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Ohio K12 Network Subsidy Application


The Ohio K12 Network Subsidy is available for public districts, JVSDs, ESCs, community schools, nonpublic schools, and Ohio Schools for the Blind and the Deaf. Eligible school buildings received $1,800 subsidy in two payments (one in the fall and the other in the spring).

E-Rate Filing Requirement

A district or school must have filed E-Rate in February through June with an ITC listed as the primary Internet Service Provider (ISP) .

Building Technology and Connectivity Confirmation Requirement

Subsidy applicants are required to complete the Building Data Confirmation as a prerequisite. Data for the building includes: number of testing computers, number of wireless access points, and LAN speed. Connectivity data includes the networking details that connects the building to the district WAN and/or the ISP.

Building Eligibility Requirements

  1. Instructing kindergarten through grade 12 students;
  2. Reported ADM to the department in prior school year; and
  3. Building connection to the Internet that has a bandwidth greater than 1.56 Mbps (megabits per second).

Technical Support: Ohio K12 Help Team at support@ohio-k12.help

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