Fall Assessment Update from the Ohio Department of Education – August 12, 2020

Ohio Department of Education

Fall Assessment Update from the Ohio Department of Education 

As schools begin the 2020-2021 school year, teaching and learning will be provided through virtual, blended and in-person environmentsAssessment plays a critical role in determining each student’s individual needs during the reset and restart. At the same time, the unique circumstances of this year create some logistical challenges for test administration. The Ohio Department of Education is committed to working through these issues to support the needs of schools to the extent possible, including potential legislative requests for additional flexibility. The Department is providing this update on selected assessments that already are under way.  

Districts first and foremost should be concerned about the safety of students and staff. Assessments should occur only if they can be done safely. Safety may be determined at the student, teacher, building, district or county level depending on the circumstances. Districts may schedule individual appointments with students to complete the below assessments if they can maintain safety for the students and teachers. While individual appointments may not be feasible for everyone, they provide an opportunity for teachers to meet with students in person and could be used as one way to get to know students.

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment-Revised (KRA-R). The KRA-R is a secure test, meaning direct assessment items (Selected Response and Performance Tasks) cannot be completed remotely. It is a violation of test security to transmit KRA-R items via videoconferencing. Teachers may gather observational evidence for the Observational Rubric items remotely without disclosing secure test information. Additional information about how to obtain observational evidence while maintaining test security will be posted in the Ready for Kindergarten Online system and included in new teacher KRA-R trainings. If you have questions about the KRA-R, please contact KRAHelp@education.ohio.gov.

K-1 Screening for hearing, vision, speech and communication, health or medical problems and any developmental disorders. Districts should follow any guidance issued by the Ohio Department of Health regarding screenings. Districts should follow the publisher protocols for their specific screening instruments regarding any remote administration options. If you have questions about K1 screenings, please contact ELSR@education.ohio.gov. 

K-3 Diagnostic Assessments. Many Department-approved diagnostic assessments (including the state-developed diagnostic assessment) can be completed remotely. Please contact the assessment vendor for remote administration guidance. If you have questions about the Third Grade Reading Guarantee, please contact ThirdGradeGuarantee@education.ohio.gov.

Other Assessments. Updates and additional information about other assessments, including the fall third grade English language arts assessments, fall end-of-course assessments, and make-up ACT and SAT will be posted on the Reset and Restart page as they become available. 

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