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FAFSA Completion

Completed Apps     Head Count           % Complete
— NOTE: Grade 12 head count is as of the first week in Oct and as reported by your data coordinator to the Department of Education. Percent Complete = Completed Apps ÷ Head Count.

FAFSA Counselors

Michelle Townsend (michelle.townsend@noemail.org)
Anthony Williams    (anthony.williams@noemail.org)
Lashawna Peaks     (lashawna.peaks@noemail.org)

FAFSA Apps from students born on or after August 1, 2002 and before September 30, 2003.

FAFSA Data of Birth Range

Expand the range to include students born outside of Aug 1, 2002 through Sept 30, 2003 (default range).


By default, students in the table were born between Aug 1, 2003, and before Sep 30, 2004. This may not include all students in the class of 2022.

When using DoB or App Date filters, the month and day must have leading zeros.

C column indicates the app is complete. V column indicates the app has been randomly selected for data verification.

Show ___  entries must be "All" to export all records.

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