District Profile Page

District Profile Page for 2018 Record Cards

Jun 21-Jun 29: submit or update web address
Jul 23-Jul 27: CTPD submit web address
Aug 31: finalize district profile page content

For questions about your Report Card, contact the Ohio Department of Education.

In 2017, the Ohio Department of Education offered traditional community schools and traditional school districts the opportunity to submit a link to a web page that described your district’s unique qualities and successes. The links were published on the District or School Details page of the 2017 Ohio School Report Cards.

In 2018, the department again is providing an opportunity for traditional districts and community schools to add a link to a profile page that will be displayed on the 2018 report cards. This option also is being extended to Career-Technical Planning Districts and to community schools that receive the dropout report card. This continues to be optional for all districts and community schools.

This collection is open for only Career Tech Planning Districts July 23 through July 27, 2018.

This data collection was open June 21, 2018 through June 29, 2018 for most districts and schools.

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