Parks3705 Lori Sue Avenue45406 Register
015055Central25 High School Ave44875 Register
015103Portage County Integrated Pres8233 Park Ave44231 Register
015104Tinora Preschool6970 Domersville Rd43512 Register
015105East Elementary Annex4259 N State Route 376 NW43756 Register
015108Flying Colors - Southwest927 South St Unit B43062 Register
015123Harter Elementary317 Raff Rd NW44708 Register
015131Kenton Elementary631 Silver St43326 Register
015195Mayfair5331 Bennett Road43612 Register
015198East Portsmouth Elementary5929 Harding Ave45662 Register
015206Harding Elementary1903 Cordova Ave44504 Register
015239Stonebrook Montessori975 East Blvd44108 Register
015255Harlan-Butlerville Elementary7247 Zoar Road45039 Register
015327Ledgemont Elementary16200 Burrows Rd44086 Register
015347Harris Elementary400 W Market St44303 Register
015578Harvey Rice Elementary2730 East 116th44120 Register
015743Hazel Harvey Elementary165 Brooklyn Ave44230 Register
015826Hebron Elementary709 Deacon Street43025 Register
015933Herberich Elementary2645 Smith Rd44333 Register
015966Heritage Hill Elementary11961 Chesterdale Rd45246 Register
016030Hicksville Preschool958 E High St43526 Register
016188Sam Salem CLC1222 W Waterloo Rd44314 Register
016295Hilliard Elementary24365 Hilliard Blvd44145 Register
016337Hills Elementary707 Wilson Ave43938 Register
016337Hills Elementary707 Wilson Ave43938 Register
016360Independence Primary Elementary7600 Hillside Rd44131 Register
016469Hilton Elementary6812 Mill Rd44141 Register
016550Holgate Preschool801 Joe E Brown Ave43527 Register
016642Wynford Elementary3300 Holmes Center Rd44820 Register
016733South Elementary7900 Werner Ave45231 Register
016782Hopewell Elementary11100 West Pike43746 Register
016782Hopewell Elementary11100 West Pike43746 Register
016899Stewart ELP#N/A45419 Register
017079Ellsworth Hill Elementary7750 Stow Rd44236 Register
017202Enon Primary Elementary120 S Xenia Dr45323 Register
017822James Conger Elementary10 Channing St43015 Register
017897Jasper Elementary3185 Jasper Rd45661 Register
017913Jefferson Elementary4895 Jefferson Ave43947 Register
017970Norwood Elementary899 Norwood Dr43162 Register
018309Harrison North Elementary322 West Main Street43988 Register
018374John E Gregg Elementary212 County Road 75a43908 Register
018390John Foster Dulles Elementary6481 Bridgetown Rd45248 Register
018564Junction City Elementary307 West Poplar Street43748 Register
018747J F Kennedy Elementary5030 Polen Dr45440 Register
019273Knollwood Elementary4975 Oster Rd44054 Register
019547Lake Middle School28100 Lemoyne Rd43447 Register
020024Leawood1677 S Hamilton Rd43227 Register
020065Ledgeview Elementary9130 Shepard Rd44056 Register
020131Leipsic Elementary232 Oak St45856 Register
020289Liberty Center Preschool103 W Young St43532 Register
020776Wickliffe Elementary1821 Lincoln Rd44092 Register
021014Lindbergh2541 Lindbergh Dr43223 Register
021139Buckeye Intermediate Elementary3140 Columbia Rd44256 Register
021162Loveland Early Childhood Cente Elementary6740 Loveland Miamiville Rd45140 Register
021329Longfellow Elementary619 Sandusky St44830 Register
022152Madison South Elementary700 S Illinois Ave44907 Register
022525Maple Dale Elementary6100 Hagewa Dr45242 Register
022558Katherine Thomas Elementary9032 Maple Grove Rd44288 Register
022632Maplehurst Elementary195 Saint Marys St44857 Register
023077Minerva Elementary130 Bonnieview Ave44657 Register
023135Mason CLC700 E Exchange St44306 Register
023143Symmes Valley Elementary14860 State Route 14145696 Register
023374Central Elementary507 Jefferson Ave45651 Register
023531McGregor Elementary2339 17th St SW44706 Register
023705Horace Mann Elementary1215 W Clifton Blvd44107 Register
023804Mckinley Elementary602 Plum St44077 Register
023820McKinley Elementary441 E Chestnut St44432 Register
023929McTigue Elementary5555 Nebraska Ave43615 Register
024018Dohron Wilson Elementary60 High St43044 Register
024398MES Elementary7840 Thomas Dr45243 Register
024521Big Creek Elementary7247 Big Creek Pkwy44130 Register
024547A J Jordak Elementary16000 East High Street44062 Register
024679Edison Elementary140 Main St S44846 Register
024687Miles School13604 Christine Ave44105 Register
024836BL Miller506 W Virginia Ave44672 Register
024869Millersburg Elementary430 E Jackson St44654 Register
025007Tuscarawas Valley Primary8647 1st St NE44656 Register
025072Minford Primary Elementary215 Falcon Road45653 Register
025221Monroe Elementary225 Macready Ave45050 Register
025270Monroe Elementary5000 State Route 38 NW43140 Register
025353Monroeville Elementary101 West St44847 Register
025429Montpelier Preschool1015 E Brown Rd43543 Register
025478KECEC Elementary2600 Holman St45439 Register
025478Kettering ECEC2600 Holman St45439 Register
025502Morgan Elementary3427 Chapel Rd45013 Register
025791Park Avenue Elementary335 Park Ave43338 Register
025841Mt. Logan Elementary841 E Main St45601 Register
025981Munson Elementary12687 Bass Lake Rd44024 Register
026054North Avondale Montessori Elementary615 Clinton Springs Ave45229 Register
026245North Linden1718 E Cooke Rd43224 Register
026286North Nimishillen Elementary7337 Easton St44641 Register
026690New Concord Elementary4 Stormont St43762 Register
026773Dixie Elementary1150 W Main St45345 Register
026864New Miami Elementary606 Seven Mile Ave45011 Register
026914New Richmond Elementary1141 Bethel New Richmond Rd45157 Register
027185Mercer Elementary2600 Bartels Rd45244 Register
027201Circleville Elementary100 Tiger Drive43113 Register
027250Noble Elementary School1293 Ardoon St44121 Register
027516Crestline Preschool401 Heiser Ct44827 Register
027565North High School Childcare Program985 Gorge Blvd44310 Register
027599Martin Luther King Elementary2724 Mariner Ave44505 Register
027631Woodridge Primary Elementary3313 Northampton Rd44223 Register
027656Northeastern High School1480 Bowman Rd45502 Register
027870Northwestern Elementary5780 Troy Rd45502 Register
028290Oakland Park3392 Atwood Ter43224 Register
028423Ohio Ave505 S Ohio Ave43205 Register
028571Trotwood Early Learning Center Elementary4400 N Union Rd45426 Register
028647Onaway Elementary3115 Woodbury Rd44120 Register
028845Buckeye Valley West Elementary61 North 3rd Street43061 Register
028852Otis Elementary718 N Brush St43420 Register
028910Ottawa-Glandorf High School630 Glendale Ave45875 Register
028969Overlook Elementary524 Broad St44281 Register
029090Park Elementary111 Goodrich Ct44024 Register
029181Parkmoor1711 Penworth Dr43229 Register
029322Parkwood Elementary1791 Wilene Dr45432 Register
029520Peebles Elementary700 Indian Dr45660 Register
029546Pemberville Elementary120 W College Ave43450 Register
029579Campbell Elementary2002 Community Cir44405 Register
029611OIP Elementary32000 Chagrin Blvd44124 Register
029678Perry Elementary6975 East Pike43701 Register
029785Pettisville Preschool232 Summit Street43553 Register
029959Pike Elementary4533 Peters Creek Rd43725 Register
030064North Central Preschool400 E Baubice St43554 Register
030312Pleasant Ridge Montessori5945 Montgomery Rd45213 Register
030437Madison Elementary5795 W Alexandria Rd45042 Register
030494Mary L Evans Early Child Ctr Elementary301 Portage St NW44720 Register
030643Powhatan Elementary125 2nd St43942 Register
030916Putman Elementary327 E Baldwin St45107 Register
031211Redwood Elementary32967 Redwood Blvd44012 Register
031401Reynolds Elementary5000 Norwich Rd43615 Register
031641Ridge Middle School7860 Johnnycake Ridge Rd44060 Register
031773Rimer CLC2370 Manchester Rd44314 Register
031781Rio Grande Elementary439 Lake Drive45674 Register
032110Robinson CLC1156 4th Ave44306 Register
032201Rockway Elementary3500 W National Rd45504 Register
032482Spring Hill Elementary660 Lessig Ave44312 Register
032631Rose Hill Elementary760 Rosehill Rd43068 Register
032706Clay Elementary44 Clay High St45662 Register
032821Rowland Elementary4300 Bayard Rd44121 Register
033225Alliance Early Learning School Elementary285 W Oxford St44601 Register
033399Sabina Elementary246 W Washington St45169 Register
033605Sardinia Elementary7742 Tricounty Highway45171 Register
033894Scottwood3392 Scottwood Rd43227 Register
033902Scranton School1991 Barber Ave44113 Register
033936North Adams Elementary2295 Moores Rd45679 Register
034041Cloverleaf Elementary8337 Friendsville Rd44273 Register
034074Shade Elementary510 E Pease Ave45449 Register
034082Shady Lane1444 Shady Lane Rd43227 Register
034413CV Primary Elementary130 Mound St44675 Register
034611Rutherford B Hayes Elementary750 Silver St43302 Register
034678Skyvue Elementary33329 Hartshorn Ridge Rd45734 Register
034694Smith Elementary1701 Shafor Blvd45419 Register
034710Grindstone Elementary191 Race Street44017 Register
034850O H Somers Elementary3600 Herbert St44260 Register
034934South Elementary280 E Shafer Ave44622 Register
034959South Elementary132 Providence Ave SW44663 Register
035402Elyria Early Childhood Center Elementary42101 Griswold Rd44035 Register
035436Springdale Elementary350 W Kemper Rd45246 Register
035733Stamm Elementary1038 Miller St43420 Register
035774Stanton Primary Elementary3800 Stanton Ave45662 Register
035790Stanton Elementary14890 State Route 21343930 Register
036004Norwayne Elementary School Elementary286 S. Main Street44217 Register
036087Stewart Elementary11850 Conrey Rd45249 Register
036194Belle Stone Elementary2100 Rowland Ave NE44714 Register
036319Stryker Preschool400 S Defiance St43557 Register
036368Sugarcreek Education Center Elementary3757 Upper Bellbrook Rd45305 Register
036384Black River Education Center Elementary257 County Road 4044880 Register
036467LHS Elementary6623 Summit Rd SW43062 Register
036533Superior Elementary1865 Garfield Rd44112 Register
036624Mohawk Elementary605 State Highway 23144882 Register
036707Sylvania Northview High School5403 Silica Dr43560 Register
036772Emerson Elementary13439 Clifton Blvd44107 Register
036780William H Taft Elementary270 Southern Ave45219 Register
036889Tallmadge Elementary611 Lewis Ave43130 Register
037176Thornville Elementary70 E Columbus St43076 Register
037432Margaretta Elementary5906 Bogart Rd W44824 Register
037457Tremont Montessori School2409 W 10th St44113 Register
037523Triad Elementary7920 Brush Lake Rd43060 Register
037556Trimble Elementary18500 Jacksonville Rd45732 Register
037689Paint Valley Elementary7454 Us Highway 50 W45612 Register
037689Paint Valley Elementary7454 Us Highway 50 W45612 Register
038000Local Intermediate Elementary2468 State Route 5443078 Register
038075Valley Elementary1821A State Route 72845648 Register
038091Valley Forge1321 Urban Dr43229 Register
038190Valleyview2989 Valleyview Dr43204 Register
038372Bloom-Vernon Elementary10529A Main Street45682 Register
038752West Liberty-Salem Elementary7208 US Highway 68 N43357 Register
038885West Union Elementary School555 Lloyd Rd45693 Register
038943Wait Primary Elementary899 Frost Rd44241 Register
038968Wakeman Elementary#N/A43605 Register
039289Warsaw Elementary501 Blissfield Road43844 Register
039586George Washington Elementary400 Pennsylvania Ave43302 Register
039651Washington Elementary450 4th Ave45631 Register
039735Leetonia Elementary450 Walnut St44431 Register
040105Waynesfield-Goshen Local Elementary500 N Westminster St45896 Register
040139Webster Elementary#N/A45404 Register
040246Wells Academy420 N 4th St43952 Register
040311Fort Recovery Elementary865 Sharpsburg Rd45846 Register
040345West Elementary517 Beaver St43832 Register
040352West Elementary232 Tuscarawas Ave NW44663 Register
040386Fairfield West Elementary4700 River Rd45014 Register
040436William Holmes McGuffey Elementary310 S Schenley Ave44509 Register
040600Brookville Elementary3 Blue Pride Dr45309 Register
040618Bridgeport Elementary55707 Industrial Dr43912 Register
040659Western Elementary385 W Main St44904 Register
040667Western High School7959 State Route 12445646 Register
040725Westgate3080 Wicklow Rd43204 Register
040923Wheelersburg Elementary800 Pirate Dr45694 Register
041251Wilcox Elementary9198 Darrow Rd44087 Register
041335William Foster Elementary12801 Bangor Ave44125 Register
041384Robert A. Taft Elementary School3829 Guilford Ave NW44718 Register
041582Zane Grey Elementary711 Fess St43701 Register
041707Early Learning Center Elementary2630 W 13th St44004 Register
041707Early Learning Center Elementary2630 W 13th St44004 Register
041830Wintersville Elementary100 Park Dr43953 Register
041863Parker Woods Montessori4370 Beech Hill Ave45232 Register
041996Schreiber Elementary1503 Woodland Ave NW44703 Register
042028Woodlawn Elementary31 Riddle Rd45215 Register
042036Woodmore Elementary708 W Main St43469 Register
042077Woodsfield Elementary118 N Paul St43793 Register
042259Worley Elementary1340 23rd St NW44709 Register
042267Worthington Elementary450 Allen Ave45601 Register
042317Louisa Wright Elementary600 S East St45036 Register
042424Bellevue Elementary1150 Castalia St43410 Register
042440Nelsonville-York Elementary4 Buckeye Dr45764 Register
042515Buckeye South Elementary100 Walden Ave43963 Register
042523Three Rivers Elementary56 Cooper Ave45002 Register
042531Young Elementary3258 Nidover Dr44312 Register
042861Benjamin Harrison Elementary625 Brightwood Dr43302 Register
043034Indian Trail Elementary3512 Kent Rd44224 Register
043125Choffin Career Center200 E Wood St44503 Register
043216St Clairsville Elementary120 Norris St43950 Register
043224Mt. Orab Primary Elementary474 W Main St45154 Register
043521Athens City Early Learning Center25 S Plains Rd44685 Register
043596Bellevue125 North St44685 Register
043919East Liverpool City810 W 8th St44685 Register
044479New Lexington City101 3rd Ave44685 Register
045526Montpelier Ex. Village SD1015 E Brown Rd44685 Register
045740Allen Co ESC1920 Slabtown Rd44685 Register
046086Butler County ESC400 N Erie Blvd44685 Register
046623Ansonia Local600 E Canal44685 Register
046680Tri-Village Local315 S. Main St44685 Register
047712Monroeville101 West St44685 Register
049106Westfall Elementary19463 Pherson Pike44685 Register
050823A-Tech JVS1565 State Route 16745430 Register
051029EHOVE JVSD316 Mason Rd W45430 Register
051060Great Oaks Inst Of Technology JVSD110 Great Oaks Drive45430 Register
051136Jefferson County JVS1509 County Highway 22A45430 Register
051318Zanesville Campus JVS400 Richards Rd45430 Register
051417Pioneer Career & Technology27 Ryan Rd45430 Register
051433Pickaway-Ross JVSD895 Crouse Chapel Rd45430 Register
051474Warren County JVSD3525 N State Route 4845430 Register
054361Holy Family School3001 Price Ave43614 Register
054908St Cecilia4115 Taylor Ave43614 Register
055038Corryville Catholic108 Calhoun St43614 Register
055053St Helen5086 Burkhardt Rd43614 Register
057588All Saints Academy2855 E Livingston Ave44135 Register
057695OLPH Preschool3752 Broadway44135 Register
057729Sacred Heart39 Burt Ave44135 Register
057729Sacred Heart39 Burt Ave44135 Register
010782St Catharine Preschool504 S Gould Rd43209 Register
057851St Cecilia440 Norton Rd44135 Register
057885St Francis de Sales38 Granville St44135 Register
057992Bishop Flaget School570 Parsons Ave44135 Register
058008St Mary700 S 3rd St44135 Register
058057St Mary Magdalene2940 Parkside Rd44135 Register
058628St Mary's26 West St44135 Register
058941St Gerard1311 N Main St44135 Register
059337St Patrick610 S Portland St44135 Register
061465Pleasant Street Elementary305 E Pleasant St43050 Register
061515Millridge Hearing Center Elementary950 Millridge Rd44143 Register
061598Sheridan Middle8660 Sheridan Road43076 Register
061804Walker Elementary3525 Sandy Ave SE44707 Register
061887Madison Pre-K1956 Red Bird Rd44057 Register
062117Medina County Career Center JVS1101 W Liberty St44266 Register
062224Roseville Elementary35 Elm Street43777 Register
062562Urban Community School4909 Lorain Ave44117 Register
062786Bundy Elementary525 W 7th St45692 Register
063529Tolles JVS7877 Us Highway 42 N44113 Register
064071Paulding Elementary405 N Water St45879 Register
064717Laurelville Elementary16138 Pike St43135 Register
064816Fairfield South Elementary5460 Bibury Rd45014 Register
065003Heritage Christian2107 6th St SW45005 Register
065276Tri-Rivers Career Center JVS2222 Marion Mount Gilead Rd44124 Register
065433Violet Elementary8855 Education Dr43147 Register
065565Marion C Seltzer Elementary1468 W 98th St44102 Register
065581Union Furnace Elementary36140 Limebank Road43158 Register
066142Monroe County Board of DDPO Box 62343793 Register
066746Jackson Milton Elementary14110 Mahoning Ave44451 Register
066944Thomas Edison Center813 N Franklin St45891 Register
067074Fairway1650 E Southern Ave44820 Register
067132Starlight518 Church Ave SW44663 Register
067322Tri-Valley Middle1360 Main St43821 Register
068718Windfall School4691 Windfall Rd44256 Register
069559Discovery Center1973 State Route 47 E43311 Register
069781Happy Day School2500 Brady Lake Rd44266 Register
070052Broadmoor8090 Broadmoor Rd44060 Register
070532Crossgates3901 Shadylawn Dr43614 Register
070656Springfield Christian311 W High St45385 Register
070789Discovery855 Millsboro Rd44504 Register
070854Nisonger Early Childhood Cente1581 Dodd Dr43210 Register
071605Golden Rule60770 Southgate Rd43723 Register
079053JRC Learning Center2213 14th St NE44705 Register
079525Bascom Head Start#N/A43528 Register
081810Coshocton Elementary1203 Cambridge Road43812 Register
085100Alternate Learning Center3939 Wrenwood Road43723 Register
085928Carleton SchoolPO Box 30745779 Register
088963Clinton-Massie Elementary2380 Lebanon Rd45113 Register
089599London Elementary380 Elm St43140 Register
089631J T Karaffa Elementary1307 Dennis Way43964 Register
089649Highland Elementary1250 Township Road 1643350 Register
089730Ewing1701 Colegate Dr45750 Register
090472Sonshine Christian Academy1965 Gladstone Ave44903 Register
091363Shenandoah Elementary20977 Zep Rd E43779 Register
009222Helen Steiner Rice Elementary4500 Tacoma Ave44055 Register
093146Timberlane Elementary2131 Timber Ln45414 Register
095661HECC Elementary500 US Route 6245133 Register
095786Sutter Park Elementary1850 Sutter Pkwy43065 Register
096396Secrest Elementary58860 Wintergreen Rd43780 Register
098483Griffith Thomas Elementary4671 Tuttle Rd43017 Register
098616Shelby Hills ECCPO Box 92545365 Register
099614Harold Lewis CenterPO Box 38443040 Register
099614Harold Lewis CenterPO Box 38443040 Register
099812Parkview Early Ed Center Elementary21620 Mastick Rd44126 Register
099820Metzenbaum Center8200 Cedar Rd44026 Register
111799Richland County Board of DD ECC255 Hedges St44902 Register
114066C Ray Williams Early Child Ctr Elementary4737 Etna Rd43213 Register
114462The Bostic Head Start Center Elementary2975 Kingston Ave43123 Register
114512Danville IntermediatePO Box H43014 Register
114512Danville IntermediatePO Box H43014 Register
114652Parkway Elementary400 Buckeye St45882 Register
115071Weaver School89 E Howe Rd44278 Register
115881Taylor Road Elementary8200 Taylor Rd SW43068 Register
116285Lockwood United Methodist4570 Lockwood Blvd44511 Register
116426Murray Ridge School9750 Murray Ridge Rd44035 Register
117077Preble County Public Preschool597 Hillcrest Dr45320 Register
117259Blanchard Valley School1700 E Sandusky St45840 Register
117614YWCA Learning Center231 6th St NE44702 Register
117937Marimor School2550 Ada Rd45801 Register
118141Millcreek Elementary10397 State Route 155 SE43730 Register
118844Early Learning Center Elementary22800 Fox Ave44123 Register
119313Gloria Dei Montessori615 Shiloh Dr43076 Register
120188Celina Education Complex585 E Livingston St45822 Register
120279Northwest Elementary4738 Henley Deemer Rd45652 Register
120568Carousel Center1112 Gallia St45662 Register
120816St. Paul10143 Main St44442 Register
120899Stiles Family Center4704 Stiles Ave43228 Register
121145Beeghley Hall - Youngstown St UnBeeghley Hall - Building # 5844555 Register
121434Ripley Union Lewis Huntington Elementary502 S 2nd St45167 Register
121871Mason Early Childhood Center Elementary4631 Hickory Woods Dr45040 Register
122119Lawrence Co Early Childhood Ct1749 County Road 145680 Register
122879Miracle City Academy204 Commercial Blvd44121 Register
123463Cornerstone Elementary101 W Bowman St44691 Register
124081Fairfield East Elementary6711 Morris Rd45011 Register
124214Russellville Elementary239 W Main St45168 Register
125641Ravenna Child Care Preschool Elementary3590 State Route 5944266 Register
125773Portsmouth West Elementary15332A Us Highway 5245663 Register
127654Henry Cty Pub Preschl-Napoleon651 Clairmont Ave43545 Register
129346Fairhaven1501 State Route 38 SE43140 Register
129734Twin Towers517 Noel Ct45410 Register
130930Maplewood Garden CD Center500 Hardman Dr44224 Register
131086Shreve Child Development Center343 N Market St44676 Register
132043Fayette Progressive School1351 Leesburg Ave Ste 20043160 Register
132043Fayette Progressive School1351 Leesburg Ave Ste 20043160 Register
132266Union Local Elementary66699 Belmont Morristown Rd43718 Register
132399Golden Bridge Academy319 W Market St43718 Register
133207Cincinnati Hills-Otto Armleder140 W 9th St44111 Register
135152Forest Rose School1592 Granville Pike43130 Register
135681Flying Colors Preschool119 Union St43055 Register
135681Flying Colors- Central119 Union St43055 Register
135863Wauseon Primary School Elementary940 E Leggett St43567 Register
139212Lynchburg-Clay Elementary6760 State Route 13445142 Register
139477Bright Elementary6100 Fair Ridge Rd45133 Register
140129Yellow Springs Preschool150 E Herman St45387 Register
140350Portsmouth Elementary514 Union St45662 Register
140970Tyler Run Elementary580 Salisbury Dr43065 Register
142141Southern Elementary906 Elm St45771 Register
142182South Preschool3555 State Route 79243787 Register
142505Bellaire Elementary53299 Pike St43906 Register
145466Winchester Trail Elementary6865 Gender Rd43110 Register
146035Unity Elementary925 E 3rd St45804 Register
146043Freedom Elementary575 Calumet Ave45804 Register
146050Heritage Elementary816 College Ave45805 Register
146209Westfall Elementary9391 State Route 5643164 Register
146381Eastern Primary Elementary1170 Tile Mill Rd45613 Register
146381Eastern Primary Elementary1170 Tile Mill Rd45613 Register
146464Rock Hill Elementary2676 County Road 2645638 Register
147181Pike Co Early Childhood & Fmly10 American Blvd45661 Register
147603William H Taft Elementary1000 Robinson St43302 Register
147611James A Garfield Elementary1170 Brookside Rd43302 Register
148791Central Elementary1115 Clairmont Ave43725 Register
148809South Elementary518 S 8th St43725 Register
148817North Elementary1451 Deerpath Dr43725 Register
148932Franklin Local Community76 W Athens Rd43777 Register
015010Austintown Early Learning Center4211 Evelyn Rd Register
038430Hilltop Elementary School400 Hilltop Blvd44406 Register
004697CH Campbell Elementary300 Moreland Dr44406 Register
000000Poland North Elementary#N/A44514 Register
032599Rootstown Elementary School4140 State Route 4444272 Register
026211South Range Elementary School11300 Columbiana Canfield Rd S44406 Register
062018Southeast Primary Elementary School8301 Tallmadge Rd44266 Register
010846Struthers Preschool Elementary230 E Manor Ave44471 Register
010298Western Reserve Elementary13850 W Akron Canfield Rd44401 Register
AAAAAAODJFS#N/A43215 Register
062760Luis Munoz Marin School1701 Castle Ave44113 Register
023069Mary B. Martin Elementary8200 Brookline Ave44103 Register
017467Iowa-Maple Elementary12510 Maple Ave44108 Register
038547West Branch Middle School14409 Beloit Snodes Rd44609 Register
015554Riverside Preschool10949 Johnnycake Ridge Rd44077 Register
000193Tarbuck Learning Center4325 Manchester Ave44081 Register
000224Adlai Stevenson18300 Woda Avenue44122 Register
000026Albert B Hart#N/A44105 Register
000299Alexander Graham Bell#N/A44120 Register
000489Almira @Nataniel Hawthorne3575 W 130th St44102 Register
000729Andrew J. Rickoff3500 E 147th St44120 Register
000828Anton Grdina2955 E 71st St44104 Register
001040Artemus Ward4315 W 140th St44135 Register
001248Audobon#N/A44104 Register
083659Beech BrookPO Box 74140 Register
002212Bellefaire#N/A44118 Register
002378Benjamin Franklin1905 Spring Rd44109 Register
000000Berea Wraparound#N/A Register
003137Bolton9803 Quebec Ave44106 Register
003772Brooklawn#N/A44111 Register
067918Buckeye-Woodland9511 Buckeye Rd44104 Register
004234Buhrer Dual Language1600 Buhrer Ave44109 Register
012350Campus International Program @ CSU3100 Chester Ave44114 Register
004820Captain Arthur Roth12523 Woodside Ave 44108 Register
005637Alfred A. Benesch2225 E 40th St44104 Register
004895John Marshall 9th Grade Academy 13501 Terminal Ave44111 Register
005066Case4050 Superior Ave44103 Register
005892Charles A Mooney3213 Montclair Ave44109 Register
005900Charles Dickens13013 Corlett Ave44105 Register
005942Charles W. Eliot15700 Lotus Dr44128 Register
069575Children's Aid Society10427 Detroit Ave44102 Register
006353Clara E Westropp19101 Puritas Ave44135 Register
006429Clark5550 Clark Ave44102 Register
910039Cleveland Christian Home#N/A44111 Register
008490Cleveland School of Arts - Lower Campus2501 E 61st St44104 Register
064576Cleveland School of the Arts @ Harry E Davis10700 Churchill Ave44106 Register
006940Collinwood Campus - College Board Academy15210 Saint Clair Ave44110 Register
006940Collinwood Campus - College Board Academy15210 Saint Clair Ave44110 Register
006940Collinwood Campus - Interior Design and Fashion Merchandising Academy15210 Saint Clair Ave44110 Register
006940Collinwood Campus - Teaching Professions Academy15210 Saint Clair Ave44110 Register
006940Collinwood High School15210 Saint Clair Ave44110 Register
008060Daniel E. Morgan8912 Morris Ct44106 Register
008383Denison3799 W 33rd St44109 Register
009285Douglas MacArthur Girls Leadership Academy4401 Valleyside Rd44135 Register
008987East Clark885 E 146th St44110 Register
009480East High School#N/A44103 Register
009555East Tech Campus - Community Wraparound Academy2439 E 55th St44104 Register
009555East Tech Campus - Engineering & Science Tech Academy2439 E 55th St44104 Register
012353East Tech Campus - New Tech Program2439 E 55th St44104 Register
009555East Tech Campus - Ninth Grade Academy2439 E 55th St44104 Register
009555East Technical High School2439 E 55th St44104 Register
000390Education Alternatives7777 Exchange Street44125 Register
110619Eleanor Gerson10427 Detroit Ave44115 Register
010801Euclid Park17914 Euclid Ave44112 Register
021543Franklin D Roosevelt PLC800 Linn Dr44108 Register
012682Fullerton5920 Fullerton Ave44105 Register
012898Garfield3800 W 140th St44111 Register
012352Garrett Morgan Campus - New Tech Program4600 Detroit Ave44111 Register
063461Garrett Morgan Campus - School of Science4016 Woodbine Ave44113 Register
025874Genesis High School1800 E 63rd St44111 Register
013292George Washington Carver @ Benesch PLC2200 E 55th St44103 Register
009421Ginn Academy @ Margaret Spellacy655 E 162nd St44110 Register
013680Glenville High School650 E 113th St44108 Register
013979Gracemont#N/A44128 Register
013847H. Barbara Booker Wraparound2121 W 67th St44102 Register
015073Hannah Gibbons - STEM1401 Larchmont Rd44110 Register
015578Harvey Rice Wraparound2730 East 116th44120 Register
015925Henry W Longfellow#N/A44110 Register
017467Iowa-Maple12510 Maple Ave44108 Register
017830James Ford Rhodes Campus5100 Biddulph Ave44144 Register
017863Jane Addams Campus - Business Careers School2373 E 30th St44115 Register
010201Jane Addams Campus - Design Lab Early College1740 E 32nd St44114 Register
018325John Adams High School3817 Martin Luther King Jr Dr44105 Register
018382John F Kennedy High School17100 Harvard Ave44128 Register
019406John Hay Campus - Architecture and Design2075 Stokes Blvd44106 Register
018408John Hay Campus - Early College2075 Stokes Blvd44106 Register
147397John Hay Campus - Science and Medicine2075 Stokes Blvd44106 Register
018416John Marshall Campus3952 W 140th St44135 Register
018432John W Raper#N/A44106 Register
018556Joseph F Landis#N/A44108 Register
062778Joseph M Gallegher6601 Franklin Blvd44102 Register
068221Kenneth W Clement Boys Leadership Academy655 E 162nd St44112 Register
062315Lincoln-West High School3202 W 30th St44109 Register
021527Louis Agassiz3595 Bosworth Rd44111 Register
021550Louisa May Alcott10308 Baltic Rd44102 Register
062760Luis Munoz Marin1701 Castle Ave44113 Register
065565Marion C Seltzer1468 W 98th St44102 Register
065573Marion-Sterling3033 Central Ave44115 Register
093153Martin Luther King Jr Campus - Law and Municipal Careers1651 E 71st St44103 Register
086306Martin Luther King Jr Campus - Health Careers Center1651 E 71st St44103 Register
023069Mary B Martin - STEM8200 Brookline Ave44103 Register
023085Mary M. Bethune11815 Moulton Ave44106 Register
023259Max S Hayes High School4600 Detroit Ave44102 Register
023689McKinley3349 W 125th St44111 Register
008680Memorial410 E 152nd St44110 Register
010200Metropolitan Cleveland Consortium1975 Noble Rd44112 Register
024703Michael R White - STEM1000 E 92nd St44108 Register
024687Miles @ Cranwood13604 Christine Ave44105 Register
024695Miles Park4090 E 93rd St44105 Register
025650Mound - STEM5935 Ackley Rd44105 Register
026443Nathan Hale @ Mount Pleasant3588 Martin Luther King Dr44105 Register
027102Newton D Baker3690 W 159th St44111 Register
028589Oliver H Perry18400 Schenely Ave44119 Register
028720Orchard @ Halle7901 Halle Ave44113 Register
029371Patrick Henry11901 Durant Ave44108 Register
029413Paul L. Dunbar @ Kentucky3805 Terrett Ave44113 Register
029421Paul Revere10706 Sandusky Ave44105 Register
031963Riverside14601 Montrose Ave44111 Register
032060Robert H Jamison4092 E 146th St44128 Register
032128Robinson G Jones4550 W 150th St44135 Register
033902Scranton1991 Barber Ave44113 Register
147389SuccessTech Academy1440 Lakeside Ave E44114 Register
036475Sunbeam11731 Mount Overlook Ave44120 Register
037101Thomas Jefferson - Newcomer's Program3145 W 46th St44102 Register
037457Tremont Montessori2409 W 10th St44113 Register
038182Valley View17200 Valleyview Ave44135 Register
038927Wade Park7600 Wade Park Ave44103 Register
039149Walton3409 Walton Ave44113 Register
039206Warner Girls Leadership Academy8315 Jeffries Ave44105 Register
039685Washington Park - Environmental Studies Academy3875 Washington Park Blvd44105 Register
039875Watterson-Lake1422 W 74th St44102 Register
039891Waverly1810 W 54th St44102 Register
062323Whitney M Young Gifted Education Campus17900 Harvard Ave44128 Register
041236Wilbur Wright11005 Parkhurst Dr44111 Register
038604William Cullen Bryant3121 Oak Park Ave44109 Register
041517Willow5004 Glazier Ave44127 Register
041541Wilson1122 Ansel Rd44108 Register
058941St Gerard1311 N Main St45801 Register
065821Marimor2500 Ada Rd45801 Register
000448Allen East9105 Harding Hwy45850 Register
035337Spencerville2500 Wisher Dr45887 Register
000470Independence Elementary615 Tremont Ave45801 Register
070011ABC Center20 E 1st St45869 Register
009308St Marys650 Armstrong St45885 Register
040105Waynesfield Goshen500 N Westminster St45896 Register
038752West Liberty Salem7208 US Highway 68 N43357 Register
015164Hardin Northern11589 State Route 8145835 Register
032805Upper Scioto Valley510 S Courtright St45859 Register
031674Ridgemont310 Taylor St W43340 Register
022822Marion Local7956 State Route 11945860 Register
035634St Henry251 E Columbus St45883 Register
111054Coldwater310 N 2nd St45828 Register
040311Ft Recovery865 Sharpsburg Rd45846 Register
040360Celina1225 W Logan St45822 Register
071159Shelby Board of DD1200 Childrens Home Rd45365 Register
015149Hardin Houston5300 Houston Rd45333 Register
017574Jackson Center204 S Linden Street45334 Register
012633Fort Loramie35 Elm Street45845 Register
011155Fairlawn18800 Johnston Rd45865 Register
003814Brooklyn Elementary School9200 Biddulph Rd44044 Register
032888Royal View Elementary School13220 Ridge Rd44133 Register
015530CCESC Beaver Local Preschool110 Main Blvd43920 Register
032433East Garfield Elementary936 N 5th St43952 Register
051144Knox County JVSD306 Martinsburg Rd43050 Register
066324Stark County Board of DD2950 Whipple Ave NW44708 Register
014390West Park Discovery World3909 Rocky River Dr44111 Register
013683Cleveland Sight Center Childcare Preschool1909 E 101st St44106 Register
013350Waverlys Hope Childcare5956 Colerain Ave45239 Register
058628Saint Mary's School26 West Street44875 Register
028811Little Arrow Preschool850 Jackson Drive44805 Register
058024St Mary Preschool309 E Chestnut Street43130 Register
015585Northminster Children's Co-Op703 Compton Road45231 Register

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