Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Reporting Update December 2, 2021

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Thank you for your continued efforts to support teaching and learning in kindergarten. Here are some important updates about the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised: 

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunity for District & School Administrators

KRA-R Data Webinar for Administrators Wednesday, December 8, 2021, 10 – 11 a.m.
School and District Administrators: Please join us for a Webinar designed to help you review your Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised (KRA-R) data. We will provide an overview on how to access your KRA-R data, what reports are available, and recommendations for ways to analyze your data.

Please register here:

KRA-R Reports

The Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised (KRA-R) Scale Score Reports and Individual Student Reports (ISR) are available now to data managers and teachers in the Ready for Kindergarten Online (KReady) system.  District and school administrator reports and data displays are also available within the KReady system. Please note that the reports are large files and may show in “queuing” status for up to 24 hours after they are requested.

The Scale Score Report includes all students in your district with each individual item score, KRA overall scores, and domain scores. The Scale Score Report can be downloaded from the KReady system and used for EMIS reporting. The KRA Scale Score Report Definition of Fields is a document that outlines and describes each of the data fields in the scale score report. You can find more information on how to run a scale score report in the KRA Data Manager User Manual.

The Individual Student Report shows the student’s overall performance based on four areas of development and learning: Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Social Foundations, and Physical Development and Well-Being. The overall performance level (emerging, approaching, demonstrating) is based on the overall score. The Individual Student Report will only display the overall scale score and will not include any of the domain-level scores. It is recommended that you place a copy of the Individual Student Report in student files.

The Department does not send paper copies of the Individual Student Reports to districts. Please share the KRA-R Individual Student Report with families in a way that makes the most sense for your school. For example, your school could mail the report to each student’s home or provide it during a parent-teacher conference. The Individual Student Report is available in the KReady system in 6 languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Somali, and Arabic.

Incomplete/Invalid Assessments

For students who have incomplete assessments (missing one or more item scores) or invalid assessments (one or more items marked Not Scorable for students without disabilities and who are not English Learners), the affected scale scores will be blank on the Scale Score Report.  These rows should be reviewed prior to EMIS submission to confirm that they are invalid.  If a data error has occurred and the item scores are available or the student demographics for ELL or IEP status were not accurate in KReady, please contact for assistance.

These students will have an overall scale score on the Individual Student Report and one of these messages: Some items were not complete or Complete with NS.  These reports should be used with caution.  An Individual Student Report with the Complete with NS message is valid only for a student who is identified as an English Learner or who has an IEP.

Newly Enrolled or Transfer Students

For the remainder of this school year, data managers cannot add new or transfer kindergarten students to the KRA-R enrollment to initiate a transfer request in KReady. If a student was enrolled in a previous Ohio school or district during the KRA-R assessment window, follow your local procedures to request student records. The KRA-R cannot be administered after Nov. 1 for any reason.

For help with the KReady system go to or call 844-K12-OHIO (844-512-6446) to submit a ticket for technical assistance.

For all other KRA questions, please contact

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