Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised Updates Sep 2, 2022

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Dear Kindergarten Administrators and Data Managers,

A system issue occurred that caused Language and Literacy Scale Score Reports and the Individual Student Reports (ISRs) to generate incorrect scale scores in the Ready for Kindergarten Online (KReady) system. The issue was corrected late in the day on Monday (8/29).  Testing of the system and clearing of previously generated ISRs occurred throughout the day on Tuesday (8/30). A message was sent to teachers about the Individual Student Report issue Wednesday (8/31) to let them know that the invalid ISRs were cleared from the system and they could generate new reports. The scoring on the ISRs that are in the system now are correct. Teachers who have entered all item scores for a student can generate an ISR now.

The Language and Literacy Scale Score Reports cannot be cleared from the system.  If you or a teacher generated a Language and Literacy Scale Score Report prior to 6 a.m. on 8/30, the scores are invalid. Please generate a new Language and Literacy Scale Score Report.

If you would like to confirm that the scale scores are correct on your new report, you can do that by looking up a student’s raw score in the KRA-R Score Conversion Tables. The raw score is available in the Domain Data export in KReady.  It is the Language and Literacy total points in column AF. The conversion table for Language and Literacy is on page three of the document.

When generating a Language and Literacy Scale Score Report, there is a delay between when a teacher enters the data and when that data is updated in the server where the reports are generated.  If you generate a Language and Literacy Scale Score Report and a student who has been assessed the same day shows up as having an incomplete assessment, please wait until the next day and then regenerate the report.  If the student’s scores still do not show in the report, please contact the help desk at 844-512-6446. 

We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact

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