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Formatting Data



Loading Data (Bulk Loader Processing)

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment 2018
07/12/2018 – 11/01/2018
Enrollment Token: 18kra

Early Learning Assessment 2018 – 2019
08/01/2018 – 06/30/2019
Enrollment Token: 2018ela19

KReady File Watcher How To
List of Common Validation Errors

Bulk Loader Overview


Loading and Adding Students/Users

Bulk Loader Templates
The blank .csv template files below should be used when uploading the student, teacher, and enrollment data into the Ready for Kindergarten system. The first row of the files contains the header columns defined in the data guidelines. Please do not alter or change the header columns.

Students Template

This template is used to populate the system with students.

Teachers Template

This template is used to create and update user accounts for teachers or users in the system.

Enrollments Template

This template is used to match teachers to students in the system.

Unenrollments Template

This template is used to remove the match between a teacher and a student in the system.

Location Administrators Template

This template is used to create and update Location Administrator accounts in the system.


These videos provide details regarding the templates and loading data into the KReady System. 

Bulk Loader Templates

Adding Data/Users to the Bulk Loader


Student Transfers

Quick Answers

Q: How do I transfer a student from one teacher to another in a different building within the same district?

A: If a student has been added to the system successfully using the enrollment file, you can transfer the student to a new building in the same district by loading the student file with the new school IRN and loading a new enrollment file to assign the student to the new teacher. Be sure to remove the student from the original teacher assignment.

Q: My Internal District Student Transfers are not showing on my transfers page, what should I do?

A: Internal transfer requests within districts will not appear on the Transfers page. Districts will handle these with their own internal process. The data manager can open the student record and change the Point of Authority (POA) within their own district.


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