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Opt 1. Go to  and select the Forgot Password option.
Opt 2. Submit a request to your data manager to reset your password.

Contact your data manager to obtain a teacher account in the KReady system. Contact the Ohio K12 Help should you need assistance with identifying your data manager.

Click the link and follow the steps to obtain your KRA Site PIN 

Contact your trainer to obtain your Site PIN for professional development.


You must first  be identified as a Data Manager in OEDS. Once your are listed you will then need to contact support at Ohio K12 Help  

Building administrator access is provided by your assessment data manager.


Follow the guidelines listed in this document.

The teacher should assess where possible and report the data collected. Additionally, the teahcer could connect with the previous school and collaborate with the previous teacher of the student.

In the case when a student is receiving related services without an assigned teacher the specialist or therapist should administer the ELA. 

Additionally, the person who administers the ELA must be certified and complete the required ELA trainings.

No.  Parental consent is not required to administer the ELA.

Teachers will convey the reason codes to the data managers and the data managers will submit the codes to the EMIS coordinator.

Loading Data

Follow the guidelines listed in this document.

The data manager will need to manually assign the data collection to the student. View this video for steps on how to do this. Assigning Data Token Manually.

View the data collections assignments in the KReady System by following this path:

organizations > view districts > view locations > view students > open a student and click the data collection assignments tab.

If the student has the data token assigned it will appear here. You can also pull the Data Download Report - Enrollment - and see if the POA is with your district/school."

The originating district must load the assessing “external” teacher with their current email and license number but use the originating district IRN and building IRN.


Yes, NS is considered a score option and the “X” should appear in the Completion by Item Report if NS has been entered for an item.

Data Managers will add scores data to their Student Information System (SIS) and that information will be transferred to EMIS based upon their individual platform process and the EMIS submission guidelines. See the EMIS Manual for more details.

Please see the ELA Data Reporting to identify the system your organization should use.

 Click the link to view steps for Accessing the Archive


Transfer requests are generated when data managers upload the student file using the Bulk Loader. The enrollments file must be loaded if new students have been added to a district and the district needs to assign the students to the new teachers. The templates for adding students and the enrollment file are located in the Bulk Loader section of the KReady System. View this page for details regarding Transfers.

Internal transfer requests within districts will not appear on the Transfers page. Districts will handle these with their own internal process. The data manager can open the student record and change the Point of Authority (POA) within their own district.

View this page for details regarding Transfers.

If a student has been added to the system successfully using the enrollment file, you can transfer the student to a new building in the same district by loading the student file with the new school IRN and loading a new enrollment file to assign the student to the new teacher. Be sure to remove the student from the original teacher assignment.

A Point of Authority (POA) error is typically the result of an incomplete or pending transfer request. Please confirm that transfer requests are cleared and ensure that the requests from other districts have all been approved or declined. It might also be helpful to view this page on the Data Downloads Report - Enrollments to confirm POA status.

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