Early Learning Update October 26, 2021

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This message includes important reminders for Data Managers and Administrators regarding the Early Learning Assessment and the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised.


Data Manager Training- Early Learning Assessment Closedown
Wednesday November 3, 2021 (10:00am – 11:00am)
This webinar is for data managers and administrators responsible for submitting Fall 2021 Early Learning Assessment (ELA) scores and data reporting to EMIS and EAS.  This session will provide participants with information for accessing reports, managing transfers, and the necessary steps during the data cleanup window. Registration Link

Find additional resources for data managers at https://www.ohio-k12.help/kready-support/data-manager-support/.


Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised
The Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised (KRA-R) administration window closes on Nov. 1.  The Ready for Kindergarten Online (KReady) system will close for teachers to enter data on Nov. 1 at 11:59 p.m.  Data managers cannot add students to the KRA-R data collection after Nov. 1. The KReady system will remain open for data managers to initiate and approve transfer requests and update demographic information through Nov. 9 at 11:59 p.m. The Department will notify data managers when the Scale Score reports are available for download.  The Scale Score Report is the file needed for EMIS reporting.

Early Learning Assessment
The Fall 2021 Early Learning Assessment closes for teachers to enter ratings on Nov. 14 at 11:59 p.m.  Data managers cannot add students to the Fall ELA data collection after Nov. 14.  The KReady system will remain open for data managers to initiate and approve transfer requests and update demographic information.  The Learning Progression Reports will be available for download the week of Nov. 29. The Learning Progression Report is the file needed for EMIS and EAS reporting.

The winter ELA data collection opens Nov. 15 for data managers to load students and enrollment for the winter assessment. The winter assessment window is optional for programs. The winter ELA enrollment data token is 2elawinter21.

The Early Learning Assessment Initial training is coming to an end for the fall season. Training for the winter and spring will begin in January 2022. There are three types of virtual classes being offered to early childhood professionals:

  • The Early Learning Assessment (ELA) Virtual Initial Training is for is for new users of the Early Learning Assessment who have not previously completed an ELA training. This class is designed for early childhood professionals that will be observing, assessing, and scoring the ELA.
  • The Early Learning Assessment Training for Support Professionals is designed specifically for assistant teachers, paraprofessionals, and educational aides. This 100% online training will be for anyone who will be supporting a fully ELA-trained teacher with using the ELA. This training provides an overview of the Early Learning Assessment and focuses on observational assessment concepts including how to document observational evidence.  
  • The Early Learning Assessment Technology Mini Training is for individuals who have completed the 9-hour Early Learning Assessment training that did not include information about how to use the Ready for Kindergarten Online system and have not completed the reliability assessment (Simulation Assessment). Registration and training inquiries should be sent to ELAHelp@education.ohio.gov .

The 2021-2022 Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised (KRA-R) scoring rules will be the same as last school year.  Data Managers and Administrators should keep in mind the following:

  • Demographics for each student should be uploaded into the Ready for Kindergarten Online system (KReady). This includes students’ disability status and English learner status. This information is used to validate “Not Scorable” or “NS” scoring.
  • The rating “NS” is only allowable for students with disabilities and English learners.
  • The Scale Score Report will only show scaled scores for a student who has one or more “NS” items if the student is identified as a student with a disability and/or an English Learner in KReady.
  • The Scale Score Report will not display a scaled score at the overall level and in the affected domain for students whose assessments are missing one or more items in any domain.
  • The Individual Student Report (ISR) will show an overall scale score in all cases. A note on the ISR will indicate if any items were missing or marked “NS.”


For policy and implementation questions please send an email to KRAHelp@education.ohio.gov or ELAHelp@education.ohio.gov.

For technical questions, please contact the KRA Help Desk: 844-K12-OHIO (844-512-6446) http://www.ohio-k12.


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