October 28, 2018
IRN Type IRNs Awarded Subsidy Amount Public Districts 567 $4,779,000 JVSDs 46 $104,400 ESCs 40 $108,000 Community Schools 62 $111,600 Nonpublic Schools 186 $268,200 Total 901 IRNs $5,437,800 To lookup a district or school award, visit the Award Summary and Lookup page. To look up payment to your district or school, use ODE Payment Search...
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Per the FCC Modernization Order, each school receives a Category 2 (C2) budget that may be used to provide broadband connectivity within the school. The FCC rules state that the C2 budgets are for 5-years, based on the first year that any school in the district was committed C2 funding. However, there is also language...
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